Carla’s Bistro Pt. 03

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Everyone having sex is at least 18. This is fiction, I made it all up. Warning: this is a self-edited story. I do use Grammarly to help reduce my ability to murder the English language. Special thanks to goducks1 for his help.


Chapter 12 — The Interview

We arrive at the hospital and I leave Jean sitting in a waiting room. I get Connie and Meg and bring them to meet her. Immediately Connie is hugging me and crying.

Connie gushes on me, “Thank you so much for showing up. You can’t believe how you being here has improved Kim’s mood. I thought she was going to give up and die of a broken heart. You showing up has turned her into a fighter. All the nurses noticed immediately and are very happy with whatever you said. What was it?”

I reply, “I think that is best left just between Kim and me for now. I want to introduce you to Jean, she is a reporter. I told her I would introduce her to you and I have. She wants to interview Kim. She seems like a nice and caring person, but I can’t guarantee what she will write. I told her she needs permission from all three of you. You are her family and will look out for Kim.

“Jean can help in three ways. She can help others who may have faced the same thing come forward if any are alive. I learned in school that the best way to deal with a tragedy is to talk about it. If you set up an online fund for donations, she might be able to get you some publicity that will provide financial help. We have a jar at work but that won’t put a dent in you need.”

I feel a bit uncomfortable saying this next part, but I must: “On the other hand, if Jean is playing us, she could paint Kim as a slut and that she asked for what she got, or you shouldn’t have sex before marriage.” Jean looked at me alarmed. “I don’t know you and I want to protect Kim. What if your editor hates your story and someone else edits it in a negative way? They need to understand the risks.”

More confident now, “You two talk to Kim and let Jean know what you three decide.”

Connie and Meg walk to Kim’s room.

Jean smiles at me, “You are so confident, you take charge, yet you know when to delegate. You are an interesting mix of talents for a man your age.”

I knowingly reply, “I have a great family, great friends, they helped shape me. I don’t know if we have a future, but I care about people. I notice the details many miss. I am at my best when chaos is around me and I stay calm and level-headed making important decisions, yet I try to know where my bounds are. Like this this family decision. I just presented the facts so they can make an informed decision.”

Jean tells me, “I know some people that might want to give you a job. I will contact them, and you will hear from them if they are interested.”

Connie walks back in, nervous, “Nurses are limiting you to a one-hour interview. Kim’s requirements are John must be there at all times and Meg and I are not allowed.”

I reassure Connie, “This is a good sign. She is thinking healthy. She doesn’t want to embarrass you and she wants me there to protect her. Please don’t be sad. This is a big step forward.” That cheered Connie up. Jean noticed that as well.

We walk into the room and Kim hasn’t moved. Naked but for the towel. Lots of bandages and gauze covering her body. Jean looked horrified but didn’t say anything.

I start the interview with, “Kim, you know I am John, I have Jean with me. She is a local reporter who wants to interview you. We have one hour, and you can choose not to answer any question you don’t want to or if it is too painful. If I don’t like a line of questioning I will shut it down. If you don’t want to continue the interview now or at any time, say so and I will end it.”

Jean asks, “Is it OK if I ask you a few questions? Kim nods yes. “I don’t need every gory detail but in general, what are your injuries?”

Kim is calm, “He used a leather belt to beat me on my back. His aim was poor, so he hit my legs and arms as well. I lost a pint of blood from the beating he gave me. He used paddles on my ass and nipple clamps on my tits. I am on painkillers to ease the pain.”

Jean asks nervously, “I understand you and John were a happy couple, he seems like a very nice guy. I don’t understand, why did you go out with that awful guy?”

Kim sounds sad, “I have no idea. He wasn’t cute, witty, or even kind. Yet I felt compelled to be with him. The one thing that stood out is he had an odd smell about him. It was bitter.”

Jean asks with curiosity, “Why do you think he did this to you?”

Kim quickly answers, “I knew that before John met me, he and four women were very serious about school. Women, like men, have ‘NEEDS’. The five of them were fuck buddies when they needed it. They all knew about the others and if needed there was a rotation they followed. From what I know, it worked for them. It ended the day we started dating. I heard he was a brother to one of the four girls. I do know I was bait for killing John. He beat me, so John kocaeli escort would focus on me while he killed John.”

Jean asks, “Tell me about your financial situation.”

I cut her off, “Sorry. Your talking about her mother’s financial condition. Kim will not answer those questions. Her mother can talk to you if she feels like it. Kim is on a full scholarship due to grades and has a part-time job working for my sister as a waitress. Next question please.”

Jean expected that, so she moved on, “Are you going to be ok?”

Kim wearily answers, “I don’t know. It has caused me, John, Carla, and my family a lot of embarrassment. It’s financially killing my family. Due to what I did, I have hurt a lot of people and almost got John killed. How do I live with that? Please, tell me. I need to know. I’m really struggling with all this”

Jean seems shaken by Kim’s reply. She pauses a few seconds.

Finally, Jean replied, “I have seen a lot of shit in this world. I have seen people overcome much worse. I think your first step is to forgive yourself. Nobody else will until you do.”

Jean smiles at me and then asks, “Do you love John still?”

I cut her off, “We are not …”

Kim completely ignores me, “Yes I do. I always have. However, I am not worthy of him anymore.”

I complain, “I never said anything …”

Now Jean talks over me, “Is he good in bed? Does he melt your heart?”

I insist, “Ok, we are done …”

Kim again ignores me like I am not here, “Oh yes. He starts off with those sensual lips, then teases my nipples.” A nurse walks in, hears the interview and quickly walks out. “Then he eats me to at least three orgasms before he releases his monster and it touches places I never knew existed.”

I add, “Um girls, we are done here. Jean is leaving.”

Kim continues, “He slow fucks me for twenty minutes then he turns into a rabbit earning him a hard orgasm every time. He changes things up, so I don’t get bored. Yes, he is VERY good in bed.”

I am furious, I grab Jean to force her from the room.

Jean stops me, “Please, one last question. I will be quick.” I let go. “Is your question now answered?”

Kim never asked a question; how is it answered? Jean thanks Kim and leaves.

Jean wants to interview Connie next. The two of them sat alone and talked quietly. Connie didn’t want my help, I respected her wishes. Meg is in with Kim leaving me by myself. Dad walks in, I expected him to be at work. Seems he called in sick and spent the morning setting up a trust fund for Kim. He got power of attorney from Connie. He gave Jean the information she will need to publicize it, so they can get donations.

A half-hour later, mom and Carla show up. Neither will talk to Jean. Mom had a blast waitressing again. I can see the happiness on her face. They collected over $200 for Kim and the place was full all day. All afternoon the side tables were full and at least half of the customers covered them for privacy. The new girls worked out fine. Chris is already asking if I am available. Too soon to answer that.

Mom and dad leave to pick up the pizza. Jean stops by on her way out.

Jean seems happy, “Tonight I will write a story for the paper with the facts. Then I will write a human-interest story for a magazine. It will take me a few days … or more to write it. I have a good feeling I can sell it. The story will be emotional and powerful, a good vs. evil story. I want to know how you two end up. I want to know if she gets you back. She is a broken woman right now. I am rooting for her. I am rooting for both of you.”

I shrug my shoulders, “Too bad this isn’t a fairy tale. Not all stories have a happy ending.”

Jean laughs, “That is true. However, I am a romantic, I am betting on Kim and you. Not because I have inside knowledge or can see the future, but because I think love can withstand anything. Time will tell. Good luck to both of you. I’ll stay in touch. Bye.”

Carla grabs me, and we leave as well. I am tired and need an aspirin.

Chapter 13 — Recovering

At home, I take some aspirin and the pizza is waiting for us. Quick easy dinner and then a movie. Before the movie I get grilled on Kim and if we are still together. I can’t help what I feel. She left me for the scuzzy guy and I just don’t believe in mind control. I also can’t believe that so quickly she could forget about me. I don’t know what to believe. Immediately after the movie, I go to bed. I don’t sleep well and wake up twice in the middle of night.

The next morning is normal at home but work was utter chaos. Everything seemed to go wrong. We lost our water service, so we had no running water to use to clean or serve to our customers. We had to use bottled water for a while. We lost our phone lines which means no credit card processing unless we use our cell phones to do a manual approval. People spilled drinks, dropped food, and easily a dozen pieces of silverware hit the floor. Abby has a guy walk into her spilling a tray of kocaeli escort bayan food. Two of the girls are tripped while carrying drinks causing a huge mess. Overall, it made for a stressful day. Everyone is tired at 4:00 when a guy in an expensive suit shows up in the bistro. He starts out by handing me a check for $5000. Well, that is a nice end to the day.

Tony says, “My sister Jean calls me up and says she found a guy I need to hire. She then tells me the story about you. She described you as a floating eye of a hurricane, always calm and quick with decisions. Do you have time to answer a single question?”

I get him a drink and we sit down. Everyone is standing around us and listening to him talk.

Tony gives me the situation, “You are running a FEMA branch. A small island takes a direct hit by a hurricane causing extensive damage. Hundreds of calls are coming in for help. How do you triage which calls get help first?”

I surprise everyone, “None.”

Tony fishes for a better answer, “You have hundreds of people calling for help. They need water and relief supplies. How do you coordinate the efforts? We have to do something.”

He looks at me concerned, am I failing a one question test?

I reply, “Software had better be monitoring where the calls are coming from. The data paints a picture for me. If they have power and the ability to follow procedures, they are not in dire trouble. It’s the people not calling in that are trying to save lives or have no power. That worries me more. Those are the places I am sending my limited resources to. They are the ones that need it the most.”

Tony now smiles at my answer and says, “My name is Tony Luziano, and I am the head of FEMA. I need people to run command centers. They need to remain calm in hurricanes and other calamities and see the details. Today I paid a bunch of people to make your day a living hell. You took it in stride as if it was normal. I need people like that. If you are ok with my suggestions, we are going to work with your school to adjust your class schedules to cater to our needs. They will do it.

“When big events happen, we will fly you in and it will count towards school work, even in place of tests and quizzes if needed. It will be partially on the job training. When you graduate, you will run a command center. Your starting salary will be well past six figures. You interested?”

I calmly reply, “I need to see the details and the contract, but yes, I am very interested.”

Tony smiles at me, “When I saw how calm you remained with all the crap we threw at you, I knew you were perfect. My sister has very good instincts with people and she sold you hard. I will gather the paperwork, contact your school, and have people stop by to answer any of your questions, explain the paperwork and benefits.

“We have our own planes. When you come on board you will become priority

, I am

. You will get places fast. It can be a whirlwind, but it’s fun and you can make a difference. Your first act, I want you to write up a software enhancement proposal for the tracking of calls like you described. We don’t do that now and it’s a great idea. I want everyone using it ASAP.”

Tony stands up, shakes my hand, and is about to leave. He comes back and smiles at me.

Tony asks, “I have no right to ask, and I won’t force you, but can you show me the bruise from being shot?”

I pulled up my shirt, Tony looked at it and says, “OUCH, damn that must have hurt.”

I reply, “Second most painful event in my life.” Tony looks at me surprised. “Kim leaving me for the other guy was


Tony’s eyes looked pained, “I have lots of friends that owe me favors. Let me see if I can get more eyes looking at the case for you, I am curious myself now. Damn that sister of mine.” He smiles big.

We shake hands and he leaves. I hand the check to Carla. She is resistant.

I explain, “This is your place, we all work for you. Your business may lose a customer or two because of the bad service today. It’s your money. Let’s clean up and go home, I think we are all tired. They beat us up pretty good.”

For the next hour every time I say something, they reply with “Yes Sir” or “Yes boss man”. It was like a running joke with them. They finally found a way to get on my nerves.

We go home and have a normal dinner. Meg never stopped by to pick up their dinners. I take the food, put it in a cooler and drive out to their house. It’s only five minutes by car. I get there, no cars in the driveway. The house is dark. Their mailbox is overflowing. I drive up to the hospital. Connie and Meg look like hell. Kim had a surgery today and it wore them out. I call Carla to come to the hospital. Mom and dad came with her.

I say to my family, “They look like hell. Their mailbox is overflowing. Kim had a surgery today and they are wiped out. No way they can drive. They need sleep, shower, and food. I will carry them if needed. I wanted Carla so she can be here for Kim when she wakes up while izmit escort I take the rest of them home.”

Dad suggests, “Your mom and I will take Connie and Meg. I don’t know which of you Kim will want to see so both of you stay here. At least one of us will be back.” They take off.

I tickle Kim’s feet.

Kim sounds angry, “You asshole! I was trying to sleep.”

I laugh, “Yeah right. You mean you were listening to see what was going on and what we might say about you.” Kim gave no response.

I taunt her, “We can tell you about the worst day the bistro has ever seen, my job offer, or my leaving.”

Carla cuts in first, “Fuck you, John. You can’t just say you are leaving with no context.”

I point out, “I just did.”

Irritably Kim says, “Start with work.”

I explain, “We had serving trays toppled, waitresses tripped while carrying food, several spilled drinks, dropped silverware, lost our water, loss of our phones, and wrong orders. Most every customer had a problem or two today. It was a disaster. Anything bad that could happen did. It was a frustrating day for all of us. Then about 4:00 a guy in a suit comes in and hands Carla a check for $5,000. This guy caused all the trouble today to test me and then paid Carla for the damages. He paid customers to do the various things to us. We were attacked by a stranger.”

Carla approved of my answer, so I continue, “This guy is the brother of Jean, the reporter that interviewed us. He runs FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency). He wants to change my classes and have me help manage command centers when a major catastrophe comes up. Eventually, I will manage a command center by myself. The centers aren’t around here so I will have to move … after I graduate.”

I move closer to hold her hand and say, “He is owed favors, some federal agents will look at the drugs that were used to see if the guy somehow took away your will. Right now, I don’t know what to believe about your story. What I do know is that I still love you. Regardless of what they find, I am here for you and will help you through this ordeal.”

Kim surprises me, “No, you are not my boyfriend. You need to go.”

I am in shock. What did she say? Is she sending me away? Doesn’t she want me? Why?

Carla saves the situation, “Shut up bitch. After all that he has done for you. You don’t get a pity party. He took a shotgun blast to the chest for you. I saw the black and blue bruise, it’s horrific. You got a cute guy, he has a huge cock and loves to eat pussy. Only pity turns that down. I am having none of that. You and your family are going to need lots of help. We are here, and you need us. Shut your fucking trap about not wanting him. You may have scars, but your personality and cunt are still the same. Accept that he loves something about your pathetic ass. I wish I had someone like him.”

A nurse walks in, “You listen to her girl, guys that eat pussy and have huge cocks are hard to find. You two need to leave, I have to change the bandages.”

We go back to the waiting room.

I ask Carla, “When Jean was doing the interview, she asked several personal questions about me. I ended the interview. Her last question was ‘Is your question now answered?’ The odd thing is Kim never asked a question. What did I miss? I know that whole conversation was in female code.”

Carla smiles at me and smirks as she answers, “Those last few questions were not for Jean, they were for Kim. She asked those questions, so Kim would see that you still love her, and it wasn’t just you are a nice guy. The unasked question was, ‘Does John love you still. Your answers and the way you reacted told her yes, you do.”

She hugs me tight. We sleep in the chairs by Kim’s bed that night. Early in the morning, we leave after getting a text from the parents that all four of them are coming back to the hospital. We need to shower and change so we can go to work. I go straight to the shower and strip down. As I am adjusting the water, Carla steps in with me and wraps her arms around me. She purposely pushes her breasts into my back.

Carla says into my ear, “I am proud of you and the way you handled Kim. We are short of time so please fuck me quick. I need it bad.”

Carla faces the back of the shower, bends at her waist, and put both hands on the wall. Her feet are wide for easy access to her love tunnel. No time for love this time, I need to get in and get her off quickly. My first thrust is gentle. Wow, no need for that, she is wet and ready. I immediately start slamming hard into her at a very quick pace. I don’t know if she is horny or is thanking me for the way I have been treating Kim. I do know this is a fantastic way to take a shower before work.

Carla is moaning and breathing short sharp breaths. I know this sound, it won’t be long before she erupts into a glorious orgasm. Certainly not the world’s best orgasm, this one will be hard, but nothing is like making love. This is two bodies using each other. I realize so much has happened so fast. Helping with the bistro has truly altered my life. Yet, just a few days ago I thought I had lost it all. We both orgasm together. I hold her in place as I shoot four ropes of cum into my lovely sister.

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