Bung Bash

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Jerry Willis stood in line outside of Club Nouveau, same as the hundred or so other men who had received invitations to this once-in-a-lifetime event. There was plenty of music blaring to get everyone in the mood, with songs like “Anaconda,” “Baby Got Back,” “Bump in the Rump,” “Fuck the Pain Away”—they even went old school and had some Luke Skywalker and 2-Live Crew, as well as something from what sounded like a B-52s cover band almost to the tune of “Love Shack,” but the lyrics had been changed to reflect what the night was leading to. This was the song currently in the rotation, and Jerry listened closely to the words as it played:

Bung Bash, baby

It’s a bung bash, baby

Bung bash, baby

It’s a bung bash, baby

Bung bash, baby

It’s a bung bash, baby

It’s a bung bash—bung bash

When you walk through the door just step to a rear

It’s a bung bash, baby, and it’s happening right here

Don’t take no credit card so ya better bring some cash

So you can walk on in and do the bung bash

(Chorus repeats)





Pick the one you want, then make a mad dash

To slide your cock in and do the bung bash

The song played through three times before “Push it” replaced it, but Jerry still had “Bung Bash” echoing through his mind, because that’s what he was here to do, get in on the first ever Bung Bash, and for the first time in his life he was thankful for the friend of a friend of a friend.

Jerry had gone to his friend John Malloy’s house just to chill one afternoon when someone he knew through John, Vincent Porter, stopped by. With Vincent was someone neither John nor Jerry knew, Adam Pierce. Adam and Vincent were telling John about the idea of a Bung Bash, that is to say, corral up about fifty people who would agree to no strings attached anal sex. The idea was to pay each participant one hundred dollars for three hours “work” while pocketing the remainder of the one hundred fifty-dollar entrance fee. Because the fee was so exorbitant, one could fuck as many people in the ass as he deemed fit.

“For a hundred fifty bucks, I can fuck as many women in the ass as I want,” John reiterated for the sake of understanding.

“You say ‘women,’ I say ‘people,'” Adam responded. “There will be males as well as females participating.”

“Count me in,” Jerry said. John echoed the sentiment.

The day of the event, Jerry contacted Vincent for a special request. “Hey, bud, are you guys going to do anything like VIP packages?”

“It’s not something we considered,” Vincent replied. “Why do you ask?”

“Here’s the deal,” Jerry began. “I overheard a couple of women talking, and it sounds like they’re going to be participating tonight.”

“And you want to hook up with one or possibly both of them, right?”

“Just one,” Jerry retorted. “I mean, really, really bad.”

“Hmmm,” Vincent said as he thought it over. Then, “I’ll tell you what: We really don’t know these women by name, so unless there’s something visibly discernable that sets her apart from the other women, I don’t know that I can help you.”

“Oh, that’s easy, then,” Jerry said excitedly. “She has a tattoo of a Blue Morpho Butterfly on her right ass cheek.”

“Blue butterfly, right cheek,” Vincent said as he committed the information to memory. “If she shows up, I’ll let you know.”

The thought of having sex with the girl with the blue butterfly tattoo had been bouncing through Jerry’s head all day long. Well, truth be told, the reality of it was that it had been bouncing through his head for about six months now, when he first saw it.

Jerry checked his watch. It was 8:45. The doors were supposed to open at 9:00 sharp, and the party would last until midnight. He really had no need to despair. He knew that Küçükköy Escort whether his sister was here nor not, there would be plenty of asses to go around, and seeing as to how he was ninth in line, he would have his first pick of any, for the most part.

The door to the club opened, and immediately there was a high hoot and holler from the crowd. A young woman dressed only in bra, panties, garter belt, and stockings came out carrying a basket filled to overflowing with condoms. She instructed each person to take three as she stopped in front of them and advised all that more would be provided if when needed. When she reached Jerry, she asked to see his ID, and once he had shown it to her, she passed him a note after he took his three condoms. He opened it immediately to find Madame Butterfly located at 5-C scrawled within. “YES!!” he shouted, then hurriedly composed himself.

“What’s got you screaming before we even begin?” It was John.

“Um … nothing,” Jerry said as he allowed John to cut in front of him.

“Hey, no cutting,” a few people started yelling.

“Konichiwa, bitches! I got a VIP Pass,” John lied as he pulled from his pocked and affixed around his neck the lanyard holding his college ID.

“I was never offered a VIP pass,” he heard one of the guys say.

“Tell yer old man yer problems,” John shouted back, then returned his attention to Jerry. “Oh, here,” he said as he pulled a couple of condoms from his pocket.

“Thanks, though they just gave everyone three apiece.”

“I’ve got a whole pocket full,” John responded. “I don’t know that three will be enough.”

They continued to talk about what the night would have in store for them, with exception to Madame Butterfly. Jerry was keeping that one to himself, both the secret, and the woman. He had no plans on being with anyone else this evening. He was going to eat and fuck that ass for the full three hours.

At precisely nine o’clock the doors opened, and out walked Vincent and Adam. The crowd cheered, then calmed down as they began to speak. “Welcome to the Bung Bash, baby!” Adam yelled, and immediately Jerry recognized his voice as the person singing the song.

“We’re not going to keep you waiting, but first I need you two to come forward,” Vincent said as he pointed to John and Jerry. They broke line and approached, and Vincent allowed them first entry. As a selling point, he said to those remaining in the crowd, “This is what VIP gets you next time we do it: Exclusive rights to first pick.” He waited a solid minute before allowing the others entry.

John’s intention for the evening was to fuck as many women in the ass as he could, so him stopping at the first woman he came to was no real problem for him. He got on his hands and knees behind whomever she may be and began to eat her ass even as Jerry made his way to section five, row C. He stopped directly behind the tattooed ass and just looked at it lustfully as he recalled the first time he had ever seen the design that had become tattooed in his fantasies.

He was in the back yard, lounging by the pool, when his sister Monica came out to get some sun as well. Monica was never shy about her body, simply because she knew she looked damned good. She disrobed to reveal an almost non-bikini—thong and tassels to cover her nipples—and that is when Jerry first saw it. “When did you get that?” He asked his sister, pointing at the tattoo on her perfectly rounded ass.

She looked back at it, then smiled. “Last week. You like?”

“It’s beautiful.” He meant that of the tattoo, yes, but for the first time in his life, he began to look at his sister in a different light. The tattoo was so vividly colorful and centered nicely on her voluptuous ass. This was the kind of ass that Brazilian women had, or either hoped for, and the more he stared at it, the more Küçükköy Escort Bayan he wanted it. He never had the courage to say anything to her, though, but when he heard Monica talking to her friend Sasha last night about an opportunity to make a quick hundred dollars, he could only hope that it was through this, the Bung Bash, and he was glad to see that he was right.

He lowered himself behind her and began to softly kiss her ass cheeks. He then licked and softly sucked at the tattoo. “Oh, that feels nice,” Monica told the stranger behind her. Jerry wondered what her reaction would be if she knew it were him. At the moment, he didn’t care. He began kissing closer and closer to her bunghole, then slowly spread her cheeks and gently ran his tongue straight up the middle, where he began to slowly and meticulously rim her. “Oh, shit,” Monica moaned. “Oh, fuck. That’s it. Do it just like that.”

He would, even without her instruction. Jerry had planned on making love to this ass for the full three hours, and he had no problem spending the first two eating it, if that’s what she wanted. He opened his mouth slightly and sucked the whole of her bung into it. She squealed with pleasure as she pushed back against his mouth, seeming to fit his tongue inside her. Jerry’s own body trembled with delight as he felt his cock hardening, and as much as he wanted to get this first nut out of the way, he forced himself to be patient. Too bad Monica didn’t have his resolve, for not even twenty minutes in she was pleading with him, “Oh, please. Fuck me. Fuck my ass. I can’t stand it anymore.”

Jerry reluctantly obliged her. He dropped his pants, put on a condom, and slowly began penetrating his sister’s asshole. “Oh, shit yes!” she screamed as inch after inch filled her, and once all of his seven and a half inches were in to the hilt and her body had acclimated itself to his girth, he slowly moved in and out of her. He would allow his hands to rest on her beautiful, tanned ass cheeks as he slowly moved in and out of her. Every now and then he would spread them so he could watch his cock going in and out of her. Oh, it was a sight to behold.

Monica had begun masturbating and was firing off one orgasm after another in rapid succession. Fifteen minutes in, and Jerry was having his first orgasm of the night. He spanked Monica’s ass after pulling out of her, then removed his used condom and placed a fresh one on himself before driving his still-hard cock deep into her asshole once again.

“Oh, my pussy is so fucking wet right now,” Monica told him. “Come on and get you some of it.”

Jerry wasn’t expecting this, but he didn’t have to be invited twice. He pulled out of his sister’s ass and easily slid into her pussy. “Oh, shit!” he whispered loudly. He didn’t last two minutes before he was filling that condom with his jizz. He removed it, affixed another, then re-entered her pussy. He fucked her good for about twenty minutes, then moved back to her ass and began another anal assault, which lasted for about twenty minutes more. When he caught that third nut, he was through. He knew it would be a while before his already-deflated penis would find life anew, and since he had already fucked the only woman he wanted, he decided to call it a night and go home. First, though, he had worked up an appetite, so he stopped by McDonald’s for a couple of Quarter Pounders with Cheese.

When Jerry arrived home, he was surprised to see his sister’s car in the driveway. His parents’ car was gone, meaning they were out on a date or visiting friends or something, which suited him just fine as well. He made his way upstairs and stuck his head in Monica’s room. He heard the shower running and decided he should get one as well.

When he emerged, he found an envelope on his bed. He opened it to find a card with the words, “Thank you” scrawled upon it. He studied Escort Küçükköy it for all of two minutes, then walked the seven or so feet down the hall to his sister’s room. He knocked on the closed door and entered when the invitation to do so was given. “What’s this all about?” he asked as he held the card aloft.

“Are we really going to play this game?” Monica asked. She was buried to the neck under her covers. Jerry shrugged. Monica sighed, then said with a smile, “It’s for treating my ass with respect before giving it the fuck of a lifetime.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Jerry said with a look that dared anyone to accuse him of lying.

“Oh, come now, Jerry. When Vincent asked if any of us had a tattoo of a blue butterfly on her ass because someone was requesting her specifically, I told him I did, then asked him to point out the guy who wanted me. When I saw it was you? Well, I’ve seen the way you’ve been looking at me the past couple of months, so I figured I’d give it a go, and boy am I glad I did.”

“Really?” Jerry asked in disbelief.

“You ate my ass so sweetly, Jerry. I’m sure that me knowing it was my brother hyped me to some degree, but you have some real skills. And when you made love to me? Like I said: Respect. You weren’t out to hurt me. You really wanted a nice, pleasant, enjoyable experience for us both, and that meant a lot to me. So, yeah, thank you.” She had been looking him in the eye as she spoke, but her gaze began to lower. “Ooo, looks like you’re ready for another go at it. What do you say? Let me return the favor?”

“Here?” Jerry asked. “Now?”

“We still have a good hour before Mom and Dad get home, so sure, yeah.”

Jerry pulled his clothes from his body even as Monica threw the cover from hers to reveal she was even now naked and waiting. Jerry said nothing as he immediately placed his mouth on his sister’s already cum-soaked pussy. “O-h-h-h!” Monica gasped as her clit became playground fare with her brother’s lips and tongue, and half a minute later she was convulsing as she spurted thick cum from herself. Jerry ran his tongue as far into her as he could get it. “Yeah. Oh, yeah. Get on up in there. Shit! Eat it, Jerry. Eat it!”

Jerry’s cock felt like it was going to burst. He pulled himself from his sister and said, “Sixty-nine,” as he lay next to her. She mounted him thusly and the two began working each other over, Jerry, continuing his assault on his sister’s clit, and Monica proving why she was every bit the sexual cannibal as she devoured every inch of her brother’s cock. She knew he had cum three times already tonight, but she also knew just how skilled she was when it came to sucking dick, so it was no surprise to her when, five minutes later, Jerry was blowing his wad in her mouth. She held it there for a few seconds before committing to swallowing it, then just lay there as he slowly licked her own cum from her pussy. Jerry finally lay his head back and said, “Damn, that was great.”

Monica turned around, then looked into his eyes before kissing him on the mouth. “It can keep getting better, if you want.”

“Really?” Jerry asked with a smile.

“We’re sexually compatible, so why not?” she asked. She reached down and felt that his cock was still swollen, then looked at the clock. “We still have thirty-five good minutes. Think you can cum again before the folks get home?”

“Can I …”

Monica smiled. She positioned herself above him, then allowed his dick to enter her pussy. “Just remember to pull out when you cum.”

Oh, this felt so much better without the condom. Jerry and Monica were grinding against one another slowly yet fiercely, and twenty minutes later his cock was in her hand as she jerked him off to his fifth orgasm of the night. He didn’t want to leave her bed, but knew he must lest they become discovered by their parents.

Jerry and Monica continued on in this way as the days and weeks and months rolled on, always finding time to be with one another, whether they were involved with other people or not. Even on their respective wedding days they had sex with one another and continue to do so, twenty years later.

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