Brother, Sister , Mom have Sex Ch. 02

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There are no underage characters in this story. All characters portrayed are over 18-years-old.

Continued from Chapter 01:

“Why are you home? You’re never home. You’re always out on dates,” he said making quotation marks with his fingers of both of his hands when he said the word dates. “Did the drugstore run out of condoms?”

She gave him a cold, hard stare before blurting out her contempt of him.

“Fuck you,” she said giving him a mean look before giving him a smile.

She got his joke. She had a fun sense of humor. Instead of being mad, she laughed. His sister was so pretty but when she smiled in the way she just did; she was even prettier.

“Sorry. I was just trying to cheer you up by getting you to smile. You’re so much prettier when you smile,” he said paying his sister a rare compliment.

He always thought of his compliments in regards to his sister but seldom verbalized them. Whenever he thought about complimenting his sister, he couldn’t possibly verbalize the inappropriate sexual things that flooded his mind.

‘God, my sister has such big tits. Jesus, my sister has such a nice ass. I’d love to spread her long, shapely legs and eat her pussy. I’d loved to tap that ass. She looks so hot in that tight, skimpy outfit. Damn, I can see her nipple through her blouse. Like mother like daughter, she has such big nipples.’

By the looks she gave him, she was always suspicious of his motives whenever he complimented her so he seldom did. With him never complimenting her unless he wanted something, she made a face.

“I can’t help it if I’m popular,” she said with a sexy laugh while tossing back her long, lush, brown, hair with a flip of her head.

As if she was getting ready to blow one of her many boyfriends or hopefully him by moving her hair out of the way, he loved it when his sister flipped back her hair in that sexy way. With him thwarted from seeing her panties or her pussy, he stared at the big impressions her breasts made in her blouse. Not that his sister needed a padded bra, she didn’t, but with most bras sold today padded, he was unable to see the impressions his sister’s nipples would have made through her bra and blouse. Not even giving him a glimpse of her cleavage, but for one unbuttoned button, her blouse was buttoned nearly all the way to her neck.

“So why are you home?”

She made a sour face and rolled her eyes.

“My date cancelled at the last minute. We were supposed to see a movie. He has the flu,” she said. “Well, now that you’re home, I’m going to bed,” she said standing without parting her knees as if her knees were cemented together. “It’s late and I’m tired.”

He was touched that his sister waited up for him to make sure he got home safe.

“Thanks for waiting up for me,” he said.

Undressing her with his eyes, he stared at her while thinking about offering his sister money to strip herself naked and have sex with him. He’d love nothing more to see his sister naked with a hundred-dollar bill placed on each of her nipples and another one placed on her pussy. She gave him a dirty look in response to his thanks for waiting up for him.

“I wasn’t waiting up for you. I was on the phone and then I was watching a movie,” she said. “Goodnight,” she said.

Even though she was such a bitch, he still stared at the sexy shape her ass made in her skirt as she climbed the stairs. If judging her body by her breasts, by all the wet T-shirt contests she had won during Spring Break, not only did his sister have beautiful breasts, breasts that he had yet to see, she had a beautiful body too. The perfect package with a very pretty face, big tits, and a shapely ass, she had long, sexy, shapely legs too.

With him being the incorrigible pervert that he was, he was tempted to run up behind her and squat down on the stairs for an up skirt peek to see if she was wearing panties. Only, not wanting to be a total degenerate and not wanting to ruin his chances with her, he’d save his incestuous lust for a little later when confronting her with money. He turned off the television, turned down the heat, and turned off the lights.

Chapter 02:

Instead of running up the stairs behind her and squatting down on the stairs to peek up her short skirt to see if she was wearing panties, Jason waited for his sister to climb the stairs. Not easy to control the urge, he so wanted to know if she was wearing panties or not. He so wanted to peek up her skirt to see her the in between her legs peek of her panty clad or of her naked ass.

He stood at the bottom of the stairs while waiting and listening for his sister to finish using the bathroom. Not wanting her to see him, he ducked out of the way when she walked by the second floor landing to go in her room. He waited and listened until he heard Jennifer’s bedroom door close and before he slowly and silently crept up the stairs. As if on a mission and he was, he was as nervous as he was sexually Escort Bayan excited. As if a planned invasion, hoping to catch her in her sexy underwear, topless, or even naked, he was going to barge in his sister’s bedroom in hopes that she was indecently dressed.

Slowly but surely, step by step, as if he was a burglar in his own house, he quietly snuck up the steps. As if he was a Ninja assassin in readiness to kill someone, he didn’t make a sound. As if he was an intruder who wanted to remain undetected until the last possible instant, he crept up the stairs while wondering what his big sister was doing behind her closed, bedroom door.

Spending a lot of time alone in her room lately, her private place and her sacred space, when she wasn’t out on a date, she was always in her bedroom. What was she doing, he wondered? Was she already undressing herself? Was she brushing her beautiful, long, brown, lush hair in the mirror while in her sexy underwear, topless, or naked? He wondered that too. Or was she doing nothing sexual and just removing her make up. He didn’t know. He couldn’t tell. He had no idea but it was pure torture wondering if she was already undressing.

Truth be told and something he’d never tell his sister for fear that she’d hit him, she looked so much better with her make up than without it. A pretty woman anyway but with makeup making a dramatic difference, and with her going from a nine to a ten plus, she was sensational looking with all of those beauty products on her face. As if her face was a blank canvas that she painted with her cosmetic brush, by adding the right amount of shades, tints, and colors, she knew how to make herself look even more beautiful. Then, when she smiled, such a shocking transformation, as if her beauty and white teeth lit up an otherwise dark room, he couldn’t take his eyes off of her.

With her always on her cell phone, he always wondered if she was talking on the phone to one of her hot girlfriends or to one of her many boyfriends. Not having a life of his own, he lived vicariously through his sister and his mother. Whatever they were doing, whether freely, begrudgingly, or reluctantly, they always invited him and included him. He enjoyed being around them as much as they no doubt rather that he was out with a girlfriend. Only, there was no woman that he wanted more than his sister and/or his mother. They were the only women for him. They were so beautiful. They were so sexy.

He didn’t have a cell phone, unable to afford one, until now, his sister’s phone was always ringing off the hook. No doubt because she always put out on a date with another new man and never said no, not one to disappoint and sexually frustrate her date, there was always some man sniffing around her. Like mother, like daughter, his sister was such a whore. Like mother, like daughter, and like grandmother, they were all such whores.

Rather than imagining her getting ready for bed, as he enjoyed imagining, maybe she was getting ready to masturbate. The only thing he’d like more than walking in on his sister undressing is walking in on his sister while she was masturbating.

‘In the way I’d love for my sister to know only catch me masturbating but also watch me masturbating, I’d love to catch my sister masturbating. I’d love to watch my sister masturbating,’ he thought.

Fingering herself with her fingers or rubbing her clit with her vibrator, he imagined his sister fucking her pussy with her dildo. She had a big, black dildo that she named Tyrone. He’d love to watch her fuck her pussy with that big, hard monster.

As if she was an exotic and erotic stripper on stage, he’d love for his sister to give him a personal, private masturbation show of the interior of her pink pussy. He’d love to watch her feeling her big, naked breasts and fingering her erect, naked nipples, while playing with her wet, naked cunt. He’d love for his sister to ask him for a helping hand, an eager mouth, or a fast finger. Just as he’d love to masturbate together with his sister, he’d love for his sister to watch him masturbating too.

‘How hot is that? I’d definitely pay to see her tease her clit with her vibrator before fucking her cunt hole with her dildo,’ he thought while thinking about all of the things he could persuade his sister to do for money.

Only, once he opened that Pandora’s Box of incest there was no turning back. Once they crossed that line of incest, nothing would be the same. Their incestuous, sexual memories, would be forever etched in their minds. Even after they married, had children, and lived respectable, separate lives, the guilt and the remorse that he had sex with his sister would always haunt him.

Impossible to know, he stood still on the steps to listen while trying to hear what his sister was doing in her room. Careful not to step on the creaking steps to alert her in knowing that he was there waiting while listening, he made it to the front of her bedroom door without making a sound. This was it, alone with his hot sister, and with his mother not around to run interference and ruin everything, he was so close to Nirvana and to claiming his sister as his prize. He couldn’t wait to see her in her sexy underwear. He couldn’t wait to see her topless. He couldn’t wait to see her naked.

By unexpectedly barging open her bedroom door at the precise moment, he was hopefully going to see his sister in her panties and bra, topless, naked, or pleasuring herself while naked on her bed. This was it, this was finally it, his sexual fantasy come true, with his mother not around to interrupt him, he was finally going to see his slutty sister without her clothes. As nervous as he was sexually excited, he couldn’t wait to barge open her bedroom door. He couldn’t wait to see something of his sister that he shouldn’t see and had never seen before. He just couldn’t wait to quickly open her bedroom door. He couldn’t wait.

# # # MyMomChristinetheIncestWhore # # #

Their mother was gone for the weekend visiting her sick mother, their grandmother, Jean. The first time in a long time, finally, he was home alone with his sister for an extended period of time. Hopefully, with her cooperating, this was his chance to see his sister in all manner of undress. He just hoped to God that his mother didn’t bring his grandmother home to stay with them again. He loved his grandmother, of course, but sometimes she was too much.

Once here, squatting in the spare bedroom, she never leaves. As if a ghost who haunted the house, she was here, there, and everywhere. With her short fuse and hot temper, she sometimes reminded him of Granny Clampett of the Beverly Hillbillies fame. With her hearing everything and seeing all, she was omniscient in her awareness of what he was doing and when he was doing it. Something he got away with his mother, his grandmother was always hitting him in the head for misbehaving, for being impolite, and for being disrespectful.

Her weapon of choice, as if it was an extension of her hand, was her heavy, cast iron, 12″ frying pan. The heavy pan must weigh ten pounds. When she wasn’t walking around swinging her cast iron, frying pan at his head, she was making pan-sized pancakes that nearly weighed as much as the pan. Because of the things he did, didn’t do, said, or forgot to say, especially please and thank you, she was always bopping him in the back of his head with that pan. Now even in his sleep, he heard a gong sound of iron against bone.

“Geez, Grandma, you’re going to give me a concussion or brain damage,” he said rubbing his head every time she hit him with her pan.

She made a sour face at him as if he was a crybaby.

“You’d have to have a brain to have it damaged,” she said laughing. “With you masturbating night and day and with you sneaking around trying to see your sister and your mother without their clothes, the only brain you have is in your penis. Now unless I hit you with my frying pan in your testicles, you’re safe from being brain damaged,” she said with a loud, annoying laugh.

With her wearing a lot of costume jewelry, able to smell her before entering a room or after she left a room, she always smelled of BENGAY and cheap Avon perfume. Showing no embarrassment or shame, she was always walking around him in her granny panties and her huge five hook bra, topless, or naked, and without her teeth. The first time he saw his grandmother in her bra and panties, with him always so horny and filled with testosterone, he masturbated night and day. The first time he saw her topless, he again masturbated himself night and day over seeing her giant, sagging breasts, her large areolas, and her big, erect nipples. Then, the first time he saw her naked, after seeing her wrinkled ass and bushy brown pussy, he broke his old record by masturbating himself five times in one day.

Accustomed to seeing her in her panties and bra, topless, and/or naked, he seldom masturbated over her anymore. Now seeing his grandmother topless and/or naked was much like getting used to seeing naked people on a nude beach. Only, having a sexual overload, he’d never get used to seeing naked women, of course, but that’s what he heard happens on a nude beach. Seen one, seen them all was hard for him to believe. Yet, had he not experienced that sexual disinterest with his grandmother’s naked appearance, he may not have believed that a nude beach phenomena was the same.

He wished his sister and mother were exhibitionists in the way that his grandmother obviously was. He wished his sister would walk around him in her panties and bra, topless, and/or naked. He wished his mother would walk around him in her panties and bra, topless, and/or naked. If only his mother and sister would take a lesson from his grandmother, he’d have no need to pay them money for sex. If only his sister and mother would walk around him naked, he’d freely walk around them naked too. Just as he wished he could see them naked, obviously they didn’t want to see him naked.

# # # MyMomChristinetheIncestWhore # # #

In the way his sister was young, at 23-years-old, and his mother was mature at 46-years-old, his grandmother was old, wicked old at 69-years-old. With her nipples pointing at her feet instead of pointing straight ahead, her big breasts sagged as much as her body was wrinkled. Actually making her look older than what she was, drinking and smoking had taken a toll on his grandmother’s body. Nonetheless, with her 69-years-old, she was closer in age to 80-years-old than she was to 50-years-old.

In the way he was always trying to see his mother and his sister without their clothes, convolutely weird, his grandmother was always trying to see him without his clothes. He wished it was the other way around. He wished his mother and sister were intent on seeing him without his clothes. Willing to show them what he imagined that they so wanted to see, he’d love nothing more than to expose his cock to his sexy sister and his MILF of a mother. Instead, not nearly the same, he was relegated to being forced to expose his cock to his ancient grandmother.

The oracle of the family, never filtering anything before saying it, and fearing no woman or man, his grandmother was a character. In the way that his sister and mother were whores, so wasn’t his grandmother. Only, in the way that his sister and mother went out of their way to hide their whoredom, seemingly, his grandmother didn’t care. She was proud of being a whore.

Perhaps too old to care what anyone thought of her, his grandmother was out in the open about her nasty, incestuous, sexual behavior and her slutty sexuality. She loved telling off-color and dirty, filthy, disgusting jokes to anyone who’d listen, even strangers on the street. Wishing his bedroom door had a lock on it, she always barged in his bedroom on the pretense that she needed his help with something just as he was shooting a load of cum all over his chest and stomach.

Wishing it was his mother or his sister catching him masturbating and cumming, his grandmother had an innate sense and a psychic way of somehow knowing when he was ejaculating from masturbating himself. With his hand tightly wrapped around his cock, his headphones on, and his eyes closed, he couldn’t count how many times he opened his eyes to see his grandmother standing in his bedroom with his door closed behind her. As if she was a ghost haunting him or she magically appeared seemingly out of thin air, she was always there watching him masturbating while staring at his cock. In the way that he leered at his sister and mother, his grandmother leered at him. Obviously, in the way that he sexually wanted his sister and mother, his grandmother sexually wanted him.

“Gees, Grandma. What the fuck? Am I not allowed any privacy? Oh, my God, this is so embarrassing. You need to knock first before opening my door. I was busy doing something,” he said embarrassed that his grandmother caught him cumming all over his chest and stomach, yet, again.

Too big and too stiff for him to cover his erect prick with his hand and to stuff it back down out of her view, she always stared at his exposed cock. Whenever she caught him naked and stroking himself, she stared at his engorged prick in the way he imagined his sister and mother staring at his engorged prick. Even though he wasn’t sexually attracted to his grandmother in the way he was sexually attracted to his sister and mother, whenever his grandmother stared at his cock in the way she did, she made him horny. She made him want her to stroke him. She made him want her to suck him. She even made him want her to fuck him.

“Busy my ass. You were busy masturbating yourself again is all. You’re going to go blind,” she said pointing her crooked, tobacco stained finger of accusation at him. “Boy, you need to get a hobby other than jerking off. You need to get a job,” she said. “You need to get out more. You need a girlfriend,” she said posing, smiling, and batting her eyelashes at him as if hinting for him to make her his girlfriend.

Embarrassed that she caught him jerking off, yet, again, now he knew how his sister and mother must feel with him stalking them in hopes of seeing something that he shouldn’t see of them. Now he knew how his sister and mother must feel when he stares at them and leers at them. Now he knew how his sister and mother must feel when he undresses them with his eyes.

“Next time knock, please, Grandma,” he said with his hand covering most of his cock but with his hairy balls in plain sight.

Before closing his bedroom door and leaving without even telling him what it was she wanted, she looked from his cock to look at him before staring down at his engorged prick again. She stared at his exposed prick as if she wanted to suck him and fuck him. Then, she said something that he wished his sister and/or his mother would say to him instead of his grandmother.

“Next time,” she said moving her hand up and down as if giving an imaginary hand job. “So that you don’t run the risk of getting hairy palms, I can help you with that,” she said giving him a sexy smile, a naughty look, a dirty laugh, and a wink. “Whenever you’d like me to do that for you, I could give you a hand job. I don’t mind,” she said with a dirty laugh.

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