Cassie Ch. 07: Raven’s Wave

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Authors’ note: We want to warmly thank y’all for commenting on our stories! Sharing our experiences with you has been so much fun. And as a reminder, all persons who write for and participate in these stories are at least 18 years of age.


Hello again everyone, it’s me, Katherine, “K” for short. I need to admit something to y’all before we get started. I’m the mom in the family, and so I should be the one that is ultimately held responsible for our incestual problem. I know that it’s absolutely wrong, but when I think about everything it would take for me to clean up this mess, I’m not sure I have the strength to do it. For now, I hope that y’all will be nice and leave me a comment or two at the end. I could use your encouragement in my current predicament! In fact, I woke up this morning feeling guilty for not putting a stop to all of this nonsense. I guess you could say I’m one conflicted Momma?! So yeah, on one hand my family has never been closer, but on the other, I worry that our sexual exploits could eventually mess us up. Who knows…but for now, we’re having SO MUCH fun! 🙂

Anyway, this is partially why I’m writing today. I need a healthy outlet to express and process all of my conflicting emotions. I’ve been seeing a therapist as well (that’s a story for another day) and he has encouraged me to pursue things that bring my family closer. He argues that “happiness comes from good communication, and consensual, loving relationships.” So, even though I feel ashamed some days, most of the time I look around and see a tight-knit family, and I couldn’t imagine one that is more loving.

To be brutally honest, having occasional sex with my sister Cassie and my adult children has actually reduced my overall anxiety. I don’t really have to stress any more about their personal lives, because our close intimacy helps us communicate better. We all seem to trust each other more, and we get along GREAT! Anyway, there are pros and cons, just like with anything in life, right?

So yeah, while your kind reviews and comments are appreciated, I’m not entirely here to look for your sympathy. I also want to share one of the most exciting and most pleasurable experiences in my 25+ years of being sexually active. The stuff you came here to read, right?

All right, let’s get this party started! My story begins about a year after our family camping trip. Do you remember the earlier chapter where I described that orgy in our tent? I hope so! All of that amazing sex unleashed an insatiable monster deep within my soul, and I started feeling horny almost every waking minute (and even sometimes in my dreams!). So, other than frequent masturbation, I finally realized that I needed a better outlet. Oh, and some of you might be wondering, “what about your husband?” Well, we don’t really need to go there. He contributes sometimes, but not in ways that FULLY satisfy my sexual needs.

So, what did I do? The most clever thing ever I tell you! I got a job at a local massage parlor! Yup! You know, the ones that give secret “happy endings” to willing clients? You also might be wondering how I found such a place? Well, honestly it wasn’t too hard. I visited a few spas near our home and wore my sexiest outfits. At each spa I would ask to speak with the manager in private. During our interviews I would give little hints about what I was looking for, by using a soft, seductive voice, and ask questions like, “Do you ever offer your clients anything special?” or “Would you be interested in hiring someone with a LOT of extra energy, like me?”

It’s funny because the first few owners looked slightly confused and even a little concerned with my subtle promiscuous behavior. I could quickly tell when a massage parlor wasn’t the “right fit”, and would simply move on to the next one.

One afternoon I stopped by a beautiful spa called “Raven’s Wave”. It was clean and had a gorgeous atmosphere. With a relaxing beach-theme in the lobby, and a modern island feel, I instinctively knew that this place was special. After spending a few minutes of small talk with Raven in her office, I began to feel the incredible sexual energy of this captivating black woman. She was VERY-well endowed and had one of the prettiest faces I have ever seen. I felt drawn to her big light brown eyes, cute button nose, and soft, pouty lips.

As we chatted, she put me at ease and we laughed so hard at one point that I saw tiny jiggling waves in her cleavage. It was so much fun, but I was on a mission so I started to dive into the real reason I was there.

“Hey Raven, just so ya know, I’m trying to find the right KIND of job. See, my husband and I aren’t very *ahem* active…(I paused and raised one eyebrow for effect), and so, uhhhh, I’m sort of hoping for a little more excitement here.”

And THAT my friends, is ALL that she needed. 🙂

“Girl…” She leaned toward me over the desk, pressing her giant melons against the smooth black surface. “We’d LOVE to have someone with Girne Escort your personality and measureme…(she scanned down my body and raised her corner lip) I mean QUALIFICATIONS to join our team.”

With an unruly grin, I instinctively reached over the desk and interlocked fingers with her and continued, “Okay, so can you tell me a little more about any SPECIAL services you provide?”

For the next 30 minutes or so, our hushed conversation got extremely naughty. It ranged from basic hand jobs, to Nuru, to the various positions that I could look forward to on my own massage table. She had zero shame, and it was liberating to watch this woman exude such fantastic sexual freedom. In fact, the conversation was so ludicrously luscious, that I swear I almost came right there in her office! As she spoke, I touched myself under the desk and fully embraced the many dirty thoughts that entered my mind. I remember one particularly vivid image of her eating the cunt of an unsuspecting client who was only hoping for a simple back rub! Damn! Those big, wet lips would feel absolutely amazing down there!

By the time we stood up and she welcomed me to the team, my loins were ablaze and I knew that I would need to release the pressure as soon as possible. I jumped in my car and sped toward home, but after only a minute I realized that this horny MILF couldn’t wait any longer. So, I looked around and pulled into a large parking lot. I’m certifiably crazy tho, right?! I drove to the back, parked under a large tree, and inspected my surroundings a couple times just to make sure no one (except for maybe a few birds or a squirrel) would be able to see what I was about to do. With trembling fingers I grabbed my pink vibrator from its secret hiding spot and leaned my seat all the way back.

“God I need this so bad.” I growled out loud to myself with a serious face, and shivered with anticipation.

Thankfully, I was wearing my very short, yellow tube top sundress and so I had easy access to everything. I lifted the hem, pulled my soft gray thong to the side, and opened my legs as wide as possible in that confined space. Then, looking down at my engorged friend, I winked and cheered, “Hey babe, it looks like I found you a new home! Do you think we’re gonna have any fun at this new job?”

I occasionally like to talk to my clitoris, sort of like we understand each other? I dunno, I told you I’m crazy! 🙂

“Here, let’s see if this feels good.” I selected the lowest setting and pushed down on my glistening pink bump. I used my other hand to spread my pussy lips nice and wide, and moaned deeply.


I arched my back and slowly increased the speed, turning my head to look at the beautiful blue sky. I thought of how unexpecting, but willing men and women would visit my massage table and how I would seduce them. You see, I have practiced fantasizing so much that my mind was exceptionally clear at this moment. It was like I was actually there, as I imagined using soft, sensual touch to slowly turn them on. I saw how they’d eventually lose all self control, and visualized every lurid detail of slowly finishing them off. I chuckled at the idea of them saying “No” to a sexy middle-aged woman like me. I felt unstoppable.


I pressed the rubbery tip of my toy down even harder and drew little circles around my clit to stimulate my most sensitive spots. I even stuck it briefly inside for good measure. Then, as I got closer, I clawed down at my sundress and released my right wobbly udder. I shook her base and watched my flesh undulate, as the warm sunlight danced on her tiny vellus hairs. I dropped my chin and hefted thoughtfully, inserting her erect nipple into my mouth. – And yes, like all women who have breasts my size, I consider myself richly blessed to be able to suck on my twin girls.

“OOOHMMMMM” My tongue swirled and flicked wildly and I could sense my climax approaching. So, I turned my vibrator on high and pushed down even harder against my clit.


The initial release of my orgasm caused me to lean forward and I grabbed the steering wheel with my left hand for support. I started fucking my vibrator as hard as I could, by sliding my ass up and down on my seat. Anyone nearby would have wondered why my little blue sedan was rocking back and forth, but I didn’t care. Luckily, I was pretty far back from the main road, and so I don’t think anyone saw anything. I needed even more so I dropped the toy and clinched my pussy like a softball. I could feel another wave rising, so I inserted my two fingers deep into my red cavern and rapidly pounded my clit with my wrist. I needed this SO BAD.

The second climax approached like a freight train and my whole body started to convulse. My thoughts turned again to Raven. I imagined every inch of her voluptuous naked body, reclined in her office chair, fantasizing about me and getting off at the exact same time. I Magosa Escort reclined and returned to my clit with undivided attention. I wanted to get as much out of her as possible, so I wildly spanked and swiped at my open pink tissue like a mindless freak. This second one knocked the air out of me as I gleefully watched my nectar spray into the air.


I calmly laid there to enjoy the multiple swells of dopamine and shuddered with each one, and appreciated how each wave caused all of my glorious curvy flesh to ripple. “Holy shit that was good.” I whimpered as I wound-down and broke a congratulatory smile and patted my back to celebrate my new job.

Exhausted, I soon fell asleep and was totally out for about 20 minutes. It felt amazing, but ended abruptly by a firm knock on my window. Shit! Are you serious? A cop?! My breast was still exposed and heaven only knows what else. I sat up quickly and adjusted my dress. He smiled when I rolled down my window and I giggled, “Yes, officer?” He was super sweet and asked if everything was okay. With a flirty grin I replied, “Yes sir! I’m feeling much better, thank you. I just needed to pull off the road for a quick nap. Drowsy driving is dangerous ya know!”

He smiled again, and with a wink and a nod, I started my car and drove home. As I walked through the door I kicked myself for not getting his number. 🙂

The next 48 hours were pure torture as I waited for my first day on the job. I must have masturbated ten times to hold me over – I even set an alarm for the middle of the night to get my fix! So, you can imagine that when the morning of orientation finally arrived, I sped to work just like a pregnant woman races to the hospital. I parked my car, skipped inside, and was greeted by a cute receptionist named Amber. She was busy, but super sweet to look after me. She walked me through an introduction and some basic training, and then passed me off to Raven to learn even more. After lunch I was able to shadow one of the girls, and while it was a lot of fun, SADLY, nothing erotic happened. And guess what? The second and third days were boring too! – Just basic shadowing and no “happy endings”! So yeah, definite sad face from me. 🙁

When I finally reached the end of my shift on day 3, my sexual frustration had peaked and I needed answers. And so, like the self-starter that my daddy raised me to be, I popped into Raven’s office on the way out, and closed the door behind me. She looked up from her laptop and I blurted out with raw emotion, “Hey Rave, so when do you think I can see a little more action? I’m honestly really horny and I sorta feel frustrated.”

My head-turner-of-a-boss looked up at me in her tan blouse, with her enormous boobs trying to jailbreak the pearl-shaped buttons. God only knows how those things didn’t escape. I wanted to set them free, but held back and posed with a serious look, shifted my weight, and put both hands sternly on my hips.

She looked at me like a caring mother and purred, “Sweetie, K, you’ve been so patient and it’s gonna pay off, I promise. When you come in tomorrow I want you to run your own room. Plus, I’ll shadow you ANNND…” She paused for effect, “…depending on the comfort level of your clients, maybe we can try a few things!”

I threw my hallelujah hands into the air and jumped, allowing my big tits and round ass to bounce under my loose uniform, which were basically like scrubs.

“Oh, and for work tomorrow, you’ll want to wear this under your normal uniform.”

She stood up, unlocked a cabinet in the back of her office, and pulled out some white clothes in clear plastic.

“Can you try those on tonight and let me know if you need a bigger size?”

I squealed with joy and gave her a big hug with a lifted leg. “Yeah Rave, you’re the best! Thank you so much!” She gave me a kiss on the cheek, and as I turned to walk out, she slapped my bouncy rear and cheered, “You gonna do great babe! Love ya!”

Later that night I locked myself in the bathroom and tried on my new outfit. It wasn’t anything too crazy. Just a white tank top with matching white yoga pants. Definitely tight around my curves, but I wasn’t going to complain. “My new sex suit!” I laughed to myself. As I examined my chest in the mirror, I could see the faint outline of my dark areolas and had a flashback to a super fun wet t-shirt contest in college. I grinned impishly and my eyes moved down to my wide hips. I pulled up on the waistline and paused to admire my bulging camel toe.

I turned around to check out my round ass and giggled like a silly teenager, “Damn girl, you lookin’ fiiine!” I spoke a little too loud and my husband called out to me from the bedroom.

“What?” He was pretty naïve when it came to all of my sexual adventures.

“Oh nothing! I’ll be out in a minute!”

I flirtatiously played with my hair and did a couple silent jumping jacks. Holy crap, I looked so good for a woman in her Kıbrıs Escort mid 40’s! I was honestly shocked at how sexy my bouncy boobs and ass appeared in those tight white clothes. I almost laughed out loud as I danced seductively for myself in the mirror. Holy shit that’s hot! I reached up to pinch and roll my nipples and grinned at the result. – I seriously love how my braless nipples look when they harden and poke out under my tops!

Anyway, I was seriously SO lost in the moment that when I glanced down, I was surprised to see a dark wet line appearing over my slit. Shoot! And I was going to keep these pants clean for tomorrow! Oh well, they will probably get messy anyway. 🙂

I undressed to change back into my regular clothes, but paused to stare at my completely naked body in the mirror. Thoughts of pleasuring some random guy in the spa started flashing through my mind, and just like a magnet, I felt my juicy wedge slide over to the corner of the bathroom sink. It was a nice round shape, but very stiff and allowed me to climax quickly. I gripped the sink with one hand and my meaty breast with the other. As I came, I pressed down hard and stuck my bubbly butt into the air.

“Oh sheeeet!” I softly screeched at a high pitch and came as I shimmied down against the hard corner. As I rode it out, my ample ass cheeks bounced and slapped together like cymbals made from gelatin.

My husband yelped again, “Huh?” What a dork haha.

I put my hand over my mouth and held my breath as the orgasmic waves ran their course, and then I jumped into the shower. The silky soap felt great on my skin and I took the opportunity to smash my large boobs up against the glass. I slid and danced a little, and the smooth surface felt perfect. “I’m a sex goddess.” I sang confidently to myself. “And I’m gonna make some lucky person VERY happy tomorrow!”

My husband and children don’t know much about my new job. I told them that I was working as a massage therapist, but they didn’t ask me about it. Christian (my husband) is quiet and usually pretty distant. You already know Will, Brynn, and Tessa, but I also have 2 younger twin boys, James and Porter. Yah, I know my family is big, but hey, that simply means more opportunities for hot sex, right?

Before leaving for work the next morning, the twins were eating breakfast and seemed particularly enthused about something. I sat down at the table next to them with my morning coffee.

“Good morning, what are y’all up to today?” It was Saturday and they loved to “chill” with a dedicated group of high school friends.

“Oh nothing, Mom, just hanging out.” replied James in a semi-secretive tone. He was the older twin by just a few minutes, and Porter had always sorta resented that. Both were outgoing, tall, athletic and had light brown hair, just like their dad. Overall, they’re really good kids.

“Oh yeah? Going anywhere, or doing anything?” I AM a TREMENDOUS mom by the way, even if I like to have sex with anything that moves, or even if it doesn’t move haha!

“Yeah, we’re gonna grab some food and then get a massage with Kade and the guys.”

I gulped hard on my coffee, almost choking to death. I don’t know why, other than I felt startled by the possibility that they would somehow visit my spa and would possibly find out what we do there? It was an exhilarating thought, but I quickly tucked it away and dismissed it. After all, there are dozens of massage parlors to choose from in our area, so the chance of them choosing mine was pretty low.

“You okay, mom?” Porter rushed over and thoughtfully patted my back with his tan, muscular arm. He’s sweet and a really good looking kid. Reminds me of what Christian looked like before he stopped caring.

“Oh my, that kinda hurt!” I said with tears in my eyes. “Yeah, I’ll be okay hun. I hope y’all have fun and please, stay safe.” I tried to clear my throat and breathe normally again.

Until that point, the twins didn’t know anything about my lascivious lifestyle. I definitely admire their innocent, carefree spirits. They sometimes compliment me about how “hot” I was compared to other moms in the neighborhood, at least “according to their friends”, but that’s about it. I knew they were just typical teenagers doing their own thing, so I didn’t worry too much. Anyway, I glanced over as one of them got a text, and just like that, they were gone.

I sat back in my seat and envied them for a minute. As I listened to their jeep speed off down the road I thought about how great it must be to live with so little worry. Being an adult is hard, I tell ya! Sometimes I daydream about jumping into my car on a whim, with only one goal in mind: To chase the horizon and see where it takes me. Where would I go? Who would I meet? What kind of trouble would I get into? Who knows, maybe these are the thoughts of your average curious and energetic mid-life woman, who finds herself in an incredibly boring marriage?

I looked at the time and jumped from my seat, realizing that I might be late for work. I quickly checked to make sure I was dressed properly by glancing under my scrubs, and sure enough, that sexy white cloth was firmly clinging to my voluptuous skin. “I bet I’m gonna need to wash my uniform with extra soap tonight!” I thought, as I ran out the door.

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