Bully Down

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Charlie drops the blue pill in Dillon’s soda can and sits down at his desk in the back of the room. He’s nervous as to what might happen, but he thinks it will be worth it in the end. He watches as Dillon comes back from the bathroom and takes a big gulp of his soda. It must have dissolved, because Dillon didn’t seem to notice. They were two out the three boys that were here for extra credit, as they both weren’t doing very well in calculus.

Dillon has been bullying Charlie for years, dating back to their high school years. Along with the majority of their high school, they attend a small community college right in town. This is their senior year, and Charlie can’t wait to finally be free from this horrific experience.

Charlie is openly gay, and sometimes wears makeup and women’s clothing to school. Dillon calls Charlie every name in the book, from faggot to sissy boy. As the captain of the football team and standing 6’5″ 275 pounds of pure muscle, Charlie really couldn’t do anything about it. He will prank Dillon here and there, even telling him that one day he’s going to make him cum by his hands.

The bell rings, and all three of them make their way to the classroom door. Dillon starts to feel funny, and his cock starts getting hard. He’s confused, but doesn’t think anything of it. He gets halfway down the hallway, when the other student that was in the classroom stops him, and tells him that he thought he saw Charlie drop something in his soda, but he wasn’t sure.

Furious, Dillon makes his way to the end of the hallway, goes in the locker room to drop off his books, and waits outside the door, as you have to pass the locker room to get to the student parking lot. Charlie, just making his way towards the door to the parking lot, is grabbed by Dillon, and forced into the locker room.

The whole team is inside, and now turn their attention to the commotion in the front of the room. “You think you’re so fucking gaziantep escort funny, huh?” Dillon pins Charlie to the gym locker, rage filling his eyes. “You think slipping a boner pill in my drink is funny?!”

Charlie takes a look down at Dillon’s bulge, as he clearly has a raging hard-on in his jeans. He looks back up at Dillon with a smirk on his face and says, “Well, well, well, big boy, aren’t you excited?”

“I’m gonna fuck you up!” Dillon throws Charlie to he ground, as the forty or so football players now form a circle around the two. Dillon picks Charlie up, and throws him against the locker again, before giving a right hook right to his jaw. Charlie falls to the ground in pain.

Charlie, dazed and confused, stays on the ground to try and collect himself. Afraid for his life, he decides he’s going to try and fight back. Dillon, now turning to everyone, laughing and high-fiving, comes back and stands over Charlie.” You messed with the wrong guy, faggot!” Dillon lifts him back up to give him more punishment. He goes to give Charlie another punch, but Charlie ducks, and comes back with an uppercut, making Dillon’s knees buckle, as he falls to the ground, unconscious.

“OHHHH!!” scream the players, as they can’t believe what they just witnessed. Even Charlie couldn’t believe that he had just knocked out this behemoth of a guy, with one punch to boot. “You got knocked the fuck out!” scream the boys, as they jump around laughing.

Charlie finishes collecting himself, and looks down at the sleeping Dillon on the floor, flat on his back. He stands over Dillon, then drops to his knees, straddling his torso. He gets down close to his ear and whispers, “I think YOU messed with the wrong guy, asshole,” lightly licks his earlobe, then slips his tongue into his ear hole. Charlie starts to slink down Dillon’s body, as everyone turns to each other with looks of confusion.

Charlie is now between Dillon’s legs, face to face with his massive hard-on still prominent through his jeans. Charlie unbuckles Dillon’s belt, then unbuttons and pulls down the zipper. He then takes his hands, and pulls down Dillon’s jeans and boxers to mid thigh. Dillon’s big nine inch cock springs out, hard as a rock. His cock is throbbing, with the head a deep purple color. It looks like he’s ready to cum. “MMM, look how yummy that looks,” Charlie cackles. “Let’s take care of this little issue, shall we?”

Everyone’s jaw in the room drops to the floor, as they look at each other covering their mouths in disbelief. “Oh my god” is heard throughout the room.

Charlie sticks out his tongue and starts to lick Dillon’s balls. He then drags his tongue all the way up the underside of his throbbing shaft, reaching his frenulum, and licks it ever so softly. He then picks up his cock, and sticks his tongue in Dillon’s slit. He takes it out, and starts tongue flicking the tip of his cock like a snake.

At this point, Dillon wakes up in a dense fog. He lifts his head, and looks down in horror to see what was happening to him. He felt helpless with no energy to move, almost paralyzed from the shock his body is going through. They lock eyes, and Charlie gives Dillon an evil smirk, and makes a diamond shape with both hands surrounding Dillion’s massive cock. With Dillon’s cock standing tall before him, Charlie slowly licks up his shaft, repeatedly starting from the bottom and working his way up. Every so often, he’ll stop and tongue flick the shiny, apple sized head.

Dillon belts out a loud moan, as his eyes display his plead for mercy. He shakes his head no, as Charlie returns the favor, shaking his head yes. This stirs up the team to hollers, as they are seeing their hulking captain helplessly getting edged to destruction before them.

Charlie knows Dillon is seconds from cumming. He lifts up Dillon’s shirt in anticipation of what is to come, and continues his edging. With their eyes still locked on each other, Dillon’s pleading eyes start to roll, and his head drops back down to the ground.

The crowd roars at the sight of his submission. One player yells, “Finish him!” Another player yells, “Take his soul!” The whole room breaks out in laughter.

Charlie grins in delight, and grabs the base of Dillion’s cock. He moves down to his balls, licking and sucking both of them. “Cum for me,” Charlie demands.

“Ohhh,” moans Dillon. He lifts his head back up to look at Charlie, as they lock eyes again. Charlie decides it’s time to end him, and drags his tongue back to his cock head, lightly licking his frenulum, and now slowly starts to stroke. “Oh, shit,” Dillon cries out. He can’t hold it anymore, and is now panicking that Charlie is going to make him orgasm in front of everybody.

Dillon’s eyes glaze over and cross with ecstasy, as his head, once again, falls back down to the ground with a thud. The crowd roars again. “Oh, oh, oh, oh,” moans Dillon, as cum starts spurting out of his cock. Charlie continues to lick his frenulum and stroke, as cum is streaming out right in front of his eyes. The thick, creamy cum is now dripping down the sides of Dillon’s cock.

“OOHHH!” fills the locker room, as cum continues shooting out of Dillon’s cock. Charlie stops stroking, and slowly licks up the sides of Dillon’s shaft, with cum collecting and dripping from his tongue.

After Dillon is done emptying everything he had, Charlie licks the cum from his hand, then takes the swollen cock head in his mouth, cleaning it of cum with a loud slurp that echoes throughout the room. “Yummy,” Charlie whispers, licking his lips. Charlie gets up, looks at the mess he made of Dillon, and says, “I told you I would get you,” blows him a kiss, and leaves the locker room.

Dillon was so humiliated, that he had to switch schools. Charlie went through the rest of the year beaming with pride, as he had defeated his biggest nemesis in the most humiliating way possible…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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