BrokenWill Amateurs: Courtney

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I want to clear up one thing before I began.

This is not the beginning of a novel. This is the beginning of a series. The first episode of the BrokenWill Amateurs. The stories in this series won’t be to long and hopefully you’ll enjoy what you read. With that being said, I will allow the first part of this series to began.


It was an unusually hot night in January, but I’m just about shaking with sexual anticipation as I sit at my kitchen table staring at the beautiful Courtney who sat across from me. I’m looking at her gorgeous face, her curvy body, her light blue eyes and her long black hair. I can feel the erection in my pants growing. She’d already agreed to my request.

“How are you feeling?” I ask Courtney. I watch her flash a nervous smile. I like everything about her. “Are you okay?” I ask. She shakes her pretty head ‘yes.’

I see old Marcus Jordan out the corner of my eye. He is holding a video camera in his hand, waiting for us to began. He is my partner. Where are in this BrokenWill Amateurs business deal together. He’s just as anxious as I am to began. “Almost ready,” I turn to tell my good buddy. “Let me tell her about are site before we get down to business.”

Marcus shakes his head. Everything about him is business like tonight. He’s been my closest friend since I was ten years old. There isn’t a man in the world I’d want to be partner more than Marcus. He’s been there for me when ever I needed him.

I look into his dark brown eyes as he lowers the video camera to the side. He’s a tall black man, six feet three inches, about two and fifty pounds and very strong. Despite his tough looks, Marcus is very smart. He is graduated high in three years and graduated from Duke University at the age of twenty. He’s also very athletic. Football and basketball are his sports. He actually played three games for the San Francisco 49ers. He didn’t do anything impressive, but when it comes down to it, he played in the NFL. How many of us can actually say that much?

“Courtney,” I turn my attention back to the pretty young woman sitting across from me. “You answered an add I put in the newspaper. The add asked for women who were willing to perform sexual acts with me. As the add explained, I’m an amateur porn maker looking for special ladies. Do you understand what porn is?”

She smiled at me. She had a great smile. Her teeth were so white and perfect. Her lips so full and moist. I wanted to take her on the table right then. She shook her head ‘yes.’

“Marcus over there,” I continued, “he’ll be recording are activities. These films will be posted on the Internet. Are you aware of that?” She shook her head ‘yes.’ She was getting more and more nervous as she stood there. It was making me so hot to see her so scared.

“Let me explain the BrokenWill Amateurs website. I will pay you one hundred dollars to have sex with you. My buddy will record it. The video or videos you make with us will be posted on our site, along with any pictures we take from the video. The pics to will be posted on our site. Are you aware that if family members or friends see these pictures it may embarrass your reputation?” I felt stupid for asking the question because to could have given her second thoughts.

“I’m okay with this,” she said. “I want to do what ever I can to make your site a success.” It was everything I wanted to her. I handed her contract that stated most everything I mentioned to her. She signed it without reading.

“One more thing,” I quickly added. “I like to end each session with a facial.”

“You mean you want to cum on my face?”

“Is there a problem with this?”

“No,” she shook her head nervously. She began hugging herself and rocking in the chair. Her blue eyes were a little watery.

I turned my head to Marcus. He was holding the almanbahis adres camera to his face now, checking the battery and the tape. Marcus was happily married, but his wife didn’t mind him being my camera man. As long as kept his cock in his pants.

“We’re ready for the interview now,” I said.

Courtney blinked. “What interview?”

“It’s for the site,” I said. “I want the people to get to know who you are.” She did not seemed to thrilled about this, but she didn’t reject. I looked at Marcus. “Let’s roll.”


The camera was pointed at Courtney. A nervous smile was wrapped around her face. I started the short interview.

“What is your name?” I asked.


“How old are you?”

“I’m eighteen years old.”

“Do you go to school?”

“I’m a high school senior. I’m graduating in a few months.”

“Any college in your future?”

“I’m going to Michigan. I don’t what I’m going to major in yet.”

“Do you have a job?”

“I work at Burger King. I’m a cashier.”

I loved to learn about the woman I was about to fuck. I’ve never been able to fuck a stranger. That is the main reason I added the interviews to BrokenWill Amateurs. The whole time I talked to her I felt my cock growing harder. I needed her. I also wanted to see her pretty face covered with my sweet cum. I’ve always been a big fan of women with cum on their faces. Many times, while walking down the street, I imagine what woman who passed me by would look like with a face full of cum. That’s why I felt it so necessary to start this site. I’m glad Courtney was the first to join my exclusive club.

“Are you a virgin?” I asked.


“How old were you when you lost your virginity?”


I wanted to ask her about it. I wanted to know what her boyfriend or date did to her. But I just couldn’t find it in me to ask the question. Perhaps the next girl.

“Have you ever had anal sex?”


“Are you willing to experiment with anal sex?”

“No,” she said almost disgusted. I was disappointed with both answers. Courtney had a very nice ass. Everything about Courtney was beautiful. Her voice was soft and sweet. I looked at the tight black shirt she was wearing. Her pointy breasts bulged from the tightness. Her nipples pointed out, aiming right at me.

“Have you ever had oral sex?”

“Yes,” she said reluctantly. “But I don’t like it much.”

“But you’re willing to do it for the movie?” I asked.

She was quiet at first, then agreed. “For the movie, but I won’t enjoy it.” I didn’t care whether or not she did. I would enjoy it.

“Has a man ever came on your face or in your mouth?”

She looked into my eyes for a long time. She hugged herself again. “One time, my ex-boyfriend came in my mouth. It was an accident though. It was the first time I ever did anything like it, and well…he just came in my mouth without telling me. I spit it all out, and it got all over my breasts. My boyfriend liked that even more.”

So would I, I though to myself. My cock grew a little bit more. Courtney’s face was squished up recalling the night she got a mouth full of cum. Her cheeks were chubby like a baby’s cheeks. The rest of her body was totally skinny.

“Are you ready for business?” I asked.

“Some parts more than other,” Courtney said. “I love to fuck, I just don’t love to suck.”

*** Marcus was standing in the center of the kitchen. I was still sitting at the table. Courtney was on top of table dancing. She moved her slender ass around and around. My eyes were glued to her movements. She was wearing these tight pink shorts and her ass imprints stuck out in my face. I could see my good friend with the camera was getting his own erection. Courtney seemed to really be enjoying herself. almanbahis adres I reached out and touched the bottom of her legs. It felt like silk.

She pulled off her tight black shirt and swung it around in the air. She let it go and flew a few feet from Marcus’s feet. Her breasts were small and pointy. She had a great body, I’ve said that before. Naked she looked even better. Her stomach was perfect too. A lot of exercise for this lovely girl. From the looks of her titties she didn’t believe in wearing a bra either. She cupped her small breasts in her hand and continued to shake her sweet ass. She was looking down at me now. Her long black hair covered her face and went down to her nipples. She touched her toes with her hands. Her ass was all the way in the air.

She started dancing again. I removed my own shirt. My muscles were sore. During the day I work at UPS. All work and not much play there. Lifting having packages for six hours a day. If I’m lucky. My body was nice and strong though. I was no bodybuilder, but I was proud of what I had. I pulled down my pants and my boxer shorts. My penis was an erect eight inches. Two inches thick. I held it in my hand while Courtney, the innocent schoolgirl, part time cashier at Burger King, danced.

She was still dancing when she glanced down and saw my cock looking at her. It was pulsating and feeling dirty. “My friend needs you,” I said. She was no longer dancing. I never knew how she started. There was no music to dance too. “Lay down on the table,” I said. “Suck my cock from there.”

She licked at her lips nervously. Courtney was scared again. I could see in her eyes she didn’t want to do this part. Sure she wanted to get fucked, but she didn’t like the idea of putting my hardened flesh in her mouth.

“It don’t bite,” I said.

She laid down on the table. I watched her sweet ass rise up as she scooted to the end of the table on her stomach. She couldn’t have weighed more than a hundred pounds, so I didn’t worry about her breaking the table. Her head, neck and part of her chest leaned over the table. Her breasts were smashed at the edge of the table. I sat patiently in the chair. I’d moved it out so that she could suck my cock though. I looked into her worried eyes once more. She was five inches away from me this time. A foot from her mouth was my cock.

She closed her eyes and went for the attack. My cock slid right into her open mouth. I felt one of her hands pumping my shaft while she sucked my cock. I don’t know why she hated this so much. She sure was good at it. Half of her body was now leaning over the table. I squeezed titties with my hands. Her wonderful mouth slobbered all over my dick. I could feel some teeth, but it wasn’t too bad. I let one hand rest on the back of her head and starting humping into her mouth, very, very slow thrusts though.

“I can taste your pre-cum,” she told me. She spit on my cock. She must not have liked it. She licked around the head of my penis and spit on my cock again. She looked up at me again. “Fuck me,” she pleaded. She continued to jerk me off with her soft hands.

“Okay,” I said. I stood up on the chair and grabbed her by the back of the head. I didn’t hurt, but I caught by surprise. I put my cock back in her mouth and slowly start thrusting in and out. Courtney got on all four. She looked at me as if to ask what was I doing. “I’ll fuck you, only if you let me fuck your mouth.” I didn’t wait for answer. I pumped into her mouth even faster, forcing her to take my whole eight inches into her mouth. I heard her gag, so I fucked faster. Her lips were around my cock tight. It was like fucking virgin pussy. I did this for two minutes, then Courtney began to respond. She began moving her head, meeting each one of my thrusts. I moved faster, so she moved faster. My balls almanbahis adresi slapped her chin over and over. I was really enjoying breaking Courtney’s will. That’s what this site was all about.

I pulled my cock out of her mouth. I rubbed my cock all over her face, pre-cum and saliva got all over her face.

“Fuck me,” she pleaded again.

I could do that now. My cock was wet and hard as I held in my hand. I stood on the chair. Courtney lied on her back. Her legs spread wide. I moved closer to me and found the opening of her sweet cunt with my cock. Her pussy was soaking. I knew I wouldn’t have any trouble. I slid my cock inside of her. She moaned for each inch that sank inside her. I held her by the ankles and fucked the hell of my sweet little amateur whore.

I turned around to look at Marcus. He seemed a little bored with this now. He wanted his wife, it was written all over his black face. I worried about him a lot. The two of us were like brothers. To us, him being black and me being white never mattered. I hated to see him not enjoy himself.

“It’s so fucking good,” Courtney moaned. “God. Oh God. This is what I needed. This is what I came her for.” I got onto the table and moved her legs down as far as they would go. She feet were almost touching her ears. She was quite flexible being as skinny as she was. My cock got deeper into her cut. My balls slid all over her asshole. She came then. I felt her body shaking like a battery operated dildo. She screamed so long my ears were ringing. I loved the way it all felt from above.

I lifted her up until we were staring into each other’s eyes. Her legs were wrapped around me and my cock was still crammed in her pussy. I held her firmly by the ass cheeks while I fucked her. I felt her tongue and mouth on her neck. She blew hard breath into my ear. I turned around toward Marcus. He was still recording the action. I let go of my Courtney, but slowly. She extended her arms until they reached the chair she’d been sitting earlier. Her head rested at the center of the chair. Her chair was all over the place. I held her by the sides of her stomach and continued to fuck into her pussy. My cock had never left during the change.

I fucked like this for quite a while. We’d been going at for twenty minutes. I was getting ready to explode. Marcus was too, but in a completely different way. “I have to cum,” I said loudly. I could’ve went on, but Marcus what have beat my ass.

I helped Courtney to the table. She got on her knees. I rubbed my cock all over her face and slid into her mouth. I slowly rocked back and forth. I let her deep throat my cock for a few seconds. I knew she was afraid. I could cum in her mouth if I desired. Lucky for her didn’t. I waited for the sensation in my balls. She looked up at me. With my left hand I held the back of her head. With my right I took my cock out of her mouth.

“Ready for it,” I said.

“No,” she said honestly. I jerked off my cock right in front of her pretty face. “I-“

She never finished her last statement. My knees buckled and the cum shot right out of my dick catching her right on the cheek. Her body jumped. More cum shot out. The feeling was so sensational. I watched the cum catch her nose and lower lip. The most cum ended up on her cheeks though. Both sides were leaking and dripping down the sides.

She blinked her eyes and moved her hands, but she didn’t know what to do with all the cum on her face. I shoved my cock in her mouth and let her get a taste. I felt her swallow it. She cleaned my cock. I looked down at her cum covered face. My first victim. The first member of the BrokenWill Amateurs.


I turned around to see what Marcus was doing. But he was gone. The video camera was on the floor. I suspected he ran home to the wife. He must’ve been horny after that. I know he looked bored, but his cock was still working when it came to Courtney.

I gave Courtney a towel and she cleaned her face. What else was there left to do? This episode of the BrokenWill Amateur was over. But there will be a next time and a new girl.

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