By Order of The Doctor

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I sat in my car. I was so anxious. I was usually not that anxious about going to the doctor. I sat there chewing my nails, something I was deeply embarrassed about. But why was I so nervous? Well, I was having issues of some sort that involved my reproductive system. It warranted a visit to the doctors and generally in those situations where the problem was of an intimate nature. I asked to see a female doctor. There was a good reason for that. For years I had been seeing the same doctor, Dr Richardson, at the very same medical centre. However, when it was issues of that kind of nature, it was a female doctor to see because I was too embarrassed to talk about my private parts. I find him attractive. He was so sexy to me, and well, I didn’t want him to see how my body would react to him if he started poking about as a doctor would.

But there he was, he was just over six foot, his hair an indeterminate blonde and brown. His eyes changed colour depending on what glasses he wore, and he was always so well dressed. I imagined he was slightly older than me and of the same generation as our conversations had shown us. Same taste in television, music and film and we even watched the same sports. In fact, we had built up a rapport over the years despite the fact I only ever saw him three or four times a year and occasionally at the local shops. I would just bump into him by accident, I swear. I would blush and become flummoxed over my words. Come over a little anxious and shy but he was always pleased to see me, and it was this fantastic nature of his which made him an excellent general practitioner but unfortunately on this occasion, I rang the surgery and asked to see a female doctor only to be informed there were none available As my schedule was too tight, I had to see Dr Richardson. This is why I was sitting in my car, petrified of going inside.

I was outside the surgery. The building had been repainted a shade of bluebell — a powdery blue or periwinkle if you will. I am a bit obsessed with colours, you see. I even noticed the colour of the trees, shades of brown and caramel as we were going into autumn. Trees littered the footpath with leaves, and the sun hid behind a very dark, looming cloud with the threat of rain in the air. Petrichor was scenting the atmosphere though all I could truly smell was the godawful fake grape scent of the car air freshener. I looked nervously at the time. The alarm clock flashed out at me. Very bright lights of digitalisation were spurring me on to enter the building. It was one minute before my appointment, and I am somebody who is always on time. I am never late, but on this occasion, I left it to the last minute before I decided I was being stupid and went in.

I was always greeted by Fiona, the receptionist. Fiona used to look me up and down, and this time, it was no different. She told me to take a seat. I couldn’t concentrate on anything. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to explain anything to the doctor because I was shy and embarrassed. It was a quiet afternoon at the surgery. The waiting room was usually full of kids and old people, but I was the only other person there. Suddenly there he was. He was dressed very sharply in a black top with yellow stripes, a checked shirt and tight pants. Where did my eyes go? I looked between his legs. He used to always wear really tight pants. I imagined the outline of his cock. Intrusive thoughts. This was not even sexually related. Ha and to think in the past, I even joked with Dr Richardson about sex…I went in there and was not able to speak about my problem.

“Dr Richardson, um, I don’t know how to explain this but…oh… I can’t find the words.”

“It’s okay, Ms Rosewood. Is it of an intimate nature of some sort?”

“Well, yes. I mean, I saw Dr Wilcox about you know, the monthly visitor and the pain and the pain is present at other times of the month and also, you know, I keep feeling like I need to pee all the time. Blood was tested for diabetes, and that was fine, but I didn’t get any resolution from Dr Wilcox about the pains and the other things going on. I am getting a bit fed up with it. Just want to live a normal life, you know.”

He placed his hand on mine.

“I understand that you are a busy woman. Um, and like, you’ve had to make this appointment with me, and as I understand it, I looked at your records. Any other time, you saw Dr Wilcox. Why haven’t you just come along and see me?”

I blushed. “I am sorry, doctor, but I thought if I saw you about these things, you would see parts of me I didn’t want you to see.”

“Well, I am a doctor, I have seen plenty of vaginas and…breasts and that sort of thing in a professional medical setting. I make you feel at ease every other time, don’t I?

“Most of the time. I find you very pleasant actually.”

“Likewise! I hope I can help you today. A few things I need to do. You are the only patient I got this afternoon. Give me a moment. Let Kuşadası Escort me plug my laptop back in before we lose power…ah yes, the afternoon is free. A few tests I need to check. Check urine, diabetes check was fine. I will do a breast exam as well as there is some record about lumps. Umm, did you ever get that investigated any further?

“No. I was too scared.”

“Okay, we can sort that today as well. And umm…I will look at your cervix and perform an internal exam. Hopefully, I will be able to work out a bit more about what is going on with your uterus and ovaries and what not. I don’t want to see you in pain all the time. Perplexed you didn’t come to me sooner. I can do a better job than Dr Wilcox.”

“Oh. It is just hard, so talking about these things, with a man.”

“I get that. First thing I will get you to do is get you into a robe which ties up around the back. Go behind the screen over there. You will also find some specimen containers there. If you turn to the left, there is a bathroom and take a urine sample. A midstream one? Pee into the small container and….you can bring that back to me, and after we have done that, I will get to you lie back on the table. Legs in stirrups and work from there.”


With that, I was bemused. I went behind the screen, and as I slipped off my dress, it was clinging to me a bit with static, resistant to the urge to go nude. I unclipped my bra and out fell my tits. I had never seen my tits so full and pert before. Nipples were stiff, hard thinking about him. The next thing I did was slide my panties off. As they came around my ass, I felt like a pure peach. Fresh and delicious, I noticed the stain in my panties. I was wet. There was nothing sexual about the situation. Being in his presence and feeling at home did it. I saw the robe and well…it is not the sexiest get up in the world. I couldn’t tie it up at the back. Maybe I need help. Maybe not. I called out to him.

“Dr Richardson?”


“Ooh, never mind. “

I went to take the sample as requested. The bathroom door would not lock. I didn’t want to fuck around with the lock, so I left the door open. Who cares. There I was squatting over the toilet. I had a chuckle to myself. I watched at this stream of golden liquid squirted out of me. And that’s when I got the biggest fright of my life.

“Fucking hell, Dr Richardson. What the hell are you doing? Just about dropped the container. What are you standing there for?

“Oh my god. Ms Rosewood, I am so sorry. God…I fucked up.”

“Not quite, but why are you standing there watching me?”

“Because I just realised the robe is on the wrong way as the tests we are doing…well, I need to be able to see your breasts and your pubic area. Turn it around. I am truly sorry I really am, just a bit impatient and forgetful?”

“I wouldn’t worry about it. That is the least of my worries at the moment.”

I came out of there. The face was flushed red. So embarrassed about what happened but I had a little skip of delight knowing I peed in front of him. I don’t know if he enjoyed it. I clambered onto the bed and saw my legs go up in the air in these splint like things, designed to keep my legs apart. The robe broke free, there was I was completely nude in front of him. Pussy and ass exposed. The first thing he did was check breasts.

Bare hands massaged my tits. Soft firmness so pliable, like play dough in his hands. Slowly at first. I felt like he was lingering longer than he should. I didn’t mind. His hands brushed my nipples. Just occasionally, he tweaked one. I thought “hmm, are we crossing a line here”? Probably. He seemed to enjoy what he was doing, and I enjoyed it too. It was no longer that awkward. My pussy was started to glisten with juice. So horny for him. He was turning me on that much.

“Okay, I just had a quick feel of your breasts, and they seem fine. The lumps you speak of are no longer there, I believe they are of benign nature of some sort. We will leave it at that. I am going to put on some rubber gloves, and I also need to check your anus as well. The digestive tract can cause a lot of these kinds of problems too. Just bear with me a moment.”

I noticed he was tripping up on his words a lot. He was never this awkward in front of me. Figured he saw how aroused I was. Anxious few minutes as I looked at the clock. I have been there for fifteen minutes already. Ten-minute appointment. How long will this go on? Well, I thought about what was happening. I told myself not to be stupid. Why would he risk this career to do this to a patient? He came back.

I heard that sound. The snap of rubber gloves. White latex gloves from a cardboard box. Then came the next sound. The squirt of lubricant. An eerie and slightly funny sound. His hands were lubed up.

“Okay, Ms Rosewood, next thing I will do is check your rectum. Digestive system. So close Kuşadası Escort Bayan together. It might be uncomfortable, but I will slip a finger into your…anus. Let me know if it hurts at all.”

I heard the hesitation in his words then. He really wanted to finger my ass, I knew it. One hand slightly spread my cheeks apart, and he was greeted by a tight asshole, one that had not seen a lot of sexual activity, I wasn’t keen to have people go near it. The feel of very cold lube as it dripped onto my asshole. Suddenly, I wanted to let him in. Slipped in one finger, I let out a gasp.

“Ms Rosewood, you okay there?”

“Yes, please proceed.”

It became two fingers as the lube made a sonorous squeal. Two fingers up my ass and he wriggled his fingers about, massaging the inside of me as he tried to find something. He found me aroused. My breathing got heavier.

“Okay, all good Ms Rosewood. Umm….no problem there. Changing gloves first before we move on.” I heard him stand up and then came that snap sound again. Wet gloves. The application of more lube made a slightly disconcerting blast, which elicited a giggle.

“I do apologise for that noise. Think the lube container is getting a bit low…”

I looked him straight in the eyes. Couldn’t believe what I was about to say.

“Dear Dr Richardson, I don’t think you require that lube for the next part.”

He looked at me, smirking just a bit knowing what I was getting at. “Well, it is better to be safe than sorry, isn’t it?”

“Indeed”. Felt like a horny little slut.

Using a speculum to view my cervix, one that would be inserted into my vagina and open up uncomfortably. At least the speculum was not one of those cold metal ones. I watched as he hovered about. I watched how intensely he was looking at this device. Then I noticed he was wearing a surgical mask. I didn’t want to ask why. I had images in my head of perhaps I would squirt on him, maybe he just wanted to protect himself. A barrier of sorts. Maybe he is not interested in me.

Plastic beak inserted into me, as the wheel cranked. Vagina being stretched, I felt exposed. Felt really good. So good. Breathing continued to labour a bit.

“Oh, that is good. That feels really good…”

The doctor said nothing. I noticed he started to feel a bit shaky in the hands. A little light on a stick, like a torch, was put into my orifice without touching the sides. He got a good look at the cervix. It only took a matter of minutes as he grabbed a swab then removed the speculum. With an aroused pussy, by that point, I was absolutely saturated. Obviously, I wanted to fuck him. I wanted to tell him that, but I was scared of the repercussions. The final part was the internal exam. This involved him inserting two fingers in me and the palpation of the uterus from outside. No words exchanged as he topped up with more lube. How ridiculous. He slowly slipped two fingers into my pussy. At first, it felt very medical as he prodded me. But then I noticed he paid more attention to the top side of my vagina. The massage of a concertina of pink. Walls of wonderfulness and sexual pleasure as I started to moan loudly.

It stopped dead in his tracks. I looked at him, he looked at me. Then he spoke in quiet tones.

“I’ve tried so hard, Ms Rosewood but…I keep thinking I am going to lose my medical licence if I say what I am about to say to you.”

“Keep fingering me, Dr Richardson.”

He kept sliding fingers in and out of me. I tightened down on him, and he felt it. If looks could shatter the air…

“Ever since you started coming into this surgery all those years ago, I have fantasised about what it would be like to fuck you. You walk through those doors, and all I can see is the epitome of every sexual fantasy I have ever had. I am sorry if I am breaking the rules speaking like this but…”

“Keep, keep fingering me. Keep talking, doctor.”

“I have seen you walk through here shaking this beautiful peach of an ass. This waist and hips, the childbearing hips and…me imagining my hands on your hips when I am fucking you from behind. I wanted to…taste your nipples and I wanted to be engulfed In your pussy. Been thinking about your pussy for years. Wondered if you shaved or waxed. How do you play with yourself? I used to feel disgusted I felt this way. Now we have got today where I have actually got to see your beautiful cunt and…it is pink and dripping wet, just for me…I may lose my medical licence over this, but would you tell anyone what I just said?”

“No, Dr Richardson.”

“I’ve wanted to fuck you for years. Taste your pussy for years.” He started to massage my clit. My clit had grown stiff. Throbbing with his touch. I loved the sensation of a wet glove sliding over the clit, each stroke making me more engorged and more wanting of a particular thing.

“Oh, I will not tell a soul because Doctor, I’ve Escort Kuşadası wanted you for a long time. This is not happening, is it?”

“It is, Ms Rosewood, I can’t help myself.”

He adjusted his pants slightly, they might have come down at that point. I wanted to see his cock spring out.

“God, I am so fucking hard right now. You made my cock so hard. I have to have you, Ms Rosewood. Even if it is just for today.”

I could feel breath between my legs, rubber gloves spreading me apart. Next thing I know, his face was grinding against me with the mask still on. Almost like a teasing effect. There I was, with wet pussy against his face. Waiting for that moment when the mask would come off. Tongue face to pussy with me. He continued to lick me through his mask. It was the strangest of sensations, Ticklish even. I started to groan even more.

“Dr Richardson….make me cum.”

Next thing I know, the mask came off. Tongue right in my cunt. Tongue fucking me so hard. Pressed up against his face, he couldn’t breathe or talk to me. Most delicious oral sex. I couldn’t help myself. Fingering me and flicking clit at the same time with that velvet tongue of his. It got to me when he looked right at me while he was eating my pussy. Bush tickling his face. I finally lost it.

Grabbing at my tits, his breathing was getting heavier. He had gotten up and turned around to a drawer. I knew what he was looking for. Another ping of rubber then I finally saw it. His cock, all seven inches of it, thick and veiny and rock hard. So stiff and clad in a latex condom, he got between my legs and started to rub against my slit.

“I’ve…not be one to have fantasies come true, Ms Rosewood. But I am going to fuck you.”

“Come on then, Doctor, fuck me then!”

Bang and he went in. Still helpless in the stirrups as his hips bucked against mine. In and out, thrusting to a constant rhythm. Neither of us could stop breathing heavily as his dick tickled my insides, deep within. It felt great. I said something I shouldn’t have said though.

“Take the condom off.”

“Ms Rosewood, why?”

“Just…I want to feel you in me, Dr Richardson. I want to feel every inch of your cock in me, and I want to feel how well you fill me up. How big are you?”

“I am actually…eight and a half inches.”

I am not a size queen, so I was impressed I was able to take the full size of his cock in me. Still…

“Ooh, take the condom, please please please, take it off.”

He pulled out of me, the condom had slid right off, and he was back in me moments later. It felt fantastically different. He continued to plough deeper into me. Cock rubbing against the cervix, that was how long he was. Thick enough to have me stretched to the hilt. I had never had sex like it before. So inherently pleasurable. He rubbed my nipples, and he even slipped his latex clad finger in my mouth. I could taste myself. So erotic. I got what I wanted, which saw me be so vocal, so loud. He convulsed and shook as he hit that plateau of pleasure. Strange when a guy comes in you. I don’t feel the ejaculation, but I thought I had on this occasion. A flood of sticky white warm cum oozing out of me, as he continued to fuck me as he coated his own dick in his cum.

As soon as he pulled out of me, he realised what he had done.

“I am so sorry, Ms Rosewood. Umm, I understand if you never want to see me ever again.”

“Don’t say that. Please don’t say that. This can be our dirty little secret. Fulfilled fantasies. I have wanted you to do dirty things to me for years. I still want to see you. I don’t expect this happen again though.”

“What if it did?”

“As I said, dirty little secret, I won’t tell a soul. But what about Fiona? She would have heard us?”

“Perhaps. But then again, you are a damn good fuck, Ms Rosewood.”

“Is there is some reason why you don’t just say my name?”

“Lana, you tasted so fucking good. I want to bathe myself in it. I don’t want to shower when I get home. Scented with you. But I don’t know if you want to see me again. I did something wrong here, I crossed a line.”

As I got changed, it felt bizarre to put my underwear back on knowing his cum was leaking out of me. Upon leaving, I turned around, and he stopped me for a moment. Kissed me on the lips. Not a goodbye kiss. There was a bit of tongue in there. He tasted like me.

“Now Lana, I did find something today. It warrants further investigation.”

“Oh my god, is it anything serious?”

“No. Well, it could be. Depends on how you view it. How do you feel about transferring your medical files over to another surgery and dinner with me this weekend?”

“I’d like that. I would like that a lot. But please…what is it you may have found.”


It was like a dream come true. I did as he asked. I transferred to another medical centre who did a better job of finding out the problems I was having. There was a simple fix. As for Chris Richardson, he eventually retired from the medical profession a year later to become a book writer. We did find love, which surprised me given our highly charged first encounter. Now we just get jealous looks from Fiona when we go do our shopping…

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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