Caroline, Customer or Commodity? Ch. 04

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“Caroline, Leila’s down in the kitchen with Frank if you want to try your hand at dominating her.” Felicia suggested mischievously, her green eyes twinkling as brightly as the diamond pedants that set off her dark hair and simple black dress so beautifully.

“I think I’ll pass if you don’t mind,” Caroline exclaimed, as she sat on the couch sipping her coffee, as she sat demurely her knees together under her cream Minskirt.

“But how will you learn?” Felicia asked earnestly.

“Intuitively!” Caroline explained, “but tell me about Donna.”

“I think you should see Leila.” Felicia continued “come along.”

“I’m not dressed for it!” Caroline explained.

“Oh you look fine!” Felicia explained, “Cream suits you, a bit short perhaps but it’s fine.

Leila was waiting patiently but in the chair in the cage dungeon beside the stacked rows of three foot square cages where slaves were stored when not needed not in the kitchen where Frank had left a note on door of the big refrigerator, “In C/R”.

Leila had no option but to wait patiently as Frank had her strapped tightly into a tight black leather bdsm style corset with multiple silver buckles and had secured her arms behind her with soft leather cuffs tightly strapped together and he had secured her ankles with wide leather cuffs connected together with a short chain.

Leila looked cold and miserable, there was no hint of excitement from her stubbly pubes or her pale pink breasts, no hint of arousal from her nipples just an expression of total misery.

“Oh no not her!” Leila complained, “I cannot respect her” she managed to blurt out before Frank silenced her with a pad of what looked like her soft black panties.

“Hush,” he said, “Now bend over,” Leila stood awkwardly and did as Frank ordered. “Five strokes Caroline if you please, “She really doesn’t understand.”

“No, I think she misbehaves because she wants us to cane her,” Caroline observed, “I think our Leila needs to learn her place properly, can I take her for a walk round the grounds?”

“Oh I don’t know.” Frank replied rubbing his stubbly unshaved chin, “I ought to ask Fel, really, but the gates are shut so I suppose so,” Frank agreed, “But why,”

“Oh, a little idea I have, give me five minutes, to change, are there some rubber boots I could borrow.”

“But it’s raining.” Frank observed.

“I know,” Caroline agreed, “That’s what makes it fun!” Caroline looked around, “Have you a collar and leash for her as well.” She paused, “And a proper gag.”

Caroline rushed to her room, she found her sensible knee length green skirt and her roll neck cardigan, her waterproof jacket and wide brimmed hat and a suspender belt and black stockings to match her bra, and quickly dressed and hurried back to Leila.

“Come along Leila, if you behave like a bitch then I’ll treat you like one,” she said as she spotted Leila now cowering fearfully with a ball gag in her mouth and a dog collar and leash around her neck.

“Shall we keep the hobble chain?” Frank asked, “Make her trot,”

“Yes!” Caroline grinned, “about a foot,”

“Already done!” Frank grinned,

Felicia was red with anger or was it shame, but her nipples now stood out rigidly from her exposed breasts as Caroline took the leash and picked up the whip Frank had offered her earlier and ordered Leila to go “Walkies.”

Leila shook her head, “Would you rather go in the cage?” Caroline asked and Leila nodded, but still Caroline dragged Leila along the stone floored tunnels and corridors along past the boot room and out into the courtyard.

The gravel hurt Leila’s bare feet as she trotted helplessly after Caroline, taking the short steps her hobble chains compelled her to and almost skipping in her desperate attempt to keep up with Caroline and twice before they reached the Lawn Leila stumbled and would have fallen but for Caroline holding her up with the leash.

“Heel” Caroline said, recalling childhood memories of her walks with Goldie her old Labrador Retriever when she was a girl.

The Lawns were wet, and the dampness icy cold and still the rain came softly down chilling Leila to the bone, soaking her dark hair to a soggy shapeless mass that straggled over her forehead, and making her cheap mascara run until she looked like a Halloween witch but still Leila welcomed the smooth smoothness of the grass after the cruel battering her feet had received from the gravel path and courtyard, and she trotted awkwardly after Caroline as she led her across the immaculate lawns towards the track she had walked with Sam.

They passed through the gate from the Lawn to the woods where young pine trees lined the soft grassy track which within yards turned to muddy ruts where LandRovers and Tractors had churned deep ruts of into the soft peaty loam, Leila struggled to speak but Caroline assumed she wanted freedom and so she merely slipped Leila’s leash.

Leila was terrified she would fall, unable to protect herself, she panicked, but in her inexperience Caroline mis-read istanbul escort the signs and within yards Leila had slipped over twice, and had only through extreme and faintly comical contortions managed to get up again, to Caroline’s clear amusement and then finally as the dark peat turned to yellowish stinking clay so Leila slipped and fell full length face down in a muddy water filled rut.

Caroline watched Leila with amusement before she realised she was drowning and not play acting, and despite wriggling furiously in the slime she couldn’t save herself.

“Get up,” Caroline ordered, “don’t be so childish, playing in the mud.” Leila coughed a great bubble of slimy water, but Caroline simply lost patience and grabbed a handful of Leila’s hair and hauled her to her feet.

Leila coughed, her chest heaved, “Oh no you don’t!” Caroline snapped and she grabbed the back of Leila’s ball gag strap and wrenched it over her head, pulling the gag from her mouth and allowing her to breathe.

“Oh gog, I’m choking!” Leila complained, I nearly die!”

“I saved you, I’ll leave the gag out for now if you will keep quiet, no better still bark, then it can stay out, all right?”

“Yes.” said Leila thankfully

“One bark for no two for yes,” Caroline insisted, “Show me.”

“Rough Rough,” Leila said feebly, with no enthusiasm “but I am not a dog,!” she complained.

“No. you’re a bitch! Caroline agreed as she looked at Leila’s filthy mud plastered sex and her filthy face and realised her plans for Leila would have to wait, her fantasy of looking across the valley while Leila sat before her with her head between Caroline’s widely spread legs expertly bringing her to shuddering orgasm with her tongue and lips would have to wait, she playfully swatted Leila across the buttocks with a whip and then she had an idea. “Bark!” she ordered.

“ok, rough, rough, ok.” Leila replied

“Good,” Caroline exclaimed, “Come along Doggie, let’s go a bit further.”

Leila looked alarmed, “Whoof, please no!” she wailed, but Caroline was enjoying her feeling of power.

“Rest a moment then!” Caroline said, but if the reality of Leila’s hot little mouth tickling her was unworkable the thought had worked its magic and Caroline was becoming deliciously damp at the thought so she looked at Leila, and at the whip and said. “Why not!”

“Why not what?” Leila asked.

“Mmm, Caroline said as she leaned against a tree and scooped up her skirts and eased the lips of her sex apart and after licking the handle to lubricate it she settled down onto her whip. “MMmm,” she said, as Leila watched her, “It’s good!”

“It’s disgusting” Leila said, but still she stared intently, as Caroline alternated between thrusting the handle inside herself and placing the end on the ground and levering herself up and down.

It wasn’t working until Caroline decided to give up and do Leila instead, she pulled the whip from her sex and said “Lick.”

Leila licked Caroline’s juices and despite herself she responded, she grew moist and her nipples hardened, Caroline saw the moisture amongst the filth surrounding Leila’s sex, so Caroline felt in her pockets, found the panties she had brought for emergencies and took them and began to clean Leila’s sex with them.

Leila gradually lay back into the filth of the forest floor, her sex opened like the petals of an exotic flower and she explored briefly before taking the whip from Leila’s mouth and inserting it firmly in her vagina.

“No,” Leila screamed. Sending a thrill through Caroline, she panicked, she needed the whip for herself now, her clit throbbed and she had this aching void within her that needed something, her whip, Sam’s prick, something.

She remembered her torch, Jacket pocket, “Agghh,” she squealed as she tried to pull open the press studs one handed and satisfy Leila at the same time but eventually she grasped the torch, she even switched it on in her confusion and she reached down and slid the cold metal tube where she most needed it.

It wasn’t enough so in a moment of recklessness she turned it around and thrust it inside herself bulbous lens end first, it hurt, it was too big, so she pushed again, the wave of pain swept over her, again she pushed and the pain became purple, her body desperately pumped more juice and suddenly she tipped over the point where pain subsides to pleasure and her mind exploded into a waterfall of fireworks, a cloud of starlings exploding into a maelstrom of psychedelic stars, carried aloft by a flock of albatross before a cloud of cotton wool enveloped her and she sank slowly to earth, drained.

Caroline became aware of screaming, she was sprawled on her back and something had impaled her, something deep in her sex, Leila was screaming, “Please!”

“Hush,” Caroline said.

“I thought you die, look, look at your fuck hole, is on fire!” Caroline dragged up her skirt, her sex was glowing faintly.

“My torch must be on,” she mused, “Lets bring you off then we can get escort bayan home!” she suggested.

But Leila was cold, scared, terrified that Caroline would die and leave her helpless and Caroline admitted that Leila’s high would have to wait.

“Go back please!” Leila requested.

“Hush,” Caroline ordered and instead she took Leila by the collar and dragged her further up the track among the trees.

The tails of the whip slapped Leila’s thighs as she walked, the shaft still embedded in Leila’s tight cold sex and unseen Caroline’s torch sent little shivers through her as it’s thin shaft swung between her legs held by the bulbous lens end.

“Please, stop, it hurts!” Leila pleaded, “Take this thing away please, my feet hurt.” Caroline peered at Leila’s mud encrusted feet.

“What?” she demanded she stopped and bent down for a closer look.

“They hurt,” Leila exclaimed as Caroline bent down released the ankle chains brushed the dirt from the soles of Leila’s feet and observed, “I don’t see any cuts.”

“Please the whip?” Leila asked again.

“Yes Caroline agreed, “I think we’d better get cleaned up” she suggested as she looked Leila stood still covered in filth, with even her dark hair matted with filthy brown mud, with several inches of glistening whip handle hanging from her sex.

“Thank you,” Leila said grudgingly, “Mistress, the whip please Mistress.”

“Yes, sorry, Caroline apologised, “but I have the whip in the wrong hole for a doggie”

“Shall I change it?” Caroline asked as she pulled the whip out slightly, “Or leave it in?” she asked as she pushed it in. “Out or in, in or out?” she said as she moved the handle rhythmically in and out.

“This, one,” Leila insisted, “Oh, you must not stop I cannot bear it, I must lie down.”

Leila’s legs buckled and she subsided to the mud of the track, Caroline followed her down and instinctively grabbed at her torch but she knew this was Leila’s moment so she pulled the torch free and held it to Leila’s lips as she supported herself on one elbow and wanked Leila at the same time.

Leila’s breathing changed and she suddenly convulsed and lay still gasping for breath.

“We must go back now please mistress!” Leila asked hopefully as she recovered.

“Yes, you need a wash!” Caroline agreed and she helped Leila up and they started to walk towards the Castle.

“You don’t want to be my slave do you?” Caroline asked

“No,” Leila replied, “You are weak then you are horrible, no I want Iron fist in soft glove not soft fist in tin glove.”

“Interesting turn of phrase, but didn’t you like the sex!” Caroline queried.

“No, it was horrible I do not like filthy sex!” Leila lied convincingly

“Oh well you have far too strong a personality for me to control,” Caroline admitted as they strolled together across the lawns.

Felicia was waiting by the kitchen door as they entered the court yard and she looked disapprovingly at Caroline. “What happened to Leila,” as she asked as they stood beside the courtyard wall in the soft rain.

“Fell full length into a puddle!” Caroline explained, “so we had to come back.”

“No gag, is she under control?” Felicia enquired.

“Oh, yes, absolutely,” Caroline insisted, “we have an arrangement,” she peered at Leila and ordered “slave lick my boots.”

“Never,” Leila replied so to impress Felicia, Caroline took the whip by its sticky handle and slashed Leila across her buttocks and then as she turned to protect herself, Caroline slashed Leila’s breasts.

“Down and lick my boots!” Caroline ordered.

Leila looked for a escape but there was none so reluctantly she sank to her knees on the gravel and bent to kiss Caroline’s filthy mud encrusted boot. Leila planted one solitary gentle kiss and looked up.

“Clean them, lick them clean with your filthy mouth dry them with your filthy hair you bitch!” Caroline demanded.

“Caroline,” Felicia cautioned, “please remember Leila is only on temporary loan, you must return her in perfect condition, or I will have to charge.”

“How much,” Caroline asked furiously.

“A thousand for each week she remains too damaged to be displayed.” Felicia answered after furious mental arithmetic.

“In that case she isn’t worth it,” Caroline sneered.

“Hose her off Caroline and then we can cage her until we arrange transport.” Felicia suggested, there’s a hot air blower in the cage room for drying so just give her a blast with the hose pipe.” Leila pointed to the coiled hose pipe on the wall and Caroline spotted it was already attached to a tap.

“No,” Leila wailed but Caroline unhooked a few feet of hose and as Felicia stood clear Caroline blasted Leila with a solid jet of freezing water, spraying every inch of her from her hair to her feet, as she meticulously worked the jet over every millimetre of Leila’s soft pink body except where the corset covered her middle.

“It’s Cold” Leila shivered as the Icy water chilled her, “I can’t breathe.”

“Turn Ataşehir escort the water off, I’ll remove the corset,” Felicia said as she stepped forward, and as she did so she threw a pair of cheap plastic sandals at Leila’s feet. “Put them on, keep your feet clean,” Felicia suggested.

With her corset and wrist cuffs removed, Leila allowed Felicia to wash her down, this time with the gentle spray where Felicia held her thumb over the nozzle.

“I’m so cold,” Leila protested, “May I go to the cage please Mistress?”

“Yes of course, I’ll send you some coffee and something to eat later, run along.”

Felicia replied.

They watched Leila walk away, “That showed her who’s the boss,” Caroline stated unequivocally.

Felicia remained unconvinced, but suggested they should think about getting Caroline back to the Queens hotel and to her VW for the trip home.


Dinner was served early, a simple buffet, self service from plates of meat and vegetables in the Morning room, and when Caroline came down after a relaxing bath she found there was just place for Frank and Felicia and herself.

“You’ll have to take Caroline down in the Audi Fel’, Frank said abruptly.

“Look Frank, calling me Madam is good; Felicia is ok when we are with friends but I hate being called “Fell.”

“Yes dear, but I got to get the LandRover back when Ianto comes, got stuck see, on Forestry commission track, when I tried taking a short cut taking Leila back.”

“Ianto rang, he can’t come, the team won today and he’s going to celebrate,” Felicia said, “He’s sending Gethin.”

“That’s typical, Gethin plays his heart out then he don’t get to celebrate.” Frank sighed, “Sarah will be pleased though, but still at least he won’t have a hang over!”

“I don’t suppose you can drive a LandRover can you Caroline?” Felicia asked, “I do so hate driving at night, and there is no way I’m driving that hideous LandRover.”

“Oh yes, daddy had one,” Caroline confirmed, “He died you see, he was very old.”

“Then can you come, you just have to sit and steer and I’ll tow you, I got Ianto’s truck outside.” Frank asked hopefully.

“Yes, but I ought to be getting back!” Caroline pointed out.

“Still have you home by midnight easy, no traffic this time of night.” Frank explained

“We’ll eat up and then we can have coffee and sweet afterwards.” Felicia suggested.

The dusk had settled darkly over the trees and hills and mountains as Caroline pulled on her levis and wellington boots with her freshly cleaned green jacket and big hat and climbed up into the cab of Ianto’s old Bedford army lorry, she saw the oversize tyres with off road treads and she just knew they would have no problems.

“Why the urgency Frank?” Caroline asked curiously

“Got the LandRover stuck, very stuck!” Frank admitted, “On the Forestry Commission, they’ll be upset if its not shifted by Monday morning.”

The journey was rough and tedious, the truck’s springs seemed rock hard and the track beyond the castle grounds a mass of rocks and tree roots all lit up like a fairy grotto as the trucks array of spot lights shone on the overhanging trees giving the effect of driving down a cave.

“Got two alternators this,” Frank told Caroline as if it was interesting, “He got so many bloody lights he couldn’t get one big enough, and two batteries see, twenty four volt!”

“Daddy’s LandRover was twenty four volt,” Caroline agreed “The Army had it back when he died, he sort of borrowed it you see!”

They drove on, “How did you get stuck?” Caroline asked.

“I let Leila drive see, like a fool see, private road see, I said keep right she goes left an bosh!” Frank explained, “Mud up to the windscreen very near.”

To say the LandRover was stuck was an understatement, the LandRover was leaning to the left at an ugly angle with mud was right over the wheels where Leila had completely misjudged the boggy patch and the left side wheels had dug in.

“Just sit in and steer I’ll winch you out!” Frank suggested.

“Look at the mud!” Caroline replied.

“The ground’s firm right up to the door,” Frank said, “Leila went too far left and the firm bit’s on the right

Caroline peered at the LandRover, “Keys?” she asked.

“In it” Frank said.

“All right then,” Caroline agreed as she clambered into in the drivers seat and cranked the motor.

“Push the yellow knob down,” Frank shouted as the engine burst to life. “Try it!”

“I know,” Caroline said “Low Range, just like Daddy’s”

“Ready,” Frank asked, “Just rock it back and forward a bit and I’ll come past and then we can sort out where to attach a cable”

“I’ll just see if I can get out without a tow, Caroline suggested as she kept the engine revving and as she shifted from first to reverse gear and back so the LandRover gently eased forward and back and then.

“That’s it go left lots of gas” shouted Frank, “Gas!” he yelled.

Caroline was confused, she was doing fine she thought, all full throttle would do was cover everything in mud, but if Frank insisted then fine she thought as she slammed the accelerator pedal to the metal floor and a volcano of mud erupted from around the wheels.

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