Bros with Benefits Ch. 01

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It was late, Tina was asleep upstairs and the house was super quiet…I was horny as fuck, because I had just texted Eric. He was a former boyfriend and it’s been hard to move on for both of us. I was about ready to wake up my wife for some late-night fun, when Ryder messaged. We met on a porn site and had sexted back and forth, on occasion.

Ryder: You up?

Me: I’m up…and horny?

Ryder: Fuck, I wish I could suck your cock dry right now…

Me: I know the feeling…I could use a cock right now, too. 69?

Ryder: I was literally on , reading one of your stories and stroking my dick when you sent me that. I was stroking, thinking about that sweet 8 incher, shooting huge loads all over…and inside me ; )…69 sounds awesome!

Me: Love to wash you with cum!!

Ryder: I want load after load!!


Ryder: What’s up? I’m stroking…

Me: Cool…I was about to head there myself, but I’d love to be there helping you with that big thing. After filling your throat with heat, I’d suck you dry…

Ryder: Fuck yeah that’s what I want : )

Ryder: I’ll work your tool deep down the back of my throat for that load

Me: Mmmm…I need that…got a couple days ready for you…I feel it churning in my balls. I need to cummmmmm…take it…take it all!

Ryder: Holy fuck I want to drain them so bad…I’d love to take that huge load…give me all that seed

Ryder: Fuck my throat to cum, spray that load all inside me…give it to me!!

Me: Fuckkkk…I need to cum!! I’m stroking hard…fucking your throat…gagging you fucking you hard

Ryder: Feed me those balls…I can feel your cock getting so fucking hard in my throat…I need that seed…stroke it while I suck and pull on those big full balls

Ryder: Give me that big load… feed me that seed I need it, stroke it out for me while I suck it from your balls

Me: Fuck! Cummmming…cummming!

Ryder: Shoot that cum!

Me: Cummmmmming!

Ryder: Fuck yeah fill me… feed me that huge load of seed…fuck yess!

Me: Fuckkkkkk

Ryder: I’m slurping…choking down that load, I want it all let me suck it hard and dry!! Fuckk yess! It’s huge!

Me: Fuck!

Ryder: I’m still sucking…I want every last drop!! Slurping that cum covered cock head until it is nice and clean!!

Ryder: Fuck yeah, I’d love to take that load for real… but that was fucking hot!!

Me: Lick it from my hands, dude…what didn’t go down your throat, is all over. Lick it up good.

Ryder: Fuck yes! I’ll clean up all that cum, let me lick off each finger and slurp up the rest!!

Me: Wish I was there and we could share

Ryder: Mmm…fuck yeah! Me too!


Ryder: Nothing like stroking hard on some morning wood…time to spray the first load of the day ; )

Ryder: I wish I could swallow your load, again ; )

Me: Me too…I stroked out a great load the other night…thank you.

Ryder: Dude that was fucking hot the other night!! Glad you shot a huge load! I’m on a little road trip but I’ll hit you up again when I’m back at a computer…I’ll have a monster load saved up…probably a few!!

Me: Sounds good…and tasty…have a safe trip


Things went on like that for a few months. We exchanged personal stuff about our lives and talked about my ex, Eric, now living in Denver, too. He even mentioned meeting up with the two of us sometime, but I had to be honest and tell him it was unlikely. Not because of a lack of interest, but Eric’s new boyfriend leans to the jealous side and wouldn’t be comfortable. Knowing what we meant to one another, I guess I might be the same way. He knows we didn’t part on negative terms and we’d still be together, if he hadn’t moved out there for a job. Even though it’s a much better job, he almost turned it down to stay here…and he’s just too young to do that. With all that drama, I didn’t think about getting together again until I mentioned a conference in Denver and he messaged back, “Can we meet up for drinks…or something…; )”

After all the hot sexting, I didn’t give it a second thought, “Cool…let’s get together.”

We quickly made plans that week…and we both seemed excited at the prospect of meeting-up. When I told him I was scheduling an extra day before the conference, he replied, “A day earlier to have a free day…really! That’s cool…I’ll keep you busy…it’ll be fun!” He totally knew that I was interested in more than a drink in a hotel bar, but I certainly got a vibe that the interest was mutual.

Anyway, I sent him the conference schedule to see how it would work with his. “I’m arriving mid-afternoon on Thursday and the conference starts on Saturday morning. If it works out for you, we can meet someplace nearby? Let me know…” That night he replied and we arranged to meet at a bar, near the hotel.


Thursday Afternoon

When I arrived, I took the shuttle to the conference hotel and once I got checked in and into the sex hikayeleri room, I called him.

He answered, “Hey Rob, cool…I just got seated. The bar is just around the corner from your hotel, I’m texting you the address and I’m wearing a blue shirt. I’m in the booth at the end, on the left side. Sorry, I know you should be able to recognize me, but it’s dark in here.”

Anxious to meet the guy, I was relieved when I spotted the blue shirt. As I walked up to the booth I thought to myself, ahhh…there he is. He was smiling and I hoped he couldn’t tell how nervous I was.

“Ryder…it’s great to finally meet!” he said, holding out his hand.

I shook his hand and jokingly replied, “Well…I guess you know, I’m Rob.” His grip was firm and he didn’t really seem to let go, but he awkwardly scooted from the booth. He wrapped his arm around me, “Dude, it really is good to finally meet you, in-person…this promises to be a fantastic couple days.”

My response was lame, but I was feeling much calmer, “I know…I’m excited, too.” Assuming he drove from somewhere outside the city, “How was the traffic getting in here?”

He smiled, “Seriously, I live a couple blocks away…you probably experienced more traffic at the airport. Your flight…how was your flight?”

“That’s cool…the flight was good…no problems at all.”

We talked non-stop over some food; and I ordered a cider and I think he had an IPA. It seemed weird to me that we were finally meeting up…and talking with such ease and familiarity…almost like we were college roommates or something. I thought it must be a good sign and my nervousness was gone, but I was becoming, more and more, anxious for what lay ahead.

I said, “I guess you really know my story, because you’ve read most of the stuff…on Literotica.”

He shook his head, “All…I’ve read it all and enjoyed every freaking word…your stuff with Eric is hot…and those threesome things are wild.”

“Are you in a relationship?”

“No…just ended it with Dana…we were together for 2 years, almost. It’s just as well; she just couldn’t handle my feelings for guys. At first, it was all fine, but over time she couldn’t cope with it…you know?”

“I do understand…sharing a boyfriend with a guy (or guys) isn’t going to work with all women.”

“I know she really did try to make things work, but she just couldn’t do it. Now, I’m totally free to explore things with men…or women…you know? Got nothing in the way…and I’m not looking for anything long-term…friends with benefits…maybe…you know?”

I smiled and replied, “So what I’m hearing…and correct me if I’m wrong…you’re backing off long term dating…relationships? And you’re looking for bro’s with benefits…and maybe big dicks!”

He laughs, “That’s fucking perfect…benefits and big dicks…bro’s with benefits and big dicks!”

“Glad we got that out of the way.”

Still laughing, “So am I, dude…so am I.”

I took the conversation as a green light for the evening…and maybe throughout the conference…or even longer, if we continue to hit it off.

Everything seemed perfect…he was flirtatious…and I was too; there was some heat from the very start. There was never a lull in the conversation and we were having a good time, but we had finished eating and I finally said, “Let’s get out of here.”

“You got it…let’s go…my place or your hotel? Both are super close…it’s up to you?”

“I’m all about checking out your place…and it’ll be more comfortable…you know…than a hotel room.” Continuing the conversation and walking down the street, I couldn’t resist, brushing my hand over his backside and squeezing.

He grinned, “Like what you see?”

“Yea…you ready for this?”

Still grinning, “Can’t wait…can’t wait to get some privacy…you know?”

I patted his butt again, “I know, buddy.”

It was a cool building that had been re-developed into lofts. We took the stairs up to the third floor; we didn’t do the usual tour of his place till later…we clearly had more important things to do. When we got inside, our pent up needs exploded, as the door closed behind us. We both grabbed for each other and I kissed down over his neck and then his chest…I felt his hands at the back of my head, pressing me into his body. We were both so hungry for the fantasy, we explored online for so many weeks.

When I put my hand between his legs, he eagerly met it with his; he pressed it harder into his crotch and guided my hand over the swollen shaft, in his jeans. He pulled back briefly and his eyes sparkled, as they looked into mine. “Mmmmmmm,” I moaned. “That was a good start…something I wanted to do back at the bar!” His eyes locked with mine as he grabbed at my bulging pants and said, “That’s fuckin’ sweet!”

His muscled frame felt so good to my touch; my hands explored his chest, shoulders and back down over his butt. So much better than photos, I loved his firm body, but I really loved that cute butt. I could hardly take my eyes off it, as we seks hikayeleri walked down the street and up the stairs. Now that we were at his place, I couldn’t wait to get his pants off and grab a handful.

He kissed down over my neck and started working my belt loose. When I started unbuttoning his shirt, I kissed down that handsome chest and licked over his nipples. I bit down and it sent surges of pleasure through his whole body…he only wanted more.

“Fuck Rob,” he shuddered as I switched to the other nipple. He groped over my chest, trying to return the attention. Mine were hard as a rock and he tweeked them between his fingers. I ran my hand up and down over his abs, thinking how sculpted and firm they were; I caressed the muscled surface with my fingers.

Glancing down, I caught sight of the tenting boxers. Not hesitating, I moved my hand down to rest on the swollen flesh. It was bent and barely contained, but I could feel it pressing back and pulsing against my hand. He let out a loud moan, as I enclosed the big, swollen shaft with my hand. I started rubbing, back and forth, and he rolled his hips to enhance the sensation. I loved the feeling of that big dick and the built-up pressure in my hand.

He moaned, “Rob that feels good…keep…ahhhh…ahhhh…keep it up.”

When I dropped to the floor, he was grinning at me. I slowly ran my hands up and down the visible outline, before pulling his shorts to the floor. His dick leaped forward from the shorts, bobbing and bouncing up towards his belly. It was easily seven or eight inches and gracefully arched out from his body. A tiny pearl topped the swollen purple head. I looked up, “Mmmm…its super thick at the base…and meaty…sweet.”

As I placed my hands over his hips and pulled him closer, I could feel my dick straining to be released, too. I licked over the tip to lap up the sex, before pushing it into my mouth. Appreciating his beautiful girth, I gripped at the base and groaned, as I sucked the hot flesh. We were still standing by the front door, but all my focus was on Ryder, and the cock in my mouth. When I swirled my tongue over the tip, I was further rewarded with deep moans. I began to pump up and down over the shaft, sucking harder and running my tongue along the underside, and savoring more salty sex. He let out a long, drawn out moan, as I engulfed more and more of his dick.

When I felt it hit the back, I was excited to feel my mouth totally filled with all that gorgeous man. Fuck! It was sweet…feeling it slide through my lips and pulsing against my throat. His eyes were shut, but his mouth was wide open; breathing hard and moaning ever-louder. I watched his muscled body twitching and pumping into my face. His thrusts quickly matched my aggressive assault on his cock.

I pulled off and he begged, “Don’t stop, Rob…please…don’t stop…need it bad!”

“Not gonna happen…just let me get you over to the couch.” When we moved into the living room, I was able to shed more clothing, leaving me with socks and underwear…sexy underwear (I had planned ahead).

When he flopped on the couch, he smiled, “Fuck…I can’t wait to taste that!”

“Let me finish you, first.” I smile and rub my hand over the shaft, “But just try to imagine this big dick between your lips…or stretching that tight, little ass.

He grinned, “Can’t wait…you’re a tease…just hope I don’t fuckin’ cum when it’s unveiled. I do like the tension…the anticipation, though.”

Saturated with spit and trickling precum, he was all wet, glistening and rock hard. While I worked his dick and licked over the shaft, I cradled his balls in my hand. I loved the weight I felt as I rolled them over my palm; they felt heavy with seed…I could feel it. I admired the way they hung…and thoroughly sucked them both, before heading back up top.

As soon as I got my mouth around him, again, he began rolling his hips to meet my lips. I was crazy fucking horny and started slamming my throat against the head of his cock; the moans and wet, sucking sounds of face-fucking filled the room.

Knowing I so desperately wanted his sex, he teased me and asked, “Mmmmm…uhhhh…uhhhh…closer…yer gonna make me cum…do you want me to pull out…uhhhh…ahhhh…before I cum? I can pull out, dude.”

“No! I want it all…I want you to cum in my mouth.” I emphasized my need and pounded my throat hard a few more times and grinned, “I really wanna taste all that load…want it all.”

I could feel his needs mounting, too…becoming more urgent…and I worked harder. He held my head solidly with both hands and thrust through my lips, pounding at my throat. He met my lips and wildly pumped his hips in to my face; I knew he was close. I heard him groan, “God…I’m…cumming…cumming…feels goooood…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…cumming!” His dick swelled and I felt the heat hit my throat; my mouth was awash with cum and I swallowed as sprayed over my tongue. The salty warmth coated my mouth, but he managed to grunt out four, maybe five, more pulses. Thrilled with my prize, porno hikayeler I kept swallowing, but thought, what a freaking huge load…I could really get used to this…maybe it’s a couple days…who knows…but I like it.

He was still moaning, “Uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…fuck…yesssss, as the orgasm slowly passed and the convulsing stopped. I savored what was left in my mouth and continued milking it for every last drop. Squeezing at the big, thick root and stroking along the shaft, insured that I got everything.

Finally, he pulled out and tilted my head back. A little winded, he said, “Come on up here, buddy. Now, let’s see what you got.”

I flopped next to him on the couch and we made out with the pungent aroma and taste of cum, the prize of our desires. I smiled, “Another good start for the evening.”

“Yeah…I’m thinking that, too…and I taste really good.” He locked eyes and asked, “Let’s go to the bedroom and I can return the favor?”

I grinned, “Sounds good.”

He led me into the bedroom. I admired the way his penis, now semi-hard, bounced between his muscular thighs.

“Let’s get these off,” as his hands went for my underwear. “Dude, there’s cock drool…think you’re more than ready for me.”

As he pulled them down, the rock-hard meat sprang free and I smiled, “I think I’m ready, too.” Not straying from his pent-up desires, he grinned and focused on the dick, “Fuckin sweet!” When he dropped between my legs and grabbed for it, I let out a loud moan. Three or four inches stood proud of his hand, wrapped around the base, and he rubbed it over his lips. Then running his tongue over the shaft, “Mmmmmm…that’s good…needed that…it’s amazing!”

He pushed me back to sit on the bed and spread my legs open. Eager for more, he quickly licked his way down my abs, but when he reached my dick, he paused, again. He took a few minutes, gently brushing his hand over the head and down over the shaft. Before lowering his mouth down over head, he smiled up at me, “Dude, nice cock…nice fucking cock. Now, it’s your turn.”

“Well, you can see, I need help…can you help with that swelling?” Now laughing, “…and all that bothersome leakage?”


My head nodded back and I closed my eyes, while I focused on the warmth of his mouth and what he was doing with his tongue…it was everywhere all at once. “Ahhhh…ahhhh…that’s it…Ryder…Ryder…suck me…suck it…yesssss…suckkk meeeee!”

I felt his hands slide under my ass to pull himself closer and drive me deeper, into his mouth…he gagged but he kept the pressure on his throat.

“That’s it…amazing fucking…suck me…yessssss…suck me.” Unrelenting, he just kept working it, bringing me, closer and closer.

I could feel my balls contracting and releasing…pleasure permeated my whole body and my hips were rolling wildly. So fucking close…all those months of sexting, were coming true…all that steamy text was running through my head. I knew I wasn’t lasting much longer…I wanted to edge and prolong the pleasure, but I wanted release…all evening, I wanted release.

On the very brink, I started shaking while he was wildly banging at his throat…he was trying, but there was no way it would go through. He couldn’t get it in, but he was rewarded almost immediately. I felt seed boil up the shaft and explode from the tip, pumping loads of cum into his mouth. Tremors pulsed through my body, as I emptied my balls into this hot, hunky guy that was only a fantasy, 5 or 6 hours ago…he was a collection of words on a screen. Now he was real and I was christening his throat with my hot cum.

I guess I was in a weird place, part reality and part fantasy, but it seemed to go on forever, till I felt myself slowing. I was still trembling and shaking as the orgasm faded, but I could feel him sucking at the tip, trying to get it all.

Both feeling totally relaxed and very satisfied, Ryder let it fall from his mouth and he stroked over the length. Softer and flaccid, it still felt heavy in his hand…something he clearly enjoyed. We both breathed deep and he brushed his hand over my abs, up over my chest and back down to my thigh. Still caressing my body, “Rob…that was fucking amazing…just fucking amazing!”

“Mmmm…you got that right…you think were hitting it off?”

He only smiled and laid back on the pillow…I could see he was deep in thought…I thought maybe he’s taking it all in, the way I was. Finally, he answers, “Yeah…we are…we really are. It’s cool when things work out…you know.” He seemed quiet and continued drifting, in and out, of thought. Bringing me under the covers and snuggling closer, he was still talking and smiling, but occupied.

I felt him throw off the cover and caught that big smile, again, “Just wait…it’s time for me to do this.”

He jumped out of bed and headed for the bathroom as I said, “What? I’m not going anywhere…you can count on that.”

He came back with lube, “Rob, I’ve been thinking…I want to fuck! I want you to fuck me! Will you be the first to take my ass?” I sat back and let him continue, “I guess, it’s a big deal and not a big deal…I mean I’ve had a lot of toys up there, but never the real thing…and I’ve sucked a lot of cock…it’s time.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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