Cassie’s Love

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Vicki had been around long enough by now to recognize that look in her daughter’s eyes. Cassandra Anne von Greiner, better known as simply Cassie, had a lot on her mind, and her mother had a damn good idea what it was. It was Hector, her twin brother. It had to be Hector, who else?

“Cassie, sweetie, what’s wrong?” Vicki asked her as they made breakfast for the family one Saturday morning.

Cassie swallowed a bit, then grabbed some water for a second, before she felt comfortable admitting how she felt.

“Okay, Mom, here it is. I’ve fallen in love with Hector. I want to be his wife, to grow old with him, to make love to him, all of that stuff. I know that the laws have changed a bit to allow incest, but will you support us? Will Dad and the others accept it, really? We’ve hinted around at this and discussed it in the abstract, but this is now on the verge of happening soon. Is it really going to be okay with you guys, as much as it denies so much pleasure to the rest of the family? You see, I haven’t changed my mind about fidelity. Nothing against you guys, but it’s not for me, the sharing and such. I’m far too jealous for that,” Cassie finally confessed to her mother, hoping that she would take it well.

“Well, how does Hector feel about this, dear? I imagine that he should have a say in the matter, too,” Vicki inquired, wanting to make sure that her kids were happy with their lives.

As unconventional as their family was, there was room for someone with more traditional ideas about sex and love. Twins were a logical enough exception, after all, given their inherent bond. Besides, Bridget already proved that not everyone in the family was cut out for swinging and bisexuality, though she certainly had her own wild ideas, mostly tied to lesbian bondage.

“Mom, Hector and I have already talked about it a good deal. We’ve both agreed that neither of us can handle sharing each other with anyone else. We’re both far too jealous to accept that,” Cassie explained to Vicki.

Vicki thought about that for a second and realized something else. The pair seemed to be almost obsessively attached to each other. The parents had suspected something along these lines for some time now, but to have it confirmed was a relief and an end to the suspense. Hector spent more time in Cassie’s bedroom than his own, and had often not returned to it until the morning, leading them to suspect that they shared a bed, not that either of them disapproved. They certainly didn’t snoop or make any attempts to block such a relationship. If Hector and Cassie wanted to be lovers, that was perfectly fine with their parents.

“Well, I will talk to your father, and to Aunt Haley and Aunt Michelle. We can sit down with you and Hector soon and discuss how to reorganize things. However, for now, tell me, did you two want to share a room sooner rather than later?” Vicki asked her daughter after hugging her.

“Yes, Mom. I’m pretty sure that Hector and I badly want to share a bed at night, and everything else that comes with sharing a bedroom. I’ll tell Hector what you said and hear what he says, but he’s made it clear so far that he wants to openly take me as a lover. His words, that part, not mine. He’s even indicated that he wants to make it official,” Cassie thanked her mother for being so kind and helpful about it.

“Have you two made love yet?” Vicki wondered, not that she would have minded either answer. She was just curious by now.

“Yes, Mom. It’s the twenty-first century. We’ve been sexually active. Don’t worry, I’m on the pill. I was sixteen when we first made love. We experimented some time before that, too. I don’t have a basis for comparison, but he has never failed to satisfy me in that or any other way,” Cassie blushed a bit as she answered her mother’s query.

“Well, sweetie, he got that honestly, I can tell you. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree there. I’m happy for you, both of you, if you’re truly in love and that confident in each other. I’m sure that your father and my sister-wives feel the same about it. We just want to see you happy with your lives. Not everyone is into our scene, and we can all respect that. We can’t make you emulate us, just as others couldn’t make us follow them. I’ll see how quickly we can sit down and have a meeting like I said. Well, one thing is sure. I know that I’ll like my son-in-law,” Vicki smiled and gave Cassie a butterfly kiss.

“Thank you, Mom. I didn’t think that you’d judge us, but I had some anxiety about telling my own mother about my serious feelings for my own twin. It’s not something that is brought up every day in the kitchen while making breakfast,” Cassie thanked her mother.

Vicki gave her a surprised look and laughed.

“Okay, with this family, maybe it is normal,” Cassie giggled as she agreed with her mother’s point.

“Yeah, I was about to say,” Vicki snickered in response, thinking of the many times she had fucked most of the others in their household. Kayaşehir Escort She couldn’t help but lick her lips at those memories.

“Anyway, where is Hector? I rarely lose track of where he is at any given moment, you know,” Cassie changed the topic quickly; not wishing to think of her mother’s many adventures. It wasn’t that she was a prude; just that she wasn’t into the family’s lifestyle.

“Well, that is a shock from you guys! You’re practically joined at the hip. I think that it’s sweet, actually. You two make such a cute couple. He even took you to the prom, as I can recall. I bet that your secret was out at that point, at least for your high school class,” Vicki teased her daughter a little.

“Oh, Mom, do you have to use the C word?” Cassie complained at her mother’s description of Hector and her as “cute”.

“What’s wrong with being cute? I’m your mother. I tend to like seeing you kids get along so well. It’s very charming in a way. We’ve not exactly been surprised at how close you guys really are. The signs were always there, dear. We just thought that it was your business and you’d tell us in your own time. It seems that we were right. Now you don’t have to pretend at all.

“That’s good, because life is far too short to hide from yourself. Daddy and Uncle Earl were examples of that. They had too little time on this planet, so I’m glad that they were able to be themselves toward the end. I miss both of them and not all of Daddy’s or Uncle Earl’s surprising hoard of money can ever replace them,” Vicki found herself suddenly getting misty as she remembered her father and his partner.

Her love for her dad was unaffected by the news that he was gay. The man had raised her well, and she was never a prude, anyway. Once she got to know Uncle Earl, too, that love spilled over to include him as well. Suddenly, she shook herself to remember the present, not the past, and to think of her daughter’s need for her mother’s blessing and support.

“Thank you, Mom. I’ll try not to let it bother me too much, but I just don’t want to be thought of as a little baby. You don’t think of the others as that, after all,” Cassie explained, hugging her mother to reassure her that she didn’t mean to be unkind.

“Yeah, I know, sweetie. However, you are the baby of the family, even if only by an hour. After you were born, I had my tubes cut and tied. I wanted y’all to be my last kids, my babies. I have to admit that we tended to spoil you a little more, just because you were the youngest. Even the elder kids pampered you a bit for that reason, especially Trevor since he was so much older.

“That’s why it was so much easier to accept your special relationship and not think of you in sexual terms. I’m not trying to patronize you, honey, just explain to you how we have been a bit protective of you and why that was the case. It’s why the words ‘cute’ and ‘adorable’ seem to fit you better, and why it is harder not to use them about you, dear,” Vicki assured her daughter, as she handed her the last breakfast plate.

“Should I call the others to breakfast?” Cassie offered, dreading the idea of seeing more sex, but wanting to be helpful.

“Get your brother. I’ll find the rest. I don’t want to expose you to things that might ruin your appetite, even if you’ve stumbled on them now and then. I know for a fact that you refused to eat on New Years’ Eve when you found Michelle in the middle of a DP from your father and me. I think that it was the strap-on part of the action, but I could be wrong. Don’t answer that. Forget that I mentioned it, in fact. Just let me call the rest of them, so you can better enjoy your breakfast, baby. You focus on your favorite brother, okay?” Vicki grinned at Cassie in a way that suggested that she thought it was cute how her daughter was squeamish at times about sex toys, evidently preferring only the natural equipment.

“Thank you, Mom. You always seem to know how to make me laugh,” Cassie chuckled in spite of her attempts to sound shocked. Somehow, one could never stay annoyed or frustrated with her mother for long. She was too damn funny and sweet for that.

“Well, I like to have fun, you know. Let’s go get ’em, huh?” Vicki led Cassie up the stairs, where they went their separate ways, the daughter seeking Hector and Vicki everyone else.

What Vicki didn’t say was that she understood that Cassie might end up wanting to make out or a get little frisky with her brother. That could take some time, which was another reason why Hector was the only assignment given to the youngest von Greiner. It was an implied blessing for any kind of fun that the twins might have in mind with each other. After all, the entire family completely approved of the twins’ passion for each other, as inconvenient as it might be for them. The important thing was for Cassie and Hector to live their own lives and be happy, not try to conform to others. If Cassie had any worries over the possible reaction Kayaşehir Escort Bayan to Hector and her confirming their desire for an exclusive relationship, they already started to fade, thanks in a significant way to Vicki’s open, if playful, response.

Cassie wasn’t a bit surprised to find Hector in her room, fixing her entertainment system as only he could do. Where he got those skills, no one knew, since he was definitely Dan’s son. Whatever her father’s strengths, electronic gadgetry wasn’t one of them. He was a self-described novice when it came to such things. Maybe it was from someone else in their family, or just a fluke entirely of Hector’s own. It didn’t matter too much, since right then it made Hector his sister’s hero, adding to her increasing passion for her brother.

“Thank you, bro. See that only makes me love you more. What a sweet thing to do! I knew that you wouldn’t let me down. By the way, breakfast is ready, and I told Mom how I feel about you. She’s fine with it, and I think that Dad and the others will be as well. You and I will get to share a bed pretty soon, I expect. The only question is which bed will it be? This one or yours?” Cassie thanked her twin with a deep soul kiss.

“You mean the one that I never use? Forget that business! It can be a spare bed for guests. I want to share this bed with you, the one where we’ve gotten it on like bunnies for a good while back now. If Mom, Dad, and the ladies are really okay with this, I don’t see a reason to hide anything, do you? I mean, we can kiss like that and even feel each other up in front of them, right? We can snuggle up on the sofa on movie nights and make love in the shower, too,” Hector observed, liking the idea of openly dating his sister very much. It would simplify things so much on so many levels.

Cassie naturally shared the sentiment and desired to see it happen very soon. They had certainly been intimate before, but this business of being less careful would be a welcome change for them. Speaking of caution, she remembered suddenly to take her pill as always. The last thing that either of them needed was for her to have their future children ahead of schedule, right? There would be a time for that, of course.

“Well, you know that I’m eager to have you anytime I can. I can’t turn you down. Well, technically, I can, but why would I want to, honey? I just took my pill and it’s time to eat, however, so it will have to wait that long, at least. Besides, for what I have in mind, you’ll need the extra calories. You’ll certainly burn them off today, babe,” Cassie teased her brother, as she wrapped her arms around him and he fondled her delightful buns. She found herself returning the favor, as Hector’s tight ass was always something that she enjoyed.

“Well, I am kind of hungry, too. Let’s hurry downstairs and eat,” Hector led his sister down the stairway, each of them caressing the other’s waist.

By that point, everyone else gathered at the table and made sure to leave two places for Cassie and Hector, who always sat together. This enabled Cassie to do little things like play footsie with her brother, not to mention kiss him and lightly stroke his cock through his boxers. Since he was shirtless, she also pressed her side to his as much as she could, not being very subtle in how she teased him. Her tank top and short shorts didn’t exactly leave much to the imagination, either. Hector enjoyed the view of her cleavage in particular.

Dan nearly spat out his orange juice as he watched his younger twins feel each other up. He also realized from Hector’s embarrassed expression that the young man had a hard-core boner. The patriarch of the Von Greiner clan smiled at his horny offspring and leaned over to whisper something to his first wife, their mother. She whispered back and giggled as she noticed how red Hector was in the face. Then she winked at the twins and wrote a note that she slipped next to the butter on its dish and handed to her third son for his eyes only.

“Go for it, sweetie. She wants you in the worst way. Make us proud. Just be good to our baby girl and don’t hurt her. I can tell it’s the real thing, son, as can your father,” the note read, making Hector blush even more, especially once Cassie snatched it out of his hand and read it as well.

Cassie turned a shade of scarlet, laughed, cried a little, and wrote back on the note, “Thanks, Mom. Trust me, he’ll make me very happy. He’s from you and Dad, so he’s perfect for me. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure he’s happy, too.”

Vicki beamed and whispered to Dan, who grinned from ear to ear. By now, the other wives were extremely curious about what was going on, so Haley cleared her throat between bites of her steak and Michelle looked up from her enthusiastic consumption of the hash browns with her lovely dark eyes to pose a wordless query. Dan nodded to Vicki, who showed both sides of the note to the two “aunts”. Haley, who sat across Cassie, gave Escort Kayaşehir her a high five, while Michelle, next to her, did the “thumbs up” sign.

“Okay, what gives? Is this an inside joke or something? We older kids want to know what’s going on, too. All we know is that you’re all passing notes and sending signals to each other instead of speaking up. Is there something we should all know about?” Bridget blurted out what the younger Von Greiners thought at this point.

“Well, there are some things not for tender ears, dear. Have you forgotten the little ones in our midst?” Haley reminded her daughter of little Claudia and Danielle Marsh, identical twins that Trevor and Jamie had together, who were only toddlers and therefore not ready for talk of such mature matters.

“Oh, yeah, sorry, Mom. Diane, baby, next time I start to put my foot in my mouth, pinch me somewhere that will get my attention,” Bridget asked her wife/slave, who was pregnant with Karl’s little donation, just as she was with Trevor’s.

That had been one of the few exceptions to the monogamous lesbianism that had marked their lives together, as Bridget felt that the donors deserved a little booty as an expression of the couple’s gratitude toward the brothers. As if to reinforce their gay orientation, however, the duo had also slept that week with Natalie, Kirsten, Jamie, and the moms. They even fucked Dan as a back-up plan, not to mention to avoid leaving him as the odd man out.

“Bridget, darling, as much as I’d love to pinch your sweet ass, we both know what price I’d have to pay for doing that. Are you saying that I won’t be punished for pinching in those cases?” Diane asked her wife/Mistress playfully, thankful that the rituals of their D/s lifestyle had relaxed a bit of late, for whatever reason.

“Oh, you’ll take your punishment like a big girl, and what’s more, you’ll love every second of it. We both know that much. You’re a natural sub, one of the things that I love about you,” Bridget teased her slave.

Cassie gagged a bit, making Hector laugh and distract her by squeezing her butt through her shorts. He didn’t want her disgusted by the whole lesbian activity in front of them. She reacted to his payback by squirming a bit, but when he started to pull his hand away, she leaned back to trap it in place. After a short moment, however, she let go of it, so he could keep cutting up his steak.

“Just because I squirmed didn’t mean that I disliked it, honey. I love it when you squeeze my bottom,” Cassie encouraged her twin with a saucy gleam in her eyes.

“You two are something else,” Karl grinned at his siblings, laughing at their naughty games during breakfast. The younger twins were unable to keep their hands off each other and it amused him as much as it aroused him.

A wink and a smile from his own twin, Kirsten, indicated that she shared his delight in the antics of the most junior von Greiners. Trevor, Natalie, and Jamie looked at them and then the parents before snickering. They weren’t making fun of Cassie and Hector, just enjoying the bawdy atmosphere caused by the lovely young couple.

“Well, what something is that, big brother? Tell us what when you’re sure,” Cassie paid Karl back for his teasing.

Hector laughed out loud and kissed Cassie in appreciation of her excellent comeback. Karl and the others burst into laughter again, none of them harboring ill will over the response. It was just the kind of retort that he was used to with the other women of the family, playful and light on actual mockery. The only difference was that Cassie wouldn’t use such banter to flirt with him. It was more of a typical sisterly taunt with her, albeit with the same delightful wit and gaiety that she inherited from Vicki.

Things quieted down as Dan pointed to his empty plate, indicating that he had finished his food while the others spoke. Cassie and everyone else took the fatherly hint, seasoned as it was by mirth, and put away their steak, eggs, hash browns (in Hector’s case, smothered in ketchup), biscuits, and country sausage gravy like it was going out of style. Cassie just hoped that he never got any dirty ideas for the ketchup, of course. Ketchup was revolting and her pussy (or so Hector claimed) was yummy enough on its own. She certainly didn’t want to kiss him after that if he did.

Speaking of kisses, Cassie planted a really serious French kiss on Hector as soon as the breakfast was over, while her hands explored his buns. She stopped just long enough to look at her mother with pleading eyes to be excused from cleaning the dishes and clearing the table. Vicki laughed and nodded her whole-hearted blessing, winking at the twins as if she had something to gain by it as well. It was some kind of delicious conspiracy on the mother’s part for sure, and the daughter was more than willing to play along, especially as it suited her ends. She was confident (whether fortunately or otherwise) that she would hear all about it later.

“Come on, dear. I want to make sweet love to my sexy brother. Care to try out a new position I’ve just learned about? I think that you’ll like it,” Cassie didn’t have to ask her twin twice.

“Alright, sis. You got me. Show mercy, though,” he joked a surrender to her whims.

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