Cafe Au Lait Ch. 03

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This is Part 3 to the fun romp with Alexander

All previous admonitions on age, legality safety & restrictions apply

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Knights in White Satin

I finally sat up, blinking. The Red Necks were chasing down Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper and I was a cocksucker.

I sought Alexander’s lips with mine and he kissed me gently, our tongues meeting and sharing the residue of him that lingered on my teeth. I took a sip of wine from his cup. Mine was knocked over on the floor.

“Do you want me to do you?” he asked with a smile. I reached over and felt my aching cock. The fabric of my slacks was slick with pre-cum I had been leaking while I suckled on him.

His touch was electric. “I’ll come in a second,” I said. I felt very strange. I thought that once I came I would be overcome with the significance of the moment, the strange new reality I had gobbled myself into.

I had the otherworldly feeling that I was not Bob, suburban teen anymore. I had walked through a door I had always known was there, but now I was on the other side. I was a queer cocksucker. I was still weak with desire and I did not want that to change. I wanted his lips on me, and I wanted more. I wanted him to make me completely his, complete the transformation.

“I want more, Alexander. I want to fuck.”

“Well, we could try it here, but we will be the only ones left in the Drive-in.”

“We have the rest of the summer,” I said with wonder.

“Yes we do.” I liked the sound of the “we.” I was part of something with him. “but we will have to find a place to hang out with some privacy.” He was very practical.

“I think I have one. My folks have a cabin in Michigan. It is on a little lake. I bet we can get there.”

“Sounds good to me. I’d like that a lot.” The credits were rolling on the film and brake lights were coming on from the cars clustered in the middle of the parking area.

“So I guess I’ll run you home and see you tomorrow at the mall.” He leaned over and kissed me. “I want to sleep with you, Bob. We need to do that. Soon.”

“Me too” I said. I untangled myself and popped the trunk-lid with the little handle under the dash-board. I put the speaker back on the post with the spiral cord hanging down. I got out and put the bottle of wine in an old cardboard box I kept there to keep it from rolling around. I was still hard and I would have to avoid talking to my parents when I got in and not let them see the stains on my pants. I got back in and closed the door.

He smiled at me in the bright glow of the arclights that said the show was over. He touched my thigh, caressing it. I knew this show wasn’t over. It was only beginning.

I drove back up 32nd street past the Mall and another couple miles to the in-close suburb where the black community was clustered. The trees were full and the bungalows were old but well-kept. There was no ghetto in this town, except possibly the mental one that keeps us all imprisoned in our boxes. I was still grappling with being outside of my box, a little giddy at the prospect of having made a small logical step and seeing where would take me.

“It is this one up here, on the left.” I pulled across the oncoming lane and stopped at the curb in front. A single light burned downstairs behind a substantial porch. I was glad there was no one rocking on the chair there to greet us.

“I’d like to ask you in,” said Alexander earnestly. “But it is late.”

“Do you mean that?” I asked. “Are you saying you want to be public?” the thought was a revelation.

“Public about what? We are just friends and you are showing me the ropes. What else would anyone think? And who cares anyway?”

I was quiet, wondering about having Alexander meet my parents.

“Just relax, Bob. All you did was natural. Pure nature.” He leaned over and kissed me again, quickly, and was gone into the house. I gunned the engine a little, let out the clutch and drove home where the houses were more modern and the lawns a little larger.

There was no one awake to greet me except the dog, and she though she sniffed me with a quizzical nose, she was not that interested.

When I got into bed I thought of Alexander’s cock in my mouth and I had no more to do than touch myself and I came in great wave of semen that pooled on my belly, filling up my navel and running off to the side. I scooped it up and licked it off my fingers, marveling in the difference in taste between us.

I slept and when the light was coming up and after the folks were stirred and cars started to take them to their jobs, I drifted off again. You know what I dreamt. A night spent on white satin, with caramel skin against mine.

August is a Month of Dreams

Being a practicing homo turned out to be a lot more natural than I would have expected.

I didn’t see my folks that much anyway, our hours were not compatible, and they probably thought I was a little wound up over going away Anadolu Yakası Escort to college.

What I was wound up about, of course, is that I was now a sexual being, alive and ready for anything. Alexander and I worked at being normal at the department store, though I suspect there was gossip. The Nerd never picked up on the fact that when things were slack, or one of us was on break it was only natural that there was a hard cock being sucked in the changing rooms.

I’m sure the block-headed Dutch wouldn’t suspect anything like that, and there were no surveillance cameras back there. The most they might have suspected was the occasional Marlboro being smoked, not Alexander’s proud dark lance.

In the days that followed, and our involvement deepened, I became obsessed with the idea of being fucked by my handsome New Orleans prince.

That was too risky at the store, and we didn’t any place else to go except the woods. A blow-job there, gracefully executed, seemed OK. I took am immense amount of guilty pleasure, reveling in my submission to his sex, in sinking to my knees in front of him, and undoing his thick belt with the mod buckle, or in the car when it was dark. But there were risks in that, and who needed the hassle?

I wanted my first fucking to be someplace we could do it properly and have some privacy. With September bearing down on us, we arranged to get the Sunday off together and I schemed a way to go to the cabin when my folks were pinned down by a social engagement in town.

I told him we had the place for the weekend and he was going to fuck me silly, if he so desired. He looked at me with those crazy hazel eyes that made my heart skip and told me that I would be fucked with his hard black cock within an inch of my life.

I smiled happily. I was turning into quite the bitch, and obsessed with the desire to suck him off, and he liked that too. I let him suck me as well, he going down on his knees before me so I could stroke his tight curls as he gobbled me down. One morning we did each other in an hour, in between customers.

I found it curious how quickly we adapted to our roles in the new relationship. He was the more experienced, after all, so it seemed natural that I should please him whenever I could. But there was something more to it.

When I pleased him with my eager mouth it enhanced my desire for him. When he shot his warm semen in my mouth I felt a reward, and the hotness in my stomach and groin were only enhanced. When he did me, I felt a feeling almost of nausea when I erupted into his mouth, emotion coming in the floods of my spasms, and when they were done I felt release, sweet release, but also a bit of panic in what I was swiftly becoming.

I felt no such panic when he was in my mouth. It just felt natural and I stayed hard as a rock. I began to prefer the hardness to the coming, so long as I could bring him off.

I sure we would have been caught if there had been more time, but September was near and time was growing short for summer employment. It made each time we could be intimate that much more precious.

We arranged to get a weekend off together. We worked Saturday It was really just Monday, since the Dutch had Sunday blue laws that shut the town down tight as a drum so everyone could spend the day in Church.

We drove up to the lake after work on Saturday. We listened to tunes and smoked a little pot on the drive. This was a week when most of the cabins were unoccupied, since the lake would be jammed on the Labor Day holiday.

We could smell the pines, and he got me going, fooling with me as I drove the little red car. I had it in fourth, so I didn’t have to shift, and he sucked me as we rolled along through the green trees and the lowering sun. When I came, I almost drove off the road, swerving a bit, and then getting control as he sucked the last juice from me.

“I almost killed us” I whispered huskily. “Your mouth is so hot.”

He smiled and licked his lips at me, smacking them. “You’d better be ready for more of that, Bobbie boy. I get to sleep with you tonight.”

We pulled up the long dirt road to the cabin just at twilight. There was nobody around, though I could hear the motor of someone out on the lake. We clambered out of the VW and stretched. I showed him the place. It was a modest little A-Frame, not much to it, really. The point was to be on the bluff above the dark water of the inland lake, surrounded by the trees and the sound of the forest.

The place slumbered most of the year, so when I opened it up it smelled a little musty. I ran around, throwing open all the windows, especially the ones in the long dormer upstairs so there would be some cross breeze. He watched me buzzing around, giddy at the prospect of what would soon be happening. He checked the reefer and found a cold can of Milwaukee’s Best. He looked at it and raised his eyebrows.

“C’mon. It’s my old man’s stuff. At least there is beer!”

“Point Kadıköy Escort taken,” said Alexander. He popped the top and threw the pull-tab in the trash. “Let’s get our stuff in here and relax.”

“O.K.” I said, slowing down. We were here, and we were alone at last.

I walked over to him and kissed him hard on his full inviting lips. “Welcome to the cabin, Alexander.”

We got the bags out of the back seat and smelled the air. I could not resist caressing his lean back, a little moist from sitting on the vinyl seat on the trip up. I felt a stirring in my groin. I had just come an hour ago but I felt like I was ready to go again. He looked at me and said we should go in. And he gave me a wicked smile that made my knees almost buckle.

We put the bags down by the door. “There is a master bedroom on this level, but it has single beds in it. There is a double bed in the front bedroom upstairs,” I said.

“That is a no-brainer. Get a beer and let’s go look.”

I locked the screen door and smelled earth and water and pines. I got a beer from the kitchen and walked to the stairs with him. I led him up, holding his hand. I turned right and opened the door to the front bedroom. I turned on the little lamp on the bedside table and opened the windows wide. Then I turned around to face him.

He was skinning of his shirt, and his skin glowed in the light. His chest was smooth and his nipples were dark against his caramel skin.

I took my shirt off, too, and undid my belt. “There is something I need in the bathroom. I’ll be right back.”

“Don’t be long,” he smiled. “I have something for you.” I kissed him as I brushed by to go to the corridor and through the dorm to the upstairs bath. I took off my pants and socks and threw them out the open door. I looked in the medicine cabinet and found the little jar of Vaseline we used for our lips when they got chapped in the winter. I opened it, and took two fingers and scooped a little out. Then I spread my legs and reached down next to my erect cock and deposited it along the crack of my ass, paying special attention to my rosebud, poking in one finger and then two so the jelly was inside me.

Then I rinsed my hand, though the jelly did not come off, and I took some toilet paper and scrubbed it off.

When I returned to the front bedroom, Alexander was by the window, looking out into the full darkness. The stars were coming out.

He turned and the magic was happening. His elegant dark cock was becoming full. I will never get over the excitement of watching a cock harden! I marveled at him, fully naked. How all his color seemed concentrated there in that marvelous spear of flesh. How I wanted it buried in me!

It hung down, tumescent, rising as I watched, until it came fully to attention, the helmet protruding from the little cuff of his foreskin, pointing at me, the object of it’s desire.

God, it was sexy! I fell to my knees before him and pressed my lips around the proud shaft, tonguing his foreskin, tasting the first jewels of his pre-cum, slavering on him with my eagerness to serve him. He reached down and brought me to my feet, and our dicks touched, rubbed against each other. He looked down, and gripped them both together in a tender hand.

I felt I was going to melt, and my mouth sought his, my tongue reaching for his, needing him desperately. He kissed me deeply, and then released out cocks, and gently pushed my chest, backing me up until my calves were against the side of the bed. I sat down on it, and then reclined, turning sideways so that I did not miss the intensity of his gaze and his need. His erection seemed impossibly long.

He laid down beside me, on top of the comforter, and gazed deep into me.

“Now I am going to make you mine, Bob. Are you ready?”

My voice quivered with urgency. “I have never wanted anything more, lover. Take me. Please, god, take me. Make me yours. Make me your boy.”

He turned and raised himself on his forearms, placing them on either side of me, and pressed a knee between my legs. I spread them for him, and he placed himself between my legs, on his knees. I raised my legs to expose my ass and cock to him. He reached down and grasped his lance, and leaning down, drew the tip the length of the crack of my ass. He felt the slickness of the jelly, and he smiled in the glow of the lamp.

“Good,” he said. “Nice and moist.” I moaned in anticipation. I hoped it would not hurt. He was so long, and yet I needed it so much. The tip of his cock was poised at my asshole. He pushed, experimentally, and I groaned. He pushed harder, and he gained purchase. I gasped. He brought his hand up and caressed the side of my face. “This may hurt at first, but just relax. I’ll be gentle.”

“Fuck me, Alexander. Just please fuck me. Make me whole.”

He pressed against me, inexorable this time, the hardness of him in that softness, I felt the tip penetrate the ring of muscle. He withdrew minutely, and then the pressure İstanbul Escort began again. I groaned at the violation of my virgin ass, and pressed back against him, the pain welcome, validating the importance of this submission to his hard cock.

He pressed again, and withdrew again, but with each small stroke gained depth within me. Presently, a warmth began to glow in my guts and the jelly had coated everything and I realized that suddenly he was completely within me, and I could feel his soft scrotum and the wiry hair against the smooth flesh of my ass. He was filling me completely, the full length of his proud cock buried to its full length.

He rested there and kissed me deep, filling my throat with his tongue as fully as he was filling my guts with his cock.

I clutched him to me, my arms around him. My legs waved helplessly in the air. He began to fuck me then, deep full strokes that churned my insides, rubbing something within me that drove me mad with desire. This was the most natural thing in the world, a real cock fucking me, a black cock splitting me, skewering me on his manhood, a real man, fucking me in and out.

I was transported somewhere else. I heard someone moaning “Fuck me, fuck me, God oh Jesus fuck me…” and it must have been me, though I did not consciously speak.

He tempo increased and I sensed the semen was rising from his hot balls, coursing upward through the channels of his dick, rising and burning, and I looked up at him, his eyes now clenched closed in the throes of his passion, his passion for me, the depository of his sperm, millions of them flooding into my guts, making me his.

He grunted and groaned and I clutched him desperately, arcing my back to get him as deep within me as I could, crying out for his seed. I shivered uncontrollably and he jetted in me and I swear I could feel the intensity of his blasts right to the pit of my stomach.

His rhythm changed once he had shot himself within me, but he kept stroking, his seed now lubricating everything, and I could feel him leaking out around the now softening proud lance in my ass. Then he stopped and he rested against me, kissing my cheek. “Now that is a fuck. Man, you are one hot bitch.”

“That’s me,” I said breathlessly. “I’m your bitch, Alexander.”

My erection was pressed between us, and when he said that word I came in a vast soft wave of contentment and fulfillment. Eventually he softened and slid out of me. We turned side to side and breathed each others mouths and talked of everything and nothing, sweetness. My semen dried on our smooth skins and his seeped from my asshole.

Later that night I discovered what the taste of semen and vaseline and shit was, and how I could get him hard again, and how it felt to be roughly fucked from behind, my hips raised on a pillow, my dick trapped by softness as he ravished me with hard, firm strokes, striking my soft ass with a firm elegant hand, and whimpering in pain and pleasure.

Over the next two days we did not venture far from the bed, and we trashed the comforter and the sheets and I did not care. Monday, we decided we might want to get something to eat that did not come from a can or a hard cock, and I was sore and sated.

We were naked in the kitchen, contemplating the trip back to town, and work at the store the next day. It seemed a lifetime away. He got a faraway look in his lovely eyes.

“I have decided to go to Howard University,’ he said. “I need to get out of Illinois.”

I was stunned at the suddenness. “You have known this for a while, haven’t you?” I said. I could feel tears come to my eyes. “After what we have done how could you leave me?”

“I’m not leaving you,” he said, “Not now, anyway. It is just something I have to do. A black thing, you wouldn’t understand.” I stood silent, gazing into his eyes with a sense of loss. “There are other hard dicks out there,” he said with a smile. “And besides, I will be back. In the meantime, there is a black thing that you do seem to understand pretty well, you sweet bitch.”

He pushed me forward over the butcher-block table in the middle of the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of extra-virgin olive oil and drizzled it down the crack of my ass. Then he took me there and there, with vigor, and having fucked so much, he took a good long time doing it. I grunted and moaned and was taken to another place altogether.

We drove back to town, and my guts ached from the thrusting of his cock and the feeling of loss. But it was OK, I suppose. I would either wait for him, or possibly something else would come up. He had taught me a lot of lessons with those impossible hazel eyes, and I knew that for the rest of my life I would associate the beautiful richness of his caramel skin with lust and the taste of semen.

I took him to the bus station downtown where he was going to catch the inter-city down to Washington, DC. He had a couple suitcases and a determined look. I went down on him in the parking lot, in the right seat of my little VW, just like the first time I sucked a man’s cock, and he adjusted his clothing when he was done shooting his seed down my gullet. He got on the bus when it was time, and the Greyhound pulled out of the parking lot in a cloud of black exhaust smoke.

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