Camp Games with Blonde in Black SUV

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Living in an affluent suburban area, it is interesting to see the number of beautiful woman in a concentrated area. These beautiful women have a number of things in common and the one I notice the most, SUV’s. I am on the road for my job, in the car, most of the day. The large black GM SUV, Chevy or Cadillac, is more than likely driven by a beautiful blonde in the area I live in. One in particular is up and down my block often. I have caught myself on a couple of occasions making “sunglass” contact with the occupant, and have tried to look away without success.

The other day, I took a Monday off from work to get in a long bike ride. I rode for about thirty-five miles, long for me, and arrived home around 10:00AM. After hopping off my bike, I took off my helmet and gloves and deposited my bike in the basement of my apartment. While inside I stripped off my shirt, and bike pants, and replaced them with an old baggy pair of running shorts. I went outside to check the mail. Stepping on to my porch I looked up and saw the blonde in the Escalade driving past, trying to look away, I saw her smile.

I went back into my apartment and finished my workout with some crunches and push-ups. I went to the bathroom to shave and shower. My shaving regimen includes cleaning up my balls, and shaft. I was getting hard thinking of the blonde in her black SUV and hopped in the shower. After my shower, I slipped on a pair of casual shorts, without briefs and a casual short sleeve buttoned shirt, and went outside to the deck with my to get some work completed with my trusty MacBook Air.

I worked for about an hour, when I heard someone saying hello. Looking up I saw her up close for the first time, the blonde from the black SUV. She put out her hand and said hi I am Robin. She looked to be in her early forties, with a beaming smile, wonderful legs, feet freshly pedicured and encased in low cut sandals, wearing casual shorts showcasing her tan legs, and a tank top showing her modest chest and moving down I noticed her defined, tan arms and white tipped manicured nails.

She said she was hoping I could tell her why I looked away when she drove by instead of providing a friendly hand wave. I told her I was embarrassed from staring, and it was a bad habit. All the while I was still sitting in my deck chair. I knew it was rude but was not sure how I was going to stand up without her noticing my growing erection. White tipped nails; hand and legs cause excitement in me, as well as seeing a woman wearing nice wrist bracelets. Robin had it all going on based upon my criteria.

She asked if I had another chair, I said yes and without thinking I told her to take my chair and I would get another. As I rose she noticed my tented shorts and she said, “I am staring at something and I am not embarrassed.” She said she enjoyed staring at nice views, I was without words, and grabbing a second chair I sat down across from her.

She leaned towards me and whispered in a sexy voice. My kids are at summer camp for the next month, and I will be alone all day and night. So, I am hoping to have my own summer camp with someone. Running her tongue across her lips, she asked if I knew of any games adults could play at camp. I said I was sure I could come up with some ideas.

Leaning closer and showing some cleavage, she ran her left hand and those white tipped nails up my right calf, proceeding up my thigh, stopping at the entrance to the leg opening of my shorts. The head of my cock seven-inch cock was very close to the opening and I could feel my precum starting to leak.

I told her I was not dressed properly for this occasion, and she said I was dressed perfectly, as she slid her hand further entering my leg opening and teasing me but not touching my cock. I asked her if she was dressed properly. She said she had very little on in terms of under garments, but she thought I would enjoy her selections.

This was moving very fast, and I asked why me, and she said some primal attraction and why ask, and just go with the flow and enjoy. Standing up, she stood in front of me and I ran my hands up her smooth legs, and stood up in front of her, being few inches taller than her I bent down to kiss her lips. Our tongues intertwined, and we shared a long kiss. While kissing she ran her hands down the front of my shorts and over my fabric covered cock. She whispered, we might want to retreat inside. Stumbling inside, we embraced in another long kiss.

I kissed down her neck to the top of her breasts, while she was trying to reach for my pants and undo the button. I pushed her away and told her it was my turn first for the foreplay. Grabbing the bottom of her tank top, I pulled it over her head and was greeted by a half bra, and bent down to kiss each nipple, which were like erasers. She let out a low sigh, as I kissed her again and ran my fingers over her nipples, while releasing the clasp of her bra. I let her bra fall to the floor and ran my hands up to caress her perfect breasts kocaeli escort and dark hard nipples.

We walked to the bedroom and I unbuttoned her shorts and let them slide down her legs. I was greeted to a G-string covering the front of her treasure. I pushed her on to the bed, and spreading her legs kissed my way up each leg past her G-string and kissed her navel, up her stomach to each nipple and worked my tongue over each nipple for a short period, while running my hands over her G-string.

Pulling her closer to the edge of the bed, I kneeled at the foot of the bed and kissed the front of her G-string while reaching up with my hands to caress her nipples. I lowered my hands to her G-string and pulling the right side away from her body, I moved it over so I could swipe my tongue over her slit, it was spreading apart and I licked the petals of her flower. She was hairless in this area, but had a tuft of blonde hair above her lips. I moved the fabric to the other side and licked from that side, while rubbing my finger up and down her open lips and hole. I stopped to pull her legs together, while pulling off her G-string.

As I was about to continue she rose up and gave me a long kiss, and pulled my shirt over my chest and off my body. My chest is covered in brown hair and I have the classic hairline running down the middle of my stomach to my cock. She continued to attack my mouth, while rubbing up my arms and chest. She pulled away and kissed down to my nipples. My cock was straining to be released from my shorts. I was able to ease her on to her back and now that she was completely naked, I spread her legs.

Her bracelet, nails, the light blond hair covering her arms, and the small tuft above her lips, no tan lines, she was beautiful and I could not wait to taste her. I licked my way up her spread legs and licked her swollen petals, and pushed my tongue into her opening, searching for her clit. I found it and started to lick and kiss it spending my time pleasuring this area.

After an extended period, I slowly inserted a finger into her opening, as she started to gasp. As I continued my massage of this area with my tongue and finger, she was getting closer to letting go, I told her to relax and not to fight it. As she was about ready to let go, I spread her further and teased her anal opening, not actually entering with my finger, but teased it just enough, and it put her over the edge, she came and I could feel my finger being squeezed by her vaginal muscles.

At that point, I did not realize how this would feel when my cock would be inside of her. I left her opening and worked my way up to her hard and distended nipples and swiped by tongue across them, and she pulled me close to her and gave me a long kiss. We lay together for a short time, almost twenty minutes.

After our rest, she said it was her turn to be in charge, and asked if I had anything she could use to hold me down. I laughed, and she said she was serious. I said to reach into my headboard, and there was some fabric ties from a recent shirt purchase that might be what she needed. Pulling them out she smiled and pushed me onto my back, pulled my arms over my head and tied each arm to my headboard, first propping my head onto two pillows and she said I know you will want to watch me play with your cock.

She proceeded to kiss my face ears and neck, and came back to my ears and whispering in the right one she said before she could tie me spread eagle, she needed to tease me a while with my pants on. I could feel my precum leaking again, and she noticed the wet spot, and whispered, wait until I taste your precum and watch how I take it off your cock.

She kissed my ears, my mouth and teased me with her tongue, while running her nails down my arms. Leaving my mouth, she kissed down my neck to my chest area and licked and teased my nipples, as she ran her white tipped nails down my sides, kissing lower she ran her one of her white tipped nails down my hairline stopping at the top of my shorts, and followed her finger with her tongue.

Bypassing my pants, she spread my legs and starting at my feet she ran her nails up each leg, and entered each leg opening with her hands. My precum was oozing more by the minute. I was starting to shake, noticing this she smiled and said her mouth was watering, that she loved to perform oral and to taste the juices.

Moving back to the top of my shorts, she released the top button while kissing my navel, taking the zipper and as slowly as she could she pulled downward, revealing my close-cropped pubic hair, which she kissed lightly. She ran her hands and those nails across the front of my shorts past the leg openings and moving her head past the unzipped area, she ran her hands up the leg openings of my shorts, and teased my legs and came as close to my cock as balls, as possible without touching them. She teased me for a couple of minutes and moved back to the top of my shorts and said yahya kaptan escort I am not sure I can wait much longer.

She slowly pulled my shorts down my legs and over my ankles and feet and my cock was as hard as it has ever been. She smiled and said nice equipment; I like clean-shaven balls and shafts. She did not touch it, but kept talking about how much precum was leaking and how she was going to lick it off my slit. First, she tied my legs to the bottom half of the bed. I was spread and shaking with excitement.

Moving away from me, she turned her back to me and bent over at the waist revealing the back of her opening, and how wet she was from the foreplay. For the first time, I noticed the definition of her legs, her calves and the back of her legs. She pulled a chair up the side of the bed and sitting down, she raised each leg up and ran her hands up and down her muscular gams. She smiled and said I bet you would like to do that, and my cock bounced again. It was standing straight up and away from my body.

It had been about five minutes since she last touched me, and my precum was pooling the tip of my cock, and on the verge of running down the sides. She said I wonder if I could use your precum as a lubricant for your hand job, because you know a good hand job helps to make the blowjob feel if better. She asked if I had any lubricant and I told her I had some coconut butter in my bathroom vanity. Smiling she left and came back with the butter.

She spread her legs and ran her finger up and down her slit, and moaned as she did it saying she could not wait to see and feel me cum and to feel me inside of her. She said, I believe you are ready. However, she stopped and said I forgot one thing, and walked out of the bedroom and came back with her purse, reaching inside she took out her lipstick and put a light, shimmering coat on her lips.

I moaned and my cock bounced again, as she reached down with her right hand, she lightly held my cock, while bending down she pursued her lips and kissed the top of the head. It felt like an electric shock, while telling me I should watch the action. She kissed it again and while holding it, she let her tongue escape from her mouth and licked the top and flicked some of the juice from the slit, and said it tastes so good. She pulled down on the shaft forcing my slit to open more and wiggled her tongue into the slit and put her mouth over the tip of the head, and with those gloss coated lips she sucked more of my precum into her mouth. I was not sure how much more I could take, and yet I knew this woman wanted to play adult summer camp games.

She reached for the coconut butter and unscrewing the cap she took a large amount and placed it on the top of my cockhead. With my body heated up, it started to melt right away, and she followed it down with her right hand and started to stroke me down with the right and up with the left, alternating on each up and down stroke. She moved slowly at first and then faster, and grabbed more butter coating my balls, I could feel it running down to the opening of my anus.

Smiling, she said her ex-husband had a bigger cock, but he would not let her stroke it. She liked to be in charge of things, and was pleased I was playing along. I was getting close and she knew it, and bending down she sank her mouth the length of my seven-inch cock, as I watched those slender fingers and white tipped nails, and gloss coated lips work on my shaft and head.

She lifted off for a second and said you made a mistake teasing my anal area, and before I could say anything, she went back down on my shaft and starting running her mouth and hands up and down in motion together, and I could feel her start to tease my anus. Teasing more, she slipped the tip of a finger in and kept stroking my cock with her hand and mouth. I could not take much more, as the stimulation was simply amazing, and I could feel my balls start to contract.

As she sensed my impeding explosion, she lifted off and said I love to feel the taste of cum. She went back down, and stroked more and I started to cum, my balls emptied into her mouth and she swallowed it all, and keep sucking until the sensitivity was such I screamed for her to stop.

She untied me and said let’s regenerate and then I want to feel your cock inside of me. She dressed and said she would see me tomorrow, and suggested I come to her house. She said to be there at 12PM dressed in shorts, and to leave the underwear at home. She said just shorts, no shirt, and that I had to walk to her house that way. After she gave me her address, I realized it was a five-minute walk.

The next day I worked in the morning in my home office, until 11:30 in the morning. I changed my clothes and put on a pair of shorts, and around 11:45 I received a text from Robin. Opening it, I saw her in a white see through beach covering, complete with high heel sandals, wrist and ankle bracelets, white tipped izmit eskort nails, sun glasses, and gloss coated lips, nothing else, she was naked.

I received another text at 11:50, saying I needed to start walking, and to open the picture. This one was of her without the cover-up, and her on all fours on a lounge chair shot from behind showing her glistening opening. Suddenly I realized there must be someone else taking the shots. The next one at 11:55 and when I was within a block of her house, she said, “I invited some new campers for the game, a couple of pool boys.” Finally, she said I would be the photographer.

As I opened the gate to her backyard, I realized it was entirely secluded and with her house being in the highest part of the neighborhood, she looked down on the rest of the houses. She greeted me dressed in her see through cover up, giving me a long kiss, causing my cock to stir even more.

I noticed two other men approach, and realized they were in there twenties, dressed in G-strings, one blonde with a wash board stomach and the other dark haired with the same wash board stomach. They were both lean and muscular and each had bushy hair on their arms and legs, and a light covering of hair on their chest and stomach areas, obviously groomed, and their G-string pouches were straining to hold in their packages.

Robin told me I needed to film the action, and I would need to lose the shorts. First though, she wanted to get things started by feeling my cock inside of her. She realized after yesterday, my cock would not be large enough to satisfy her, but she made a promise.

I told her I wanted to see her in the same pose as the text I received at 11:50 with her on all fours. She lost her cover-up and I approached her from behind and licked her opening, spread her lips, and inserted my finger into her.

After spending time getting her hot, I stood behind her and swiped my cock up and down her lips, and asked her if she felt I was big enough, she said no. So, I said well I guess I will stop and she begged me to keep going, as I moved forward I started to slide my cock into her and grabbed her breasts and teased her nipples, and began a slow fucking motion.

I continued and I could sense she was close, as her muscles started clenching down on my cock, the same feeling I had yesterday with my finger. I pulled away from her and asked her to flip over, she did and I grabbed her legs and put them on my shoulders and moving forward I buried my cock into her opening, and again felt her muscles grabbing my cock. I was thrusting harder and started to feel my balls contracting, and tried to slow down and hold on longer, but I could not as her muscles were pulling at my cock. I picked up the pace and came inside of her.

I pulled out and lay on the lounge next to her and she crawled towards my cock and licked around the sensitive head, while pumping me up and down, and said she would give me a orally massage my cock after I finished filming the action with the pool boys.

She told the boys and me she would be back in a few minutes, saying she had to put on some clothes for the upcoming scene. The boys introduced themselves to me, the blonde haired stud was Josh, he was a graduate student and was about 6’1″ and about 180 pounds, and had done some modeling on the side. He said Robin paid well for his services.

The brown haired specimen was Chase, he was a graduate assistant at the local college, teaching anatomy and physiology of all things, and was 6’3″ and about 195 pounds. It appeared he was the larger of the two in terms of what was hiding in his G-string. He like Josh said the money was too good to pass up. The boys did a few push-ups, chin-ups and some dumb bell curls to pump up to look bigger for the camera, while Robin was away. In addition, they put on some shorts and a tank top.

We heard the door to the house close and looked up to see Robin, to say she was stunning and a tease was an understatement. She had her hair in a pony tail, wearing a baseball hat, sunglasses with some dangling earrings, keeping the silver anklet and bracelets, wearing flat sandals laced up her heels and wearing a tiny pink bikini, it was two small coverings for her breasts, literally covering her nipples and exposing the majority of her 34C’s and a tiny triangle covering her front and back held together by a very thin string, which exposed her sides completely. She walked up to me and ran her finger down my chest to my cock, leaned in to me and whispered into my ear, “by the time the boys are done today, I know you will be ready for my oral massage of your cock”

She told the boys that the scene would start with her lying on the lounge as they came to clean the pool. The scene would be that they worked on alternating days and she somehow forgot to tell them about Tuesday, and told them both, not by mistake to show up, or rather come on the same day. Josh was to be the first to show up and Chase would come a few minutes later.

Robin took her spot on the lounge, and asked me to begin filming, and to stay in my naked state. As I started filming, Robin took the lotion from her bag and squirted some on to her arms and spread the lotion on to her arms, chest and stomach. She was glistening when Josh walked in and said good morning Robin.

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