Cali Diaries

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Authors Note: This story was inspired and collaborated on by the wonderful and talented writer Skye_sub. It was her concept to put our hot storytelling in diary form and share with you the two versions with some different dates and intense sex scenes. I hope you enjoy this as well as her version Her story is so good and I highly recommend you read it along with this one. I love you KYT. Look for more Diary entries to be submitted.

From the Diary of Brittni

December 26th, 2011

Dear Diary,

It is the day after Christmas, all of my family celebrations have ended and it was time for a gift exchange with my boyfriend Brad along with my friends Kristie, Payton and their boyfriends. It was nothing out of the ordinary as six 18 year-old high school friends ate junk food, drank soft drinks, laughed and exchanged gifts. We were having a great time.

I have been dating Brad for 9 months and we have had a good relationship, but not great. The only reason I say not great is because I don’t feel that passion that as a little girl, I had dreamed about. I think as girls we have always wanted that a guy that makes us feel special in our relationship and even though Brad and I have a pleasant relationship with a good sex life, I don’t feel that complete connection. Since we first started dating, I was hoping that would develop as time moved forward.

Tonight something happened that I have felt developing since spring break. I’m not sure whether I have just denied my feelings or just suppressed them. However, I think I can no longer deny them, but I may have to continue to hide them because first, she is my best friend, second, we both have boyfriends and third, we both are girls and that could pose many problems not only in my religious family but also in our town.

Kristie came from a small town in central Canada. She moved to California when we were ten; it did not take us long to become friends. We both had our differences, but we also had so many similarities that I feel like I had known her my entire life. We still have that kind of friendship connection where we can almost feel what the other one is feeling, and we both know that either one of us will be there for the other.

Like I said, we have been girl buds for many years but this past Spring Break marked the beginning of a change in my feelings for her. She came with my family and I on vacation to Cancun; we had a great time. We spent most of it flirting with boys (don’t tell Josh or Brad… haha), swimming, or sneaking around without my parents knowledge. On the last night there, we were sleeping in our two bed condo when she had gotten up, dressed in her matching bra and panty as pajamas, headed for the bathroom. I just about choked at the sight of her beautiful body. When her shower ended, I could not stop staring when she came out of the bathroom and dropped her towel to get dressed.

I have always objectively thought Kristie is very attractive. She has long thick brunette hair with an auburn tinge that will frizz up adorably in any type of humid condition. Her smile can light up a room; she always keeps me laughing. That day, as I was watching her get dressed, I had such different feelings surface inside me. I really took notice of her physical beauty. She is three inches taller than my 5’6″ with a bigger frame that supports a hot curvy athletic body. Her physique is useful because she is one of the star players on the varsity hockey team. Other girls in our school are jealous of her seductive hazel eyes and her heart shaped lips. I still tease her that women pay good money to have lips like hers.

As she strapped her clean bra around her C cup breasts and slid her panties over her smoothly shaved pussy, I felt my own moisten. She quickly turned to speak and I thought she might have caught me staring her down, so I quickly shifted my eyes and responded like nothing was out of the ordinary.

I have written you, Diary, of her physical attributes, but what is shifting is my deeper feelings for Kristie. Mainly, it is just that our personalities match so well and that seems to heighten the connection I feel. I have spoken about her humor, but she is also kind, selfless, and extremely intelligent. We will have a test and I will study for two days while she will not study at all and yet, I will barely beat her on the score or she will top me. She always giggles and says something to the effect, “See all that time you wasted, Britt… you could have hung out with Brad or me during that time,” then smirking she would strive to annoy me by adding, “Never mind Brad, just hang out with me and maybe my high test score will rub off. You won’t get that from Brad; I bet I could give you lots he doesn’t.”

That day in Cancun, things had changed in my heart for her but I hoped with all the barriers standing in our way, it was just a phase or a girl crush that would soon pass. Since that time, there were just subtle things that Maltepe Escort would happen between us that gave me a feeling above friendship with her. It could be a certain look, a hug, or another form of body language exchange between us that would arouse me physically and stimulate me romantically.

So, back to the Christmas gift exchange. Tonight while we were trading gifts, Kristie’s boyfriend Josh had given her a necklace and I found myself getting a little jealous and not because of the material gift. Instead, I found myself jealous that Josh had given her something special beyond friendship. As I witnessed that, I had to get up and go to the kitchen for something to drink. Once there, I tried to collect myself and forget about my feelings. After everyone had left, I made sure Brad and I had sex, so I could remove Kristie from my mind in that way. The plan backfired as I found myself fantasizing it was her and I fucking. That was the first time I had ever done that but it certainly won’t be the last moving forward. I will do it all the time to have powerful orgasms. I’m tired. See you soon…Kisses.

February 1, 2012

Dear Diary,

Tonight, I think Kristie might have picked up on my flirting with her. I had finished my gymnastics practice early and decided to go to her hockey practice to support her. I love watching her skate and I convinced her boyfriend Josh to go with me even though I had to almost beg. He seemed bored watching a bunch of girls practice hockey, and kept talking about his victories as a star receiver for our high school football team. Ignoring him, I was cheering loudly for her because she is so good, but also mostly to get her attention. When she noticed us while doing her drills, she shifted on her skates and saw us waving, before returning her beautiful smile and waving back at us. Even through her glass face shield, I almost swooned over her sexy eyes. I knew she was probably waving at both of us, but I imagined it was just for me.

After practice, Josh and I waited for her in the lobby, as he continued to bug me about leaving because she had driven herself there and he would see her later so he didn’t need to stay to say “hi.” I would have none of it and when Kristie popped out dressed in her regular clothes but all sweaty, my excitement shot up. He didn’t want to get his new shirt stained with sweat, but I couldn’t wait to touch her as I wrapped her up in a big hug. Winking, I pinched her ass and made a joke to Josh about how great it looked while questioning how he could turn it down. If she only knew just how close I came to kissing her neck, both of them would have died. He thought I was just joking but for me, it was a great excuse to touch her muscular butt. When she hugged me back, I knew for sure it was now more than just friendship for me. I really think I’m starting to love her. What should I do? I have no idea…Kisses.

February 20th, 2012

Dear Diary,

OMFG! It is so late but I have to tell you what happened! I am on cloud nine! It started this evening when Kristie showed up to my gymnastics meet. She tries to attend all the home meets and tonight she had to give me a ride home because Brad needed to borrow my jeep. I spotted her right away up in the corner of the bleachers. As always, I was so excited to have her watch which helped propel me to stick all my routines. I scored a 9.1 on the floor and a 9.45 on the balance beam, yet my biggest thrill was watching her applaud when the scores were shown. My heart was no longer my own as I no longer want to share it with my boyfriend, but I wanted to give it to my best friend.

After the meet, I got into Kristie’s car and the first thing I noticed was how good she smelled. She wore the perfume I had gotten her for Christmas, and her car smelled of that in perfect proportion to her natural scent. I almost made my move to kiss her as I began to lean over the seat, only to stop myself and discuss our movie plans with the guys later. Even though I chickened out at that moment, I kept my plan to make my move at the theatre later on. Thank God I did.

Later at the movies, she and I were sitting side by side while Josh and Brad were on the outside of our foursome line. I was nervous, but determined to make my move. On the shared armrest between us, I put my hand on hers and began tracing a pattern on her palm softly to see her reaction. Feeling she was receptive, I got brave and moved my hand under the seat, putting it on her leg before crawling it up her inner thigh. She was so cute, as she made an excuse for us to go to the bathroom and once we got in there, it was on. We began to kiss as though we were no longer controlling ourselves; it was like something in a movie. I have never kissed anyone like that and it felt to me that it was more than just a kiss. I felt something within that moved me and made my heart leap. Just her femininity provided a softness and touch I had never experienced before; it Anadolu Yakası Escort was amazing.

While we were nearly tearing down the sink with our kissing, I jumped into her arms, and we stumbled into a stall while she desperately yanked my shirt and bra up around my neck. It was all so passionate and hot that I was dripping wet in my panties under my skirt. She sucked my nipples like a maestro orchestrating her band. Placing her hip against my panty clad pussy, she grinded my clit in the perfect spot. We were animals in heat but it was more than that. I felt we were releasing pent up passion for each other that we needed to explore.

Never had I felt something as perfectly hot and sexy as the way she feverously sucked and licked my tits while rubbing my clit with her leg. In no time, I was cumming in my panties; Kristie followed my lead and came without any direct contact. It was the most passionate experience of my life, and it cemented my growing feelings for her. Despite knowing we both could have continued for hours, we needed to get back to the guys.

Once our clothing and makeup were straightened, we made plans for her to come over my house on Sunday and wash our cars. We kissed more which tempted me to grab her and started back up again, but I knew we were limited with space and time. Kristie and I have pecked lips in friendship and even play-kissed a few times, but it was now that she proved to me just how good a kisser she always has been. Her lips are like velvet and I cannot wait to have them again. Until next time…Kisses.

February 21st, 2012

Dear Diary,

I woke up this morning with only Kristie on my mind and her amazing scent on my body. I was thrilled that we finally had sex, but for me it was only a small taste of what I desired with her. That was my first time with any type of sex with a girl and it felt so right. It is difficult to explain my feelings as I have never considered myself a bisexual but now there is no doubt. When I look at or think of Kristie; how beautiful and incredible she is, I feel a romantic bond that I want to share with her. I know it has to be love. I just don’t know if we can pursue it. I don’t know if it would be wise, but I definitely don’t want to stop having sex with her even if I have to conceal my deep feelings. If something ever hurt our friendship, I would be devastated.

After I philosophized with myself over Kristie; I needed some relief. I was going to masturbate to her, but at first I wasn’t quite sure how until I got my horny creative brain working. I had fallen asleep in my leggings and a hoodie, so before I shed them, I gathered four trash bags from the kitchen. I have always been a squirter and I didn’t want to soak my mattress, so I lined the sheets with the plastic. After locking my door, I hastily yanked my leggings and thong down to my ankles before kicking them to the corner. When my sweat shirt followed, I was completely nude and ready for action. I had no toys or vibrators to help me out, so I grabbed my trusty hair brush and used the rubber handle like I had done many times before.

While rustling around on the plastic bags; I bunched three pillows behind me to elevate my head. I needed to start off with some stimulation to get myself wet. With legs spread and knees bent, I began with just my middle finger. Sliding it slowly up and down my slit between my folds, I looked toward the ceiling while fantasizing it was Kristie’s long warm tongue. Dipping it deeper with each stroke, I sloshed my own juices so I could imagine I was hearing her tongue making me wetter. At that time, I needed penetration and I forced my finger inside my pussy as deep as it could go before wiggling it on my g spot. My eyes were closed tight lost in my imagination and I was going to cum dreaming of her tongue fucking my pussy. Not long after, I dug my heels into the trash bags, clenching my entire body so tight I felt like I could bend my belly ring. Cumming hard, I grunted with my mouth closed while enjoying the sensation of my walls spasming around my finger.

Once I had recovered, I pressed the hair brush handle to my clit. Shifting my thoughts to Kristie climbing on top of me wearing a strap-on dildo; I imagined she first grinded her knee on my pussy. Her weight was resting on my body with her fantastic shapely tits pressed to mine, and this fueled my lust as I began to rub my clit more forcefully. I felt that familiar pressure build and I added sex talk to put me over the edge.

“Fuck me, Kristie! Do it… just like that! Yes! Yes! You know what I like… right there! Make me fucking squirt all over this bed!”

My dirty language in combination with my fantasy set me over the top. My taint flexed from deep within as my squirt streamed out, it arched over the bed, hit the floor before trailing off and splashed noisily all over the trash bags. Unable to stop there, I scrubbed my clit like I was trying to remove a stain before grunting loudly İstanbul Escort and launching another stream of lady fluid across the plastic. The puddles of liquid were so voluminous they glistened under the light, but I was not finished.

Sinking the handle into my gooey slit, I needed to be fucked properly. In my mind, this was the hot and sexy Kristie putting her “dick” into me preparing to make love. I thrusted it slowly to get used to the sensation as well as acclimate myself to the size. Putting my legs back further to add more tilt to feed my hungry pussy, I aggressively started to fuck it.

Once again, I needed Kristie in my thoughts so I moaned, “Yeah… pound me Kristie. Make me squirt again. Deeper! Ream my hole! Make this bed rock! Ohhhhh yeah! I’m close! Don’t you dare fuckin stop! Harder! Harder!”

Over the wet sluicing, I began squealing, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” I blasted off over the footboard onto the floor before dousing the trash bags so heavily it sounded like rain hitting a tarp. I could not stop my filthy talk as “Kristie” continued to make me squirt so hard I had to finally roll onto my side, clench my legs together and quiver while lying in the liquid mess I had made.

Unfortunately, we never got to see each other today except in my fantasy because we both had to work but our naughty texts helped me get by. We both shared how exciting last night was and I even told her about my masturbation session while thinking of her. I nearly dropped my phone when she sent me a picture of her pussy from the bathroom so I returned the favor by sending her a full frontal of the tits she sucked with a seductive comment, “They need you again!” More later… Kisses.

February 24, 2012

Today I have been so upset, I don’t even want to review what has me so upset but focus on how wonderful the last few days with Kristie have been. She came over to wash cars a couple days ago. I had on my cutoff jeans and my black bikini top. I had finished tying my hair back in a long ponytail when she pulled up in her beautiful red Mustang. I always tease her that I would steal it if she would just let her guard down for a second. She looked gorgeous with her windblown hair and her hazel eyes shone a thick green in the sunlight. I could not contain a flutter in my stomach when that smile lit up the scene. At that exact moment, I knew it was more than just experimenting with Kristie. There were genuine feelings of love.

Now as I sit here and write, I feel tormented by my dismissal of her when she admitted her feelings to me. However, when I think back, it was heaven in how right it felt when we fucked in my parent’s garage. I can still feel her lips on my skin. I was on fire and needed to touch her, so I took her by the hand and led her into the garage through the small door on the side. Once we entered, she immediately took me into her strong arms. The same arms that made her slap shot so deadly. Our bodies embraced as our lips met in a perfect kiss lighting a passion as strong as it was in the theater bathroom. The sex was better than a fantasy and it took me several minutes to recover.

After that experience, I was mesmerized by her, not just because of the amazing sex but just because she was perfect for me and I had not realized it all these years. We had already fostered a tight friendship but now as lovers, it just advanced us to an entirely new level. My fear took me over that day and I won’t lie, that was when I started to pull back. I didn’t want to but I felt I needed to for our sake. Were things moving too quickly?

So, when the next day arrived and we were both running together like we had so many times before; I promised myself that I would just keep things friendly. However, once we finished, we were sweating profusely and panting while trying to recover. When I exercise, I always get a case of the hornies and this was no exception. Kristie’s butt looked amazing and her hair frizzed just enough to give her that sexy tigress look. I could not control myself so I grabbed her hand and led her to an area under the bleachers that was often frequented by skipping class students. I had been there several times myself when I used to blow my ex-boyfriend Lance after his football practices.

I don’t think I need to tell you that I broke my promise to keep things friendly. I ended up on my knees sucking her clit until she came hard in my mouth. We were almost late for class and despite my desire for a perfect academic record; I didn’t care. I had waited so long to finally taste her and it was completely worth it. The fact that she had just ran only made her taste better. Kristie grabbed my hair and moved me to her liking and when she finally orgasmed, she leaked a large amount of lady cum I had only seen in specialty pornos. I was still tasting it well into my next class.

As we sat in class together; I lost myself in deep thought as impossible questions cycled through my brain, Can I really do this? Is this fair to Kristie? Is this fair to Brad? I’m I crossing into something that might not be good for anyone. I feel so guilty. What do I do? I think I’m going to go back to being just friends with Kristie. I’m so confused. I love her but is it too soon? What do I do? I need time to think.

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