Camilla Ch. 014

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“How’d you get in here?” Mr. Pierce angrily demanded. “My office is always locked. This is an invasion of privacy.”

Holding up a skeleton key she’d recently bought, Candice retorted, “So is filming girls showering.”

“I see,” he said as he sat on his chair, with overwhelming shame smeared all over his face. He just sat there, speechless.

“I personally don’t mind that you filmed me, sir,” Camilla said. “I’m just like that: an exhibitionist.”

“I’m not too upset about myself being filmed, either,” Candice said. “If you’d stopped with us, we’d have probably arranged a threesome with you, since frankly, we think you’re kinda hot-looking.”

“We don’t mind ’cause we’re both eighteen,” Camilla added. “But you filmed naked 17-, 16-, 15-, and even 14-year-old girls in the shower room. How could you violate their trust like that? You’re our gym teacher.” Pierce was visibly shaking from these words.

“A lot of teenage girls are sexually mature for their age these days, like us,” Candice said. “But a lot of the girls in our school, especially the freshmen, are sweet, fragile, and innocent. How could you?”

“And why would you keep all the incriminating evidence here, where people could find it?” Camilla asked.

“Because part of me wanted to be caught!” he finally said, breaking out in sobs. “You don’t know how conflicted…how ashamed…I am about this.”

“You should be ashamed,” Candice scolded. “It’s pedophilia.”

“It’s ephebophilia, and there’s a difference!” he shouted in angry sobs. “I’m not into children at all; my weakness is for older teenage girls.”

“It’s still wrong,” Camilla said.

“It’s still sick,” Candice added.

“Yes, you’re right,” he wept. “Thank you for stopping me. I’ve sinned. I try to be a good Christian, and I keep failing. It’s an addiction that I can’t stop…I try and I try. If you want to involve the police, I won’t stop you. I deserve to be punished, and only punishment will stop me. God help me…I’m so ashamed of myself.” He buried his face in his hands and kept crying loudly.

Camilla and Candice began to be touched by what must have been sincere remorse. If this repentance was fake, Mr. Pierce deserved an Oscar for so convincing a performance. Indeed, he knew there was no way even the best acting could get him out of this: he saw no escape from prison time and a ruined career as a teacher. The girls also remembered confirmed stories they’d heard of him regularly attending Mass and tearfully praying while kneeling on his pew. He clearly wanted to be redeemed and purged of his forbidden desires.

“So, you’re only hot for older teenagers, right?” Ankara bayan escort Candice asked in a more subdued tone. “No younger than 14?”

“I don’t even like them that young, actually,” he said, wiping the tears off his face. “I know you saw a few ‘Grade 9’ DVDs, but I watched each of them only once–honestly. I know that’s still once too many times, but my point is I didn’t get excited at all. The same is true of the ‘Grade 10’ and ‘Grade 11’ DVDs, for the most part. Only the ‘Grade 12’ DVDs, especially those with you in them, really got me hot…sorry. Still, what I did was wrong; I’m not trying to excuse myself–just mitigate my sin a bit, if at all possible.”

The girls looked carefully in his eyes: was he only trying to win their sympathy and escape punishment? They saw no cunning, hypocrisy, or deceit in his still-fearful face; indeed, he was a male Mary Magdalene with his teary eyes and guilty expression. The girls were softening in their judgment of him.

“Well, it’s quite common for men to think some 17-year-old girls are hot, sometimes,” Camilla said. “It’s wrong, but I wouldn’t call it sick.”

“Don’t excuse me!” he said fearfully. “I’m afraid I’ll get into this filth again. Stop me from filming anymore. Have me arrested and fired.” He was still shaking.

“Oh, we will stop you from filming, all right,” Candice said. “We’re confiscating all your DVDs.”

“Good,” he said. “I have a few at home. I’ll give them to you today, as soon as I can.”

“You’re also getting those cameras out of the shower walls,” Camilla said.

“Yes, right now. Let’s go,” he said nervously, and he quickly led the girls to where he’d hidden the cameras. He removed all of them from their hiding places and smashed them on the ground, right in front of the girls. Camilla and Candice were impressed and amazed at how resolute Mr. Pierce was in his repentance. Their initial disgust at his lechery changed into pity for him and his compulsive desires. “Ever since my wife died two years ago,” he said, “I’ve been a mess.” That he was a recent widower, and had been an emotional wreck for a whole year, was well-known all over the school. Both girls were moved by the pain they saw in his eyes. He wasn’t a pig; he was human, struggling and falling.

As they returned to his office, he said, “Okay. I guess it’s time you told the principal and called the police.”

Camilla, closing and locking the office door, said, “Maybe that won’t be necessary.”

“What?” he said fearfully. “You can’t let me off easily. I could do it again.”

“Do you promise never to do that again?” Candice asked.

“Of course I’ll never do it Escort bayan Ankara again,” he insisted. “I don’t need to promise; I’ll be fired and arrested. Still, I promise, never again, for the good of my soul.”

“Swear to God, Mary, and the saints,” Camilla said.

“I swear, in Jesus’ name, I’ll never lust after underage girls again,” he said in a trembling voice.

“We will check a couple of times every week to make sure no new cameras are put in those holes,” Candice said, looking firmly in his eyes.

“Sure, but you won’t need to,” he said. “I’ll be in jail.” He was confused at their meaning.

“And we’ll check in your office for any DVDs that need to be confiscated,” Camilla added.

“I’ll give you all of them right now, if you like,” he said. “We’ll just go to my home and get them; you driving, of course.”

“We’ll do that soon enough,” Candice said, and grabbed his head; she shoved her tongue in his mouth. He yelped in shock at her sudden move. She pulled her tongue out of his mouth and licked his face several times.

“What are you doing?” he asked, shocked and excited at the same time.

“Call it ironic punishment,” Candice said while nibbling on his neck. “You want sexy teenage girls, you got ’em. With a catch, though: you have to service us.” She started licking and blowing in his ear.

Camilla started undressing while Candice stroked his crotch. Though an erection was growing there, his whole body shook with fear. What were these crazy girls doing? he thought. Didn’t they despise him? Didn’t they think he was a pervert? Were they mocking him and his shame?

Now nude, Camilla started undressing Candice as Candice unzipped his pants and pulled out his almost fully-erect penis. Candice wanted to kiss all the pain and loneliness out this wretched widower, but she would also use sex to put him in a submissive role to remind him of his shame, and to ensure he would be deterred from ever filming underage girls again. The three lovers lay on the floor. Candice, now with only her blouse and bra on, briefly masturbated him to get his phallus fully erect, then she guided it into her vagina. She moaned as she felt it slowly slide deep inside. Camilla then removed Candice’s blouse and bra, and pinched Candice’s nipples. Candice squealed with pleasure.

Mr. Pierce lay on his back with Candice riding on him in the cowgirl position. Camilla sat on his face with her buttocks opened so he could tongue both her vulva and anus. Her anus rested against his nose, caressing it, while his tongue went as deep inside her vagina as he could stretch it. He would go back and forth between licking her genitals Bayan escort Ankara and anus. Facing each other, the girls could kiss, suck on and fondle each other’s breasts while Pierce brought them closer and closer to orgasm.

He was discomfited and addled by the conflicting emotions he was feeling. On the one side, he still felt shame and terror from being caught, and still sensed the danger of being arrested, as well as the danger of falling back into his goatish ways if he was forgiven; on the other side, he was exhilarated at getting lucky with the two girls he lusted after the most. Paradoxically, they were simultaneously pleasing him and punishing him. With Camilla’s buttocks wrapped around his face, he couldn’t see the beautiful nude girls who were both satisfying him and dominating him.

The two ‘tops’, however, were enjoying themselves without inhibitions of any kind. Mr. Pierce’s phallus, as petrified as he was emotionally, was a perfect fit for Candice, who joyfully went up and down on it, and his frantically busy tongue vibrated against Camilla’s vulva and anus in a way that made those two holes seem like the only parts of her whole body, so intense was their stimulation. Still, other areas were stimulated, too: Camilla squealed as Candice squeezed Camilla’s breasts and pinched the nipples; Camilla returned the favour by sucking on Candice’s breasts and tickling the nipples with her tongue.

Finally, after fingering Camilla’s A-spot–a depth that drove her wild–he unwittingly made her orgasm on his face: he almost drowned, it seemed. Candice climaxed shortly afterward, and the girls got up to put their clothes on. Pierce, in a state of shock, put his penis back in his pants and zipped them up. This had been the most thrilling, and the most frightening, day of his life.

He used the Kleenex on his desk to clean Camilla’s come off her vulva and his face (it had previously been used for his masturbating). Some come got on her feet: she had him kneel down and wipe them clean, too. When the girls were fully dressed, Candice said, “Let’s go to your home now and get those remaining DVDs.”

“Yes,” he said. “And the police?”

“Forget about it,” Camilla said. “As long as you stay good, you’re forgiven.”

“We’ll check every few days to make sure you stay good,” Candice said. “We’ll check the holes in the shower room regularly for new cameras, and we’ll check your office for any DVDs you may have not given us today. Each time we’re done with our checks, we’ll come in here with you and you’ll perform your sexual penance with us. What do you think, Camilla? Should we start wearing black leather and buy some whips and chains?” The girls laughed; Pierce found the idea titillating.

The three of them left the office. Ms. Callahan, hidden, heard the whole sexual encounter.

“So that slut has Candice mixed up in all of this now,” she said to herself.

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