Casey’s Recovery Ch. 04

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It’s been fun writing this story, I hope you enjoy reading it; and please feel free to make any comment you chose about the story. If you chose to be critical, that is alright, please be specific. Thanks very much.


When I woke up, Lillian was flat on her back, legs spread, snoring like a hog. My head was pounding and aching, I took an immense piss and found some aspirin in Mom’s medicine cabinet, then stepped into the shower and washed myself again and again. While in the shower I tried to remember everything from the night before, it took a while, but I remembered. I stepped out of the shower, found some triple antibiotic and gently rubbed it on my red, sore cock.

Then I walked into the bedroom naked and looked at Lillian, I could see that her pussy was deep red and swollen, it scared me, I hoped I’d not hurt her. The remaining butter was in the wrapper on the floor by the bed, where I’d dropped it. So I picked it up and tossed it into the trash can.

I went downstairs to the kitchen and started a pot of coffee, then I remembered Mom; she was still naked, on her back, legs spread, lying on the pool deck, softly snoring. I brought in the glasses cleaned up what mess there was and loaded the dishwasher. Then I dampened a kitchen towel with cold water and got some aspirin from the hall cabinet and a small glass of water and went out to the pool.

Once there, I sat down on the pool edge by Mom, laid the damp towel over her face and then, perversely, took my time examining her pussy, I couldn’t get over how big her pussy lips were and how pink. I licked my finger and slowly slipped a forefinger between her pussy lips and gently explored her insides up to the second knuckle.

At first, her pussy was gummy and sticky but, after gently manipulating her pussy and nubby clit it grew wet and slick and she began to moan and slowly pump her hips. At that time, I leaned down and began to kiss her pussy and clit softly. With a start and a groan, she sat up and said, “What the hell are you doing? Ooooh, God, my head hurts.”

“I’ve just been checking you out Momma, which based on your pussy’s reaction, you liked.”

Then I gently washed her face with the damp cloth and handed her a few aspirin tablets with the glass of water which she gratefully accepted. She struggled a bit to keep sitting up and with squinty eyes she looked around and said, “My God, I’m naked, what the hell did you do to me? I’m your mother, what did you do?”

“Mom, I did nothing, you drank nearly a half a bottle of scotch, got ripping drunk, took off your clothes and flashed me your pussy before Lillian ate you out right in front of me, then you passed out!!”

“Dear God in heaven, this is so wrong in so many ways. Help me up, I need to go to the bathroom, oooh God my head hurts.”

I lifted her up to a standing position and steadied her, putting my arm under her arms and held her under her breasts, helping her into the house and to the hall bath, sat her on the toilet where she pissed and pissed. “Oh Lord, she said” as she slowly turned her head and looked directly into my crotch with confused, dazed eyes. She stared at my swollen soft cock and balls and said, “you’re naked. Oh my you’ve got such a big dick, oh Lord; I don’t know what to do.” I helped her up, flushed the toilet and carried her upstairs to her bedroom, telling her she needed a shower.

As I carried her into the bedroom she saw Lillian lying there just as naked as before, legs spread, her pussy swollen and a bright angry red with a big grease and cum spot below her pussy. She turned her head to me and said, “What the hell happened to Lillian, what did you do?” I carried her on into the bathroom and sat her down on the shower seat and turned the water on, then knelt beside her.

“Mom, we all got drunk and things got way, way out of hand. Lillian demanded I fuck her and I kind of got a little crazy and I just fucked her for as long and hard as I could. I couldn’t seem to help myself; I just fucked her and fucked her until she passed out.” She stared at me groggily and somewhat dazed. I got the liquid soap and very carefully washed her all over, from top to bottom, helped her stand up and dried her carefully then brushed her hair. I took her into the bedroom where she kept staring at Lillian who continued to snore heavily and helped her get dressed, panties, bra, sport slacks and top.

Once I had her dressed, I took her down stairs and sat her down on the living room sofa, lifting her legs up onto an ottoman and draped a light throw over her. I told her to lay back, relax and rest while I got Lillian up, then I’d fix some breakfast. She looked at me oddly, nodded and then reached up and took a hold of my cock giving it a hard squeeze. Then she said, “You probably better get dressed too.” I assured her that was my plan. That’s when I noticed, man oh man was my cock sore, actually it seemed to throb and ache.

I tried to wake Lillian with no success, so I took a moment and spread her legs wide and opened her pussy as wide konak escort as possible. Her pussy was swollen and red, so I decided maybe some ice would help. I fetched a few cubes of ice and sipped three of them directly into her pussy hole which caused her to moan loudly and stir herself awake. I slid the soaked pillow out from under her hips and helped her up to a sitting position, lifting her legs and turning her to the side of the bed.

After a few minutes she looked at me with red eyes and a stunned look and said, “What did you do to me Jack? God, I ache all over like I’ve been beaten and my pussy really hurts.”

“Lillian, last night you demanded that I fuck you again and again and I did. That’s all I did.”

“Well why is my ass and pussy so greasy? I’m confused.”

“You were getting dry and I was drunk so I shoved some butter up your cunt.” Leaning down, I managed to pick up the remaining butter, showing it to her I said, “This worked to keep your pussy lubricated.”

“Oh God, I hurt all over, help me into the shower, I need to clean up. You got any aspirin?”

With that I did the same thing for Lillian that I did with Mother. Once back in the bedroom, I sat Lillian in the bedside chair and stripped the sheets off the bed, cleaned up the mess the best I could; then remade the bed wadding all the sheets into a large dirty clothes bag. I was tired and decided to sit down and rest for a moment. I looked over at Lillian and saw that she was sleeping again.

After a moment, I glanced at the clock and saw it was nearly 9:30. Remembering that we were to pick up Casey just after noon, I hastened downstairs and whipped up a light breakfast of scrambled eggs and toast with orange juice and coffee. Once ready it was time to gather the ladies. I managed to get Lillian to the kitchen table without too much difficulty and had her drinking coffee and went to get Mom. She too had slipped off to sleep but woke easily.

I helped her to the table and got everyone started eating and drinking. As I walked to the stove to serve myself, Mother smiled her shy smile and said, “You know Jack; you should consider staying naked when it’s just us. I kind of like looking at your nice ass and pretty cock.”

Then she turned to Lillian and seemed to notice for the first them that she was stark naked and said, “Honey do you know where your clothes are?”

Lillian smiled and said, “I’m guessing they are by the pool. Jack, when you finish eating would you bring them to me, my ass is so sore it’s all I can do to walk.”

After I cleaned up the table and started the dishwasher, I walked out to the pool area and gathered up everybody’s clothing, dropping Lillian’s in her lap and putting Mom’s into the hall clothing bin.

Before dressing myself, I stopped leaned against the kitchen counter and started to reapply the triple antibiotic ointment on my sore cock. A process my Mother seemed to find fascinating, so I said, “Mom, would you like to help?”

“Actually I would, she said, as she reached for the tube.” Gently she applied the ointment to my cock, rubbing carefully, which resulted in my getting good and hard. “Erections must be the province of the young, she said.” Both she and Lillian laughed easily.

“Baby, she said, you want to rub that hard-on off so we can go get your sister?” My mother said that, my nearly perfect little CPA mother, the woman wouldn’t say shit with a mouthful, holy crap!

So I did. Carefully stroking, I leaned back against the kitchen counter as Mother and Lillian stared directly at my cock and swinging balls. Under their gaze, I didn’t think it would take long, so I reached over and laid a kitchen towel on the table where I’d been sitting.

As I felt my cum start it’s hot journey from my balls, I leaned forward and pointed my cock at the towel and blasted two nice long ropes of cum onto the towel. After squeezing out the dribbles and carefully wiping my cock-head, I rolled up the towel and tossed it into the hall dirty clothes bin. I noticed that both of the girls seemed to be breathing quickly. As perverse as it was, I loved them watching me jack off, it was clear to me that I love be the star of the show and this was a heck of a show.

I dressed and gathered up everyone up and off we went to the hospital. We laid the back seat down on Mom’s SUV and put a few blankets down hoping that it would provide Casey with a softer ride home.

On our arrival, Mother went in and soon Casey came rolling in, balanced somewhat precariously on the wheelchair with her shoulders, back and most of her bottom sort of laying into the seat and back of the chair and her lower cast and feet sticking forward. It looked very strange, but got the job done.

“Hey sport, are you ready for loading? I called out.” She smiled at me and said laughing, “Hell I hope so, this is the most uncomfortable transport I know of, maybe a wheelbarrow would work better.”

She had a large t-shirt on covering her top and stretched to fit manisa escort over the top of the cast, but I could clearly see the outline of her breasts and her very hard nipples. As for her bottom, it was swathed in what appeared to be a sheet fitted over and between her cast legs forming a large diaper. The sides were carefully pinned, so when I asked the two nurses how we should get her into the back of the SUV, they both said not to worry the cast was really strong so all we had to do was support her upper back and head, then just slide her in. Mom got into the SUV, and cradled her head and we did just that, no problems.

On the way home, Mom stayed in the back with her. Once there, I decided the easiest way to get her in was to pick her up and carry her. So I slid her out with Mom protecting her back and head and then just scooped her up, I doubt she weighed 120 pounds cast and all. She’d not gained any weight in the hospital. With a little care and dexterity we negotiated the big front door, the hall and went directly into the den where I laid her gently on the bed.

She’d not said a word since we got home and once here she sighed and asked Mom if she could have one of her pain pills. I apologized to her for hurting her, but she said, “No, whenever they move me it hurts, you were fine.”

Mom explained that the doctor told her that if things went as well as expected, they would come and cut off some or all of the cast in a week or two. Then she explained the toilet process. She said that most of the time either she or Lillian would be here to help Casey with this as she could not do it herself; but there might be times went it would fall to me.

Casey blushed pink and rolled her eyes, and I said, “Well then you’d better show me what to do.”

Mom looked at Casey and asked, “Would you like to take this diaper off honey?”

Casey nodded and said, “While I was in the hospital everybody helped me, men and women, so while I may not be totally Ok with it, I’m almost there, besides, I would really like to pee.”

“Well, said Mom, we might as well start now, Lillian give me a hand getting this sheet off.”

Together they unpinned what I learned was a twin sheet and pulled it down and then slipped it out from under Casey. What a sight met my eyes. My little sister Casey was not so little any more. The cast had been made allowing a large opening from up behind her rectum around and between her legs and up above her pussy.

There before my wondering eyes was a big, beautiful pussy; with a sparse taffy blond bush and a duplicate set of our Mothers big, pink pussy lips, they had to be 4 or 4.5 inches long in a canoe shape with a double flap just above and around her clit, which stood out prominently, swollen and very red.

I turned to Lillian and said quietly, “Sure looks like Casey is really glad to see us.”

Casey must have heard me clearly as her eyes flashed and she said,”Hey, go fuck yourself, this is embarrassing enough without your jokes!”

Mom hushed us and reached for the piss pitcher which looked like any steel pitcher but with a long, wide tongue which she handed to me and instructed me to slip the metal tongue under her rectum and place the mouth of the pitcher as firmly as possible against her pussy.

Once it was in place, I listened to Casey’s pee splash on and into the pitcher until she sighed and said, “Thanks, I really had to go.”

The pitcher was eased out and a sanitary wet nap was handed to me to clean her pussy. I was very careful as I wiped her pussy lips and just inside the fold, “Top to bottom, Mother said, and then blot with these tissues. You’ve done a good job, so now you know how.”

“For a bowel movement, use the same approach with the bed pan, but always wipe with clean tissues from front to back, that way you will avoid any waste matter causing an infection.”

As we all stood there looking a Casey, well mostly I think we all stared at her pussy. After a minute or so, Casey said in a soft voice, “Ok guys, if everybody is going to be staring at my puss, you might as well get a good look at my tits. Would you please get this tee-shirt off, it’s hot and damn itchy. They must have starched the damn thing!”

Once it was off and her hair untangled, I was surprised at the size of her tits. They were much bigger than Mom’s, more wide than long with small aureolas and really large nipples that were quite long, so that when they were hard they stuck up at least a half an inch or more.

Casey noticed me staring and said, “My friends call them guitar picks because they are long and stay hard most of the time.”

That’s when we noticed how pink she’d become, darn if she wasn’t blushing. Mom asked, “Honey are you sure you will be comfortable like that?”

Casey said, “Well if you’d like to drape a sheet over me that would be Ok, but frankly, if it’s just you guys, now that you’ve seen all there is to see, I’d just as soon lay her as I am. If we get visitors, of course I want menderes escort to be covered up.”

Mom stood by her and patted her arm saying, “Don’t you worry honey, anything like that you want, just tell us, we will be sure you get it. Ok? And honey, I don’t think I’d noticed how pretty you’ve become; you are such a beautiful girl.”

Both Lillian and I spoke up saying that we all agreed that she was very pretty and we would do anything we could to make her comfortable. Truth was that it was all I could do not to stare at her pussy.

Casey smiled at us, her shy smile, and said, “Thanks guys, I love you all very much, I’m kind of wore out from the move and all; would it be Ok if I took a nap?” We all immediately agreed and stepped out onto the patio next to the pool to talk quietly.

It was Saturday and Mom suggested that we plan a small barbeque, cook some steaks, grill some asparagus and make a nice salad to accompany. It was one of Casey’s favorite meals so I went off to the store for groceries and Mom sent Lillian off to the drugstore for some creams and toiletries she thought Casey would appreciate when she was being bathed and looked after.

A Nice Evening at Home …

I had a great time at the store, looking for interesting and different things that we all might like. I found fresh endive, some sweet radishes and tiny yellow tomatoes along with a creamy garlic dressing made by a local producer. It was fun. As for the steaks, it was easy, 4 aged rib eyes cut about an inch and a half thick, then a pound of fresh asparagus.

The makings of a terrific meal; on the way out I stuck my nose into the gourmet bakery and found a pan of fresh bread pudding made from left over sweet rolls, Mom and I had had this before and we loved it. Everything paid and packed-up, I headed off for home. Being pretty hungry by then, I hurried into the kitchen and set things out for easy assembly and then went out on the rear deck to set up the barbeque. It was only then that I noticed Lillian in the pool.

There she was, floating on her back, stark naked! I think I must have gaped and stared for a few minutes. Not because I’d not seen her naked last night and nearly shoved my head inside her pussy, but because Casey was home. What would she think?

“Jesus Lillian, put on some clothes,” I said.

She laughed and said, “Trying to protect your little sister are we?”

“Well yes,” I said. “What would she think?”

“Dummy, she said, If you turn around and look at the patio door, you will see that it is standing wide open, she can see everything very easily and, she can hear anything you’ve said.”

It’s not like I’d become bashful, after all Lillian and I had some amazing sex and she and Mom had seen me completely naked, shooting cum and everything, but still, Casey was only 18.

“Go talk to your sister,” Lillian said. “I think it will clear things up for you.” And then Mother came walking outside wearing flip flops, carrying a towel, and absolutely nothing else. At the sight of her trim little body, my cock jumped in my shorts, she looked wonderful. Her amazing nipples were pointing at the heavens and her bushy little pussy was on full display. I have to say that Mom’s pussy was a wonder with all that soft, curly hair and those beautiful pink lips; I just wanted to dive in.

“Go talk to your sister,” Lillian repeated.

Sometimes you’re just not ready for something, hell, for anything. This was one of those times; I turned to Mom and said, “What’s going on?”

Mom laughed easily and said, “Go talk to your sister, but first, you better close your mouth.”

As I walked into the house my cock was clearly tenting my shorts, but that was not what was on my mind. “Hey Casey, what’s going on with all the naked ladies?”

Casey had been watching television and turned her head to me with a smile, saying, “It occurred to me that most of the time we won’t have visitors and I’ll be lying here on full display. You remember you wiped my puss earlier today, right? Frankly, I am much more comfortable without a top pulled down over this cast. So I talked with Mom about whether or not you would be Ok around me.”

“Go on,” I said.

“So Mom tells me that you’ve been pretty comfortable around her and Lillian when they were naked; and that you don’t seem to mind being naked yourself. Kind of a surprise, huh big brother!”

“Well Ok, but you are still pretty young and I’m not sure about all this for you,” I said.

“Dear brother Jack, my puss has been on display to the working world at the hospital for over 3 weeks and at least a dozen people have wiped my asshole, daubed my pussy and washed me. Trust me; I think I can take it. The question is, are you going to drop your shorts and let me take a good look at your cock or not? I think it’s time I got a good look at you, Ok?”

So, I pulled off my T-shirt, shorts and dropped my drawers. Up jumped the devil; there he was big, bold and still pink himself, bobbing up and down. I folded my clothing neatly and placed on a bedside chair, then reached down with my left hand massaging and pulling my nuts softly. Then I reached over just a bit and stroked my cock to its full extension. As it bobbed slightly, about 2 feet from her nose, I asked,” Does it still look Ok to you?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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