C.N.A. Story Ch. 02

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Author’s Note:

“This story takes place one year before C.N.A. Story Ch.01…”


I had just finished my training program to become a C.N.A. through the company that owned the convalescent home. Most of the women working at the facility were either happily married or just too old (55 and up is too old for me…) to even consider being with.

I had been flirting around with three of the women there, mostly Amber, Marie and Corrissa. Corrissa was 30 and a heavy girl, a little too heavy for my taste but a lot of fun and we actually had made out in one of the rooms one night. She was sexy in her own way, and had a massive set of 40 DD tits (which I actually spent most of my time suckling on while I fingered her until she came, then she sucked me off and I came for her), but it never went beyond us fooling around. And, she was married, and that was a line that I had crossed before that I did not want to cross again. She had said to Marie that she wanted to fuck me, but eventually, she felt guilty about her husband and we let things go.

I constantly flirted with Amber. She was 21 and looked every bit the part of a gorgeous blonde girl-next-door-type who flaunted her sexuality around like it was a nametag. She had a reputation for being a little easy, but she was a real sweet person once you got past her constant swearing and in-your-face attitude. She had a killer body and what I thought to be C-cup breasts. We would flirt, and one evening after we finished our charting, I gave her a back rub. She pulled up her scrub top even to reveal her back to me, and I worked it for all it was worth. She said it was the best massage ever, and over the next few weeks, I gave her three more. She gave me her number, and I was set to pursue her, but then I started to get to know Marie.

Marie was 28 and of Hispanic origin, with dark flowing hair pulled into a ponytail, naturally tan skin with dark hazel eyes that seemed to always say more than her mouth ever did. She had four kids from what she had told me and as a result, a small pooch had developed that could be seen under her scrub top. I didn’t really care, because as strange as it might sound, she wore it well. She also had a pair of 38D breasts that seemed to defy gravity. I watched her change beds a lot, mostly because when she bent over, I could see right down her shirt and take in the tops of her breasts, barely contained by her usually black or red lace bra. Her hips were slightly wide, but sexy. She had just enough curve to be the object of many jack-off sessions.

I knew Marie was different from the moment I met her in my third week. Like Amber, she was all attitude and opinion, but she had an unpredictable quality to her that kept me off guard. When we did partner up to work on a room together, she was always flirting with me; touching my shoulders, leaning against me on our cigarette breaks and hugging me from behind. One night, she sat on my lap as we smoked our cigarettes.

“Aren’t izmit escort bayan you married?” I asked, surprised but thoroughly enjoying her sitting on me.

“That make you uncomfortable?” she replied.

I thought for a moment, considering that maybe she really was interested in me beyond just friendship. “No, not really.”

“You know, Corrissa told me about what you two did,” she said casually.

I took another drag on my smoke, playing it as cool as I could. “What did she say?”

“That you felt each other up in the empty room at the end of the hall,” she said.

My heart was beginning to thunder. “That might be true,” I said, “But nothing really happened beyond that.”


“Yeah, really.”

“Then how would she know you have a big cock?”

I almost choked. “She said that?”

“She said that you have at least a seven inch cock, but that it’s also really thick.”

I was blushing now, and I could my cock beginning swell under the pressure of Marie’s ass. I adjusted myself as best I could and said, “Wow, that’s complimentary. But I’m no 9-incher. There are bigger guys out there.”

“Yeah, but longer doesn’t mean better. Seven is just right with the width to back it up. This question is, do you know how to use it?”

“Makes you wonder, does it?” I asked and smiled.

Marie looked at me, amused. “Maybe.”

Sadly, nothing else happened that night.

Three days passed before we worked together again, and for the first part of the shift, we were pretty busy. The p.m. shift started around 2 p.m., and from there, it was mostly getting the old folks up out of bed for dinner if they wanted, feeding them and then getting everyone down again for the night. Marie and I exchanged looks every time we saw each other, both of us rationalizing our lust for one another. I had worn regular fruit of the loom underwear that night because I didn’t want my erection to show, but the more I thought about Marie, the more aroused I became.

As I finished putting the old man in room 18 to bed, she stopped me in the doorway, just out of sight of the front desk. I looked over my shoulder and saw my patient was fast asleep.

“Everything okay?” she asked, her body close enough to mine to smell her perfume.

I smiled. “Yep. Just got my last one down for the night.”

“I need your help pulling more sanitizer out of utility.”


We walked down to the utility room. Only the charge nurse was in sight, going over the med cart and checking her numbers. Marie and I went inside the cramped room. As soon as we were in, the sexual attack I had expected turned into me actually helping her with the sanitizer packet. I got the box off the shelf and sat it down, inwardly disappointed. And then, she slid her hands up my scrub top, pushing it up to reveal my stomach and chest. She looked at me intently.

“You have a nice chest,” she escort kızları said plainly and then let her eyes fall to my stomach. “Nice abs, too.”

I felt my cock swelling instantly as she held her hands on my pecs. “This is bold.”

“I’m a bold woman.”

I prepared myself for the kiss I wanted so desperately. Her hands slid down my torso and over my bulge. She gently squeezed me, tracing the contours of my cock and rubbing my balls through the fabric.

“You might want to let that cool down before you walk out,” she whispered as she lowered my shirt back down and walked out. My mouth hung open, dumbfounded and outrageously horny as she closed the door. I spent the next five minutes splashing cold water on my face and trying to figure out what had just happened. Did she want me to be the aggressive one? Or was she just messing with me? Either way, I needed to find out.

As the shift came to a close I sat down with Marie and another aide named Michelle to do our charting. We sat and joked for awhile, talking about relationships and sex as we worked, all the while my mind frantically trying to figure Marie out. Then, our discussion turned to penis size. Michelle talked about how her boyfriend had a five inch dick, while Marie complained that while her husband was long enough, he was “like a twizzler stick.”

“What about you?” Marie asked, turning to me.

I laughed. “What about me?”

“How big are you?”

Michelle looked at Marie, her eyes wide and looking shocked, but somehow still interested. They both looked at me.

I felt hot blood rush to my face. “Well, if you must know, I think I top out at somewhere between seven and eight inches. Modest and respectable.”

Michelle blushed, and then Marie said thoughtfully, “Well, we could always measure it to be sure.”

“What?” I asked, eyes wide. What kind of game was she playing? If she didn’t want people to know she was looking to cheat on her husband, she wasn’t doing a very good job.

“Why not? There’s a measuring tape in the utility room. Lets see, right now.”

I smiled, trying to gain my composure. “If you weren’t married, maybe.”

“Whatever,” she sighed and got up from her chair.

Michelle looked at me as Marie left the room and leaned over, whispering, “What the fuck was that all about?”

I shrugged. “I don’t know.”

On the last rounds of the evening, I saw Marie go into the empty room at the end of the hall. I swallowed hard and followed her, making sure no one saw me. The room was dark except for the lights from the parking lot flooding in the window. Marie was standing behind the door as I walked in, because she closed and locked it as soon as I cleared the doorway.

“What’s going on with you?” I asked flatly.

Marie walked up to me slowly and then began kissing me, hard and roughly. Her fingernails dug into my back through my scrubs as I pulled her to me. I felt her bite gebze escort bayan my lip hard as she undid my bottoms. She pulled away, and with one motion she pulled open her scrub uniform, the metal buttons unsnapping with a sound like a muted machine gun, her tits bouncing slightly. Her breasts looked huge in the monochromatic sodium lights from the parking lot, the lacy fabric glittering. She unclasped her bra from the front and pulled the cups away, letting her tits hang free. They were huge, the areolas the size of jar lids and her nipples protruding outward. I let my bottoms fall down as I took off my shirt. This was happening so fast, but I didn’t care. We embraced each other and she immediately began kissing me, as feverishly and rough as before.

I thought briefly about the ring on her finger, but God help me, I kept going.

I took my cue from that, and forced her against the wall as she pulled my cock out of my briefs and held it in her hand.

“Wow, Corrissa was right.”

“About what?” I asked, breathlessly.

“You have a nice cock.”

She began stroking me, vigorously but not painfully. I slid my hands into her pants and fingered her pussy, teasing her clit in the process. Our breathing and moaning was so loud I’m sure someone must have heard us. But if they did, they didn’t say or do anything. She stopped stroking me and pulled me closer. “Keep finger fucking me…” she growled into my shoulder, her nails digging into my back again. I rolled and rubbed her clit, flicking it gently and teasing it as she moaned in my ear. I felt my cock sliding against her thigh as I worked her.

Her teeth bit my shoulder as she came, a rush of fluid soaking her panties and drenching my hand. Her scream was muffled into my shoulder as her hips bucked and her orgasm over took her.

She kissed me again and grabbed my cock. With her other hand, she slid her pants off all the way, taking her shoes with it. I pressed her against the wall again as she wrapped her legs around me. I lifted her up a little, using the wall for support, and lowered her onto my cock. My arms were already straining as we began to fuck, her body clamped to mine. Her tits pressed against my chest and I thought I’d die as I felt both pleasure and pain searing through my body. With each thrust, she uttered a lustful “Yes.” Soon, I felt my wad getting ready to blow.

“I’m going to cum,” I growled.

We stopped and I put her on the floor. She kneeled in front of me as my cock began to twitch. I felt it rushing out, and I strained to hold back as she took me in her mouth. She flicked my swollen head with her tongue and I exploded, gushing hot cum into her mouth. She never gagged or coughed once as she kept sucking on me, swallowing all of it. She did this until I finally ran out of juice. She stood up and quietly put her uniform back on, minus the panties, which she tossed out the window and into the bushes.

“I’ll get those later,” she said and kissed me.

“Oh my God,” I whispered as I pulled my underwear and bottoms back on.

“We have to get back. That was great,” she said as she put her bra and top back together. “Maybe we can do it again later?”

“Maybe,” I said as I put my shirt back on and kissed her again. “Next time, at my place though, okay?”

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