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Ariella Ferrera

Steven peered curiously out the small airplane window as the scene below swung into view. Glimmering shamrock-colored islands swam in the topaz colored sea, so clear that he could see the dark coral reefs and sandy shallows of the bottom some three thousand feet beneath the scattered white clouds, drifting lazily through the Caribbean sky. An almost boyish excitement was building in him—he needed this vacation so badly. For years Steven and his friend Matt had talked about renting a villa in the islands for a few weeks, but only in the last six months had the plan really come together. Steven’s girlfriend Amanda had loved the idea instantly, and now that Matt had a new romantic interest that they’d yet to meet, it seemed like the perfect opportunity for a couples’ getaway to all get acquainted and relax for a change.

The gentle bump of the plane’s landing gear on the runway brought Steven’s thoughts back to the present, and stepping off the plane filled his lungs with the moist air and heady perfume of the tropics. It had been years since his last trip down, and he’d almost forgotten how far away it seemed from the grind of life and work on the mainland. He squinted through the bright sunlight across the tarmac of the airfield to the waiting rent-a-car hut, slung his carry-on bag over his shoulder, and let the pleasant sensations of his surroundings begin to work their magic.

The bumpy red dirt track leading up to the villa from the main road was terrible, even in the four-wheel drive Jeep Steven had rented for the trek from the other side of the island. The sight of the house coming into view, nestled among the verdant tropical foliage at the crest of a hill, removed immediately any doubt in his mind about whether it was worth sacrificing the convenience found in some of the hotels close to town. Completely private, the Mediterranean-style home boasted whitewashed walls and sensuous curves, shimmering against the flawless blue sky. Steven parked the Jeep and was looking up at the towering three stories of warm stucco and ruddy terra cotta roofs when a familiar figure stepped into view on a wide balcony overlooking the driveway. “You’ve got to see this place!” Amanda smiled down to him. She’d been able to catch an earlier flight down to settle them in, and was already quite at home in a breezy tropical sundress. Steven unloaded his gear from the Jeep while drinking in his lover’s features—rich dark hair framed her lovely face, chocolate brown eyes always glittering with just a hint of playful mystery. Joining her up on the main level of the house, he could appreciate all the more how well her new surrounding suited her.

It was Amanda’s first time in the Caribbean, and the excitement she exuded was deliciously contagious. She led Steven by the hand on the grand tour of their exotic accommodations. The balcony where she had first appeared was just a part of a wide patio of glossy clay tiles surrounding a glimmering pool, around which were placed attractive lounge chairs and large pots overflowing with bright blooming flowers. Encircling the patio were the various rooms of the house, most open to the cooling breath of the trade winds. Amanda strode purposefully on tiny bare feet to a railing beyond the far end of the pool, and as Steven followed the vista below came into view. This side of the house overlooked a gentle slope, absolutely teeming with greenery, accented here and there with spills of sweet smelling bougainvillea blossoms or wild orchids glistening with dew. A winding footpath led from the house under the forest canopy below, and Steven could just make out its end far below, where it opened onto a beach of virgin white, lapped by the waters of a small private cove. Beyond that lay the wide Caribbean, barely distinguishable from the sky, with nothing but turquoise water between them and Belize.

Steven stood close beside Amanda against the railing, nuzzling her head and inhaling the pleasantly musky fragrance of her hair. She signed contentedly. “I can’t believe we’re really here.”

Attraction affects you in different ways in a paradise like that. Steven’s eyes roamed all over Amanda’s body, appreciating every curve. As sexy as she was at home, here it seemed twice that. His pulse raced at the shape of her bare ankles below the fluttering hem of her dress. Its neckline did little to conceal her voluptuous bust, and it suddenly felt like forever since he’d had a taste of her creamy tits. She caught his hungry gaze and smiled, in that half shy, half seductive way that only she could. “I haven’t shown you the bedroom yet,” she purred.

Amanda had hardly made it into the bedroom before Steven flung her onto the wide soft duvet and locked her lips in a fiery kiss. Thrilled by the urgency of his advance, she surrendered to his probing tongue, wrapping her legs around his waist to pull him on top of her. Steven’s warm hands slid up her naked thighs, fingertips seeking panties to pull off. She smiled almanbahis into his kisses when he found none. She popped the button of his slacks and immediately felt his swollen cock spring into her hands. “Oh baby!” she squealed with delight. In a year of dating she’d never seen him this desperate for her. The reaction of her pussy was immediate, and Steven’s fingers gently parted her lips and coated them with her own honey. Amanda gripped his solid shaft, pumping it with her fist, as Steven whipped her dress off over her head and tossed it into the corner.

She likewise speedily removed her lover’s remaining clothing, and was soon kneeling between his legs with a mouthful of cock. Steven’s expression was a mixture of desperate angst and unfathomable joy as Amanda worked him expertly with her tongue. There was no way he could last. “Please girl, I’ve got to fuck you!” he pleaded. Amanda eased up on to the bed and presented him with her ripe, round ass. She knew he loved to take her from behind. An involuntary gasp escaped her as he speared her slick cunt with his rod. Outside, some light afternoon clouds had blown a gentle passing rain shower over their hilltop retreat. The cool, damp air felt incredibly erotic on Amanda’s bare skin, and her imagination bubbled with the primal sensations she felt as a tropical goddess of sex.

The climax began to grow in her as Steven’s athletic body rammed her relentlessly from behind. “Baby I’m going to come!” she screamed, silvery showers of raw pleasure matching the crescendo of Steven’s own urgent gasps. In an instant she felt him erupt into her waiting hole, the walls of her cunt bucking with her orgasm and milking every last bit of Steven’s hot seed. They collapsed exhausted on the bed in each other’s arms, cooled by the breeze of the passing storm.

When Amanda awoke the first golden rays of evening illuminated the leaves of the rain soaked trees outside their bedroom. She arched her body into a lingering stretch, conscious of the pleasant texture of the thin sheets on her skin. Rising, she slipped into her satin bathrobe and padded out find Steven. She found him in the kitchen, carefully slicing fruit from the generous stock of provisions they’d had delivered. Steven was a great cook, and Amanda realized how hungry she was after the long trip down and vigorous afternoon of lovemaking. Steven had replaced his light khaki slacks, but was still shirtless, and Amanda had to admire the healthy tan he managed to maintain, complementing his muscular chest. He noticed her approach and gave her a boyish smile, and she was amazed at how the few hours he’d been here had seemed to return an almost youthful cast to his handsome features. She approached him from behind and clasped her arms around his waist, holding him tightly. “Hi kitten,” he smiled. She closed her eyes and pressed her cheek into his back, letting his warmth and scent envelope her.

“I love you.” She savored the moment for a while, enjoying being close to him while he worked. “Matt and Julie should be here soon,” she said finally. “I’m going to take a quick shower, alright?”

“Absolutely, baby. Dinner will be ready by the time you are.” He gave her a lingering kiss.

Steven heard a car pull up the driveway, and Amanda called from the railing, “They’re here!” Steven emerged from the kitchen as Matt and his companion ascended the top of the stairs leading to the patio, and they all exchanged warm greetings. Matt looked as great as ever, dark hair cropped close and shorts and t-shirt revealing olive skin. It was Julie that really caught his attention though—petite with shoulder length blonde hair, not quite Amanda’s height, but slimmer. Her tiny shorts and flip-flop sandals really accentuated her long, shapely legs, and her friendly self-confidence made her right at home with her company, making it seem they had all known each other for years.

The stars were just beginning to twinkle overhead by the time the quartet had finished dinner by candlelight and settled back into relaxed conversation. They all agreed that the house had surpassed all they’re expectations, and were looking forward the days ahead. “So how did you ever find this place, Steven?” Julie eyes met his over her glass of white wine.

“Well, Matt and I had been talking about this kind of trip for years. That gave me plenty of time to look. At least until we found the right girls to go with.” The women smiled, but Julie never broke Steven’s gaze.

“I was especially impressed by what the brochure said…you know, a “clothing optional” property? Were you planning on taking advantage of that?” Steven saw the hint of a challenge in Julie’s eyes.

Amanda arched an eyebrow. “Who says we haven’t already?” The girls giggled furiously, and Matt and Steven couldn’t help but laugh. They poured another round of drinks and admired the moonlight sparkling on the distant sea, talking late into the night.

Steven opened almanbahis giriş his eyes and focused on the early morning sunshine streaming across the bed. Birds chirped in the trees around the room, and he remembered with a smile where he was. He rolled over and looked for Amanda, but instead of beside him in the bed, she was on their private balcony, still clad in her short nightgown, pressed carefully against one of the walls. “What’cha doing?” he called softly.

“Shhh!” she pressed a finger to her lips urgently. Then she gave a sly smile and motioned for him to come over. He slid out of bed and positioned himself next to her, glancing over the side of the balcony to where she motioned, eyes sparkling with delight. He heard the splashing of water on stone. Matt and Julie were below, both nude, bodies glistening with streams of water raining down on them from the head of an outdoor shower adjacent to the back door of their room on the ground floor of the villa. Steven looked back at Amanda to chastise her for spying on their friends, but before he could say anything, a loud moan from Julie drew his attention back to the spectacle below. Amanda pressed close next to him, hiding her face behind the vines spilling down the wall next to the balcony so she could get a better look without being spotted. A beach bag lay carelessly discarded near the shower, along with Matt’s swim shorts and Julie’s bikini. The pair was locked in each other’s arms, eagerly sucking each other’s lips. Julie’s wet hair hung in tangles, and Matt brushed it away from her face, revealing blue eyes sparkling up at him with an animal-like hunger. Even as Steven felt slightly guilty for watching, he couldn’t tear his eyes away, and he felt his own erection start to grow. He glanced down at Amanda, now squatting on her haunches at Steven’s feet, eyes glued to Matt and Julie below. Her hand was under her nightgown, furiously fingering her own pussy. Another gasp from below returned Steven’s attention to the oblivious couple. Matt lifted Julie easily off her feet, revealing his massive hard-on. Placing her back against the vine-covered wall of the stone shower enclosure, he positioned himself between her thighs. Julie cried out as Matt slid inside and began to wall-fuck her. Steven had never watched anyone else have sex in person before, and the sight of his two beautiful naked friends enjoy each other was incredibly erotic. He lowered himself down on the balcony and let Amanda sit back between his legs, his own finger finding her soaked pussy. Steven fingered her clit while Amanda squeezed her breasts through her nightgown, thighs trembling. Under the spray of the shower, Matt was pumping Julie faster and faster, her toes curling around his tight ass with every plunge. “Baby I’m close!” he gasped.

“Come on my tits!” she begged, sliding down the wall and kneeling in front of him. Matt grabbed his cock and started stroking it feverishly while Julie pressed her tits together invitingly with her hands, brown nipples flushed and erect. Steven and Amanda were now frenziedly masturbating each other, intoxicated by the steamy scent of sex splashing up from the shower below them. With a final cry, Matt shot his load on Julie’s waiting breasts, stream after stream of thick come running down her nipples and between her tits. Steven felt Amada’s body rock in silent but powerful orgasm next to him, and the combined sights and sounds were too much, and he too ejaculated, hot jism leaping high into the air and landing on Amanda’s thighs and belly.

The girls’ laughter floated up through the moist night air and into the trees around the house as the taxi pulled away down the driveway. They’d followed up a first glorious day at the beach with a trip into town for some shopping, then dinner at one of the local nightspots down in the bay. After feasting on fire-roasted chiles stuffed with tender fresh shrimp, the smoky Brazilian rhythms of the live band kept them enthralled until well after midnight. Julie turned out to be a fantastic salsa dancer, and she and Amanda had given the boys more than a run for their money before the night was over. She hurried up the stairs and slid a CD into the stereo system on the bar near the pool. “I can’t believe you bought a record from those guys,” Matt chuckled.

“I’ve never had so much fun!” Julie exclaimed. “That’s something I want to hang on to.” The speakers snapped to life, deep tribal drums and bright horns igniting the air around them. “Come and dance with me!”

“I’m all danced out,” Matt grinned, pouring them each a nightcap at the bar.

Julie arched an eyebrow. “Fine! Amanda will dance with me, won’t you, gorgeous?”

Amanda gave a sly smile and slipped out of her strappy black sandals. Steven silently admired her tan legs and slim ankles. Her short black dress did little to conceal the backs of her shapely thighs, but stretched in all the right ways to accentuate her ass. For her part, Julie almanbahis yeni giriş was hard to ignore, short skirt clinging to long, bare legs, the two subtle nubs of her nipples pressed against her white tank. The pair giggled happily, cheeks rosy with a hint of wine, yet easily swirling and sliding with the beat, all but oblivious to the boys’ captive gaze. Steven felt another erection swelling, and was getting eager to find any excuse to spirit Amanda off to their room, peel that dress off, and screw her like never before. Matt must have had similar plans in mind, as when Julie happened to twirl near where he leaned on the bar, he managed to sweep her into his arms. What little struggle she put up quickly dissolved as his lips met hers, and she stretched up on her toes to meet his gently seeking tongue. Just as Steven was ready to suggest he and Amanda give the couple some privacy, however, Julie broke the kiss and announced firmly, “Both you guys turn around, and don’t look until I say so.” She cut off any hope of argument with a single determined look, so all Matt and Steven could do was glace quizzically at one another and then obey, turning their backs to the women. “Okay!” she called a moment later.

The twin splashes in the pool behind them drew the boys’ eyes back around, and the hastily discarded piles of clothing near the water’s edge left no doubt what they had in mind. The lights of the house danced and twinkled on the rippling water, silhouetting the girls, naked shoulders bobbing just above the surface. Julie’s voice slid through the night air, “Are you waiting for an invitation?” The boys hurriedly stripped and dove in.

The pool swallowed Steven’s body in a warm gulp, and his skin tingled with all the pleasant sensations of being naked underwater. Amanda and Julie stood back to back in the shallow water, letting their men approach from either side. Steven swam in close and slid his arms around Amanda, cradling a round globe of her bare ass in each hand as she wrapper her legs around her waist. Julie was moaning urgently as Matt slipped one pink, upturned nipple into his mouth, intently suckling the slippery skin. The intense sexual charge was making Steven painfully aware of his huge erection, and he shuddered with relief as Amanda wrapped her fingers around his shaft and began stroking him gently. He squeezed her own ample breasts in his hands, his tongue swirling around the dark areole and flicking at her nipples as they stiffened against the night breeze. Matt had lifted Julie onto the side of the pool, spread wide her dripping legs, and began hungrily devouring her pussy. Not to be left behind, Amanda lifted herself over the edge and climbed on all fours in front of Steven, offering him her warm slit from behind. He braced himself against the wall of the pool, water lapping sensuously around his waist, and moved in between Amanda’s thighs. He lapped her dew-drenched labia from bottom to top with the tip of his tongue, her legs shuddering pleasantly with each stroke.

Next to him Julie was writhing beneath the quickening attention of Matt’s mouth. “Oh fuck. Oh yeah! Stick your fingers in my cunt!” she screamed. Steven heard Amanda’s breath coming in ragged gasps—listening to her friend getting off next to her was driving her wild. He slid out of the pool and lay on his back underneath her, legs dangling in the water, attacking her swollen clitoris from a new angle and grabbing two generous handfuls of tit. Julie’s hips were bucking and thrashing wildly, but Matt refused to let go, sucking her vigorously and pumping his fingers in and out of her tight hole. “Oh Matt! I’m fucking coming! I’m going to come on your face!” The entire island had to hear her screams of rapture as orgasm rocked her body.

Amanda could be silent no longer. “Baby right there! Suck me right there!” she cried, and Steven grabbed her ass and pulled her pussy in close, her sweet, musky taste making his cock throb with anticipation. That’s when he felt steamy wet lips close over the head of his tool. He glanced down his chest without taking his mouth from Amanda’s cunt, and saw a head of wet blonde hair nestled between his legs. Matt and Julie had slipped back into the water, and Steven could see Matt’s eyes closed tight behind his lover, cock buried between the cheeks of her ass. Julie braced herself against his pumping with hands gripping the edge of the pool on either side of Steven’s legs, putting her in just the right spot to swallow his thick cock. The night was going places Steven had only dreamed of, and he couldn’t help but flex his hips to offer more of his rod to Julie. Her eyes met his and she smiled around his girth, and it was all he could do to keep from blowing his load into her mouth. Amanda was demanding serious attention, however, and he returned his focus to the task at hand, curling his tongue around the fleshy marble of his lover’s clit. Her rhythmic, throaty wails told him she was close to the edge, and easing two fingers into her well-lubed tunnel and grinding them on the g-spot was more than enough to bring her to intense climax. “Oh!” came scream after scream as she shook uncontrollably on Steven’s face, milking every last delicious drop out of her spasm-rent pussy.

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