CandyCane Dreams

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We had been communicating for months and months through an Erotic web site and after finding out that we were thousands and thousands of miles apart it seemed we’d never meet! You in England, me in the United States! We had to come up with a plan to finally meet! We had fallen in LOVE and we were desperate! My dreams of us finally meeting became an obsession and seemed so real, I could feel you, I could smell you, I could taste you…It seemed so real!

I saved a few thousand dollars and told my family that one of my wishes was to see a WORLD CUP SOCCER GAME BEFORE I DIED and since I am a LOVER OF SOCCER they suspected nothing. I had always wanted to see Brazil play Real Madrid anyway and planned a vacation with their blessing!

Little did they know I was meeting someone special….YOU MY LOVE! You had also made plans to see a WORLDCUP game, the same game and being a player and loving SOCCER as much as me, you were also given permission to go as well, without any suspicion! WE WERE ON OUR WAY! I don’t know why but I kept seeing ENGLAND in my dreams, maybe because that was where you were but, it could be GERMANY, ITALY OR SPAIN. I don’t know where the game between Brazil and Real Madrid would be played yet and I DIDN’T CARE – any place would have been PERFECT as long as you WERE THERE!

A month before our encounter I went on a diet, lost 20 pounds just for you and would give myself enemas every other day and shave my entire body, legs, cock, butt, face, everyday till we met! I wanted to be clean, clean for you inside and out so you could enter my “MANPUSSY” (as you so lovingly called it) with that big cock as many times as you wanted so I could MILK EVERY DROP out of it with my ass muscles squeezing your cock every time you would slide out…I wanted to get pregnant by you MY LOVE and have your baby! I wanted your seed in me and I could carry your baby, your baby boy! Yes I know it was a dream but anything’s possible in a DREAM!

We had taken 6 months to plan this trip and we both had decided that you were going to pick me up FIRST in a PUB dressed as CandyCane as you knew me on the web as I sipped on sweet red wine at the bar in the hotel we both had rooms in. The second night we had planned, I was to pick you up dressed as PETRA, the girl I knew on the web – if I could walk after YOU made LOVE to my MANPUSSY for the FIRST TIME. I WAS A VIRGIN.

I carefully dressed in my tight high waisted jeans you loved, my WHITE SLUTTY ANKLE TIE HIGH HEELS and white see through blouse and of course HOT PINK casino oyna matching see through panties and bra and I WAS LOOKING AND FEELING SO SEXY! I watched you come in to the PUB so excited frantically looking for me but trying to act like a regular customer. You were dressed in nice pleated slacks, a dress shirt with your blond hair spiked up and you LOOKED SO HANDSOME! When you saw me you stopped breathing for a second as you gasped for air, you quickly sat at a table never taking your eyes off me. You ordered a glass of wine and asked the waiter to send me one. As I received my glass of wine the waiter pointed at you and I looked over my shoulder and winked at you with my sexy eye!

You couldn’t stop yourself any longer and walked hurriedly up to me and said “HELLO GORGOEOUS”! I loved to hear you say that when we chatted on the web, NOW IT WAS FOR REAL! You were so nervous but so was I. I melted when I saw your blue eyes in person and your cologne drove me crazy with desire. I could see your cock bulging from your trousers! I asked if you wanted to join me and you said “let’s move to a quieter table” and you grabbed me by the hand and grabbed my glass of wine like a gentleman and led me to a table in the back! I was so wet and horny already, I was biting my lip not to devour you right there!

Once we sat down, you ordered a bottle of sweet wine knowing that was my favorite. Once I had a few glasses of sweet wine I would be yours and would do anything to please you and I’d be so SEXY and HOT FOR YOU! It didn’t take long for us to finish the first bottle of wine and head to my room where you had sent flowers for me which I adored and thought was so romantic. The room had a big, big bed waiting for us! I told you to let me go freshen up and be right back.

I went to my dressing room trembling with excitement and put on my THIGH HIGH BOOTS that you loved in all my pictures, MY RED MINI SKIRT you often said you wanted to rip off of me and my white see through blouse and sexy lace bra and matching thong panties and as you requested my red lace gloves you wanted wrapped around your cock! When YOU SAW ME come from the dressing room with those big blue eyes I FELTS SO SEXY AND in love as I watched you gasp for air! As I walked towards you as slow and sexy as I could, I asked you to be gentle the first time, because I was a VIRGIN and you walked over and kissed me ever so lightly on my pink lips and said “I will my sweet Candy, I will”! You slowly lowered me to the bed and caressed my face and started to kiss my neck canlı casino and unbutton my blouse! Once you had my blouse open, my COCK was throbbing with that HOT SWEET BREATH of yours all over my body, but so was yours.

I reached down between your legs, unzipped your pants with one hand and grabbed your HARD THROBBING cock and squeezed it ever so gently with my red lace gloves and you let out a moan of pleasure “ooohhh”, and you said “I want you Candy, I want you, NOW”! I looked into your eyes and said “so do I, so do I” in a whisper as you licked my neck to my breasts and started to suck them and slowly entered my ass with your finger knowing I was a virgin. It felt so good to have you near me, in me, and on me. You kissed my stomach as you slowly pulled my mini skirt and thong off and you kissed my thighs on either side of my SHAVED COCK as you dropped your pants and licked my white thigh high boots as you promised in our chats and said “I LOVE YOU” as you looked at me with that BIG PURPLE HEADED COCK THROBBING IN YOUR HAND!

I said “LET ME WET THAT COCK MY LOVE”. You quickly slid up on the bed straddling my face with that slab of meat I HAD DREAMED OF SUCKING and DEEP THROATING so many times. I had practiced over and over so I could swallow it all the WAY DOWN MY THROAT! I moaned and grabbed your shaved sack in one hand and massaged it for a second as you tilted your head back and moaned, “Please suck me Candy, please suck me and swallow my cock!”

I looked up at you as your PURPLE HEAD DISSAPEARED in my WET HOT mouth and grabbed your ass and slowly, slowly pushed your ass into my face so I could SWALLOW your COCK, ALL OF IT! I grabbed your hand and lowered it to my throat so YOU COULD FEEL YOUR COCK SLIDING DEEP IN MY THROAT every time you would push forward and fucked my throat, in and out, in and out! Within a minute or two I could feel your cock pulsing in my mouth and knew you were close to cumming so I pushed two fingers into your ass right when you started to UNLOAD THAT GALLON OF CUM DOWN MY THROAT! YOU WERE moaning, “Oh yes, oh yes”… as you threw your head back as your LAVA filled my tummy and you pushing back with your ass on my hand so I could finger fuck your ass deeper and deeper as you came!

I made faint slurping and sucking sounds with every pulse of your hard cock and you kept pumping and pumping my mouth till you finally started to go soft! Once you had cum in my mouth and throat and had gone soft you said “Can I taste me in you” as you crawled up to my pink lips? We kissed kaçak casino and kissed as you sucked some of your lava from my mouth tangling our tongues and sucking them as if they were little cocks. We both finally stopped to catch our breaths and we looked at each other in disbelief, it had been months talking on line and sending pictures and it was TRUE, WE WERE TOGETHER AT LAST! After a minute of staring at each other and caressing each other’s faces, I suggested we take a short break so I could clear my throat of all that SWEET CUM you had just shot down my throat and my mouth you had just fucked so deep and so GOOD!

We sipped a few more glasses of wine knowing WE HAD ALL NIGHT! Within a few minutes you were throbbing HARD again and I knew you wanted to FUCK my MANPUSSY as you had wished in so many chats! I got up on the bed and was on all fours and said “Is this how you want me MY LOVE”? YOU smiled and put your hand on my back between my shoulder blades as you climbed up behind my ass and pushed my breasts down into the pillow and said “I want your ASS IN THE AIR BABY” as you eased that MONSTER COCK toward my PUSSY! I whispered “I LOVE YOU” as you started to rub your COCK ON MY WET ASS!

I MOANED IN ANTICIPATION OF YOUR COCK ABOUT TO ENTER ME, I pleaded “fuck me, fuck me”. I wanted it so bad. I stated to suck on my fingers and rub my breast as you looked down at your COCK and slowly entered my ASS, FIRST THE PURPLE HEAD, then inch by inch my ASS swallowed every inch of your meat as I moaned with pleasure “mmmmm, yes, yes”. You started to pump in and out, in and out and I loved every inch of my LOVERS MONSTER COCK…All 8″ of it! I could feel you in my tummy and it was ecstasy! I looked up at you and asked you “IS THIS YOUR FANTASY MY LOVE” and you said “YES, YES Candy, and I LOVE YOU” as you pumped my ass harder and harder! I let you fuck me for hours till YOUR COCK STARTED TO PULSE. I moaned with so much passion “Ooooooohhhh, fuck me, fuck me deeper, deeper”! I think the whole hotel heard us but, we didn’t care!

“I want your cum inside me, I want your seed, I WANT YOUR BABY MY LOVE”! AS I said those words you filled me up so much I could feel it squirting inside my tummy! YOU HAD NEVER CUM that much and once you felt your COCK going soft in MY WET, WET ASS you eased out slowly as I squeezed my ass together with every inch so I could MILK EVERY DROP INTO MY ASS! Once you fell out of me, your cum started to ooze out of my manpussy and you said you were going to lick me clean! You tongue was so hot on my ass and I could feel your tongue flick my shaved sack, my thighs and butt cheeks as I lay on my back with my LEGS HIGH IN THE AIR FOR MY LOVER, MY SECRET LOVER, MY “PETRA” WHO I WOULD MEET TOMORROW!

CandyCane XOXO

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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