Camping with Step-mom Ch. 01

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Dad and his new wife, Sally, invited my sister, Nancy, and me to go camping in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The GSMNP is my favorite National Park. There are other great national parks, but the GSMNP has mountains and is lush and green. And it’s free too!

My name is Jim and I’m 24 years old. My wife and I divorced a year ago. We share custody of two sons, Mike and Steve. I wanted to bring my two boys camping but this was my ex-wife’s time for them and she was being snotty about the custody agreement.

My big sister, Nancy, is 26 years old and single. I am at a total loss about why my sister was single. She has the looks and body of a runway model.

Dad’s new wife, Sally, is drop dead gorgeous, but my sister and I were withholding judgment for the time being. We wondered if she was trying to fill in for our Mom.

Saturday morning we got up early to ride our bikes around Cades Cove. It’s a 10 mile paved loop that the Park Service closes to cars on Wednesday and Saturday mornings. Any other time and you are taking your life into your own hands dodging the traffic.

When Nancy and I were getting dressed for the ride she looked at me and said “Those underpants look like the kind Grandpa used to wear around the house. No wonder your wife divorced you!” I guess she didn’t like my cotton briefs. Rummaging around in her suitcase she came out with a pair of her panties and tossed them to me saying, “Here, Bayan Escort Gaziantep put these on. They’ll be a little tight because they’re ‘girly’ panties, but you’ll like the feel better than those baggy things you’re wearing.”

I dropped my baggy cotton briefs and slipped on Nancy’s panties. Nancy was right, they were tight but I liked the feel. In fact, I ‘really’ liked the feel only wishing they had a little more room for my balls. I finished getting dressed marveling at the different feeling in my crotch.

The four of us got on our bikes and headed for the loop. At the start of the ride we could see all the stable horses grazing in the field to the left. I saw some wild turkeys too. Dad and Nancy were up ahead when Sally, who was riding next to me, said out of nowhere “I love horses. You know, your dad is hung like a horse.” She looked over at me as we were coasting down a small hill and said “Are you hung like your daddy?” I nearly crashed.

We were about half way around the loop, near Abrams Falls, when I told Nancy what Sally had said about Dad’s endowment. Nancy said, “I’ve seen Dad getting out of the shower and he is definitely hung like a horse.” We laughed a little.

Later that day Dad and Nancy jumped in the car for a drive around Cades Cove looking for deer and bears. Sally and I were sitting in the camp chairs chatting when she looked at me and said “Come in the camper, I want to show you something.”

When we got in the camper Sally pushed me back on the bed and pulled my shorts off leaving me lying there wearing Nancy’s panties. Sally exclaimed “Oh my, panties were the last thing I thought I’d see.” She dropped her shorts and I saw her pussy was naked, no panties. Climbing on me she straddled my dick with her pussy and said “You’re almost as big as your father!” Then Sally began sliding back and forth on my cock.

Nancy’s panties were made of a thin silky material and Sally’s wet pussy let her slide with ease. It wasn’t long before I had to let go. My throbbing cock, still in Nancy’s panties, exploded with my cum oozing through the thin material of her panties.

Climbing off me, Sally pulled the panties off me and used them to wipe up my cum. Then she put one foot on the bed and pushed Nancy’s panties, wet and gooey with my cum, into her pussy. She said, “Tell Nancy where her panties are and that she can have them back whenever she wants.”

My new step-mother had just masturbated on my hard cock and stuffed my sister’s panties up her pussy.

When Nancy and I climbed in the tent later that night she saw immediately that I wasn’t wearing her panties. I told her what happened while she and Dad were looking for bears. Nancy made sure she heard me right, she asked, “Did you say she has my panties stuffed in her pussy?” When I said yes, she said, “Oh damn, shut up, you’re making me pee in my pants.”

Nancy said, “Are you sure she has my panties up her pussy?” She reached down and began rubbing her clit and said “Oh shit, you have to fuck me right now!” She got down on her sleeping bag, pulled her thong off and stuck her ass up at me.

I got down behind Nancy and pushed my steel rod between her legs not caring whether I fucked her her pussy or her ass. She reached down and guided my cock into her pussy and said, “Fuck me hard! I can’t believe my panties are shoved up her snatch.” Then as I was ramming my cock into her she said, “Holy shit Jim, you’re huge. Push that damn thing in me and fill my twat up with your cum.”

When I pulled out of her pussy she pushed her thong in to keep my cum from leaking all over the sleeping bag. She leaned over and licked my dick clean. “I guess I’ll have to get my panties back from Sally. That might be fun!”

The next morning Nancy pulled her thong from her pussy and told me to put it on. First she had me wear her panties and now she wanted me to wear one of her thongs that was sticky with my cum. I decided what the hell and pulled the thong up over my cock. The feeling was new but I thought I could get used to wearing a thong, especially my sister’s. It was like having her constantly fondling my cock.

Nancy said, “Our new step-mom has my panties stuffed up her pussy. Maybe she isn’t so bad. And look at you, first my panties and now my thong!”

I was having a hard time keeping my cock in her thong. This was going to be a great camping trip.

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