Brian’s Mom Ch. 01-03

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Brian’s Mom Chapter 1

“Hi Mrs. P.”

“Hi Sean,” she replied, smiling at the young man standing there nervously.

“You can call me Connie, it’s OK.” She paused and looked up at him. “You’re not a kid anymore.”

She smiled at the two of them as they came into the kitchen to get something to eat.

“Brian, I hope you guys are done studying already,” she said, questioning her son. “It’s getting late and you have to get up early, right?”

“Yeah, it’s just two sections and I think we’ve got it now.”

Brian was in his first semester at university and Sean and he studied together. They’d known each other since junior high, and now they were in taking a chemistry class that was a lot harder than they thought it would be. They couldn’t get by just winging it like they did in high school.

“Mom, is Rick going to be able to take us tomorrow? We have to be there at 7:15, otherwise we’ll need to take the bus–it’s a really early test.”

“Last I talked to him he said he could, and he’s staying here tonight, so I think, yes.”

Rick was Connie’s boyfriend, and they were quite serious. They were pretty open about their relationship, and Brian had gotten to know him some. Rick was always trying to find ways to connect with him since Brian’s Dad was long gone several years ago. Rick was a few years older than Connie, but he was a decent guy and he stayed in pretty good shape.

“Sean, why don’t you stay here tonight since you guys have to leave so early?”

Connie, always, the mother, wanted to make sure they got to school on time.

“Sure–I was hoping you’d say that!” Sean was just finishing a sandwich.

Sean was 18, a few months younger than Brian and quite good looking. Connie always thought he was a “cute boy” and now he was definitely a good looking young man–about 6′-2″, a strong handsome face, but a bit shy. Sean had all the makings of a sexy young man that needed a bit of encouragement. He and Brian had been really good friends for years.

“Mrs. P., sorry, ‘Connie,’ thanks for letting me stay over, it’s a big help to not have to go home tonight.”

Sean looked at her, now nearly a foot shorter than him, and secretly checked her out. The white blouse was open just enough to see the outline of the darker colored bra that so perfectly framed her tits. He practically worshipped those things and had been stealing glances at them since he was 14.

“Call your Mom and let her know you’re here.”

“I will, thanks for reminding me.” Sean had become very good at pretending to be aloof when he was around Connie. It seemed to work for him. Connie and Amy had known each other since PTA meetings when the boys were in junior high.

Connie was 49 years old, attractive, at times feisty–and determined. At 5′-3″ and about 125 pounds with those gorgeous double-Ds, she looked like she could be 30. Her green eyes lit with a hidden fire when she caught Brian’s friends checking her out–which happened a lot. But she could never admit to herself that she had a thing for younger men. One night, Rick caught her on the Internet looking at some pretty young guys. It was a “family nudist” site that had lots of happy families completely naked together at the beach. And another site was two guys 69-ing. She just liked that for some reason.

She knew that some guys really had a thing for older women. Connie was older–in age at least, but inside her was still a girl who loved boys’ attention–and she knew she had the body to back it all up. She could also turn on the charm when she wanted to–and loved to do it, just to see what kind of reaction she could get from them, though she was subtle and stealth about it all.

“Sean, you can sleep on the couch in the living room–it’s super comfy!”

Connie enjoyed helping out by offering her house, and Sean liked the attention he got from her. It was like a little game between those two.

“Thank you Mrs. P., I mean Mrs. Connie,” Sean replied in a sing-song voice that he used with her to flirt back.

Brian was upstairs and Rick and Connie’s room was down the hall on the main floor.

“I’ll get some sheets and a comforter–you’ll like it.”

“Oh, I’m sure I will–thanks… Connie. It’s weird for me Mrs. P., but I’ll try to get used to calling you that.” Sean did his best to hide his little crush while still being respectful. At times it was a thin line.

Rick wouldn’t be home until 11:00. With everyone on their way to sleep Connie wanted to change into something nice for him and went to her room. She stepped into her closet flipped the light on and stripped naked. She loved that feeling…

“What should I wear?” she thought out loud, flipping through the hangers.

Connie loved to dress up for Rick and he lavished praise on her for doing so. They’d been together for a year now, and she did her best to keep things lively. He was a typical man–a bit domineering, decisive, and at times, unreasonable. But Connie loved all of it. Sometimes, she didn’t even know why. Even though she was always trying to be this hip “Mom,” she was Ankara escort at heart a traditional girl who like a dominant man.

“He’ll love this,” she thought to herself, pulling out her Victoria Secret blue panties with the little bow on the top. She put those on and the bra that goes with them, and then put on her shorts and the button down blouse she’d had on before–a casual, comfortable look that secretly hid all of her burgeoning lust. Rick would be home soon, and if it was like usual, he’d be six inches up her pussy within about five minutes. It was sometimes too quick, but hey, chocolate only lasts about ten seconds. She had learned to relish it and take what was given to her. The thought of it made her wet–partially out of being turned on and partially out of necessity. Her body was sometimes nothing more than a target for Rick’s penis. She was OK with that, in a way.

Meanwhile she drifted over to her computer. She ended up on a site about teenagers and the importance of good communication when it comes to sex. This time it was an article about how parents, especially single mothers, have the responsibility to teach their kids about sex and masturbation.

“Remember, your kids rely on you for just about everything. If they have questions about sex they’re going to find answers, and if those answers don’t come from you they might be getting information from people you wouldn’t trust. This is why we often remind parents that the sexual frustrations the teenagers go through have to be met head on–and we don’t mean to combat them, but rather, to help your kids find good ways to express all of it. Masturbation used to be really taboo, especially in religious cultures, but we have found that it is absolutely necessary as a way for young people to deal with their sexual energy. Parents, especially you single mothers, don’t be afraid to talk to your son or daughter about the importance of it. They will most likely be very happy to talk about it with you once you get past that first awkward step. They have lots of questions. They need your guidance.”

Connie thought about Brian. The line, “especially you single mothers” jumped right out of the screen at her. She figured he masturbated, but she also knew he was too shy to ever ask her anything about it. She wondered if he and Sean talked about it but still, she wished she could help him somehow. She didn’t really know what he thought about it, and she didn’t know what to do anyway. His Dad was long gone.

Just then the door opened and Rick was home. Connie jumped up and met him at the door to greet him with a long kiss.

“Hi…” she offered, looking up at him, her tone displaying at bit of an “I’ve-been-waiting-for-you-all-night” kind of thing.

“Hi. Wow, you look wonderful, Connie,” Rick said as he grabbed her ass. She giggled a bit, always the youthful girl. They paused at the doorway for a minute.

“Brian and Sean are studying, well, they’re done now but Sean’s staying over. You’re taking them for their test tomorrow, right?”

“Yeah, I told them I would.”

Connie stood there for Rick’s eyes, letting him take in her body. She felt her excitement rising as he looked at her.

“Oh, damn!–I forgot to get gas and I don’t want to go in the morning, since I’m sure there’ll be no time. Shit!”

Rick was frustrated.

“I’ll come with you” Connie said, following Rick outside.

“Sorry honey,” he said, feeling stupid for having forgot.

“It’s OK babe, I want to be a-l-o-n-e with you anyway.” She looked him straight in the eye.

Connie’s voice was playful and inviting. Autumn had come and there was a twinge of coolness outside. She grabbed his hand and squoze it. Rick caught the distinct impression that Connie wanted sex as soon as she could get it.


Rick and Connie had just left but the boys didn’t know how long they’d be gone. Brian came down to the living room where Sean was camped out.

“Hurry, I think they went to the store for something, but they might come back any minute,” Brian offered, not really sure himself.

“Dude, did it work?” Sean, was impatient.

“I think so, let me check my phone.”

Brian quickly pulled up a site that was an app which downloaded camera stills and sent prompts when there was new activity.

“She is so fuckin’ hot I can’t believe it!” Sean was brimming with compliments, gushing over Brian’s Mom.

“Dude, I know, you’ve been telling me that for a long time!”

They both laughed. Sean was secretly in love with Connie and, odd as it was to hear him talk about it constantly, Brian was OK with it.

“I mean, I know she’s your Mom, but you have to think she is so hot.”

“Yeah, she is, it’s true.” Brian agreed. “I can’t deny it dude.”

Brian paused for a moment. He didn’t really want to say why he felt that way–he wasn’t even sure himself.

“I mean, your Mom…” Sean began.

Brian cut him off, mid sentence as if he didn’t really hear Sean’s introduction to what would be his latest compliment. He was lost in his own thoughts.

“I used Ankara escort bayan to think this was really weird but then this one time…”

Brian trailed off a bit.

“What?” Sean asked him.

“Well, umm…” he paused a bit, “I accidentally saw her and Rick together.”

There was a long pause.

“You saw them making out?”

“No,” Brian said.

As soon as Sean spoke he knew he was wrong. Brian had seen something else. The two just sat there for a minute.

“No_fucking_way!” Sean’s words were drawn out. He couldn’t believe it.

“What did you do? How did you see them. Holy shit, dude!”

Brian smiled at his friend. They had a pact to always tell each other about any kind of sex they were getting, or even that they were trying to get, or even about girls they wished they could fuck–even though both of them were still virgins.

“Dude, this counts, you have to tell me!!” Sean was beside himself.

“I know, I know, just…” Brian was a bit off kilter.

“Dude this is my Mom we’re talking about.”

“Ya, but…”

There was a long silence. “You still have to tell me, this counts!” Sean implored.

Brian agreed.

“Ok… just, fuck!, I can’t believe I’m telling you this!” Brian knew he was in a corner. But he smirked a bit–he was OK with it.

“Ok, I was at home, it was the afternoon and they thought I was at school. But I had come home before Mom got home and she had no idea I was there. Remember that day after Finlayson’s class when I went home early?”

“Right, after Lexi blew you off.” Sean quickly replied.


“I know, shit, that girl is so damn hot.”

“Dude, your Mom, your Mom! Stay focused!”

“Ok, anyway, I was in my room, I heard them in the living room, and I sneaked out where I could look down over the little wall, you know, just out of curiosity. I don’t even know why I did it.

“Holy shit!” Sean was ecstatic. “Yeah, right, because you can see into your whole downstairs from there! Holy shit dude!”

“And I couldn’t believe what I saw. I mean my head literally swam for a minute, but then I realized I couldn’t deny it. My cock went hard and I watched while…” Brian paused and then started again, almost realizing the weight of what he was saying.

“Rick fucked my Mom right there on the couch and I think she came. It was unbelievable. I’ll never forget it.”

Sean was speechless. They looked at each other and both of them had to “rearrange.” They were both hard as rocks.

“Right here on this couch.” Now it was Sean’s mind that began to swim. “You saw your Mom get fucked right here on_this_couch–the one she just told me a few minutes ago was ‘so comfy.’ Ya, Mrs. P., your couch is so fucking comfy I can’t fucking believe it! And now I get to sleep on! Holy_Shit!” Sean was beside himself again.

They both laughed out loud. Sean, still processing it all, went on. He repeated himself, without realizing it.

“You saw Connie get nailed on your couch by Rick?” Sean said, kind of matter-of-factly.

“Dude, you just called my Mom ‘Connie’.”

“I know!” They laughed again, then another pause.

“What?” Sean implored.

“Well, when Rick was done he pulled out of her–I’m pretty sure he’d just come inside her pussy, but dude…”

“What, tell me!”

“I’m pretty sure I’m bigger than he is.”

“Wow.” Sean was finally silenced. There was literally nothing more to say.

A few moments passed and then finally he spoke up again.

“Brian!, the pictures, the pictures!”

“Oh shit, they’re going to be back any minute!”

They both looked at Brian’s phone anxiously as he checked the app to see if there were any new downloads. Their eyes grew wide while the blue bar slowly moved to the right. That meant there were…

“It’s loading, it’s loading!”

Finally the titles appeared:

closetcam1 10:12 PM

closetcam2 10:12 PM

closetcam3 10:13 PM

closetcam4 10:13 PM

closetcam5 10:13 PM

closetcam6 10:14 PM

“Holy shit dude!” Sean exclaimed.

“Your Mom was just in her closet before Rick got home–I remember seeing her go into her room after she got my bed stuff!”

Looking at each other in amazement, they both realized that there were probably naked pictures of Brian’s Mom, right now, on his phone, just waiting for them to click, “Open.”

“She would fucking_kill_me if she ever finds that camera, holy shit dude, I’d be dead!”

Brian was scared, but it was no match for what they had–inside shots of his Mom’s closet that could pick up low-light stuff. They had to look. It was only natural. He had seen her lingerie collection before and had planted that camera in there just a couple of days ago after Sean wouldn’t shut up about it, but so far, nothing. Now his phone was literally pregnant with the best porn either of them could imagine.

“I can’t believe you’re making me stalk my own Mom.” Brian smiled, but he was almost serious.

“It’s OK,” Sean said. Brian looked at him wondering.

“You can tell Escort Ankara her I put you up to it.”

“Yeah, like that’ll help.”

Brian of course knew this, but after all, he was the one that set it up. He knew that his curiosity had been awoken that day he saw her having sex, so openly, so amazingly. Something had changed inside him. He knew he shouldn’t want to see his Mom naked, but he’d already watched her have sex. It was too late. Things were different now. And he realized something: that maybe he wanted to see the pictures just as much as Sean did.


Brian’s Mom Chapter 2

Just then the door opened–it was Rick and Connie, back from the store. Brian immediately closed the app before the first picture opened. Sean covered for him quickly.

“Shit!” he thought to himself.

“Don’t worry Brian, I’m sure that won’t be on the test. Remember he said they’re only covering oxidation-reduction problems and that the quantitative stuff would be later.”

Brian caught on quickly.

“Are you sure, ’cause, look, here’s the syllabus,” he said, showing his phone to Sean on the couch to let him know the app was closed.

“Ya, I remember the TA saying that we hadn’t done enough on the quantitative stuff for it to be on this test. Dude, you’ll be fine, just go to bed.”

Connie came over right then, asking about the studying again.

“I thought you guys were done,” she said, wondering why they were still up.

Secretly she wasn’t so much worried about their test as she was hoping she could go in her room with Rick and let him fuck the shit out of her–she had nothing but sex on her mind. She wanted them to be asleep.

“We are Mom, I just was laying in bed and remembered something so I was asking Sean. He said that it won’t be on the test.”

“OK, well, it’s late, so…”

“I know Mom–sorry–see you guys in the morning.”

Brian went up the stairs. Connie and Rick went into her room and Sean tried to lay down the couch. The famous “Brian’s-Mom-got-her-little-milfy-twat-nailed-on-this-couch” couch.

“Shit!” he thought to himself (again). His dick was so hard he was starting to wet himself a little.

Once everyone was out of the room he looked up to the upstairs where Brian’s room was. He kept waiting for Brian to come back out. Nothing. To his relief, Brian finally appeared at the doorway of his room, there with his phone mouthing the words, “I’ll send these to your phone.”

Sean held his hand up like they’d just won the football game.

Perfect silence. Perfect stealth. The only thing was that–and maybe it was fate–Brian and Sean would each be looking at the pictures by themselves.


“Shh… I think they’re still awake!”

Connie’s hushed voice made Rick want her even more. He pulled her over and kissed her hard–then pushed her down onto the bed, climbing onto her. She instinctively spread her legs for him and he pushed down in between them. They both let out a long moan.

“Let’s get this all off.”

Rick was at times commanding and forceful. Connie hesitated, but let him start taking her clothes off. But she knew she couldn’t be quiet–not this time.

“Rick! Wait! Sean’s just out in the living room–he’ll hear us!”

Connie was determined to keep Rick’s hungry cock out of her for a bit longer–it couldn’t happen yet. She wasn’t teasing him, she just needed to make sure everything was OK.

“Connie, get on the bed, NOW.”

Rick didn’t care. He was going to fuck his woman whether Sean, Brian, the neighbors–whomever heard them. Connie slipped away from him and got up, half undressed.

“Wait Goddammit! I have see if they’re asleep. Just wait!”

Rick knew Connie was pissed off now. He got up to grab her but she looked at him one more time with those piercing green eyes and he stopped.

“What are you going to do?” he asked.

“Just let me see if Sean’s asleep yet.”

The tension in the air was electric. They were almost on the verge of screaming at each other. They just looked at one another and slowly, they both calmed down.

Connie got up to go out to the kitchen. She had to be quiet because the living room was really part of the same room. Her house was an open concept–with the main rooms anyway–connected rather openly. She was trying to see if Sean was asleep since she knew that if Rick started humping her she was gonna wake the dead.

“God!, this is so frustrating,” she thought, feeling her pussy twitch with desire. She was angry, horny, and fearful all that the same time. It was maddening.

“I’m calling Amy next time–they’re staying at her house!”

Of course Connie was not really upset with Amy, but she just needed her alone time with Rick. At times like this, when she was upset, he would usually fuck her until she came, and then she’d feel a lot better–about everything. It gave her clarity. Orgasms focused her random energy into something good.

She snuck into the kitchen, tip-toeing her way, just wearing her blouse and panties–no bra now, and her heavy tits brushed up against the soft cotton. It didn’t matter, no one could see her. It was dark. She peered over the bar just a bit, reaching up onto her toes, leaning on the counter to look around the corner to see if Sean was asleep.

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