Carl: My Hung Black Internet Lover

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At 37, life had become quite mundane. It was 1999 and I had been divorced for two years after 12 years of lackluster sex with a disinterested wife.. A cold loveless marriage didn’t work for me and I decided I’d had enough I had married young, at 23, after graduating college. Now I shared custody of two great kids, and suddenly I had a lot of extra alone time on my hands.

My name is Chris. I’ve been told that I am a good looking guy. Honestly I never thought I was. I didn’t have a gaggle of hotties around me as a teen, although I got my fair share of girls in my youth. I guess I am the kind of guy who matured into his looks. I’m athletic and masculine, light body hair, 6’1″ and 200 solid pounds with nice bubble butt, full lips, brown hair and I sport a nice medium thick 7″ cock. The one feature that stands out is my eyes. Very light green with dark circles, and I have been told they can be mesmerizing.

I wasn’t real confident in my ability to attract women. I’d never done the bar pick up thing, and never considered hitting on a woman I hadn’t gotten to know somewhat. Thanks to the Internet, I had found a way to meet women that worked for me. Through chat and email it was easy to “get to know them” in a safe and fairly intimate way, and It frequently lead to a first date. Over two years I met quite a few ladies in my same situation, thirty somethings divorcees with kids and not looking for their next hubby, just some quality companionship.

They tended to come back for more, so I was doing something right. I am a very passionate lover with women. Everything I do in bed is aimed at providing them pleasure. Nothing turns me on more that having a woman orgasming on my cock or at the tip of my tongue. But I also had a growing curiosity about man on man sex. I had always been curious about men (cocks actually), but I had never acted on it.

I spent hours reading gay and straight sex stories online, and I downloaded pictures from Usenet groups. I am not attracted to the man on the street, but I fall in lust with numerous women daily. My thing was that I was becoming absolutely infatuated with cocks. I guess it had always been there, but now I had the portal of the Internet to safely explore my fantasies. I looked at pics of cocks and spent an abnormal amount of time stroking my cock while living in my fantasy world.

I gave into the relentless fantasies and decided it was time to explore them in the real world. I joined a couple of adult websites and started chatting with other guys. I live in LA so I wasn’t too worried about being outed or caught. Some guys were gay, some were bi, and some were like me, curious and had never taken the step to acting on their fantasies. I had some good conversations, and I also ran into some very strange guys that I blew off.

I finally took the step of meeting with a guy who lived about 20 miles away. He was gay and we had talked for a couple weeks about my desires. I was cock obsessed by this time. I wanted to experience receiving great head which I’d never gotten at home, and wanted to experience a cock in my mouth. Art was a white guy a little older than me, and told me he had a nice thick 7.5″ cock. I arrived at his place and I was nervous. He invited me in and put me at ease with good conversation. He asked me if I was still interested in playing and I just nodded.

Art told me to just sit back and watch as he unzipped and pulled out his cock. I was transfixed as I watched his hand slide up and down his thick cock. He asked me to pull my cock out and join him in jacking off. My hands were shaking as I lowered my shorts, but my cock was a dead giveaway, it was hard as a rock. Art slid over next to me on the couch and without much warning or giving me time to think, lowered his mouth onto my cock and the feeling was unbelievable.

I reached into his lap and slid my hand around his cock and felt like a steel rod wrapped in soft velvet. After a minute of Art’s mouth I was about to cum and pulled him off. I slid off the couch and onto my knees. I held Art’s cock in my hand and noticed a nice big clear drop of pre-cum sitting on the tip of his head. I lowered my mouth and licked it up and loved the taste, very similar to mine which I tasted often. I took his cock head into my mouth and I knew right then I was turned onto something I would never give up.

I sucked, stroked, and slid my lips up and down his cock. A couple of times it hit the back of my throat causing me to gag. I knew I’d have to work on that. Art told me later that just the though of having a virgin mouth on his cock had him on edge, and it wasn’t long before he was telling me he was about to cum. I just kept working that big thick cock and soon he let out a long moan and started shooting his load into my mouth which I let it run out of my mouth and onto his cock. I wasn’t enamored with the taste, but it didn’t turn me off in the least.

He returned the favor and soon had me shooting a huge load right into his throat. We shook hands and said goodbye, and off I went with a ton Sakarya Escort of new feelings, some guilt, but knowing that wasn’t the last time I was going to be on my knees. Over the next couple of months I met with several different guys, some with small cocks, some decent sized, but the elusive huge cock never crossed my path.

I had experimented on myself with different objects for years. I had purchased an 8″ dildo which I kept well hidden while married and occasionally gave my ass a nice workout with it. I guess I was considered a bottom. I was never interested in fucking a guy, or even a woman, in the ass. But I did love the feeling of having that Dildo all the way up inside of me. After my experience with Art, I decided to train my throat as well. I bought a couple of more dildos and started practicing on them. I got to the point where I could keep my gag reflex at bay, and eventually I was able to work a fairly large dildo down my throat.

I became more and more obsessed with big cocks, and really started getting worked up at the thought of having a Monster black cock. I constantly looked at pics of huge black dicks, and set out to find one online. I put an ad on a couple of sites explaining exactly what I was looking for. I wanted to take things a bit further with guys and make love. I was interested in a passionate session of kissing and touching, exploring with my hands and mouth, and having the same done to me.

I said flat out in my ad that I wanted a very well hung black man. I wasn’t interested in degradation or being someone’s bitch, I simply wanted a wonderfully passionate experience. I checked my mail the next day and there were several responses. I answered the ones that interested me, deleted quite a few more, and ended up conversing with a guy named Carl who lived out in the valley.

Carl was easygoing, intelligent, and also bi. We emailed and chatted and I began to feel like this guy was the one. You can get a sense about a person online if you pay attention, and Carl gave off the vibe that he was cool beans and into the same type of encounter I was looking for. He was 42, 6′ 5″ average build with a whopper for a cock. I saw the picture, and he wasn’t lying.

After a couple of weeks email and chatting, Carl asked if he could call me. I typed my number and hit send. within a couple of minutes my phone rang and I picked it up. We said hello and in a deep soft voice, he asked me if I was nervous . I told him that surprisingly I wasn’t, I was looking forward to talking to him.

“This is a big step for some guys Chris. I just want you to know that there’s no pressure. But I will say this, I like what I’ve seen in your pics and the fantasies you’ve talked about. I’m here when you’re ready.”

Damn, I was standing there looking at his cock pic on the computer monitor, and he was in my ear offering it to me. The butterflies hit my stomach and my cock chimed in with a twitch and started filling out.

I took a deep breath and said, “Carl, how about right now?”

I had cleaned up earlier, trimmed and shaved around my cock and balls, and prepared for a night with my dildo. I just came up with a better plan.

Carl laughed and said, “That sounds like a great idea! My evening is free, and even if it wasn’t I’d cancel my plans! I’m just surprised you’re ready.”

“Well, to be honest, I didn’t think I was.” Then I told him about looking at his pic while he talked to me and Carl laughed again.

I wrote down his address and I knew just about where Carl lived. I told him I’d be there in about an hour and we hung up. I’d committed, if I flaked I knew Carl would write me off, so I looked up his addy on an online map. I threw on a pair of cargo shorts commando and a polo shirt, slipped on my flip flops, grabbed my keys and headed for the door.

Carl’s place was a modest ranch style home in a nice neighborhood. I knew he had done a lot of remodeling on his own. We had chatted about home improvement as it was a mutual passion. It dawned on me that I actually felt like Carl was a friend. We had a lot in common outside our sexual desires, and I enjoyed chatting with him. I thought maybe this is what brought down my barriers to meeting him.

This was different. I wasn’t going to meet a guy for a quick drop trou and suck dick session. I was going to make love to this guy. It wasn’t about getting emotionally involved or falling in love, but I would definitely let my emotions loose during the time we were together. I had also trained my throat and ass for this night.

I parked in the driveway as he requested. It was dusk and I walked up the lit pathway to his front door and knocked. Carl opened the door and we just looked at each other smiling for a second before he invited me in. I stepped in and followed him into his den. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. He was what the girls would call tall dark and handsome. He was dignified looking, confident is a word that comes to mind. Carl offered me a beer, and I nodded and said please. Adapazarı Escort

Like me, he was stockier than thin, but in no way fat. He was wearing a pair of long cotton shorts and a T-shirt. I watched him walk back into the den with two beers and my gaze dropped to the front of his shorts. There was something substantial bouncing around in there, something I’d dropped about 10 loads while looking at it on my computer monitor over the last two weeks. Butterflies.

Carl sat down in a chair opposite me as we drank our beers and talked. No hurry. We talked about his house, the things he’d done to it, we discussed ideas he had and I threw in my own suggestions. He asked me if I’d like to smoke. We had both admitted in chat that we liked to fire one up on occasion, and this was a fine occasion, so we did.

I felt the mellow creep of good bud start to spread across my mind and body. I case I didn’t mention it, a good buzz makes me horny and sends my passion meter into the red.

He asked if I’d like a tour of his place and I said sure. His back yard was a work in progress, but he’d built nice covered redwood deck across the back of the house, and at the far end was a good sized hot tub. We walked down that way and he opened a French door next to the spa and invited me into huge master bedroom. The lights were low and he had some candles and incense burning. A king sized four poster bed dominated the room, with a seating area next to it with a couple of chairs and a table.

I stepped inside and Carl followed closing the door. To this point we were just a couple of buddies hanging out, but that changed when I felt him step up behind me and slip his hand onto my hip. Instead of feeling tension, my body just kind of melted. His hand slipped around to my belly pulled me tighter against him I felt his body against mine from head to toe, and I could feel that cock of his pressed into my ass.

He whispered into my ear, “I am glad you’re here Chris.”

I turned coming face to face with him and put my arms around his waist. My cock was stirring and as I pulled myself against him I pressed my cock against his. I looked up at him as he took my head in his big hands and moved his lips down onto mine. We kissed closed mouth, my first ever with a man, and he pulled back and looked at me. What a feeling. His lips were soft, but big and masculine, and they felt very different yet extremely good on mine.

I slid a hand up behind his neck and pulled him down for another, this time our mouths opened and our tongues came together. I’d never had a tongue that size invade my mouth, and I loved it. I kissed him back hard. I wasn’t afraid of hurting him, and I gave it my all. It was a deep masculine kiss that had our wet lips sliding together as our our tongues dueled for position in each other mouths.

We broke the kiss and I stepped back. All I could say was, wow. Carl was a bit more vocal and visual.That big cock was tenting his shorts, and he looked at me and said, “Chris, I have never been kissed like that. I knew a sister that was almost as good, but damn.”

My reply? “Wow.”

I wanted more, but I was letting him take the lead. He’d just shown me that if I wanted it I could have it, but this was his show from here on in. That would be a first for me as well. He stepped up to me and gave me a soft peck on the lips, then took my hand and led me across the bedroom into a spacious bathroom lit only by candlelight. I recognized this situation. We had chatted about starting out with a shower together, then moving on the the bedroom. Carl had paid attention, he knew what I wanted and to my great delight it looked like a plan in action.

Carl walked over and turned on the shower then stepped up behind me pressing his cock into my ass. He wrapped his arms around my waist and under my shirt as he ran his hands across the naked skin of my belly. He lowered his lips to my neck and let his ragged breath warm my skin, followed by his lips and tongue. I was absolutely glued into place.

He ran his hands up under my shirt and stroked my chest then nipples, then continued upward bringing my shirt with him, I raised my dangling arms over my head and he removed my polo. He continues to nibble at my neck as he ran his hands down my bare chest, across my stomach and into the top of my cargo shorts. I sucked it in a bit to give him room, and his hands slip down onto the front of my thighs. My cock was hard but pointing downward held in place by my shorts.

His right hand grazed across the side of my cock. I never brought my hands back down, I had reached up behind me and had laced my fingers behind his neck. As his hand grazed my cock I began to grind my ass back into his stiffening monster. We were both breathing heavy, but not saying a word, letting this moment and buzz take us wherever. My animal instinct was to bypass all this tender shit and just rip our clothes off each other, but this was working and I was digging it.

Carl pulled his hands back up and Serdivan Escort went to work on my button and zipper. He slipped my short down over my cock and it sprang straight up and slapped my treasure trail. Carl slid his hands across my cock, never grabbing it, just teasing it with his fingertips. My cock was hard as a rock and was reacting to his teasing by jerking and jumping.

“Mmmm, nice cock Chris. I’m going to love sucking you down my throat.”

He them slipped his hands onto my hips and turned me around. I reached for the bottom of his shirt and pulled it up and over his head as I leaned forward and took his nipple in my mouth. I gently sucked his nipple while running my hands up his back and lightly massaging. He lifted my chin up and we kissed again, softer but still strong and masculine.

I dropped my hands to the elastic waistband of his shorts started to lower them. His massive cock was in the way so I pushed harder til they broke free and dropped to the tile floor. I was slightly bent over and his cock sprang free and slapped me in the chest leaving a small snail trail of precum on my skin. I stood up and ran my finger through the precum, looked Carl in the eye, and inserted my finger into my mouth. Yummy.

He leaned forward and kissed me again as his cock massaged my hip. I looked down at his cock, and I couldn’t believe it. It was a good 10″ long and the color of milk chocolate. It was circumcised and torpedo shaped, with a wide rounded head that quickly widened into a fat shaft that seemed to get to it’s widest point about three inches down.

He had told me it started at about seven inches around at the head and went to about seven and a half inches and stayed that way to the root which was covered by trimmed curly black pubic hair. It was standing straight out, but gravity cause a slight downward curve. fucking beautiful.I couldn’t help myself, I reached down and wrapped my right hand around the shaft. It was heavy throbbing and alive.

Carl broke the spell and said it was time to step into the shower. I told him I wasn’t about the let the water wash away his precum, so bent down while lifting his shaft and ran my tongue across his head which was wet and leaking. that’s earned me another full throttle kiss before we stepped into the shower.

As soon as the water hit us we were chest to chest, cock to cock, and wrapped up in another fierce tongue duel. Carl grabbed the soap and we began lathering each other up. I ran my hands up his back, down to his solid ass, across his chest and finally with both hands I gave a long soapy stroke down his cock. I was in a major state of half-lidded lust, I wanted this cock inside both ends of my body.

Carl turned me around and started soaped my back. He then slipped his soapy hand down into the crack my ass. His finger massaged my rosebud then he slipped his digit into my ass as my hips starting moving involuntarily. He massaged my asshole, which he referred to as my man pussy, sliding his long finger in and out.

“Your pussy is on fire Chris. So hot and tight. You think you’ll me able to take me?”

“I’m sure as fuck going to give it my best shot Carl. You’ve got me as excited as I’ve ever been in my life stud.”

He brought his hands back around the front and started massaging my cock. He stepped into me and I felt his cock slide down the soapy crack of my ass, then between my legs. I trapped it with my thighs while my balls slid across the top of his shaft as began to slide it back and forth between my legs. I could see his cock come out just below mine as he stroked back and forth. I could feel my shaven balls sliding around on that massive tool. Carl was breathing heavy and getting worked up. The water was starting to wash away the soap, and his cock was gaining friction between my thighs.

I opened my legs and released him, then turned around. Carl place his hands on my shoulders and pushed me slowly backward until I came in contact with the bench at the back of the shower. I sat as he stepped forward with that beautiful cock bouncing in the air right in front of my lips. I’d been called a big mouth a few times in my life, but this is the first time I actually appreciated it. Carl placed his wet cock on my lips and I opened up leading with my tongue. His cock was wet, but it wasn’t just water, this man leaked a lot of precum and it was delicious.

I sucked and tongued the head of his cock and sensitive underside. I was still a little fearful of this massive tool and the damage it could do, so I controlled the depth by keeping my hands firmly on his hips. I slipped more of his cock into my mouth and my lips were now stretching around thickest part of his shaft but it wasn’t uncomfortable. I began sliding my hot mouth back and forth filling it with more and more of Carl’s cock.

He started talking to me. “That’s it Chris, take that cock. Ugh, your mouth feels so fucking good!”

I just kept at it. I pressed forward until the head of his cock hit my throat and stopped. This was a tight fit. I wiggle my head back and forth trying wedge this huge black cock into my throat. I backed off and then went forward and tried again with more pressure. My throat gave way a Carl sank a couple inches in. I had never been this filled with cock, it was everywhere inside my mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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