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A tired Eric shut the door behind him, finally home from a long day at work. He slipped his shoes off, letting out a sigh of relief as he undid his tie and took off his jacket. He slowly climbs the stairs, planning on checking on his daughter, Callie, before laying down for a rest.

As he nears the top of the stairs he hears a moan, or so his mind tells him.

“It must be my imagination,” he mumbles to himself. He continues to Callie’s room to find her door wide open and her nowhere in sight. Just then, he hears another moan, coming from his room.
He slowly approaches his half open door, “I know I closed my door before I left,” he said quietly, and pushes it open with only the slightest creak.

The sight that greets him makes him wonder if he is dreaming. Callie is stretched out on his bed, her 36 C tits out in full view being pinched by one of her fingers, while the other hand is busy inside her half pulled down pants, watching one of his porn tapes.

She lets out another moan, this time with words intermixed, “Oh Daddy, fuck me with your big cock.”

To his amazement, she slides her jeans and panties halfway down her legs and grabs the thick dildo laying next to her and slides it in her soaking hole, pumping it until she has fast pace going, “Yes Daddy, that feels sooo goood!” she half screams.

He watches her, caught up in the picture of his beautiful, 18-year-old daughter, fucking herself as she imagines him. He unconsciously reaches down and starts rubbing his hardening cock though his pants.

Then a slow smile spreads across his face as he thinks of how he can work this to his advantage. He strolls into his room and stands right in front of the TV, to get her attention.

Her eyes widen as she sees him and scurries to pull the dildo out of her still unsatisfied pussy and pulls her pants back up and her shirt down.

“What are you doing?” Sefaköy Escort he asks her.

“Um…um…” she knows it’s futile to lie, he already caught her.

He walks over and picks up the dildo. Smiling a wicked smile, he licks it till it’s clean. Then licks his lips when he’s done.


Callie’s mind is racing. On the one hand she got caught. On the other her father didn’t seem to be mad. Was that bad or good? She could very well guess what he was thinking. If the indication of the big bulge in his pants was anything to go by.

The only problem was, she had had sex exactly two times in her life, and the guy was small. So her pussy was still pretty tight. She had always secretly wanted to fuck her father. She would always sneak by the door of his room at night and watch through a crack as he masturbated and sprayed his cum, wishing that cum would’ve been in her wet pussy.

She grinned wickedly back at him,

“Yes it is delicious. Would you like more?” she says as she undresses again, bringing her soaking shaved pussy into view, and spreads her legs, inviting him.

He kneels down at the edge of the bed and pulls her forward until her pussy is mere inches away from his watering mouth.

He licks once through her slit, leaving her gasping.

He decides to tease her and starts by slowly licking her very outer lips, working his way in until his tongue circles her clit. She pushes her pussy up into his face, begging him.

He takes pity on her and licks her clit full on, making her moan. He licks all over her pussy, tongue fucking her hole a couple times, before pulling away.

Disappointed, she half sits up and gives him a questioning look.

“We’re going to cum together baby. Right now, I want to feel your hot mouth wrapped around my cock,” he says, sliding his pants and briefs down, his hard cock Sefaköy Escort Bayan springing into view.

Callie’s mouth drops open, his cock has to be at least 8 inches long and 2 inches wide. Her pussy starts drooling from the anticipation of what will come a little later on.

She smiles as she slides off the bed and kneels down in front of him. She licks him, slowly, from balls up to right below the head. Until his length is glistening with her saliva.

She looks up to see his head thrown back, his eyes closed.

She grins, hearing his groan as she licks quickly all over the head, tasting his delicious precum.

He starts sliding his cock in and out of her hot mouth, pushing down her throat.

She gags a little until she gets used to it, then starts moving her head to get him deeper in her mouth.

As he fucks her mouth, she reaches down and rubs her clit, moaning around his cock.

He half opens his eyes to see his beautiful daughter’s lips wrapped around his hard cock. The sight almost makes him cum right there. He feels the cum boiling inside his balls.

He grabs her hair and wraps it around his hand, fucking her mouth and deep into her throat,

“Yes baby, suck Daddy’s cock…. make Daddy cum…”

She can barely breathe and tries to get little snatches of air into her starved lungs.

His words make her hornier though, and she rubs her clit harder.

Suddenly he lets go of her hair as she feels the first splash of his salty cum spray into her thirsty mouth. She hungrily swallows that and the second one as well. Half of it dribbling down her chin as he pulls out and sprays the third and fourth shots onto her aroused tits.

She licks her lips clean and rubs the cum into her tits. She looks up at him and finds him still as hard as a rock.

He grins down at her, then pulls her to her feet Escort Sefaköy and bends her over the bed.

“Now my little slut, it’s time to fuck that sweet hole of yours.”

He rubs his cock through her dripping pussy, coating it with her juices. She moans as it makes contact with her clit.

“You want it, beg for it.”

“Please Daddy, fuck me. I need your cock.”

“That’s my little slut,” he says as he shoves it deep inside her.

She arches back to get him as far in as possible.

He slowly starts fucking her, his balls banging her clit with every thrust in. Then he starts fucking her hard and fast, grabbing her hips to drive deeper.

She is moaning almost nonstop, screaming her him to fuck her hard. “I love your cock Daddy.”

“And my cock loves you,” he says as he abuses her tight, wet pussy.

She holds onto the bed as her tits bounce with the force of his thrusts.

Suddenly he pulls out of her dripping pussy and rams his big, hard cock into her tight little asshole.

She moans half in pleasure, half in pain as he picks the pace back up. As he’s fucking her ass, he reaches over and grabs the dildo and shoves it in her aching pussy, abusing her with it.

“Does my little slut like this?”

“Ooooh…. yes Daddy. That feels sooo good.”

“Cum for Daddy.”

She feels herself nearing the end, but has one last request. “Daddy, cum in my pussy. Please.”
She gasps.

“Anything for my little girl,” he says as he pulls the dildo out and throws it on the bed. The he slips his cock back into her hot pussy.

AS he fucks her he reaches in front and plays with her tits.

“Daddy’s going to cum. Cum with me.”

“Yeeees Dadddy,” she moans as she goes over the edge.

Her already tight pussy squeezes his cock, making him spill his cum deep inside her pussy. He pulls out and watches it dribble down.

When they both catch their breath, he grins wickedly at her.

“From now on, every night when I come home from work I want you in here, naked.”

She smiles,

“Anything you say Daddy.” Then she kneels down and licks the mixture of their cum off his cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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