Casual Encounters of Transition

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There I was. Walking. Walking down the dark Corvallis streets wondering why they weren’t better lit. ‘At least I can see the stars,’ thought the young man I once was. After walking around for fourty-three minutes my predestination is presented to me. Alan’s house, at least it was according to the e-mail I received, stood before me.

Trepidation. I can back out. My cock hungry feet move forward. Desire. Before I can knock on the door a naked man appears in the doorway. He looks at the world hesitantly and at me hungrily. His white skin seemed to reflect the tiny light at the end of the street in much the same way the stars twinkled that night. His salt and pepper hair was greatly receded, at least on top. The man boobs that hung from his chest were oddly feminine and greatly his most erotic feature. Without a word I wrapped my arms around his rotund, yet not flabby, midsection and began to suck on those round orbs of flesh. After a moment a slight moan escaped from his lips and he put his thick, powerful, hands gently on my shoulders. With a light squeeze to that area where your neck and your shoulders meet, the briefest of massages to that area where my tension is stored, he detached this suckling babe from his teat and looked deeply in my eyes.

The piercing blue cutting into me caused gorukle escort bayan my clothes to feel tight to my crotch. “Cum in my ass,” jutted from my mouth as I pulled down my shorts allowing my cock to jut from my body. Getting to my knees I felt those powerful hands still on my shoulders guide me down, turning, pushing. My face found its place on the floor. The kind man lifted me a moment and slid my shorts under my cheek and placed me back to my rightful place. Face on the floor, ass in the air, I never felt so normal as his thick shriveled cock grew before me like those pills you put in a bath to form the shape of dinosaurs. This was no dinosaur, but another large reptile. He slithered his python deep into my dark opening. I cry out in pain filled pleasure. I feel something wet trickle down my taint onto my balls as he shoves my briefs in my mouth as a pseudo-gag. It does little to curtail the cries of pain and the screams of pleasure. His mighty hands roam out from my shoulder blades and down my arms before resting on my hands. His entwine mine as he lays the whole of his weight down across my back. My hips, my ass, stay in the air as my quadriceps burn under the weight of our passion. His balls hung low like an inverted metronome, yet it kept time to his barrage of fucks nilüfer escort bayan all the same. His breasts pressed against my back, his hands interlocked with mine, the heat of his breath against the nape of my neck, his balls bouncing into mine like those transfer of energy balls in a psychiatrist’s office, would have put me into a state of perpetual arousal if I had not shot my seed over the floor under me all the way up to my neck, some of it getting stuck to my beard.

I lay myself submissively down into my spunk. I lay prone screaming my encouragement for him to finish. I tell him I am now his. I’m his cum slut. His cum dumpster. The receptacle of his seed. He may take me at any time in any place. I am his. He continues to take me in the entry way. My sphincter feels as though I have shoved amber after amber from a campfire up there simply to cool them off. I need to cool this amber. I need his cum. I whine to him. I tell him I need his cum. Not only am I a receptacle, I am a receptacle that needs to be filled. At that moment I realized I never wanted to feel empty again.

My erection painfully reemerges. Expanding even though it is pinned to the floor by the weight of two men. I begin gushing almost immediately upon the expansion of my penis. bursa otele gelen escort bayan The cum mixing with the pool of sweat and jizz that I am laying in as the titted and sweaty man continues to fill me to completion. My anus feels numb and I want nothing more than to die in this euphoria. I can barely breath and can no longer express my delight and approval. He bites down hard on my neck. The place I store my tension. He doesn’t draw blood but it feels like he would if he bit down any harder. As his strong jaws hold me in my place sperm floods my cock chasm. I have just enough strength to moan my gratitude at this masterful lover.

“Don’t get too comfortable there,” came a husky voice.

‘How can he talk while he is biting my neck,’ I wondered. The pressure on my neck lifted. Barely able to turn my head I see a tall muscled man rubbing his erection.

‘How could he be there when he is on top of me,’ I questioned in my head. A feeling of something being removed from my ass was felt. I was empty. I felt so alone as a weight was lifted from my being.

The husky voice was heard again, “Don’t fall asleep yet. I’m Alan, the one you e-mailed. What you’ve walked into is a Craigslist two for one special. Let’s get you and this hallway cleaned up.”

I felt something moist stick to my back and a hand playfully smack the cheeks of my ass. I struggle to raise myself as two angels take my hands and drape my arms around their necks. They support me around my back and drag me further into the depths of this heaven. I may never leave. My eyes close.



Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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