Camp Bare A While

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It was with a great deal of apprehension that he approached the entrance to”Camp-Bare-A-While”, a nudist resort deep in the woods of southern Georgia. he was there to do an undercover story about the people who join in and indulge in this type of activity.

Robert was 25, single, worked for a weekly newspaper, was good looking, six ft., dark hair and a small mustache. He had been writing personal interest stories, mostly about odd places and people. His editor suggested that he check out a nudist resort that he had heard about, most people have never been to one and didn’t understand what they were like. It would make a most unusual and interesting story for the paper.

After calling and getting admission to the resort for the weekend for himself and female friend, (They admitted couples only), he had to find someone to go with. After asking several girls that he had dated to go with him and been turned down by them. Even though they liked sex a lot, they didn’t want to be naked in front of a bunch of strangers.

As Rob discussed his problem with a new girl at the office she said that she had never done anything like that, but would like to go. She had always been curious about being at a nude resort with a bunch of other people running around naked. She admitted that she was a bit of an exhibitionist. “It would be a new, interesting, different thing to try.” She said. “It sounds like it could be a lot of fun. I’ll go with you if you like.”

Candice, (Candy), was 23, dark brown hair, 5’6″, built small but built very nice, and had the cutest smile. And he knew that he would like to see her naked.

“OK. Lets get ready for a nude weekend.”

When Rob picked her up at her apartment Friday afternoon she was wearing shorts and a t-shirt without a bra. Her nipples poked cutely through the thin material, She looked fine! Throwing a small duffle bag into the back seat saying, “I didn’t pack much cause I don’t think we will need many clothes this weekend.”

On the drive they had the chance to talk and find out about each other, she was from a small town in Conn., had been married for two years, no kids, her ex wouldn’t work and drank too much. Spent more time screwing the bimbos at the bars than her. She had to get away from that.

Candy moved here to get a new start and meet new friends. Was not active sexually, having had a lot of boy friends but only fully fucked two men before getting married and only one after. No sex at all in the last six months. She didn’t want to get involved in a steady thing at this time.

Rob told her about his life, such as it was. “I never got married, I’m 25, have a couple girls I see once in a while, and spend most of my time working, reading, or watching TV. Not a very exciting life!”

Candy moved close while they were driving, he put an arm over her shoulder and pulled her closer. He could easily tell that she wasn’t wearing a bra and got an instant hard on when he felt her firm tit rub against his arm. Noticing the bulge in his pants she put her hand on it, holding Rob’s cock tight she said, “This is going to be an interesting weekend for both of us.” “I don’t think it would be a good idea for you to arrive there with a hard on, do you?” she said as she unzipped him and released his hard cock. Slowly squeezing and jacking him off, “This should ease some tension!” she said as she lowered her head and sucked his cock into her mouth.

Totally surprised with what she was doing but not unhappy. Her mouth felt so good on his stiff cock. She sucked him deep into her mouth. Deep throating him. Candy knew how to suck a cock and was doing a great job on him. It had been about two weeks since he had any loving so it was not surprising that he lasted only a short time before shooting a load of cum into her lovely mouth. She eagerly swallowed every drop.

Candy stayed down on Rob, keeping it hard, working her tongue around the cock-head and fucking him with her mouth She was good and was enjoying his cock, till he came again, this time even stronger than before, swallowing all again.

While she was giving the best head he had ever received she removed her t-shirt to reveal a most attractive pair of tits, and he caressed them to heighten both their pleasure.

Her breasts weren’t large but they were solid with hard nipples. The more he played with them the more she moaned with pleasure, he wasn’t sure but thought she climaxed.

After tucking a now limp dick back into his pants Candy kissed him on the cheek and said. “You can get even later. I figured we would have sex before the weekend was over so we might as get started now. OK? Giving a good blow-job is something that my first boy friend taught me and I learned to love sucking a cock.” She said. “It’s a good way to have some sex without going all the way.”

Finding the sign on the side road they followed some other signs to the resort. They drove through the gates and parked near the office, entering the building they saw a couple that looked to be in their 50’s Ankara escort and a young man about 20, all three were nude, well built, and very tan all over. We introduced ourselves, signed in, paid our grounds fees, and got a copy of the ground rules. Clyde and Annette, who were the managers. told Jim to show them to a cabin and then give a tour. Jim got in the front seat next to Candy and directed them to a group of five cabins about 100 yards from the office. The cabins were duplex, two small apartments in each unit.

Rob could see that Candy was staring at Jim’s prick which was at least six inches long soft, they both wondered how big it could be hard? The cabins were all doubles, with porches across the front, parking in the back. Jim said. “Get undressed and I’ll meet you out front and show you around.”

Candy and Rob stripped off their things and for the first time he saw her totally naked. She was lovely. An almost perfect figure, medium sized breasts, cute ass and a slight bush of dark hair over her mound.

As Rob dropped his shorts his cock began to rise again. “None of that for now,” she said, took his hand and led him out the door. Jim, waiting on the porch, started the tour.

He explained that the cabins were set in different groups, some for older couples, some for families with teens, families with little kids, etc. They were grouped in with the young married couples.

There must have been over a hundred people in sight, swimming in the large pool, playing volleyball, horseshoes, mini golf, or just laying in the sun. All sizes and shapes, all ages, from infants to an older couple in wheel chairs.

Any man with a tit fetish would be happy here, all shapes and sizes, big, small, pointed, and flat. A good many women had pierced their nipples and wore rings in them, a few men too. Some even wore gold chains to connect them.

There was plenty for the women to see also, mens cocks, long, short, thin, fat. Candy said. “I’ve died and gone to prick heaven, look at all that meat.”

Everyone was totally nude and were enjoying themselves in the sun. Jim introduced them to dozens of other people whose names they couldn’t remember right then, but would meet them all again later.

Every one was totally indifferent to their lack of clothing. All were very friendly and welcomed them to the resort and hoped they would have fun, enjoy their stay and come back again.. Rob personally was surprised at his lack of sexual feeling at the sight of all the bare tits and pussy in view. Over half of the women and some of the men had shaved their pubic area. Bald pussy always turned him on, but here it seemed natural.

Jim left them finally with a young couple, (Jack & Joan), who were on their honeymoon, and also their first time at a nude resort. Joan was blond, hazel eyes, 5’10”, slim waist, and the largest pair of breasts he had ever seen on a young girl, at least 48-D.D. Her nipples were like large erasers, pink and proud. Jack was a nice looking guy, slim, blond, average type young man. The four began to get acquainted, talking about themselves, they were from a small town about 50 miles away. Joan’s sister and husband were members here and had paid for their membership as a wedding present. They were used to being with other people while naked but never so many at one time. Her sister had a large hot tub and swimming pool. They had been to many nude parties there with some of their friends and they had a lot of sexy fun.

She and Jack had lived together for a year then decided to make it right, now they could fuck all they wanted legally.

Deciding to try the hot tub they all walked over to it. The hot tub was fenced in and hidden behind high bushes, very private. There were towels hanging over the gate at the entrance so hanging theirs with them they went in. They joined two other couples already there. The water was a warm 99 deg., very comfortable, as they got in the water the others moved around to make room for the newcomers.

As they moved Candy noticed that both men had hard cocks, “It looked as if we had interrupted something.” She said.

The tub was about ten by twenty feet in area and three ft deep, with seating all around and down the center. Plenty of room for lots of people. They sunk into the warm water and relaxed close together, Candy sat between Jack and Rob with Joan next to Jack.

The water covered everything except the tops of the girls tits, Candy’s pert ones peeked out while Joan’s almost refused to go under. Her large breasts floated on the water and they joked about how she could never drown.

Joan said that one time she was shy about their size, but now was proud and loved to show them off. As she said that she turned to straddle Jack and lifted them for him to kiss. He sucked one nipple then the other making them stand out bright pink. “That’s what’s so nice about hot tubs, you can do a lot of things that no one can see.” Joan said. “Even fuck in them.”

Candy, not to be outdone, climbed Ankara escort bayan over Rob’s lap and settled down on him. Feeling her sexy nude body slide over his gave him an instant hard on.

Rob could feel the lips of her pussy just touching the head of his prick. Giving a slight push it slid easily into her cunt. Just sitting there with his cock inside her for the first time, Rob knew he had possibly died and gone to heaven. Neither moved, they just sat there joined together, letting the hot water flow around caressing them.

Joan and Jack moved closer till they were all touching. Feeling their movements Rob could tell that they were fucking too. This was fun.

Joan reached for Rob’s hand and placed it on her right tit. He looked at Jack who said simply, “ENJOY”. Her breasts were large but very solid, cone shaped and overflowed his eager hand. As he played with them she started to lightly moan, impaling herself on Jack’s cock she worked herself to a climax.

Cindy’s pussy was just milking Rob’s hard prick without hardly any in and out motion. She was gripping him tight with the muscles of her cunt, releasing, then clutching again. He could feel himself starting to come, trying to hold back, he couldn’t and thrust up as deep as he could and shot his cum into her grasping pussy. Candy came almost at the same time, kissing him hotly and crying out, thrusting her tongue into his mouth.

“That was nice, very nice. We fit good.”

Becoming aware again of their neighbors at the other end of the tub they saw that they were fucking also, but as they watched the women switched partners, each climbing on the laps of the other man and continuing to fuck.

The women saw them looking and blew kisses and waved as they each sat on a different cock with large smiles on their faces.

“Did you see that?” Candy asked. “They just switched partners and are now fucking the others man.”

“We do that a lot at home with my sister and their friends, swapping back and forth until we all have been satisfied.” Said Joan. “We all fuck with everybody as often as we can.”

Joan asked Candy if she would like to fuck Jack for a while, “Want to switch with me, like they just did?”

Candy asked Rob. “What do you think? I’ve never done anything like this before. This is the first time I ever got fucked with others there. Never swapped with any one.”

“Go ahead if you want to.” he told her. “We came here for some fun and to get good a story for the paper to tell. That looks like it would be a lot of nice, good fun.”

The girls quickly changed places.

Candy straddled Jack, allowing his cock to gain entrance to her pussy. Rob could tell by the smile on Candy’s face that Jack’s cock was fitting nice and snug into her sweet cunt.

Joan lowered her pussy on Rob’s hard shaft.

His cock had started to go soft but regained its stiffness with the presence of this new delight. Joan’s cunt felt silky smooth over the head of Rob’s cock, as they started to fuck.

With her sitting on his lap with his prick in her pussy he was able to give a lot of attention to her beautiful large tits. Finding that her tits were very sensitive he kissed and sucked on them to her great delight and his too.

Joan may have just gotten married but she was not new to fucking, she took his hard prick easily in and rocked back and forth on him using her cunt muscles to milk his cock. She was good fucking and really liked it. Having just come with Candy he was able to last a lot longer with Joan and helped her to several orgasms. Before finally giving her his cum.

Relaxing, still coupled together they watched while Candy and Jack finished, Candy had her eyes closed tight and was fucking up and down on Jack’s prick as fast as she could urging him to come in her cunt. She had the most beautiful expression on her face, a combination of lust, bliss, wonder, happiness and contentment.

Joan said that they switched with her sister and some of her friends about once a month or so and they both liked to watch others and be watched while fucking.

The two other couples in the tub came over and introduced themselves as Tom, his wife Alice, and Ron and Janet. “Thanks for adding to our enjoyment by being here. Maybe we could all get together for a party later?”

“First lets eat” said Rob, “I’m starved. Fucking makes me very hungry and its time for lunch.”

They all laughed at that and went together to the dining hall and filled plates with the variety of food from the buffet. The group of eight sat at one long table with a few other couples.

Every one was naked but nobody paid any attention to that, everyone was comfortable in their nudity. In fact if someone was dressed they would stand out.

“This is fantastic.” Candy said. “I could get used to this very easy. I love the freedom of being naked and that was the first time fucking with others nearby and I liked swapping partners. I want to do more of that”

“Me too.” Replied Rob. “Lets check Escort Ankara about joining here full time.”

Alice told them. “Sex is not allowed in the open because of all the young people around and a lot of people here don’t party. They just like being naked in a place like this. There are thousands of nudists in this country and most don’t swing.”

“The only place for sex during the day was in the cabins or the hot tub. Any time towels were hanging over the gate at the tub meant that someone was using it for sex. Enter at your own risk, you might get fucked.”

“There are other places to get together after dark.” Said Janet. “An enclosed camp fire area behind our cabins, or, Wednesday and Saturday the dance area and pool next to it was open for group fun. You could join in or just watch. Do whatever you liked.”

After lunch they joined a bunch playing volleyball, after playing for a while Joan’s large tits hurt from all the bouncing so she quit and wandered off. They found out later that she went back to the hot tub and met two men there and got fucked by both.

“Lets go swim.” Candy said. “I want to cool off for a while.”

At the pool there must have been twenty or more people splashing around enjoying the refreshing water.

In the water they began to fool around and Rob quickly got hard again as he fingered Candy’s pussy under the water.

“Lets go back to our cabin.” He said. “I want to make love to you. Alone!”

Closing the door they dashed to the bed and wrapped themselves together to make love, kissing and exploring every nook and cranny of their bodies.

Candy’s neck and ears were very sensitive but when Rob rolled her over to kiss her ass cheeks an started to tongue the crevice, then the rosebud of her ass she went wild. She climaxed as his pointed tongue rimmed her ass, giving her some new and different sensations

Rolling over she took his cock into her sweet mouth to begin one of her great blow jobs. He allowed her to suck a while and then moved between her wide spread legs.

He fucked her slow and easy, making it last as long as he could slow and easy for a while, then changing pace, pounded his cock hard as he could. Stopping just before he came. Then slow again, keeping them both on the edge. Finally, with a hard push gave her his cum as she climaxed with him deep inside her pussy.

Laying together in the afterglow of a good fuck, they dozed off for a catnap.

“Come on in.” Yelled Rob to a knocking on the door.

Candy grabbed a sheet to cover herself with, then laughed when she remembered where they were and went naked to see who was there.

Joan and Jack came in to ask if they were ready for dinner.

Going to the dining hall and sitting with the two couples from the hot tub, they were joined by Jim and a very pretty red head.

“Are you going to the dance?” Ginny (the red head) asked. “there are two dances tonight. One here in the dining hall for the kids and people who don’t party and one at the pool for adults only.”

“It can get pretty wild at times.” Jim told them. “The only rule is NO MEANS NO, no one is forced into doing anything they don’t want to do.”

“Lets go to the pool, and check it out.” Said Rob. “If it looks good do it.”

Candy eagerly agreed.

The dance floor was lit by only a few dim lights and the pool had some underwater lighting. A stereo in the corner was playing a mix of music. There were about thirty some naked people dancing to a slow number.

Candy melted into Rob’s arms and as they danced she rubbed her body against him causing his prick to get hard again. He had never had this many stiff cocks in one day in his life. This place could kill a guy. What a way to go he thought. You’ve never really danced till you have danced naked with pretty woman.

A fast number began and they noticed that most all the men had hard pricks to the great delight of the women. Someone yelled. “CHANGE YOUR PARTNERS.” And they all move around to dance with others. The woman he was with pressed her bare tits to his chest and reached her hand to grasp his hard cock. Slowly she moved her hand back and forth on his shaft. Just as he thought he was going to cum. “Change partners.” Was called again. Rob moved to a new partner again and found sweet little Ginny in his arms. She was only about 5′ tall but felt nice to him. She reached down, took hold of his still stiff cock and said. “We need to find a good place for that.” She jumped up wrapped her legs around his waist and lowered her cunt over his hard cock. He slipped easily into her pussy and they fucked while dancing.

“Change partners.” And Ginny dismounted from his cock and moved away, “See you later.” She told him. “Save a little for me.”

Around the dance floor men and women were teasing and playing with each other not seeming to care who they were with. Almost next to him he saw Candy holding on to Jim’s huge cock. It had grown to a full ten inches long and two inches across. What could she do with that monster? He wondered.

As Rob watched she dropped to her knees and kissed the head, then tried to get her mouth around it. Too much, too big to fit, so she was contented to lick and kiss the shaft while jacking him off.

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