Bust Ride

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Mr. Johnson is a 45-year-old man, whom just got off work. He was very tired and exhausted. He lived with his wife for over 20 years and had an obsession with big breasts. His wife’s B cups weren’t enough for him. They were too broke to get her implanted with larger breasts. Mr. Johnson spends most of his time surfing the Internet for big-breasted beauties and jerking off them too. He carried some Scores Magazines with him everyday to work to motivate him.

He and his wife didn’t have a car so he rode the bus every morning to and from work. He was the only one riding during his trips to and from work. But his luck was about to change.

A tall nice looking redhead came aboard the bus at the next bus stop. Mr. Johnson or his real name Earl was sitting in the far back of the bus. The redhead smiled at him as she made her way down the aisle. Earl smiled back with a huge grin. Earl never smiled in pubic before because his life was pretty much a repeating cycle.

The redhead decided to sit two seats in front of Earl for the ride. It was getting pretty hot on the bus and the redhead took off her long tan trench coat. Out the corner of Earl’s eyes, he could see that the redhead was stacked. Her breasts were thrust out in a pink sweater. Earl began daydreaming about putting his head between a pair of enormous knockers.

“Excuse me sir? Is this yours?” Earl heard a voice say, as he snapped out of his daze.

He saw the nice looking redhead in his face. Her juicy red lips were plucked together and her ample melons were hanging down inside her sweater. Earl had his eyes directly on them and quickly moved up to the redhead’s hazel eyes.

“What?” Earl said.

“This picture of a woman’s large breasts. Is this yours?” the redhead repeated.

Early looked down in her pale hands and saw a picture of busty model Nadine Jensen.

“Oh shit! Of course. It’s mines. Sorry if it bother you,” Earl apologized.

“It’s ok. Really. I know a lot of guys who are obsessed with woman and their huge breasts,” the redhead explained. “Mine if I sit down?”

“Sure. Sit away,” Earl said politely.

The redhead took a seat next to him. As she leaned back in the seat, her mammoth jugs thrust out from her sweater and Earl’s eyes were burning holes on them. The redhead looked over and saw the desire on Earl’s face.

“I’m Lindsey by the way. What’s your name?”

“Boobs! I mean Earl,” Earl corrected himself.

Lindsey gave a small giggle. Her giggling make her heavy breasts jiggle slightly.

“Take it as experience. As a 23-year-old, having large breasts isn’t all that’s crack up to be. While guys or girls love playing and sucking on them. The girl who is sported the massive weight on her chest is suffering from back pains. These busty models do it for the money. Without their large assets, they would be worth nothing,” Lindsey explained to Earl.

“Oh! Really?” Earl asked dumbfounded.

“Yes Earl. Really. kocaeli escort bayan As you might have noticed by now, my breasts are huge. Perhaps enormous even. I love them sometimes because they can get me anything that I want. I hate them as well because they get in the way all the time and men attend to talk to your chest and not your face. They stare and drool at them right in front of you. Just like your doing now Earl,” Lindsey said, catching Earl’s eyes staring at her chest.

Earl began blushing from embarrassment.

“It’s ok Earl. I don’t blame you for looking. I would look at my chest too if I was a guy,” said Lindsey. “Have you ever touched a large pair of boobs like this before?”

Earl didn’t say a word and just shook his head no.

“Awe. Poor thing. Your getting so old and you’re never had the opportunity to play with a pair of large boobs. Maybe I can change all that,” Lindsey said, followed by a devilish smile.

She grabbed Earl’s hands and placed them on her big breasts.

“Squeeze them Earl. Feel my cotton bra protecting my heavy floppers,” Lindsey teased.

Earl began drooling at the mouth as his hands felt up Lindsey’s large tits.

“Must be hard to feel my breasts with this sweater on. Here. Let me take it off,” Lindsey suggested.

Lindsey pulled her wool sweater over her head. Her ample orbs were practically spilling out over her large black bra cups. Half of her light pink areolas were exposed.

Lindsey grabbed Earl’s hands again and placed them on her bra-clad breasts. His fingers were touching the tops of her bare breasts. His thumbs were rubbing against the soft fabric of her bra.

“Ohhh Earl! What’s that moving in your pants?” Lindsey said acting curious.

She reached down and felt up his crotch.

“Nice. Not to big. Not to small. I could work with it,” Lindsey said, as Earl’s hands continued to grope her breasts through the bra. “Let’s get rid of this bra shall we?”

Lindsey reached behind her and unfastened her bra. She let the bra slide off her shoulders and down her chest. Her massive white mounds were bare and in front of Earl’s astonished eyes. Lindsey’s breasts were huge and sagging down just a bit due to their natural weight. Her breasts were tanned, toppled with large light pink areolas and thick thumb symbol-sized nipples that was dark pink.

Lindsey placed her hands behind her head and started swaying her massive fleshy jugs from side to side. The swaying of her breasts hypnotized Earl. Lindsey began bouncing up and down in her seat, making her giant whoppers flop up and down in front of Earl’s memorized face. Lindsey cupped her big tits and began squeezing them. She moved closer to Earl and stood up a little bit, making his face leveled with her breasts. She could see the desire in Earl’s eyes to tear her breasts apart and suck them until their dry.

“You like Earl. They’re 38DDD’s,” Lindsey gloated.

Lindsey otele gelen escort began shimmering her shoulders, making her giant breasts sway from side to side and smack into each other. She moved closer to Earl and let her big tits slap him across the face a few times. Lindsey grabbed her breasts and began squeezing them around Earl’s head and rubbing their soft smooth texture against his rough, dry shaved face. Earl thought he had died and gone to heaven. Lindsey was smothering his face with her huge breasts and beating him with them.

“Grab them Earl. Do whatever you would like to do to them,” suggested Lindsey.

Earl’s hands grabbed the sides of Lindsey’s breasts and he kept his head between them. He squeezed them harder against his face. His nose was pressed against her chest. He could smell her beautiful perfume while he squeezed her big titties around his head.

Earl finally removed his head from Lindsey’s cleavage held her big orbs in front of his face. Her juicy nipples were just begging to be sucked and licked. Earl took the first step and closed his roughdry lips around one of her fat buds. He pulled and stretched her thick nipple between his lips while he sucked. His tongue swirled over her areola and around her nipple.

“Oh Earl. I know you’ve been hungry for a big pair of juicy breasts. Ohhhh Earl! Suck my nipples. Mmmmm!” moaned Lindsey.

Earl sucked on the nipple for a few minutes and then switched to the other one. He gave that nipple the same attention he gave the first one. After he sucked and licked her nipple and areola, be smashed both her giant jugs together and crammed his mouth with as much tit flesh as he could. Sucking and slurping away at her triple D’s.

Lindsey’s knees were buckled and felt weak. Her pussy was gushing out juice as she felt an earth shaking orgasm urging through her body.

Earl continued to suck and slurp her breasts as long as his heart desired.

“Ohhhhhh EAAARL! I’m cummmming! I’m cummming! Ohhhhh Earl!” howled Lindsey.

Earl dropped Lindsey’s saliva-coated breasts from his mouth and watched them sway, dripping in his saliva.

“Since you sucked me. It’s my turn to suck you,” Lindsey said.

Lindsey got down to her knees and unbuckled Earl’s pants. She freed his 7-inch cock and began jerking it. She pulled and stretched his cock like he did her tender nipples.

Lindsey swallowed Earl’s long cock and began bobbing her head between his thighs.

“Oh yes, oh yes, Oh God!” Earl moaned, as he placed his legs on Lindsey’s shoulders and let her deep-throat his cock.

Lindsey’s face was buried in Earl’s thick patch of pubic hairs. She could smell his musty aroma while she goggled his cock in the back of her throat. Lindsey cupped Earl’s saggy balls and massaged them. Lindsey looked up at Earl’s flushed face and make eye contact with him.

Earl looked back down at Lindsey darıca escort with her mouth forming a perfect O around his dick and sucking it down to the base. His wife has never given him a blowjob. Earl was really enjoying himself. And he wasn’t the only one. The bus driver has been watching Earl and Lindsey sucking each other off. He had his own cock out and jerking it while driving the bus around circles.

“I think I’m going to cum,” moaned Earl.

Lindsey pulled her mouth off Earl’s cock and pulled her panties down from inside her tan skirt. She kicked off her high heels and lifted up her skirt, showing Earl her dripping wet bald cunt.

“Give it a taste Earl,” Lindsey requested, as she stood above Earl and buried her soak snatch in his face.

Earl’s face was covered in Lindsey’s wetness. His nose was buried between her cunt and he could smell her sweet aroma. His mouth was sucking at her pussy. Lindsey grabbed Earl’s head and began moving it around between her thighs. Earl’s tongue began licking away at her clitoris. His teeth captured it while his tongue lashed out at it rapidly. Lindsey began moaning and groaning to Earl’s pussy assault. Her huge titties were jiggling and bobbing with her movements.

“Ohhhh Earl! I’m going to cum. Fuck me with your cock,” Lindsey said, as she pulled Earl’s head from her legs and sat down on his hard uprising cock.

Her pink moist pussy slipped all the way over his cock and Lindsey placed her legs on either side of Earl. She began bouncing up and down on Earl’s cock.

“Oh yes! Ohhhhh yes! Fuck me Earl! Ohhhhh yes! Fuck me Earl. Fuck me,” exclaimed Lindsey.

She gripped Earl’s shoulders and continued bouncing her ass off his thighs. Her pussy was stuffed full of Earl’s cock. Her juices were running down his throbbing meat and bouncing balls.

Earl was moaning deeply between Lindsey’s huge flopping breasts. He grabbed them on their sides and squeezed them around his head again. He could feel her sweat dripping off her jugs. He moved one huge tit from his side and captured it inside his mouth. Earl had a good chuck of breast meat between his lips and sucking on it.

Lindsey rode his cock harder and faster. She cupped her breasts and fed them both to Earl’s starving mouth. He sucked and slurped on her big tits, driving Lindsey mad and into an orgasm. Her pussy clamped tight around his cock.

“HEEERE I CUMMMM!” shouted Lindsey, as her milky liquids gushed down Earl’s dick and balls.

Earl came as well and blasted a super load of cum inside Lindsey’s swollen cunt. Their cum became mixed together as they continued draining each other of their juices.

Earl sucked Lindsey’s big tits one last time, causing her to cum again.

After she came, Lindsey got up from Earl’s soften cock and pulled her panties back up. She put back on her shoes, bra, and sweater. The bus came to a stop at Lindsey’s destination.

“Thank you Earl. I really needed that. And I know you did too,” Lindsey said, as she exited the bus.

Earl leaned back in his seat with his pants still down and cock covered in Lindsey’s cum.

“Maybe I should quit being a bus driver and do the work you do Mister,” said the bus driver, as he wiped his cum off his jeans and began driving to Earl’s bus stop.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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