Brother and Sister Sex Text

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I felt sorry for my older sister Gwen. On her twenty-fifth birthday her boyfriend dropped her. He didn’t even tell her face to face. He sent a text message saying they were done. They had dated for two years and now my sister was feeling down. I decided to try and raise her spirits. I was three years younger than her and we were always close growing up.

I got the bright idea of getting undressed. I got my phone and I took some pictures. The first one was of my flaccid cock. The second one showed my erect cock. The third I had to time just right. I stroked myself until I shot my load. I managed to catch my cum spitting from the tip of my cock. I sent those three photos in a text message.

“Cheer up,” I wrote her.

I sent the message and photos off and waited for her reply. It didn’t take long.

“OMG Rob, are you trying to turn me on?” She replied back.

I was trying to get her sexually excited. Some minutes passed and I heard my phone. I checked the message send by my sister. Gwen was sitting on the edge of her bed naked. She was fingering her pussy. I wrote her back.

“We need to meet.”

She replied that I should stop by her apartment the next day after work. I had a hard time waiting that long. After work the next day I got home, took off my work clothes and showered. I put some clean clothes on and drove over to my sister’s Bomonti Escort apartment. She greeted me at the door wearing a bathrobe. I got inside the door and kissed her on the mouth. I tugged on the belt and freed her bathrobe up. I pulled it away and it fell to the floor. My sister was naked before me.

Gwen led me back to her bedroom. I stripped out of my clothes and joined her on the bed. I pulled my sister’s legs apart and buried my face between her wet pussy. I started lapping up and down as my sister squealed with delight. I pushed the tip of my tongue into her passage. I could taste her female scent. I got my sister red hot and ready for my cock. I pulled away and got to my knees. I took hold of my erect prick and pushed it into her body.

Gwen nearly leaped up from the bed. She screamed as I drove my eight inch cock deep into her wet hole.

“Oh fuck!” She cried out.

I then began to give her the fucking she wanted and deserved. Our pubic mounds were grinding together as I took my sister as my lover. I told her she was mine now. She could forget about her old boyfriend. Gwen pleaded with me to give her cock. I tried to stretch her pussy with each stroke I gave her. Gwen wrapped her legs around my waist and then held on as I pumped my shaft deep into her belly.

I treated her like she was my personal whore. I told her Bomonti Escort Bayan I was going to seed her. I was going to use my bare cock and give her my cum load. I think that pushed Gwen over the edge. she begged for me to cum inside her body. That was exactly what I did. After a good half hour or so I couldn’t hold back any longer. I grunted a few times and sent some streams of my cream deep into her tummy. My sister’s body shook and she tightened her pussy muscles around my pole. She was squeezing me hard.

That made me cum even harder. I had a full load that evening. When I finally went soft and pulled out, my cum began to run down her ass crack. Gwen pushed some of it out. It took some minutes to calm ourselves down. Gwen got up from the bed and went to the bathroom. When she came back she had a wetted cloth to clean me up.

There was no more sex that night. I did stay over however. We both had to go to work the next day. Gwen set her alarm early. When it went off at four am we had another round of sex. Gwen went down on me. She made me hard with her mouth. After that my sister mounted me. She lowered her pussy and I sunk deep into her once more. This time I squeezed her tits as Gwen rode my cock.

There was lots of grunting and crying out. I didn’t have much left in the tank but it didn’t matter. This time was all for Escort Bomonti my sister. She was cock hungry that morning. I fed her hole with my fat prick. I went from squeezing her ripe tits to pulling on her nipples. She told me afterwards that she had orgasms from me playing with her boobs. This time our lovemaking was shorter. I finished my sister off and then we showered together. I got dressed, kissed my sister and then drove back to my place.

I changed my clothes and then drove to work. I can tell you my mind wasn’t into it. I had my sister’s pussy on my mind. We did text during the day. Unfortunately, it we wouldn’t meet up until Friday evening. We went to dinner and then returned for more sex. I think my sister has a bigger sex drive than me, if that is possible. We got onto her bed. Gwen was on her side. I lifted her one leg up and eased my prick into her greedy pussy.

She took every inch of me and we fucked like two horny teenagers. She said that she wanted my baby seed. I knew she was on the pill but that got her excited. I said I was going to fill her belly with my hot cream. I did have more cum to give to my sister that night. It came pouring out of me. Gwen screamed when she felt the heat of my love load hitting her pussy walls.

After our lovemaking we talked about what we needed to do. Gwen didn’t want us to meet a couple of times each week for some sex. I didn’t know exactly what to do about us being together. Moving in together would cause a few problems. How would we explain that? Until we come up with a decent plan we will keep seeing each other and continue to have wild, forbidden sex as much as possible.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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