California Dreamin’

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“Buenos dias, Hermosa” She whispered to me over the phone.

I grin without trying and ask her when her flight leaves. She replies in a few hours. I reply,


Our call ends.

Los Angeles will be clocking 90 degrees today, so my phone tells me. From my bed, the morning sun pours in and the sky is crystal clear. The makings of a perfect day. It will be perfect.

I get up and start making sure my apartment is the pillar of additional perfection. She deserves nothing less.

I finish picking up some groceries from Whole Foods, and check the time. I smile. It’s time to get bae…

I stand in the crowded LAX terminal with a bouquet of every purple flower known to man. Had prepared everything weeks in advance to make sure all things were flawless. I’d dressed down, but stylish in black pants- crisp fitted button down, opened at the top, hair back, yet out, curls bouncing.

My nerves jump every time a flood of people rush by. I look on eagerly. There’s a soft poke in my side, which makes me hunch; both startled and tickled. I turn to a smiling beauty. Brown eyes accentuated with a bronze make-up, adding to their brightness. Her soft lips painted with a similar shimmer, and displaying a wide, inviting smile.

Her hair, flowing ever so graciously down her back. A form-fitting green-bronzy dress covering her magnificent curves. I took this in, in a matter of seconds before sweeping her 5’2 frame in and wrapping her with an embrace. I lift her as I hold her against me, noticing that this dress has the back exposed.

Mmmm, she feels so good and smells amazing. My senses tingled. My pussy followed suit. I gave her the flowers and admired her absolute love for them. As if we were the only two in this hugely public airport, I put her down, looked at her with a smile I couldn’t hide and kissed her deeply. She matched my intensity. Two people that missed each other and gave no fucks about expressing it.

“Ready?” I mentioned once our lips parted.

“Yes, baby…” the tone in her voice spoke… I needed to get her home. We had a lot of lost time to make up for. But patience was key. Her first trip to LA, I had to at least show her some of this majestic city first.

We hopped in my ride and headed up the coast. We held hands and gazed at one another as I rounded mountains and terrain. She stared out. The Pacific ocean on one side. Hilly rocks and boulders on the other. Clear sky and beaming sun- She smiled. I did too. She broke into, ‘This-my-shit mode’ every time a song she loved came on. I lowered the top down on the car and she threw her head back; her hair blowing in the wind.

We stopped and got out to admire the water. I leaned against my ride – admiring her. Watching her kick off her sandals and bury her toes in the sand. She pulled me by my hand to join her. We walked out towards Anadolu Yakası Escort the waters edge. I held her and she hugged me. I looked down at her perfect expression. A satisfied grin. One of those moments in time, where everything is perfect. We kissed. Kissed deep. Then deeper. I reached down and grabbed as much of her round, soft, cheeks as I could in each hand.

“You got on a thong…” I say softly against her ear.

“Would’ve been less, if I wasn’t traveling.” She replied.

I was so fucking turned on. Had been since that morning phone call and all throughout. We need not say more. On the way to my place, I pointed out some of LA’s main attractions. From the freeway, I pointed to the Hollywood sign.

She glanced over at me- touched my cheek. I let my hand rest on her thigh. Rubbed it gently. Glanced over out of the corner of my eye, and slowly moved my hand up. She was playing in my hair; acknowledged my action with a slight curl of her lips. My fingers continued to creep as I drove. One hand moving in curiosity, one hand on the wheel. She slightly parted her legs. I noticed her bite the side of her lip. I found an access point.

Moist… no. Wet as shit. She lets me rub it a little- she moves from side to side against my fingers…

“I’ve missed her badly…” I uttered with a timid yearning. She lays her head back.

“I can’t wait til we get there.”

“Clearly, neither can I.”

I reluctantly removed my hand to take my exit. Shortly after, pulling into a subdivision. I parked in the garage of my complex. It was dark. I turned the engine off and put the top up. We stare at each other through the darkness; her hand going back to my face.

She pulls me in and her tongue makes its way to mine. Soft, wet- we suck and lick – hungerly devouring each other. I’m leaning into her, damn near in her seat; she’s practically against the window. I lift her leg and it wraps around me, my hand moving up her thigh- her hand moving through my hair. Clutching my neck.


She moans ever so softly, as our kissing subsides. Without one more word or action, we barely fix ourselves before hopping out the car. I grab up her bag quickly and lock the door. We hop in the elevator and I press the button to my floor.

We have that look in our eye. As the floors climb in the empty elevator. She kisses me. My hands are full, so I’m inhibited, but she uses that opportunity to unbutton my shirt. She opens it enough to expose my bra, which she lifts and begins sucking at my already hard nipples. She goes for the pierced one first, sucking like somehow, I provided the breath of life and she was on empty. The elevator stopped on the 5th floor. My floor. The doors, literally opened to my apartment’s front door. That didn’t stop either of us. Not right away, but once she turned Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan it allowed me to unlock the door. Titties still out and catching a slight breeze.

I let us in, and she glances over my place ever slightly before asking me where the bedroom is. I turn to her after putting her bag down. I look at her, remove my half buttoned shirt and back her against the wall. The look in my eyes and painted on my face read: hunger. She relaxed, submissively as I scooped her up and pinned her to the wall. I held her thighs, her ass; palmed and massaged as I kissed and sucked at her neck. Her scent wafting in my nose. Her sounds faintly making me weak and strong all at once. She held onto me and whispers she needs me to fuck her right now… no other permission was needed.

I quickly pulled us from the wall and carried her, while not pulling my lips from her soft skin, to my bedroom. I laid her on my bed and pulled her dress over her head. Her titties bounced and sat to greet me at eye level. Two silver barbells piercing each nipple. I admired the perfection of her soft honey complexion. I removed my pants, revealing lacy boyshorts. She watched. Her eyes trailing over my body. She sat back on her elbows as I started at one nipple. Licking, softly. Slowly. I pulled it into my mouth and suckled. Let my teeth graze past before sucking again. I trailed my tongue to the second. Her hand, caressing my head, gently guiding me. My hands trailed down the sides of her body and my mouth followed a similar pattern with kisses leading from her stomach right to the spot in between her legs. My thumb pushed passed the string of her thong and played with her slick slit. Oozing the pre-cum a woman secrets when her body is screaming out for action. My finger-play only got her wetter. Got her hyped to the point where her body couldn’t take the teasing any longer.

“Baby, please…”

My weakness… I didn’t want her nor my taste buds to have to wait any longer. I took off the piece of material and spread her legs and placed my tongue on the wettest part of her pussy. She almost immediately melted. Her body, semi-relieved at just the mere feeling. I ate like my life depended on it. In that moment, it almost did. I was weak for her. Eating her was all I wanted to do. Right then, the world could have crumbled around us and it wouldn’t have stopped me from eating her pussy.

My tongue dove deep. I used my tongue like a dick- diving deeper with each thrust. Over and over again. She moaned and grabbed my hair; grunted my name. She moved her hips as I securely, locked them in place with my arms. I spread her wide. Her pussy getting wetter. Slicker. She grabbed my hair in a tight grip and managed the words just barely… “I’m c–” before she could finish, I was swallowing her words. Cum rained onto my tongue Escort Anadolu Yakası as she tensed- tensed up and held me against her. While I had her in ecstasy, I freed my fingers and dove them straight into her. She jolted back with a mixture of surprise and excitement.

“YES!” I fucked her pussy as she was still cumming. She came again – the faster and harder I drove myself into her. She screamed and moaned my name like it was the only word she knew. I managed to make it to her lips, still inside her. I kissed her, hungrily. She matched my intensity with all the energy she could, still caught up. Still being fucked. Slower, I went hard, but slow. She wrapped her legs against my waist. Her body, melding with mine. She uttered, unexpectedly for me to put my pussy in her face. She was hungry too. I didnt want to be greedy, happily, changing positions so that she could taste the nectar she’d created between my legs.

I removed my panties and gave her what she wanted, spreading my hips across her face. She placed her wet tongue right in the middle of my pussy. Opening my lower lips with the tip of her tongue and licking and sucking at my clit. I arched my back and moved and grinded against her actions as she held me right where she wanted me. She’d discovered a spot that had me going nuts. I tried to escape, unwilling to handle what she was giving. I squirmed but she wouldn’t let go. My cum started to escape me. My pussy literally on the verge of a monsoon.

She snaked her way up, never breaking the strokes her tongue fed me, and managed to position herself behind me, now I’m in doggy position. She drives two fingers deep into my core and I explode a rush of liquid all over her fingers. She dives in deeper this time. Harder this time. I cum harder than before- more than before. She’s fucking me silly. Fucking me numb. Fucking me until my cum is in a puddle under us. I collapse. Breathing-moaning – she doesn’t stop, just lays against me and keeps thrusting. I’m tapped out- trying to manage to tell her, I can’t. She relentlessly keeps moving through my sopping, juiciness; fingers slipping and sliding. I turn my head, sorta smirk and she lets me turn on my back. I have her straddle me. If she’s not gonna stop, I want in on the action. I enter her as she’s on top. Both of us, securely inside of one another, flexing and straining against fucking the shit out of the other, me thrusting my hips forward. She’s riding my fingers with an intense slow-wind. Circular motions. In and out.


A moan. A cry. Every ounce of energy matched with every ounce of cum, both raining milky orgasms until neither one of us can move. She collapses on top of me. Her head on my chest- both of us glistening. Our heavy breath rising and falling to our matched heart rate. I wrap my tired arms around her body. Love the fit of her snugly secure within my embrace.

… There are dinner reservations at 8 – a candle lit bath ready to be drawn — brunch getting cold — yet, here we are almost asleep – against the suns rays, shining in on our spent bodies.

“I’m not letting you leave, you know that, right?” I manage barely above a whisper. She manages a sexy, lazy grin…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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