Candy , Buddy’s Romance Ch. 2

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After Buddy and Candy enjoyed a cozy dinner together, they started talking about all sorts of things, including how fast Candy has grown up.

Buddy mentioned how he noticed that Candy had been developing into a “mighty, fine lady” and that he would remember the times when she would come over on her bicycle to see Ann feed her pet lizard, years ago.

Meanwhile, Candy was, amazingly, not real nervous about all this happening. She was half-expecting to wake up from another dream and so decided to just enjoy it, in case it was. Whatever was happening, it was new and exciting, and she didn’t think anything was wrong chatting with her good friend’s dad on a Friday evening.

Candy suddenly stopped and asked, “How’s Ann doing? She told me she loves college, but was really looking forward to coming home to escape from her exams.” She giggled.

“Oh yes. Ann is doing fine. She’s really enjoying the small town life, and she even got herself a boyfriend. I’m sure you know about that of course.” Candy nods. “What about you? Do you have yourself a boyfriend?” Trying not to pry.

Candy responded calmly, “No, sir. I haven’t gotten around to dating much. Basketball season and grades were my main priorities this year. I’m sort of glad basketball season is over though. This semester is really rough on me.”

Buddy replied, with a wave of his hand, “Oh, you can stop calling me ‘sir’. I’m not that old. Just call me “Buddy”– that’s what all my friends call me.”

“Ok, Bud-dee,” Candy emphasized jokingly. “And by the way, you cook a mean steak. I’m full.”

“hahaha, yeah, I know how you feel. It seems that swim might come to good use after a big dinner. Are you getting tired, or are you up for another swim?” Buddy asked.

“mmm…Well… I guess I have time for another swim. Yeah, maybe it’ll wake me up. It’s way too early to be falling asleep,” Candy replied enthusiastically.

“Ok then, let me change Eskort Bayan and I’ll meet you in the pool in a sec.” He rushes off into the back master bedroom, and Candy, seeing the dishes and plates leftover from dinner, load up the dishwasher, so that she could at least help with the dishes. As she was rinsing off the plates and forms and cups and placing them one by one into the dishwasher, Candy began feeling her heart beat with excitement. “I can’t believe this is happening.” she thought to herself. “This is so bizarre!”

She was about to finish rinsing the last plate, when suddenly she felt a pair of strong, masculine arms, wrap around her waste from behind and onto her tummy, and could feel the warmth of Buddy’s mostly-nude (or totally nude??) body against hers. And they stood there, with the water running, and their bodies swaying from side to side. Meanwhile, Candy’s heart was racing, but her body was liking his touch and feel and body and she was enjoying every dam minute of it.

Slowly, Buddy removed his right arm and slowly and brushed her long, brown hair away from her right shoulders, to make room for his soft, luscious kisses, kissing up and down her shoulder blades and neck, ever so slowly. And Candy tilted her head in reaction and allowed him to devour her soft skin. She could hardly stand it when he started kissing her sensitive spot right behind her ears– it made her knees go weak.

Then Candy began feeling a hardness pressing up against the top of her ass. She knew what it was, and she was impressed at its sudden astuteness and erectness. She slowly began pressing against him, but enough so that he could tell that she was desiring his anticipated penetration.

Buddy slowly turned Candy so that they were face to face, and he propperd her up onto the kitchen counter and looked, longingly into her firey eyes. They both smiled to each other, as each had their hands on the other’s body somewhere. Candy leaned back onto her hands on the counter, spread her legs a little more, and decided to let Buddy take charge.

Buddy slowly unzipped her cut-off, tight shorts. And began kissing and licking around her thighs and inner thighs. Candy arched her head back in pleasure and allowed this man to caress and get to know her untouched body. She had caught some scenes of some hot movies late night on HBO and had learned all sorts of way of “fooling around”.

Buddy started pulling her tight shorts off, and after a little struggle, he threw them behind him, not looking back, and continued to concentrate on her fuzzy mound. He started licking at the top of her clit, and with his wet and hot tongue, slowly leaving a trail of wetness down her pussy. “Mmmm… you taste…so sweet….,” Buddy said in a low, sensual voice. He could tell Candy was enjoying this and wondered if this was her first time…..

Candy wasn’t sure if the wetness came from his mouth or her pussy, but she was getting wetter every second, and he was devouring every ounce of it. She let out a quiet moan, and leaned her head back some more, pushing her pussy deeper into his flushed face, ignoring the slight stubble that had formed on his chin.

Buddy starts fucking her with his tongue and he smiles to himself as he realizes that she’s really enjoying this. He never really thought about any of this, until last Summer before his daughter went off to college. They were having a sleepover, and he caught a glimpse of Candy without any clothes on, in the restroom, and that’s when he realized what a woman Candy has developed into. Ever since then, he fantasized of the time that he could have some time alone with Candy and introduce her to the real world. He doesn’t consider himself a bad guy. He’s been divorced for 6 years and hasn’t had much steady companionship ever since. He wanted some action, and he also liked what he saw in Candy (or more to the point, ON Candy). He decided to see how far this would go.

Buddy, on his knees, starts using two of his fingers to press gently into Candy’s wet, but tight pussy. He slowly twisted and pressed upward into her opening, while still licking the top of her clit ravenously.

In the midst of all this, Candy begins feeling overwhelmed. Having never been touched like this ever before, her body was definately liking this new touch and feeling, and before she knew it, she could feel her body about to explode. SHe started breathing heavily, and started rocking her pussy up and down with against his mouth and hand, and started rocking faster and faster…, and groaning…”OH…. oh…. my god… you feel… so goood!! I can’t believe… this is happening!!!! OHHHH!!! I think I’m about to….” and then she suddenly shut up as her body spasmed along with her throbbing pussy, and she just kept rocking, slowing down a tiny bit each time, to ride out the rest of her very first climax. Candy moaned with bated breath, but with a flushed smile on her face.

Buddy, pleased at her pleasure and at his performance onto her, stood up, and helped Candy down from the counter. With a grin, “So you enjoyed that, did you? I must say that you have one fine pussy right there. I’d love to take it out for another spin, if you don’t mind.”

“What did you have in mind?” Candy asked, still breathing heavily.

“Hmm..why don’t I show you.” He took her hand and walked towards the back bedroom, where his king-sized bed stood in the middle of the dimly-lit room. He walked over to her, and bending over to give her a kiss on the lips, he untied her bikini top, and moved his mouth onto his erect nipples on her breasts. He sucked each nipple for what seemed like 5 minutes, giving each breast enough attention to know that they were appreciated and liked.

Candy could feel his hot breath onto her hard nipples, and loved the way his tongue felt against her bare flesh. So warm, but so cool, and so arousing.

To Be Continued…

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