Burning for You

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I looked up as you walked back towards the fire, staggering a little and smirking at yourself, enjoying the buzz and the night. I watch you come towards me, firelight gleaming off of the red in your beard, shirt still half un-tucked and your hair ruffled. My eyes move over your body. From the face I love so well, tawny eyes and your throat, bristled with unshaven hair. Down your hard chest and belly to the bulge in your jeans, my favorite place.

You drop to the ground next to me and watch quietly as I reach over to slide my hand up your leg, your crotch, pulling your shirt up to feel the coarse hair and warm skin. I pull your shirt free of your shoulders and pause to kiss you, taste of booze on your lips as I unzip your jeans, exposing the deep V of your pelvis and slowly awakening cock.

I tip the bottle over your chest, leaning in to lick off the drops of whiskey trickling through your chest hair. Now a nipple, lapping and nipping at you, my head spinning with drink and desire. You startle and giggle as a cool splash hits your solar plexus, hitching up your hips as it runs down your belly. My mouth chases it, down and down, until your hard cock kocaeli escort bayan is in my face and I can’t help but suck it.

Take it in, fast and sharp, deep throating you until I feel the full head hit the back of my throat. You groan and try to reach for me, but I push your hands away. Just lean back and enjoy baby, let me do you, rule your body with lips and tongue, the barest scraping of teeth along the bottom of your shaft. So quickly your cum explodes in my mouth, salty as I swallow it and moan deep in my throat.

“Your turn.” you whisper, panting, pushing me back onto the ground and pulling off my pants with one fluid movement. Your fingers caress my pussy through the thin cotton of my panties. I close my eyes and pull my shirt off to expose my breasts to you, open them to see your eyes staring at my heaving chest. Gasp to feel a finger sliding into my panties, testing the wetness there. You pull them to the side and your head drops for a taste. barest flick of your tongue over my clit, over my soft lips. You stiffen your tongue and push it inside me, teasing to hear me cry for more.

Your yahya kaptan escort firm hands slide my panties down my hips and you push my legs open, burying your face between them, lapping at my juices, sucking my clit into your hot mouth. You tongue fuck me, making me squirm on the ground and beg you for your cock, “Fuck me. Oh fuck me now please fuck I need your cock baby.”

Kneeling, you lift my hips to your lap, guiding yourself into my pussy and pulling one leg up to hook over your shoulder. There’s fire in your eyes as you pull back for a hard thrust, and another. You grab my throat and growl as you pound me harder and harder, balls slapping my ass, fingers digging into the soft flesh of my throat. Your hand forces my face to yours and you meet my eyes, forcing me to feel your strength, your physical power over me.

A scream escapes my lips as I cum, the muscles of my cunt gripping you, soaking your balls with my cum, making your cock even harder. Your head rears back, eyes closed tight as you moan, fighting off the orgasm that threatens to overtake you. Still connected, we rock back until I’m on gebze escort top of you, hips grinding and riding your cock, tits jiggling. I reach back to pull your knees up, to force your cock into me as deeply as I can take it.

I rise up to straddle your face and your hands grab my ass, muscles straining to control the movement of my hips, to force me to go where you want me to as my juices soak your beard and your tongue runs over and over my pussy and ass.

You smack me hard on the hip and push me off of you, face down into the dirt. A hand grabs my hair and you thrust into me hard from behind. “Now you’re gonna get it slut. Now you’re in trouble.” you grunt as I feel your cock push into the opening of my tight asshole. The pain of your thick cock driving into me is as intense as the sensation at the same moment of your fingers in my pussy and your thumb circling my clit.

I’m too loud and you cover my mouth, muffling my cries as I cum on your hand, wetness running down my thighs as your hot load squirts into my ass. One more thrust and you fall back, exhausted and spent as I stay on my knees, trembling, almost unbelieving of what we just experienced.

You roll onto your side and pick up the forgotten bottle, taking a long pull and grinning my way. “I told you how much you would love camping with me” you say, chuckling. Grabbing the blanket you reach for me, pulling me into your arms and wrapping our naked bodies more tightly together, hot in the cool night air.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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