BSTC Day 04

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The boys were ushered into the hall of the Goddess as the beginning of the forth day got underway. Their flaccid cocks swung between their legs, eager and refreshed as they were told to come to the morning exercises naked.

Inside the hall, the moms were all seated on lounges to one side of the room, they too naked, as they chatted and giggled.

“Boys, have a seat in the lounge opposite you mum on this side of the hall.” The Goddess instructed.

Todd sat down and glanced over at Vicky who was some thirty-feet across the room. She was sitting up straight on the edge of the lounge, legs together with her hands in her lap and gave him a cute little wave and a smile that sent a shiver down his spine.

No matter how many times her son saw her naked, his cock always instantly filled with blood. Maybe it was those soft childbearing hips that crowned a set of long tanned silky-smooth legs. Strong shapely legs that ended with a set of cute little bare feet with toenails painted a soft pale pink.

Maybe it was the gradual curve of her tummy, which was overshadowed by her huge pendulous udders, with their large, thick areola.

For a few precious moments their eyes locked onto each others. Their bodies yearned for what they knew was to come…a long thick barrel of love for her and the a warm clutching oven of love for him.

“Our first exercise is a game. We’re going to see how much you and your mums really know about one another.” The Goddess said.

There were a few giggled from around the room.

“The boys will get the first question. You’ll answer one at a time. After you’ve all answered the ones who got it right will see the red light above you light up. If you get it correct you’ll have one minute to engage in the reward for that question.” She explained.

All the boys looked at one another and smiled.

“Boys are you ready for your first question?” The Goddess asked.

“Yeah.” Came the cheer.

“As a reward for answering the question correctly, your mom will lay on her back and let you suck her tits. Remember, one minute only…an NO fucking boys.” The Goddess said, which made the moms giggle once again.

“Question number one… What is your mother’s bra size?” She asked.

One by one the boys gave their best answer. It finally got to Todd.

“38 Triple-D.” He said.

He could tell by his mom’s smile that he got it right and after all the boys answered, many of the lights lit up, including Todd’s.

The eager teens rushed across the room, their big boners bobbing up and down.

Vicky quickly lay on her back and her son nearly dove onto her, his mouth moving straight for one of her big soft breasts. She giggled at his eagerness as Todd’s mouth encircled her areola and his face sunk into her spongy softness.

Todd felt his mom’s fingers comb the back of his hair and one of her sexy feet drag softly up his calf. The moment sent a surge of arousal through his teenaged body that was absolutely euphoric.

Being at his mother’s breast felt so natural as he slowly rolled his tongued up and down across her engorged pap. The minute seemed like hours.

“Boys, back to your seats.” The Goddess commanded.

“The next question is for the mums. The reward will one minute sucking on those juicy cocks.” She explained.

Todd could see the look of anxiousness on his moms face.

“The boys erections were measured on the first day. What was the precise measurement of your son’s erection?” The Goddess asked.

One by one the mom’s began to answer. Finally it got to Vicky and she answered with confident pride.

“Ten and three-quarter inches.” She said.

All of the moms were rewarded as the lights above them came on.

Todd watched anxiously as Vicky jumped up and along with the other moms, rushed across the room. She was so cute…giggling like a little school girl, her big boobs flopping wildly as she hurried towards his waiting wong.

Kneeling between his legs she wasted no time gobbling him up. Todd loved the way his mom always greeted his knob with her tongue before sucking him. Her pink snake always did this quick flailing circle around his cock-head before she slipped it into her mouth.

With her fist clamped tightly around the root of his stalk Vicky began to work the pulsing peter with her experienced mouth. The diamonds in her wedding ring sparkled as her fingers tightened around the fruit of her wedlock.

As Todd watched his beautiful mom work her magic Vicky peered up at him with those big brown eyes and gave him a sexy little wink. It was a minute he wished would never end, but it finally did and the moms went back to their seats, bare asses swaying teasingly.

“The next question is for you boys. During the second day the mums were asked to share with you their favorite sexual position. Answer correctly and you’ll both get one minute to practice it.” The Goddess explained.

Several of the boys got this one wrong, but not Todd. Everything about this awesome experience was engrained in his mind.

“The lotus.” He answered confidently.

Seconds Eskort later Vicky was sitting on his lap, her shapely legs coiled around him. With her arms resting on his shoulders the big busted mom stared down at her son with goo-goo eyes as she stirred her baby-chute with biggest dick on the island.

Up and back her matronly hips gracefully rolled rocking their genitals together in a warm embrace.

Vicky suddenly gasped, her eyes rolling back. She fell forward flattening her tits against Todd’s chest and dropped her face to his neck with a cry as her body began to shake. She increased her tempo, grinding wildly on her son’s strong phallic-cleaver.

Vicky’s orgasm subsided just as the minute expired. She fed her baby boy one last wild look of lust before climbing off his lap.

This was much how the next hour went. Moms and sons answering intimate questions and performing wild sexual acts as rewards for the right answers. Vicky and Todd only missed one.

“It comes as no surprise to me that our winning couple is also the alpha-male and his mother. They’ll be team one and have a five minute head start for our next activity.” The Goddess said.

Moments later Todd and Vicky hurried out the door to the complex, hand in hand. They were both still completely naked and Vicky stopped suddenly and threw her arms around his neck.

“So Mr. Alpha-Male. Did you ever dream you and I’d be running around naked on some tropical island together?” Vicky smiled.

“No way…not even in my wildest dreams.” Todd smiled.

Vicky had a cell-phone looking devise on her wrist. It suddenly chimed and she and Todd looked at it.

“It must be our first clue.” She said.


“There must be a waterfall here on the island somewhere.” He said. “Wait…listen?” She said.

Todd and Vicky could hear the faint roar of water through the lush green.

“That can’t be far…come on.” She said, pulling him along.

Her sexy bare feet trotted through the soft grass as the gorgeous mom led her son through a maze of lush vegetation.

Todd almost tripped a few times as a result of watching his mom’s juggling ass instead of where he was going. This made Vicky giggle, like the little girl on the playground.

It wasn’t long before they arrived at an enormous tropical waterfall.

“The veil of raging falls.” She said excitedly.

Todd watched as his mom did a graceful dive into the water. Not wasting any time he quickly followed suit. Todd easily swam past her and under the falls. Arriving at a ledge he pulled himself up onto it, then helped Vicky up.

“Hey.” She said, quickly embracing him before he could turn.

Todd suddenly felt her soft slippery tits against him. Her lips met his and he felt her tongue twist and flail inside his mouth. After a few wet smacking kisses, Todd looked at her with surprise.

“What was that for?” He asked.

The sexy mom gazed at him with that long puppy-love stare. She looked so hot with her hair wet and slicked back, her voluptuous tanned body covered in a wet glaze.

“Because I can.” She smiled.

“Good enough for me.” Todd said.

Suddenly her wrist device chimed and her and Todd checked it.

“It must be our next clue.” He said.


“Over there on that rock…see the glass? I’ll never fill that thing.” Todd pointed.

“Yes, you will.” She said confidently, rushing over to get the elegant looking wine glass.

“Two orgasms and this thing will be overflowing…trust me.” Vicky said.

“Jeez, mom I don’t think I cum that much.” He laughed.

“Well, then I guess we better make them strong ones. Since we’ve been here on the island when was the most intense orgasm you had?” She asked.

“I don’t know…they’ve all been amazing.” Todd said, thinking back.

“Sweetie, think of one you had where you never seemed to stop ejaculating.” She said.

After no response Vicky took the glass.

“Here, give me the glass.” She said.

Vicky coiled one arm around Todd’s neck and he knew what she wanted. She sprung from the ground and wrapped her legs around him. Todd grabbed her meaty buttocks, supporting her weight.

The eager mom reached around and began pulling on his hardening phallus. It only took a few long strokes to fill it with blood.

“There we go.” She said, dragging the head between her soft labial meat.

She fed the tip into her creamy fuck-socket, then brought the weight of her ass down sliding it’s meaty length into her dark inner sanctum.

“Oh yeeeeah.” He sighed.

“Ok love, just relax and let mom milk it.” She said, lifting herself up and down his swollen peter.

“You know the purpose of this exercise, right?” Vicky asked, rising up and down.

“I’m not sure.” He answered.

“Much of the focus since we came here has been on how to prolong your orgasms. But there are gonna be times throughout your life where circumstances will require you to take care of business in a short period of time. These are called “quickies.” She explained. “Quickies huh?” Todd asked.

“Yep…when you’re doing a quickie, hard and fast is the general rule.” She explained.

“Well, I guess I better get my butt in gear huh, start laying into you.” He said.

“For your information your mother is perfectly capable of LAYING INTO YOU, thank you very much.” Vicky teased.

“But I thought you said hard and fast.” He questioned.

“You just slide your hands down under my thighs and hold on tight to me there Mr. big-shot.” Vicky smiled.

Todd did as he was told and suddenly Vicky’s hips set in motion, rapidly rocking up and down. Her cock-stretched gash fucked fast and hard on the rock-hard spear, her ass beating against his balls.

“Oh my God…Oh wow, mom!” He sighed.

“How’s that for fast and hard?” Her voice shook.

For a good five minutes she ground her wet mommy-pussy up and down the thick barrel of meat, plowing it’s big pink gourd along the soft ridges lining her slippery socket.

“Oh God, Mom…I’m gonna cum.” Todd said.

“Squeeze it!” She said.

“OH SHIT!!!” Todd exclaimed, his knees shaking.

“SQUEEZE IT!!!” Vicky commanded.

“I’M CUMMING!!!” He Groaned.

Vicky quickly slipped to her feet, grabbed her son’s pulsing cock and stroked it desperately, pointing the head towards the glass.

“UUUUNNGHHH!!!!” Todd grumbled as a huge blast of cum splashed into the wine glass.

Three more enormous ropes erupted from his piss-hole as Vicky jerked up and down on his pulsing peter.

“HHHNNNGGHHHH!!!” A long five-second stream of bubbling cock-milk oozed from his piss-hole, followed by another smaller offering.

A few more mini-ropes dribbled out and as the diligent mom milked his pulsing cock-steak, she caught every drop.

“Look at that…half full already. I told you it would only take two strong ones.” She said, setting the glass down.

“Oh my God, that WAS a strong one.” Todd said, trying to catch his breath.

“And just for that…” He said, lifting his mom from the ground and throwing her into the water.

Vicky surfaced brushing the hair back from her face.

“You little shit. Get your ass in here.” She said playfully.

Kyle dove into the water and the second he surfaced his mom latched onto him, throwing her arms and legs around him. The young teen sighed as he felt the soft voluptuous middle-aged body against his.

“Picking your sexy mommy up and throwing her around like that.” Vicky teased.

“That’s right.” He smiled.

“I’m well aware of what a young stud son I have…you can’t impress me any more than you already have.” She smiled, then moved her lips in for a slow sensual kiss.

It was a like a scene out of some exotic romance novel. Two lovers, naked and alone on some lush tropical island. As Todd’s mom buried her face in his neck and flailed her long pink snake against his tender flesh, he felt like he had the whole world in his arms.

Words could not describe the feeling of having your own mom’s silky soft legs coiled around your waist, the sexy heels of her feet resting against the backs of your thighs. Then there were her tits…those big bobbling udders like two fleshy sponges squashed against your chest. Todd was so overcome with wicked lust that he began to kiss and suck on the golden brown skin of his mom’s shoulder. Such was the power of a mom.

Sensing the surge of uncontrollable desire Vicky replaced her shoulder with her tongue. Mother and son kissed like desperate teenagers, their tongues twisting and fluttering together wildly.

“Oh God I love you.” Vicky said, breaking the kiss, but only for a second.

“I love you too, mom.” He said before his mouth was devoured by her lips.

As the middle-aged mom made out with her boy she recognized familiar feeling within her own body. They were feelings of wicked excitement, like those she had with her husband before they were married…back when young couples fucked and sucked behind their parents backs.

Now here she was over twenty years later…a little girl, in a big girls body…fucking and sucking behind her husbands back. The fact that it was with her own son made her body tremble with excitement. Such was the life of a mom.

“Are you okay, mom.” Todd asked, feeling the sudden shutter.

“I’m fine, sweetie…I’m just…I’m just really liking this.” She said, her eyes glazed over with wild lust.

“Me too.” He said.

So as Vicky’s husband sat in the office hundreds of miles away he could never imagine that at that moment his wife and son’s wet naked bodies were twisted together like two writhing animals in heat. Nor could he even fathom that his own son’s big dick would soon be plowing harder and deeper within his bride than his ever could. Such was the life of a husband.

“You know as much as we’re both digging this…and could probably spend the rest of the day bobbing around sucking face…we are on a mission, remember?” She said.

“You had to remind me.” He said.

“Oh I know…your dicks all hard and you have to stick it back inside mom so you can cum again…real tough job there, mister.” She joked.

Todd laughed as Vicky took his hand and swam back towards the ledge. Once they climbed back up she looked over at his bobbing bone-hard erection and huge dangling scrotum.

“Ready to drain those balls again hot-shot?” She asked.

“Always.” He smiled.

Vicky bent over and backed her ass up to him. Stepping up behind her Todd clutched his rod and fed it’s pink helmet in between her slippery gash. She pushed her ass against him making the thick love-barrel sink all the way to his balls.

“Ohhh shit.” He sighed, feeling her searing heat surround him.

For the first few minutes Vicky did all the work, slipping her clutching pussy-pocket up and down the rigid dong. Todd gazed down at the beautiful site. The wet tanned buttocks rippled each time it struck his abdomen. He watched his vein encrusted shaft appear, then disappear, over and over, glistening with his mother’s vaginal juices.

“Ready to fuck it like a cocks-man?” She smiled, peering back at him.

“Hell yeah.” He said, grabbing her soft hips.

Maneuvering himself into a more steady stance the big-dicked teen began to thrust at his own rhythmic pace. Lewd slapping sounds mixed with the sound of the crashing falls as his impressive rod barreled in and out of the matronly hole.

Todd’s scrotum swung wildly, as did Vicky dangling tits, like a set of buoys at the mercy of the raging sea.

After a few minutes of steady pounding, Vicky’s knees buckled as she was struck with an intense orgasm.

“OOOH TODD!!!” She shrieked.

Recognizing her unsteadiness, Todd leaned forward and wrapped his arm up under her midsection to provide support. As he did this he crouched just a little in order to keep a good angle as his hips continued to buck.

With eyes closed Vicky emitted a few orgasmic whimpers and her body sporadically convulsed as the relentless dick continued to coax her.

“Do want me to cum or flex my PC muscle?” Todd asked.

“I think you know what I want…but the problem is we should probably finish filling that glass soon.” He voice tremble.

“Oh God, I’m gonna fill it.” He groaned.

Todd took a half-dozen more deep powerful thrusts before slipping his cock from Vicky’s cunt. Like before, she quickly turned and fed the tip of his cock into the mouth of the glass. Her tiny fist glided up and down it’s slippery shaft.

“OH SWEET BABY, CUM HARD!” She encouraged him.

With a few deep grunts the cum began to fire from Todd’s piss-hole. Huge thick ropes pulsed from his peter, one after another, easily filling the glass the rest of the way.

Vicky held the glass up to her face, staring at all that pearly-white spunk.

“Holy shit. I should be surprised…but I’m not. Not after all the cum that’s ran down my legs the past four days.” She giggled.

“Well, the squirting cock has certainly filled it up. Now I suppose it’s time for the loving mom to drink it up.” She smiled, bringing the glass to her lips.

Todd watched as his mom gulped down every last drop from the glass.

“Ffffffucking yum!!!” She said, licking her lips.

“Wow, that was hot.” Todd said.

“Not as hot as watching me suck it straight from your balls I’m sure.” She said.

“Well…no.” Todd said, making his mom giggle.

The device around Vicky’s wrist chimed and they looked at it.

“And look at that…our next clue.” She said.

“They must be watching us with cameras or something.” Todd said.

“Well I’m sure they’re not enjoying it as much as I am.” Vicky said. “FIND YOUR CLOUD OF SILK IN A FIELD OF GREEN. THERE YOU’LL MAKE MOM SHAKE AND SCREAM.” She said.

“So we need to find an open field.” Todd said.

A few minutes later Todd and Vicky were again scrambling through the dense tropical terrain, their bodies still dripping from having just emerged from the pond. It didn’t take them long to find an open field of thick grass.

“A field of green.” Todd said.

“And look…over there, sweetie” Vicky pointed as she discovered a huge bed with white silk sheets and huge silk-covered pillows, sitting right out in the middle of the open field.

“Our cloud of silk.” She smiled.

When they arrived at the bed, Vicky’s wrist device chimed.


“So we’re having sex in all the positions I was taught the second day?” Todd asked.

“Yes, and it sounds like you have to make me cum in each position, before we move onto the next. Up for the challenge mister?” She smiled.

“No problem.” Todd smiled, his cock already starting to rise. “Ohhh, mister confident…I like that.” She said, resting her hands on his shoulders.

“I think the purpose of the exercise though is to help you realize that there are some positions that a woman can cum over and over in…but there are others that take a little work.” She explained.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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