Can I Have My Way with You Always

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Chris. What a simple name to be held by such a man. 28. Tall. Sculpted. Poised. Commanding. There’s not one right word to describe Chris in Ash’s mind. They were next door neighbours, but were never really friends growing up. Went to different schools, hung out with different friends. Only on occasions during festive seasons that their family would get together, but as they grow older and moved out of their parents home, these occasions became rare.

It was a strike of luck that Chris bumped into Ash one night – both on their way back to their parents home. It was close to midnight and Ash’s car had stalled. Chris happened to pass just as Ash was about to dial a number for help. After a brief discussion about how safe the neighbourhood still is, Ash jumped behind Chris’s Yamaha and rode back home. The car, they agreed, would be dealt with tomorrow.

That was a couple months ago, and since then they had regularly kept in touch. This evening, Ash was leaning lightly against the bike waiting for Chris to emerge from the lonely 7-Eleven just outside of the neighbourhood they live in. He thought of how big of a crush he had developed over the years they grew up. He saw a few times Chris brought home girls and wished it was him instead. A few times he thought he saw Chris making out with girls in the bedroom across from him, but later discovered that Chris’s bedroom was in the basement.

“So how’s life?” Ash asked. Small talk was never his forte. He found it odd that since that night Chris kept checking in on him every few days on random things. The other night while he was watching TV Chris called and asked for a bread pudding recipe. Said it was for a company potluck. Other times he was just sharing some news he had heard. Chris simply shrugged.

“John and Mary away?” Chris’s parents. Only the front porch and kitchen light was on. The rest of the house was dark. Chris simply nodded. There wasn’t much conversation between them the few times they hung out, and while it was odd, Ash found it to be endearing as well. One for romance, he always believed that sometimes being friends doesn’t have to have a lot to say to each other. And to him, Chris’s presence is loud enough to fill the room.

“Night’s good.” They were on Chris’s parent’s back deck. The full moon on cloudless sky bright enough to light the yard.

“Could take a dip in the pool.” Ash suggested. Honestly he just wants to bait Chris into taking his shirt off. He chased the thought away with another sip of his beer. The liquid passes through his throat a little loud as his attempt to hide his nervousness crumbles away. Chris didn’t seem to react.

“Nah, too much messing about after.” Chris replied after some time. He put out the cigarette on the ashtray next to him, picked up his beer and walked over to where Ash was perched. “You’re the one who might need to cool this off.” He said nonchalantly as he pushed the cold beer against Ash’s groin. Ash almost fell over from being startled.

“Dude, freaking cold?!” Ash swiped the wet bottle away and tried to rub off the wetness from where the bottle touched his jeans. His brain scrambled for an excuse for his hardness.

“Don’t worry about it.” Chris reassured as he took another cigarette out of the box. He offered one to Ash. “Wanna talk about it?” He asked.

Ash took the cigarette and sat on the steps. Being called out like that took him by surprise. He’s generally comfortable about being gay, but that being only a part of him, never really worried about having to come out to everyone he knew. Being called out by his crush was a completely new way of coming out.

“That night..” Chris took a drag “… when your car broke down.” He was purposely breaking his sentence. “The picture in your car. Boyfriend?” He took another drag. In a different situation, Ash would’ve felt cornered. With Chris, his voice calm and non-threatening, he felt he had a choice to not answer.

“Was.” Ash had broken up with Dean about a year ago. It was a good parting for both of them, having been together for close to 4 years. The last two were adjusting to Dean’s girlfriend. When they finally decided to tie the knot Ash decided to move on. They had been good friends since.

“Bastard broke your heart?” Chris asked purposefully, as if that had happened he was going to go after the guy. Ash explained in as little word as possible.

“Miss him?” Chris’s put out the cigarette. He opened his third bottle of beer.

“Sometimes. And the sex.” Ash felt that he could relax. This was not an interrogation he assured himself. Just some weird straight-gay bonding moment maybe.

“Yeah, clearly. You pressed on me so hard I thought it might just poke through.” He laughed. Ash could only apologize. “I missed sex too. Had a girlfriend before. She moved away and found another guy. Gave one of the best blowjobs in my life!” There was a bit of an excitement in his tone at the mention of the blowjob.

“Yeah I can only imagine.” Ash held out his bottle. Chris met it with a clink in agreement. “I did miss sharing bursa eve gelen eskort bayan the bed with someone tho. It’s been a while.”

“You the big spoon on the small spoon?” Ash was again taken aback by how chill Chris is. “Lemme guess, small spoon?” Ash raised his beer again in acknowledgment and took a sip.

“I realised you’re always looking at me when we were young.” Ash had no reply to that. Instead he helped himself with another one of Chris’s cigarettes. “How come you never said hi or anything?”

“Hi Chris, I’m Ash. I have a crush on you.” Ash said comically in the most childish voice he could do.

“Fair point. Probably would’ve kicked your ass back then.” Chris also took another cigarette. “… but we’re older now.” He continued and took a long drag. He attempted to blow O’s from the smoke. Ash looked at him quizzically.

“Hi Chris…” He was looking for Chris’s eyes on the dim moonlight. “I think I have a crush on you.” He found it looking at him too. Chris only replied with the cheekiest grin and looked away. His shoulders visibly shaken from holding his laugh.

“Did you…” Ash seemed to understand the situation now. “… just pulled a move on me?” Chris finally burst into laughter. “You asshole!” Ash tackled Christ from the steps and they both landed on the grass.

“I didn’t think it would work on guys too!!” Chris curled into a ball under Ash and continued laughing. Fending off his embarrassment, Ash straddled Christ and gathered his arms. He pinned them to his sides. Chris barely fought back and only laughed.

After a while, Chris looked into Ash’s eyes and between the stifled laugh he apologized. Ash loosened his grip and tried to come off of Crist who was now lying flat on the grass. To his surprise, Chris held his waist, met his eyes and apologized again. Meaning it this time. Still with a grin but there was sincerity there.

Ash tried to get up again but Chris still held him. “Look, I was half joking back then. I want you to feel comfortable around me. I’m sorry we never got close when we were growing up. But I am straight.”

“I know.” Ash stopped trying to get up. Still straddling, Chris’s hands on his hip felt intimate. He was never really hung up on it, but Chris was one of the guys that just sticks in his head. One of the could’ve.

“Hear me out. The thing about a crush is that it’s one sided and sometimes it keeps things from happening.” Chris saw Ash looking completely confused. “Look, It was a coincidence when we met again that night, but I think you’re a good friend and I don’t mind hanging out more with you. But I’m not comfortable knowing that you might be holding back your feelings.”

Ash became more and more confused. Where is Chris going with this.

“So here’s me, underneath you literally, asking how can we address this crush so that we can – hopefully – be good friends?”

“It’s a weird position to negotiate in,” Ask answered. Chris just laughed. “Well..”

“Go ahead, ask me anything. I’m not going to promise I’ll say or do whatever you want me to do. Instead I promise to answer truthfully. Sounds good?” Ash thought about it for a second.

“Are you drunk?” That was the first question that Ash had to ask.

“Maybe tipsy. Give me some credit, I only had a few beers.” Chris let go of Ash’s waist and let his hands fall on the side.

“Can I kiss you?”

“Give it a shot.” Chris looked into Ash’s eyes as he brought his face closer to his. There was a pause before their lips met and he closed his eyes, letting Ash take the wheel. It was a brief, firm kiss, and just as slow as it came, Ash’s lips left his. “How does that feel?” he said.

“Like beer and cigarette.” Chris opened his eyes but before he could say anything Ash asked if he could kiss him again.

“Go for it.”

Ash brought his lips over Chris’s again, this time held it a little longer, a little firmed, a little bit more intended. He cupped both hands on Chris’s face, and felt the roughness common to that of a man’s skin.

Instinctively reacting, Chris planted his hands on Ash’s thigh and pushed down, looking to place some pressure on his groin. Ash’s body responded as he pressed down into Chris.

After a moment, Ash broke the kiss and scrambled off of Chris. He sat faced away as reality started to dawn on him. “You’re straight.”

“Yeap. And thanks to you, horny.” Chris replied as he propped himself up.


“Don’t be. That was one hell-of-a-kiss. If my ex hold the throne for best blowjob, you’re crowned best kiss so far.” Ash chuckled, still amazed at how cool and level headed Chris is with the situation.

“I’d love a chance to contest that throne.” It was an honest banter, despite the hardness in his jeans. Chris is straight, this is not going to go anywhere.

“Well…” Christ got up and made his way towards the house. “Let’s go back inside. It’s getting chilly.” Ash picked himself up and patted the grass and earth from his clothes. bursa eskort bayanlar “Do you want me to take of my clothes?” He froze and thought he heard wrong.

“Just your jeans, thanks?” His mouth was way faster than his brain in processing the situation. Chris is allowing him to give a blowjob? Without giving it much further thought Ash was going to commit to the night and closed the door behind him.

As he made his way through the house he walked past Chris’s shoes and socks like breadcrumbs to the candy house. The jeans that Chris wore were hung over the doorknob that led down to the basement where Chris’s room is.

Chris was sitting on his couch when Ash come into the basement. The layout mirrored his own parent’s basement, and while theirs was turned into a laundry and a small den for dad to play occasional poker with his friends, Chris’s bedroom occupies the whole space.

There was a cabinet that held some of the trophies that Chris collected from various sports, a collection of caps and helmets, posters, some guitar and drum set on another corner. Chris’s bed was on the far end of the room, in the middle was a sofa where Chris was sitting only in his shirt and boxer briefs. He had a remote in one hand and was flicking through some channel on his TV. Pass that was the toilet, with it’s door ajar. It looked clean and well maintained.

Ash made a beeline to Chris, and knelt between his legs. He waited a while for any protest. When none came, he giddily placed his palm on Chris’s naked thigh, high enough that he could almost touch his briefs. He couldn’t see the bulge made by Chris’s member, and wondered if he’s really up for it.

His thought was disrupted by the sound of the remote plopped haphazardly next to the empty seat on the couch. Chris had turned off the TV and when Ash looked up, Chris had a cheeky grin on his face. “Anything to address the crush, man. Let’s get it over and done with.”

He slouched further into the sofa and threw his head back. Because Ash was between his legs, he opened it further, clearly an invitation which Ash greedily took. He turned his head and rubbed his nose into Chris’s inner thigh. He gently kissed it, but made sure the kissing sound was loud enough for Chris to know he means business. As he kissed closer towards the crotch, the bulge stirred, confirming that he was doing the right thing. The odor took Ash by surprise, deep, musky and left an impression in his brain, stirring emotions he never knew he had.

As he turned his attention to the other leg, Chris let out a soft moan as he placed a hand behind Ash’s head. He attempted to guide Ash to his throb, but Ash took the hand in his. He was determined that he would lead this experience. Christ looked at him intently and as their eyes met. Ash then took Chris’s index finger and slowly sucked it. Chris opened his mouth to say something but no words came out. Instead, he was overwhelmed with the prospect that this would top off any blowjob that he received before. When Ash took two fingers into his mouth and swirled his tongue around it, Chris had to focus hard on not cumming there and then, otherwise the best blowjob was about to be awarded before it even happened.

“You, my friend, are a serious contender to the throne.” He said to Ash.

“I dedicate my whole life to practicing the art.” Chris laughed at Ash’s reply. He eventually gave in and placed both hands behind his head, letting Ash have his way around his groin.

“I have a weird request.” Chris opened his eyes to a bashful Ash.


“Can I sit on your lap and smell you?” Ash was readying himself to be ridiculed. He might have changed the sexual mood to being weird. “It’s just that, you smell so good.”

“But I haven’t showered and we’ve been out sweating all day.” Chris protested. He realised that he should’ve at least washed himself beforehand.

“You can say no.”

“Are you sure?” Chris asked again. He was a little self-conscious now that Ash said something about his smell.

“I wouldn’t ask if I didn’t like it.” Ash assured, now propped on his knee so that he’s almost level to Chris’s face. Chris’s height made sure that it stays unleveled, despite him already slouching so far out of the sofa.

“Only if you’re sure.”

“Can I kiss you again?” Ash asked once more.

“Yes, you can kiss me anytime.” Chris gave his permission.

“Anytime?” Ash asked again.

“Anytime we’re alone.” With a grin he placed a kiss on Ash’s forehead with a big muuaaahhhh as if signifying the crown for best kisser is placed on Ash’s head. Ash climbed up on Chris and kissed him harder than he’s ever kissed anyone before. Chris’s instinct kicks in once more as he moves his hands to Ash’s waist, bearing his weight down into his groin for some much needed pressure.

There were a lot of moans between them as their tongues danced around seeking each other, and Chris could only give in to Ash’s art as he kept pushing and pulling the kiss that sent sparks and shivers görükle escort bayanlar to his groin. He dug his finger into Ash’s waist as the kiss travelled towards his ears, and when he found it he couldn’t help but to raise his hips and began humping, only to be met with frustration as the layers of fabric still covered his rod.

Ash’s kiss travelled again, this time down to his neck, leaving trails that send shots of shivers to his groin. This was the foreplay of a lifetime, he thought. He began to notice Ash pausing at different parts of his torso and take a big breath in. As it was well within his limit of can do’s, he let Ash have his way as he tried to catch his breath.

When Ash found Chris’s nipple, he pressed his nose and inhaled him in. The shirt Chris was wearing had soaked his day’s scent, and it was incredibly addictive. Whatever perfume that Chris had is now barely a hint, and what’s left was a deep musk that Ash wished he could bathe in all day. There was a spasm when Ash kissed Chris’s nipple through his shirt.

“Is this ok?” He asked, replacing his mouth with his fingers.

“Yeah.” Chris answered between his breath. He drew a deep breath and let out a moan when Ash tweaked them. “They’re pretty sensitive, I’m finding out.” They both laughed at the remark.

When Ash continued to tease Chris’s nipples, he kept pumping his hip into Ash, again with little release so he gave up and placed both hands behind his head. Ash took it to cue and moved towards his armpit, sending waves after waves of pleasure down his spine. He has never been this hard before in his life.

Ash was at the height of his arousal when Chris asked him to stop. “Something wrong?” He asked.

“Only your jeans rubbing my thigh. It’s starting to hurt a little.” Ash quickly jumped off and saw redness on Chris’s thigh.

“Can I take them off?” He asked Chris.

“Sure. That would be great. Thanks.” As soon as the jeans fell off Chris grabbed Ash by the waist and repositioned him over so that his perineum sits perfectly above his crotch. He pressed Ash against him firmly a few times for good measure.

“Wow you really are horny.” Ash chuckled. Whatever caution that he had left was thrown into the wind when he had his face buried under Chris’s arms.

“Thanks to you.” Chris grinned and pressed himself against Ash once more. This time the pressure on his crotch under the fabric of his boxer brief was miles better than before. Ash felt it too and found renewed excitement over the hardness.

“Chris, can I have my way with you for the rest of the night?” Ash whispered as he kissed Chris’s ears. There was no answer. He moved his kiss to the other ear and repeated. “You can say no.” It would be such a cliffhanger if Chris replied with a negative but he has gone this far and being a guy himself, at this point it’s not the head that’s above the shoulders that’s doing the thinking.

“Only if I can have my way with you always.” Ash was taken aback. He searched Chris’s eyes for confirmation.


“When we’re alone always. We’ll talk about it after, ok? But for now, to answer your question, yes. Have your way with me but if I say stop we stop. Deal?”

“Deal.” With that affirmation, Ash pulled Chris’s shirt off and buried his face in it. His eyes met Chris as he inhaled all of his scent from the shirt. Chris had a huge grin plastered on his face. It’s becoming one of Ash’s favourite things.

“Why settle for less when you can have the best?” Chris knew what Ash wanted and within his limits he was ok to give it to him. So he threw his head back into the couch and placed his hands behind it, revealing his armpit.

It was an invitation of a lifetime for Ash. This is a completely new side of his he never thought existed, brought out by the scent of Chris. There were vague moments with Dean that he remembered, especially after a sweaty love making session that he felt serene under, but this feeling of pure lust was new.

The way Chris was grinning, inviting him to take home under his arms was intoxicating. Lightly haired, bright orange that matches the messy quiff on top of his head, he dove in nose first and drew out a chuckle out of Chris. “Don’t suffocate yourself in there.” He said. Ash’s reply was a tweak of his nipple that he caught between his fingers.

That short break when Ash stopped to take off his jeans was enough for Chris to regain his libido. Earlier all his senses were overwhelmed from being intimate after almost a year of solitude following the breakup. To top it off being with another man also adds to the whole anxiety that threw him off his game. But with Ash, he trusted him. Usually the game of addressing crush he will only play verbally, answering questions and eventually befriending the person in question. Perhaps it was the beer, perhaps it was the yearning for release, or even just Ash that drove him this far this time.

As Ash continued to assault his pits and arms and chest, he couldn’t help but moan at the pleasure. Being in better control now he could enjoy it even more as Ash maneuvered himself over him. When his lips found a nipple, he sucked with such fervor that he couldn’t help himself but wrap his arms around Ash’s head, encouraging him to suck harder and deeper. To him it was a new sensation as well as usually with his ex he would be the one giving, not receiving the nipple pleasure.

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