Brother, My Brother Ch. 03

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A long drive home from the airport carrying Aunt Liz, with Sunday drivers to contend with made for a tiring journey, although we reached home before the brief winter daylight had gone. Aunt Liz stepped out of the car and looked up at the place. ‘I’m looking forward to seeing this in daylight, Liam. These mews properties are very nice. I hope ye’re settling down here, Christie?’

‘Oh, we’re doing fine, Auntie,’ I said carelessly.

Liam opened the back and unloaded her two cases. Auntie touched his arm. ‘It must have been hard for ye having Christie around, Liam, after being on your own for a while.’

‘Some things were hard,’ he said gravely and I had to turn away to hide my smile.

Aunt Liz was in her early fifties and had lived in Scotland for over twenty years, acquiring a soft burr to her voice and a sprinkling of Scottish words in her vocabulary. She had owned and run a bed and breakfast business on the shores of one of the great Firths for most of that time, at first with our Uncle Paul, then alone for the last ten years after he died. Of middle height, she had short dark brown hair the same shade as mine, with two wings of speckled grey over each ear. She looked fit. I knew running a B & B could be hard work but Aunt Liz seemed to thrive on it.

I showed Auntie her room whilst Liam fixed coffee. ‘Ye don’t seem to have settled in here very much,’ she said, running a critical eye over everything. ‘It hardly looks used.’

I’d changed the bedding and aired the room but truth was, it hadn’t been used much since I began sleeping with my brother Liam. ‘I’ve got a lot of stuff still in store from moving here after my divorce, Auntie.’ Not quite a lie. ‘If I manage to find a place of my own it’ll be a waste of time getting everything unpacked.’

‘I suppose,’ she nodded, putting her handbag on the bed. ‘Are ye any nearer that?’

‘Not with property prices around here so high,’ I said, pulling a face. ‘When I was married we lived in rented accommodation so I’ve got nothing from my divorce except the alimony checks. Mike’s so late sending the bloody things; it was always like drawing teeth getting money out of him.’

‘I never did like the man,’ she sniffed. ‘Ye should talk to your lawyer. Don’t let him get away with it.’

‘I’m going to call him tomorrow, Auntie.’

Aunty Liz’s stern expression relaxed into quite a pleasant smile. ‘We’re old enough and canny enough to call each other by our given names, Christie. Ye can call me Liz.’

Oh! ‘Okay then – Liz.’

She unpacked, then we gathered in the sitting room for coffee and to catch up with the news. Liam set the cups on the table and sat beside me on the settee, close – but not too close – and not close enough… ‘You’re only here for Christmas week, Liz?’ he said, by way of an opening.

‘Well, I wanted to see my family here in England this year, my dears.’ She sipped her coffee. ‘There’re a few changes coming along, which I’ll tell ye about, by the by. My friends up in Scotland have asked me to stay with them for Hogmanay, so I’ll be away before then.’ She gave us a wry smile. ‘I’ll not impose on ye for longer than a week, for a change!’

‘Oh, you’re not imposing!’ I protested.

‘Aye? Well, thank ye for saying that. I know I’ve tended to turn up with little notice before now. It’s about time I was more considerate.’ Liam and I looked at each other. This wasn’t the Aunt Liz we’d known and loved.

‘Now, tell me about yourselves. What’s the news?’

We chatted, until the topic came around to work. Liam told her he had hoped for promotion to a vacant head of department position next year. Rumour had it that it had gone to a nephew of one of the directors. ‘So, I don’t know what I’ll do,’ he finished, pulling a face.

‘Nepotism! Pah! These bosses are all the same. I hope it’s different where ye’re working, Christie?’

‘Not much. Some of the higher management are pretty free with the female staff.’ Remembering last night I took too big a mouthful of hot coffee and wound up coughing and spluttering.

‘Including you?’ Liz asked sympathetically, when I’d finished wiping my eyes. ‘What happened?’

Hesitantly at first, then in stronger terms, I told her how John Lawson the CEO had waylaid me at the dinner last night. As I talked I could almost taste the bastard’s cum in my mouth again. Liam sat closer and slipped his arm about my waist, holding me for comfort as I talked myself out, sparing no detail.

‘Oh, Christie!’ Liz said, coming over to sit by my side. She put her arms around me and hugged me so tight I could feel her heart pounding. ‘That’s awful! What do ye intend to do?’

I looked at Liam, who shrugged. ‘It’s up to you, Christie. We didn’t get much chance to talk it over last night or this morning.’

Mainly because we had been making love until we could fuck no more…

‘I’m going to quit.’ The idea had been in my mind since I’d woken up that morning.

‘She’s changed,’ Liam murmured to me as we shared the washing-up after breakfast.

‘Not for the bad either. Wonder what’s up?’

He shrugged. ‘Perhaps she’s found a new man Gaziosmanpaşa Escort in her life?’

‘This is Aunt Liz we’re talking about!’

‘Stranger things have happened at sea.’

‘Like a brother fucking his sister?’

‘Oh, possibly,’ he grinned, glancing over his shoulder to check the coast was clear before putting his arm around my waist..

‘Did you sleep okay on the settee?’

‘Yes, I’m used to it by now.’ His face grew sad. ‘I missed being with you.’

‘I miss you.’ I gave him a considering look. ‘Did you think of sneaking into our room?’

‘Oh yes, but I’m worried Aunt Liz might hear.’

‘She was a sound sleeper when we were staying with her.’

‘Hope she hasn’t changed that much.’

‘Tonight?’ I asked, feeling my heart beginning to bump.

Liam grinned. ‘Why not?’

At his words I felt a gush of warmth inside. The thought of carrying on our incestuous affair under Aunt Liz’s nose thrilled me. Trouble was, night lay many hours off and I had the minefield of quitting work without notice to get through.

Hugh, the exec. I worked for, was appalled when I told him.

‘But you can’t quit!’ he protested. ‘Christie, I need you!’

‘Sorry, my mind’s made up.’

I stood in front of his desk, my arms folded. To make my point that day, I wore my hair braided up tight and was wearing the most severe outfit I could find in my still-limited wardrobe, a charcoal black jacket and skirt combo, white shirt and flat black shoes. I’d have worn horn-rimmed glasses if I could’ve got a pair in time.

Hugh came around the desk and touched my arm. ‘Look, if it’s about that dress you wore for the dinner, I wouldn’t worry about it,’ he said in a low voice. ‘It was embarrassing for you, but not something to lose your job over. As a matter of fact, Mr Lawson was asking after you in the boardroom this morning. He seemed concerned.’

‘Did he indeed?’ I said flatly. ‘For your information, Hugh, he’s the reason I’m quitting!’ I regretted saying that as soon as the words passed my lips. Hugh went very still, his eyes narrowed and I could see his mind begin to race but I held up my hand. ‘No, Hugh, I’m not going to say anything more. Let me get through today. I’ll do what I can, them I’ll clear my desk and be out of here.’

He looked at me, then gave a deep sigh. ‘You’re serious about this. Okay, let’s get to work.’ As he returned to his desk, he shook his head. ‘I’m sorry, Christie. You’re the best PA I’ve had in years.’

To make life more complicated, the company intranet had gone down for the third time that month. The engineers reckoned it would take three hours to get it back on-line again. In the meantime I had to carry hardcopies of orders and directives to the various departments around the factory.

It was when I entered the small supervisor’s office in the pigment-mixing plant that my life unravelled just that little bit more. As I was talking to the supervisor, two men in respirators were out on the work floor manhandling drums of fresh pigment over to the mixing machines. I hardly glanced at them but a split-second later a loud crash sounded outside followed by a muffled cloud of foul language. When we looked out through the office window, the drum lay leaking bright red pigment at the feet of the two men, one of whom was staring at me. His companion hit him on the arm, which seemed to bring him to his senses, because he pulled off the respirator and ran away up a passageway between the machines, leaving bloody footprints on the concrete.

‘What the hell..?’ Outraged, the supervisor got up and ran outside. I stayed where I was, feeling sick. I didn’t know the pizza-faced youth who’d dropped the drum, but I sure as hell recognised his loping stride.

It was the guy who’d been spying on my brother and me as we fucked in the car early Sunday morning.

The rest of the day was an endurance test. From overheard snippets of conversations which stopped abruptly when I entered a room, to sidelong glances and the odd smile, I knew my transparent dress had been one of the highlights of the company’s Christmas dinner. That and the guy from Marketing who’d shared our table with his mousy wife. He’d been caught boffing one of the waitresses in the service alley behind the hotel.

I chose to eat my lunch in the office that day, rather than endure the looks in the staff lounge. Not long after I’d settled down to a yoghurt and coffee, Jackie Gordon sidled into the room. I looked at her without much interest. Come that evening, she would be in my past.

‘I’d like to say I’m sorry for the way I behaved Saturday night,’ she said, with a glassy smile. ‘I’m sure you didn’t know your dress would do that. We’d all had a bit too much to drink, so my comments weren’t intended.’ She held out her hand. ‘Peace?’

I looked at it, then laid aside my spoon. ‘Jackie, Jackie, Jackie… If you think I have any influence over John Lawson, forget it! You want him? He’s yours. But be warned; he’s a creep!’

Her jaw dropped. ‘But… I thought… you and he were..?’

‘No, we’re not,’ I said coldly. Gaziosmanpaşa Escort Bayan ‘I’m not telling you what happened that night. I’m quitting this job tonight, so the field is clear for you to finagle the post of PA to John fucking Lawson. I only hope you like cocks the size and shape of a coffee cup!’ I turned back to my yoghurt. ‘Goodbye, Jackie.’

She left in a daze, leaving me with a small glow of triumph to get me through the afternoon.

Came the night, came liberation.

Liam was waiting for me with open arms and loving compassion when I staggered in through the door. I just threw my attaché case aside and melted into him, feeling his reassuring warmth, his strength, his more than brotherly love for me.

‘Was it bad?’ he asked softly.

‘Bad enough,’ I said. ‘Where’s Liz?’


I gave him a long, lingering kiss, my tongue slipping between his lips to twine and curl around his tongue and teeth. ‘Oh God, I love you, bro!’ I whispered, cupping his face in my hands and gazing into his deep blue eyes. I could feel tears rising in mine.

‘I love you, Chris,’ he said, cuddling me.

‘Liam, that guy who was spying on us Sunday morning? I saw him. He works at the factory.’ Liam went very still. ‘He recognised me.’

‘Oh, Chris!’ he said, appalled.

‘I know.’ I touched a finger to his lips. ‘But I don’t think he’d recognise you, because he only saw you for a few seconds in poor light. We’ll be safe; there’s little chance he’d find out who you are, especially now I’ve quit.’

‘But that chance is there,’ he sighed.

‘Not enough to worry about.’

‘Chris, we have to take care!’

‘I know. For now, let’s leave our lovemaking for indoors, shall we?’

The sound of the bathroom door unlocking moved us apart. Liam winked and disappeared into the kitchen to make tea. Aunt Liz came into the hall and gave me a warm smile. ‘How goes it, dear?’

I wiped my eyes. ‘It’s over. At least I didn’t run into that shit Lawson.’

‘Och, language, Christie!’ she admonished, as she’d often done when I was a kid, then grinned. ‘I’ll not say anything yet, but I’m sure I can make things better for the two of you. Give me a few days to think.’

Liam overheard her as he emerged from the kitchen carrying the tray of tea. We looked at each other. Aunt Liz was planning something.

Evening passed pleasantly. Liz was more chatty and sociable than we’d ever known her. There was a new man in her life, and she had great hopes.

‘I’ve been too long alone,’ she sighed.

As fascinating as it was I longed for night, when Liam would make his way to our bed. Eventually I had to make an excuse, pleading tiredness from the strain of the day so I could go to bed and think.

I undressed and slipped beneath the covers, then lay staring up at the ceiling for ages. Plans and thoughts for the future span inside my mind. I felt the need for us to get away from this town but options were few and far between. To take my mind off it I began to masturbate, something I’d not done for months since Liam and I started sleeping together.

My saliva-moistened fingers caressed my labia, sending shivers down my spine as I anticipated Liam’s touch. With one delicate fingertip I eased back the hood over my clit, and stroked the soft little bud into throbbing arousal with my thumb, my breath quickening, my back arching as I sent my fingers deep into my cunny to send waves of sensation crashing through my body. Twisting I buried my face in the pillow and screamed, my muffled cries of release turning to those of frustration.

Liam wasn’t there.

I must have dozed off in the end, because I woke up when I felt the covers lift as Liam’s lithe and muscular body came into our bed. I turned to him and buried my face in his chest, the hairs tickling me. My darling brother wrapped me in his arms and held me close to his warm body, his rock-hard cock pushing up to lie between us; mmm! pure potent masculinity.

‘You’re here,’ I whispered.

‘I’m here.’


‘Fast asleep, as far as I know.’

‘Make love to me!’ I demanded hungrily. ‘But we’ll have to be quiet.’

I could sense his grin in the darkness. ‘Oh, I think there are ways of doing things quietly! I’ve bought a little something along. Here, bite on this when you feel the need.’

“This” was something firm and flexible which smelled leathery. ‘What is it?’ I asked.

‘A piece of my old belt. It’s clean, I washed it.’

‘You came prepared!’ I grinned.

‘Oh yes!’

His lips sought mine as his hands stroked my hips, my ribs, then up to my breasts, my jaw and cheeks. I squeezed his butt, feeling the hard muscles sliding under his skin as he rubbed his hairy thigh against mine. I gave a little grunt, feeling warmth explode through my cunny and the slick feeling of my increasing wetness. Oh, how much I wanted this man inside me!

My desire was obvious and Liam’s kisses became more ardent, his hands cupping then crushing my breasts. I wrapped my legs about his hips, forcing him to turn within my Escort Gaziosmanpaşa clasp until I felt his cock against my cunny. Liam reached down between us to guide himself, then thrust into me, hard and smooth and so deep.

I convulsed, clinging to him as he fucked me roughly, my breath gusting, temperature rising. When I began to keen he fumbled briefly for the leather strap then held to to my mouth. ‘Bite!’ he gasped.

I bit.

Hauling my legs up, he bore down on me as he’d done the night we’d first made love until I was bent double, my feet in the air. Leaning into me his cock plunged deep into my cunny, filling it, stretching it, my cervix yielding under each powerful thrust. My cries grew more urgent, muffled only by the strap I clenched between my teeth, until Liam groaned and buried his face in the pillow. He exploded inside me. Wave after wave of cum washed the shores of my womb, filled my sex with the tide of his loving. In spite of the strap I could only muffle my shout by burying my face in his shoulder.

We fell apart and lay gasping, our limbs entwined, hot, sweaty, and very, very content.

Liam came to our room the next night, and the next. Each time we made love; each time he stole away in the early hours to resume his lonely place on the settee in the sitting room.

In the wee small hours of Christmas Day I had barely snuggled down after Liam’s departure when a woman’s loud cry came from the hall. Staggering out of bed I stumbled to the open door then screwed my eyes shut as a shocking wash of bright light filled the hall. ‘What the hell’s going on?’ I demanded, shading my eyes.

Liam stood by the door, covering his privates with his hands and looking stunned. Aunt Liz was by the hall light switch, clutching her robe and staring from him to me with astonishment. ‘I could well ask ye the same question!’ she said. ‘Ye’re both naked! And Liam, what are ye doing in Christie’s room?’

He looked at me as I hurriedly ducked into the bedroom and gathered up my robe and a hair towel for him to hide his modesty. ‘Would you believe, I just left Christie’s present?’ he said with a sickly smile.

Her look would have been old-fashioned on a dinosaur. ‘Och, aye? But what form did it take and where did ye leave it?’

A quarter of an hour later the three of us met around the kitchen table. I cuddled up to Liam; there was no point hiding our true relationship from Liz any more. Gradually, under her coaxing, our story came out.

‘So,’ she said at last. ‘Here we are.’

‘Will you tell mum and dad?’ I asked, dreading her response.

‘Och, no.’ She shook her head slowly. ‘I’m not a bearer of tales. Neither your parents or anyone else will learn a thing from me.’

‘Thanks, Aunt Liz,’ Liam mumbled, looking and sounding like a scolded schoolkid.

‘It’s Liz, Liam,’ she said kindly. ‘As for you two…’ Clasping her hands she leaned forward. ‘I don’t suppose you’re going to stop this?’ We shook our heads at once. ‘No, I didn’t think so. Are ye being careful?’ she asked pointedly. I nodded. ‘Well, that’s something. I’m not blind, children. I suspected something from the way ye behave around each other. And ye don’t know but I seldom sleep as well as I used to.’

Liam stirred uncomfortably and we both looked sheepish. ‘Aye, I thought ye’d think that,’ she smiled. ‘The doctor put me on a water tablet because of a slight problem I have, so oftentimes I have to get up in the night to use the toilet. When passing to and fro I heard noises I recognised coming from your room. Remember, I run a B ye’d be surprised what I hear through the walls of a night. Ye were not very noisy, I’ll grant you, so I held my peace, not being sure. It was only when I ran into Liam leaving your room just now that made it necessary for us to talk.’

Liz chewed her lip, then seemed to come to a decision. ‘My dears, ye may not know but your Uncle Paul and I were cousins. Technically we were as close as blood relations could be and still be able to marry. So ye see, although it wasn’t quite incest in my case, I know what it must be like for ye to feel so attracted to each other.’

‘We love each other,’ I said urgently, clasping Liam’s hand.

‘And so ye should, although not quite that way. But I’ll be able to help ye, my dears. It’s like this.

‘Your parents have asked me to go and live with them in Spain. Whilst I didn’t feel the need a few years ago, now I feel it’s time I took their invitation. They live in a nice area, there are plenty of people my age to socialise with, and the sun and the warmth will be good for my health. I’ve spoken to your mother and she’s quite happy for me to live with her until I can find a little apartment of my own.

‘That leaves me with the question of my business, the bed and breakfast I used to run with your uncle…’ She clasped her hands and looked at us. ‘I would like ye to take it on as a going concern.’

‘Us?’ Liam gasped, glancing from her to me.

‘Aye, you two. Liam, ye’re an accountant; figures hold no terrors for ye! Christie, ye’re good at cooking and organising. Between ye, ye should do well. It’s a nice profitable little business, in a scenic area. Ye’ll also get regulars who’ll wish to stay every year, and the local tradesmen can supply most of what ye need to run it. I propose to let ye take it over in return for a peppercorn rent, and when I’m… no longer here, it’ll become yours entirely. What do you say?’

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