Carol’s School Tales Ch. 14

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“Ah Miss Norris glad you could join us,” Miss Newark said sarcastically.

“Sorry Miss,” I mumbled.

She went on about how the rest of the week would probably be the most important of our lives. We were given time to ask her any questions about our exams. The whole mood in the class had changed now, and everyone was deadly serious. The last hour of the day she told us to revise, or go for a walk and just unwind before tomorrow. I went down to the gardens and sat watching the painters. They were working on renovating the old school rooms that were going to be used next year.

I watched the three men who now and then would look back at me and smile. One of them a man in his 40’s came over and offered me a fag. I suppose if I had been thinking straight I would have declined it. But when I took it the other two came over and started talking to me. I could see the odd glance at my stocking tops from all three of them, but it still didn’t make me think they were after anything more than a chat. I talked about school and the questions slowly turned more personal. I was soon telling them I didn’t have a boyfriend. Just imagine the look on their faces if I told them I was married!

Then they started on about my daring clothes. I blushed but they offered me another fag. The younger guy dropped it between my crossed thighs and it nestled on my stocking tops. I just looked at the hand that went to retrieve it. The conversation had stopped now, and they all watched the hand caress my trembling stocking clad thigh. I looked up into his eyes feeling a little sweaty above my top lip.

“You like that darling?” the older one asked.

I just swallowed licking the sweat off my top lip. The older man’s hand began caressing my other thigh. The third man flicked a lighter, I moved towards the flame with the cigarette in my mouth. I had to stretch sideways. As I did my legs opened slightly and two sets of fingers wriggled onto my wet panties!

“Go on open your legs a bit nobody will see.”

I looked up into the eyes of the two men who were fondling me. They both gave me little winks and smiles of encouragement. I slowly uncrossed my legs and opened them slightly.

“That’s a good girl,” the black man cooed.

I turned my head not realising he had moved behind me. I gave him a shy smile.

“Now why don’t you show me and my mates those big tits of yours?” he asked softly.

I looked at the other two, again they encouraged me but I didn’t move.

“Go on sexy you’re very wet, and we can see your pussy anyway,” the younger guy said.

“Yeah those little net panties don’t really hide it do they?” the older guy added.

I felt the two black hands slip over my shoulders. He gently peeled my blouse open until I gasped as my tits became exposed. They all cooed and agreed how nice and firm my bare breasts were.

A finger slipped into my well greased pussy. Then another this time from the other mans hand! I watched as the two black hands cupped both of my breasts. He lifted them and groped them gently. I was told what a good girl I was, as the fingers of all three men became a little more confident and forceful.

The black man was kissing my neck now and he was really getting me hot. I turned my head wanting him to kiss my mouth.

“Oh you want a kiss sweetheart?” he asked, in a surprised but excited tone.

I nodded as the fingers went a little deeper. The way he was talking to me was like I was a young kid learning to ride a bike. Every time I complied with their requests, I was reward with smiles and encouraging words.

As his tongue went in my mouth he began tweaking both my nipples. I moaned on his kiss encouraging him to probe deeper into my mouth, and pluck my nipples more firmly.

After a few moments he went back to kissing my neck. That was when he started whispering.

“Why don’t you hold that pretty little pussy of yours open, so my mates can get in deeper?”

“Well sweetheart do you think you can do that for us?” the older guy said, in a soft soothing tone.

I looked between all three of them as they waited for my answer. Again I felt embarrassed and flushed.

“OK” I mumbled, almost child like.

I bit my bottom lip in a coy manner. I pulled my pussy open showing them the inner folds. Again I received encouragement. They were all telling me how good I was.

“That Bayan Escort Gaziantep is so good of you…?”

“Becky,” I offered.

“Becky, now don’t worry about thinking you shouldn’t be doing this. It makes you happy doesn’t it Becky?”

“Oh yeah!” I whimpered, feeling the fingers in me making me wetter.

“Do you want to cum now Becky?”

I looked up at the older man with a little shy expression. I couldn’t answer him verbally so I just nodded. Again this was met by a happy reaction.

“Open up further then,” the older man said.

I opened my legs.

“No with your fingers sweetheart,” he said, correcting my schoolgirl mistake.

“Sorry,” I mumbled pathetically.

“That’s OK sexy,” the black man whispered in my ear.

I could feel my legs shake and my orgasm start to build. My cunt was squelching now quite loudly!

I began to squirm a little more. I let out a loud gasping shriek. The black man covered my mouth with his to muffle my excited cries. The two men finger me were fucking me faster, I’m sure if I looked down both of their hands would just be a blur!

My hips began to jump around, and I screamed into the black man’s mouth over and over. Every part of my body trembled, and my heart must have been off scale as it was beating so fast! My orgasm lasted and lasted, until I had to let go of my pussy lips and push the two men’s hands from me.

As I sat recovering I could hear the school bell ringing. I straightened my clothes as the men went back to work. I just managed to make myself decent, before I could hear the chatter of school kids making their way home. I didn’t look at the men I just rushed back to the main school building. Even when I went to the loo my legs were still shaking!

I didn’t know why I had let it happen with the painters. It was almost like an out of body experience. I suppose after everything that had happened I was so mixed up that I didn’t really care.

Miss Newark’s words came back into my head. Just go and unwind she said, well I suppose I had!

“Why aren’t you ready for school?”

“Its teacher training day,” I replied.

“Huh, in my day the teachers didn’t need training, anyway they get enough time off as it is. You don’t know how lucky you are these days.”

“Dad you are talking to Carol, remember your wife?”

Becky and I chuckled as Jim didn’t know where to look. He made some excuse about being late and stormed off embarrassed.

So there I was stood in the tattoo parlour with Becky. Several leering eyes looked over me. I wore my blonde hair up, and a red top that was thin and had a deep round neckline. My nipples poked out causing two very visible lumps due to being braless. I had on a tight denim miniskirt and black stockings. I wore the tight black boots with a 5 inch heel.

Becky had me seated before I could react. She said she wanted a tattoo, I didn’t realise it would be on me!

“OK where to love?” asked the fat bald guy, covered in tattoos all over his head.

“She wants it on her left boob so it will show,” Becky sneered.

I just looked at her in terror. I knew it was pointless to resist so I sat there for ½ an hour. When he was done and I managed to unscrew my face I looked down. There they were two red cherries with a green stalk! Jim always wanted me to have a tattoo, but not on my breast where it would show if my blouse was open!

The one saving grace was Becky was dressed like me, in a short skirt and revealing top. But I was the one with the bloody tattoo!

I felt eyes being drawn to my breast as we walked. She took me right through the centre of town. We got whistled at several times, and I knew my face was matching my red top.

“Come on lets go for a drink.”

“Becky not in a pub,” I groaned.

“Don’t worry we won’t have to buy them.”

So there we were in this rather awful pub. All the other customers were male, about 20 or so. Every eye was on Becky and me.

“Becky I don’t like it here, it’s full of bikers, and they don’t look very friendly,” I whispered.

“Shut up and relax. Some of them aren’t bad, besides don’t you want a little fun?”

I felt her hand snake round onto my bare waist, and she began stroking her fingers on my trembling skin.

“We are going to put on a little show for the guys in here. Now kiss my cheek.”

I just stood there feeling my skin crawl. Why the hell was she acting like this?

“Go on Carol most bikers’ love a bit of girl on girl,” she whispered, and then she pecked my cheek.

I think Jim had this fantasy of seeing me with another woman. While he laughed at it and wouldn’t admit to it, I knew from seeing him watch two girls kissing once how it turned him on, one of the disadvantages of having a big cock.

“Here these are on the house girls,” the barman said.

Becky smiled with confidence, I smiled with embarrassment.

“That’s nice of him isn’t it Carol,” she said, as her fingers lightly skimmed the back of my stockings.

I felt her lips kiss my ear and she whispered, “Play along or dad will hear about you and Sean, now kiss me.”

I gulped and let my lips brush hers. The barman just stood with a smirk watching us.

He leaned forward.

“You two carry on like that and the drinks will be free all afternoon,” he said, running a finger round Becky’s nipple.

“Thanks very much,” Becky replied with a grin.

“Nice cherries sexy,” the barman said winking at me.

Becky grinned and kissed me again, this time I had to put up with her tongue forcing its way into my mouth! Her fingers delicately slipped under the hem of my skirt and traced along my stocking top. I knew every set of eyes watched her finger teasing my thigh. I just stood there gulping my wine trying to come to terms with what was happening. This was my stepdaughter seducing me in front of a pub full of men, and I could feel myself becoming a little excited!

“Come on grab my ass or something,” she whispered.

I took a deep breath and let my hand slide onto her backside. I just left it there not wanting to be as adventurous as her. Two more wines appeared in front of us. The barman winked and nodded at a couple of guys at the end of the bar. I smiled trying to hide my nervousness, but I don’t think I did very well. The pub had gone quiet apart from the odd lighter flicking into life, and the chink of beer glasses.

The wines kept coming faster than we could drink them. Becky was getting quite carried away. She pulled the hem of my skirt up over my backside and I felt her hand go into my lacy red panties. She cupped my ass cheek and soon I found myself doing to same to her!

The wine slipped down easily and now I was giving as good as I got. The men began to encourage us and we heard a few moans of delight, as Becky slipped my panties to the tops of my thighs!

She turned me round to face the watching men. My blonde pussy was on show for them with her soft stroking finger dipping into it. Her tongue was becoming more insistent, and much to my shame I was now groping her breast.

One of the men came over and pulled Becky’s top off over her head! She just smiled at him and then went back to kissing me. Her little tits stood proud as I continued teasing them. I plucked at her nipples and she forced my hand between her legs. I could feel her soaked panties, and I just pushed them into her pussy.

“Go on babe work it into her,” someone called from the back.

Becky dug her fingers into me and flicked my clit with her thumb. The men became more animated now. We were encouraged to finger fuck each other. Becky took a big swig of wine and then pushed her lips to mine. I felt the rush of the liquid force into my mouth; it was warm and slid down my throat with ease.

We carried on kissing and stroking each other as the men got more and more into our show.

Someone tried to get into the pub but the door had been locked long ago.

“Becky, how the hell are we going to get out of here?” I hissed, so only she could hear.

“When you cum,” she whispered back.

“I’m not going to this is stupid.”

I gasped as she rolled my clit between her thumb and finger. This had several men groaning with delight. She had moved aside so they could see her hand at work. My panties had slipped to my knees and had caught up on the top of my boots. I felt a hand tip the wineglass into my mouth, the wine dribbled down my chin. A face with a few days beard growth rubbed on mine, licking up the wine that ran from the corner of my mouth. I saw Becky push him away.

“Don’t touch my slut,” she hissed.

“We just want some fun babe no harm intended,” the man said, moving back.

I stood there shaking as she pulled him back by his belt.

“You can wank on her later, but nobody kisses her or fucks her.”

“No!” I screeched.

She yanked my hair back and forced her tongue into my mouth.

“I told you, you belong to me slut. If these guys want to spunk then they can on you, do I make myself clear slag?”

The men had all heard her words and they were cheering now.

“You see this is it, this is payback time,” she whispered.

“Becky!” I moaned in panic.

“Hell if you don’t let them do it I’ll leave you here. You know you wouldn’t get out of here without a belly full of spunk don’t you?”

Her fingers rubbed faster, and despite my fear I felt myself beginning to orgasm.

Even though she had been a bitch to me, I knew one day she would push me as far as she could. So this was the day when she could finally say we were even!

I quaked on her fingers and to the delight of the crowd of horny men I couldn’t hide my orgasm. I shuddered just staring into Becky’s eyes. I saw then the hatred they held. She had a smirk on her face that was so contemptuous I had to look away. This was her finest moment, and the look on her face would haunt me forever!

She pulled her fingers from my pussy and staring straight at me, she fed them to one of the men!

I lost my top and skirt on the way to the pool table, as the men dragged me across the pub. Becky just watched and drank her wine.

Hands and fingers pulled at my tits, fanny, and backside.

“No fucking just wanking remember?” Becky called from the bar.

I put my hands to my face as I felt hot spunk splatter on my tits, belly, and thighs. I heard groans of lust and zips going down or up when they had finished. Man after man grunted and groaned as they tossed themselves off on me. At one point I could feel several different men probing my pussy with their fingers!

It lasted for around 30 minutes until I was covered in a white sticky mess. I should have been disgusted; I should have been in tears. I shouldn’t have been feeling another orgasm, but I was!

As the crowd thinned there stood Becky and the barman. He was stood behind her kissing her neck and groping her tits. She just looked down on me with that haunting look on her face.

“Open your mouth,” Becky said, with a sneer.

I just did as she told me.

I watched her pulling the cock of the barman an inch from my mouth, and I felt her wriggling fingers back between my legs. The cheering faded into the background as I felt the barman’s spunk hit my mouth. Becky squeezed my clit and tormented it as I felt myself orgasm violently, so violently my head jerked and spunk shot over my face!

“Oops missed,” Becky said, with an evil grin.

The barman eventually backed away panting hard, and Becky began licking the spunk from my face. She squeezed my cheeks and her mouth covered mine and the spunk flowed just like the wine had earlier. This sent the men into frenzy, they cheered, and they whistled, and they clapped.

Even when I had swallowed it she kept forcing her tongue into me. And I kept groaning and responding to her kiss!

Again the men cheered and sung our praises. But Becky just looked down with a now contented look on her face.

I went to the loo and cleaned myself up. It took me ages and a whole roll of toilet paper to wipe the spunk from my body. Even when I finished I could still smell the deposits of the 20 or so guys.

I walked back into the bar to a few cheers and whistles. Becky was sat on a barstool smoking and drinking like nothing had happened. I put my clothes on minus my panties, which hung from a nail behind the bar next to four other pairs!

I suppose I was now a pub slut, as well as a school slut!

We walked home and I honestly didn’t know what to think anymore. I felt numb, embarrassed, confused, drunk, and ashamed. But I also felt amazed that I had actually had so many orgasms. Why this had turned me on so much I didn’t know. But it was like all the previous times that I had an audience, such a thrill and such a turn on. Where this would lead to or where this would leave me with Jim I didn’t know. Could he cope with being married to a slut if he knew what had happened? Could I cope with being a wife, or would I now want to become a willing slut? Somewhere something had to change.

Becky and I didn’t speak to each other until we got home.

“Carol just get me to university. We are even now.”

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