Brother to Brother Ch. 04

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Chapter 4: Carter and Aiden take things to new heights.

DISCLAIMER: This story is a work of fiction. All characters involved are eighteen years of age or older. This series includes sex between brothers. Do not continue reading if you do not approve of incestuous relationships. Again, this work is fiction.

Thanks for the great feedback on the first three chapters! Don’t worry this one isn’t the end. I’m an amateur writer so it feels great to know that you guys actually like my stuff. I’m planning to continue this series for a few more chapters as well as write another series which I will reveal pretty soon.


We quickly got up and headed downstairs to see our parents taking off their coats by the front door. I called out, “Oh sorry mom. Carter and I were- uhhh.” I swear that I couldn’t think of any excuse for the life of me.

Carter interjected, “Aiden and I were just listening to some music upstairs and I guess it was pretty loud.”

I sighed as my mom nodded, adding “Oh okay. Glad to see that you boys were together.”

Carter nudged me and I mouthed a “Thank you” to him as we followed our parents into the kitchen. Wanting to change the subject, I asked, “So, how’s grandma doing?”

Our dad responded, “She’s doing well, just needs to slow down a bit. But she’s okay.”

I replied, “That’s good to hear. Do you guys want me to cook you some breakfast? You must be hungry.”

Mom stood up to pour herself a glass of milk, “Oh no, honey, we ate already. We actually only stopped by to pack some clothes.”

Dad swooped in to explain, “See we’re heading back to grandmas and we’ll be staying with her for the weekend to make sure she’s okay. We already called up a caretaker to look after her from now on, but she’s not expected to come in until Monday.” Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Carter giving me a devious smile. I gently shook my head, knowing his intentions. Dad jokingly instructed, “So Carter, that means you’re going to have to look after your little brother here for the weekend.”

Carter sat down at the table next to me and obliged, “Yes sir.” He then put his hand on my thigh, slowly feeling around my jeans. “I’ll take good care of little Aiden here.” I kept a smile on my face and tried to play nonchalant as my brother was feeling me up.

Mom added, “You know Aiden, just because you’re 18 now doesn’t mean you can go all crazy and wild. I’m sure Carter here will keep you in check.”

I laughed on the inside, knowing that Carter would have the exact opposite. Suddenly my mind started to race at the fact that Carter and I would have the weekend to ourselves. I gulped, not knowing if I was eager or scared.

I finally snapped out of my trance once the front door closed after kissing my parents goodbye. I turned around after closing the door and nearly jumped as I saw Carter standing behind me with a devious grin on his face.

He walked closer to me and kissed my neck, “It’s you and me for the next two days.” Slowly, I could feel my body ease up. Carter had found that sweet spot on my neck that just made me melt as I felt his soft lips on my skin. He came up to my face and we were nearly nose to nose. I could feel his breath on my face as we exchanged looks; mine, a look of innocence, while his was a look of lust. I broke the looks and dove right into his lips, nearly causing him to fall over. He kissed me back while slowly placing his hands on my hips, gripping my sides. We slowly walked to the living room couch without breaking our touch. He sat down on the couch and I followed, straddling his lap. As my hands explored his tight body, I could feel my dick stir inside my shots; it was feeling that I had accepted and embraced. I was on top of him and as I kissed his sweet lips, I wanted more.

I gasped out, bursa escort “Carter. I want your cock.”

As I gave him a sharp look of desire, he moaned back, “You don’t know how sexy you sound right now.” I pulled his shirt off his body, and slowly licked down the middle, kissing each of his abs as I slid down. There I was, on my knees with my face practically glued to my brother’s unbuttoned jeans. I unbuttoned them, slowly realizing my actions and started to slide them off. I could see it right in front of me, teasing me. The outline of his cock was clear as day behind those tight grey boxers. My mouth started to water was I pulled them off, exposing him.

I commented on the erect dick in front of me, “I guess Mom chose to have us both circumcised.”

He laughed at the realization and replied, “The more for you to play with.” His cock twitched as I gently grabbed it by the base, allowing the tips of my fingers to feel him. It was incredible; it fit perfectly in my hand and I swear that I could feel it growing, the more I touched him. Knowing there was no turning back; I gently placed my wet lips around his head and softly sucked. The taste was indescribable. I pushed him in further, allowing more of his length inside my wet mouth. His dick slid along my tongue and I could hear his moan with every inch I let in. I had no idea what I was doing, so I just did what felt right and I did what I knew Carter would enjoy. I guess it was working.


It was one of those moments where you keep trying to wake yourself up from that dream, because you know that it’s too good to be true. But as I saw my little brother on his knees with my cock in his hungry mouth, I knew it was indeed too good to be true, but somehow it was real. Aiden was, in every aspect, everything I wanted. And to see him sucking me like he wanted it too only made the situation hotter than it actually was. I swear that I was about to cum at any minute and I knew that I didn’t want to stop there.

As I pulled Aiden’s mouth off my cock, I knew that he didn’t want to let go. He even held onto my foreskin with his strong lips. He looked at me, “Was I doing something wrong?”

I rubbed my hands on his cheeks, “Dear God no, you’re…you’re great. I’m just not ready to cum yet.” As he took one final lick of my cock, I continued, “Let me taste you.”

He stood up and I leaned forward, entranced by his bulge piercing out of his shorts. I look up at him and gave him a smile, then pulled down his gym shorts. I leaned in, kissing his stomach and then finally licked along the base of his gorgeous cock. As my tongue explored, I could finally taste this specimen of man that I had waited so many years, and God did he taste so good. I looked up and saw Aiden biting his bottom lip, a sign that he enjoyed my movements. Taking him by surprise, I stuffed his dick in my mouth and took it as deep as I could. He let out a loud moan as I attempted to deep throat his meat.

He spoke, “Goddamn. A warning would have been nice!”

I choked up on his dick, “I just couldn’t help myself.”

And I really couldn’t. I was taking his dick as if it were the last time I was ever going to be with him. Every now and then I would look up and see him staring at me while running his fingers through my short hair. I still wasn’t able to take it all in; but boy was I determined to try. Aiden was four years younger than me but his cock was almost as big as mine.

After minutes of sucking, I stopped up and looked up at my brother who had his eyes closed. I stood up, kissing his torso in the process. Our lips found each other and we kissed, gripping our bodies against each other. I mentioned, “Wow. This is the first time we’ve been naked in front of each other since we were kids.”

He firmly gripped my ass cheek, “And boy have bursa escort things changed since then.”

I kissed him, “Aiden. I really want to take this further. Are you willing to take this upstairs? With me?”

He kissed back and exclaimed, “Carter, I’ll go anywhere with you.”


I held Carter’s hand in mine as we walked up the stairs into my room. He sat back on my bed and I couldn’t get over the fact that this was actually happening. As Aiden got comfortable on my childhood bed, I followed, getting on top of him and kissing him. He grabbed my face and started to kiss around my neck before turning me over. I laughed as I was now trapped by him; vulnerable to his desires. He stopped his motions and looked at me straight in the eyes, “Aiden, please let me make love to you.”

I kissed him gently on the cheek, “I’m ready.”

A boyish grin was painted on his face as he moved down. He slowly lifted my legs up, exposing my ass for the world to see. I let go of my inhibitions, spreading my legs as far as they would go. Carter had propped me up so that I was basically doing a headstand. He looked down on me with his devious smile.

Kissing around my round ass, he explained, “I’m going to rim first, getting your ass ready for my cock. Just breathe and tell me if you want me to stop.”

I looked back, “I trust you big brother.”

Slowly, I could feel his tongue trace along my ass, not getting too deep just yet. I watched him as he buried his face in my ass and I could feel his tongue licking around my hole. I let out a soft moan from the feeling of being licked down there. His mouth was warm and I could feel his spit dripping inside me. He moved his tongue back and forth as if he were licking it clean. I felt every movement of his tongue and it tickled, causing my breathing to rise. I then saw him raise his hand, and in slow motion, lick his fingers so sexually. I knew what was next and grew anxious, having never stuck anything up there before.

Seeing my anxiety, he gave me a calming look and assured, “Aiden. I’m going to finger you for a little, just relax and open up for me.”

I nodded as he slowly inserted his well-lubed finger into my virgin hole. I let out a deep breath as I felt it inside me. When I nodded a second time, he inserted a second finger in and started to pull them in and out. Having taken it slow, I was getting used to the motions and had started to feel the pleasure of his fingers inside me. When Carter saw that my hole was opening up, he tried to reach over to his nightstand.

Knowing what he was reaching for, I grabbed his wrist and spoke, “No condoms.” He looked at me with a concerned look as I continued, “You’re my brother. I want you to fuck me like you’re supposed to. I want to feel you and just you.”

He gave a simple, “Okay” as he went back to my ass. He knelt and I saw him slowly cover his cock with his own spit. He stroked it, making sure every inch of it was well lubed. He then looked down at my ass, kissing it for the last time, then positioned himself next to it. I watched as he slowly started to insert his long dick into my tight ass. I let out deep breaths as I felt my ass being stuffed. At first I felt a stinging pain which then subsided as I relaxed and allowed him in. I could feel my anal walls pressing against his cock and I could feel every single ridge on his dick. Soon, he was all the way in and I looked up at him with a lustful grin on my face. He leaned in and kissed me, keeping his dick firmly in my ass.

I kissed him a last time and pleaded, “Carter, start slow.”

Then broke the kiss and leaned back, slowly pulling his dick out. Inch by inch, I could feel the same motions as when he was first inserting himself all over again. He stopped just before he pulled all the way bursa eskort out and pushed back in, this time a little faster. The spit inside my ass provided great friction between us as he cock slide in without resistance. I breathed harder, feeling him inside me and knowing that things were going to speed up real soon.

Carter looked over at me and while catching his breath, spoke, “Fuck Aiden. This just feels so amazing. It feels so right.”

I ran my fingers along the short and soft hair on his chest, “Carter…Please don’t stop. You can fuck me harder now.” Carter flashed a grin then started to thrust into me with more force. I could feel my breathing speed up as his thrusts did. My legs were over his shoulders, pointed towards the ceiling fan that was not keeping us cool. The warmth between my me and my brother was not going to tone down anytime soon.

I had reached that point where I couldn’t feel any pain. I was opening up to him as he fucked me harder and harder with every stroke. Carter had been in his own world; he was fucking me as if we’d been doing this for years. I took it all in, breathing heavily and holding onto the bed sheets as my brother railed into me.

My eyes rolled back as I exclaimed, “Yes! Fuck me harder, big brother!”

Without stopping his motions, Carter caressed my chest and responded, “Take it all in, little bro. You don’t know good this feels.”

I laughed back, “Oh, but I do.”

If my moans and exclamations weren’t signs that I was enjoying myself, then my fully hard cock was a dead giveaway. Strands of pre-cum gushed out of the tip of my cock as Carter was fucking me. I knew that I wouldn’t last that long. Carter was leaning into me, kissing my lips as I caressed his muscular back. As I ran my hands along my brother’s toned body, I knew that I was close. It was something I didn’t expect and couldn’t comprehend; Carter was fucking me so expertly that I could feel the cum rushing through me, just wanting release. I held him close, massaging his tongue with mine. I let out a load moan as I felt streams of cum blast out of my aching cock, hitting Carter’s hot body and dripping onto me. I breathed so hard that I felt like I was going to collapse. My ass clenched as I came, giving Carter a feeling that would only make him last a few more seconds. I could feel the warm pressed against my abs and sticking to Carters. I kissed him harder, knowing that he too was going to shoot. Merely seconds after my glorious cum shot, I felt Carter tense up. His breathing had increased so much that he was practically panting as he made his last thrusts into me.

He held me closer as he yelled out, “Aiden! I’m cumming!” And soon, pools of cum erupted inside of me, blasting all over my de-virginized hole. The feeling of warm cum inside of me was almost enough to make me want to cum again. Carter made his final thrusts inside me before pulling out and collapsing on top of me. We passionately kissed as he rolled to his side, looking at me. I swear that the way he looked at me just made me feel like I was perfect in every way. And I wanted him to know that he was perfect to me. I clenched my ass, trying to keep his cum inside me as long as I could.

He looked at me with loving eyes and spoke, “Aiden. I love you.”

I held him tight and reciprocated, “Carter, I love you too.”

He continued, “God, that was so amazing. It was just perfect: feeling you, being close to you, taking all of this to new heights…It makes all the years of waiting worth every second.”

I kissed his cheek and replied, “It was perfect and it will continue to be perfect. We can have this all the time now, just you and me. We can make up for all the time you’ve waited and I’ve ignored it. We’ll make this happen.”

He interrupted, “And no one will have to know. This will be something between us because this bond, what I feel, it’s between us. We’ll keep this to ourselves, brother to brother.”

I gazed at his deep blue eyes and repeated the words that made my heart swell, “Brother to brother.”

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