Ceremony of Rebirth

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This story is a submission for the 2011 Literotica Earth Day Challenge

Cael grinned secretly as she took in the sight of her tribe waiting for her, since becoming the Warlord only two months previously things had rapidly changed for the tribe. She would drive out the foul invaders but first she must attend to the most sacred of their rituals, the spring Rebirth ceremony. The offering of strength and vitality to the goddess Eostre, so she may bless them with the regrowth of the land and the assured continuance of their tribe.

She approaches the line of her finest soldiers, they had competed for the right to be selected by her to take part in the ceremony of rebirth. Such had never happened before, it had always been a female offering but since she had risen to power the ritual must be changed to suit their new situation. It was certainly an un-intended perk of her rise to power. Not only would she be choosing the offerings to the goddess, they would become her commanders and guardians for their life time. Binding them to her through the ritual.

Slowly she approaches them, she strides carefully down the path between them, she must make her selection from the eight that had passed the strict trials that had been formed by the recruit trainers, the massive bonfire in the midst of the sacred clearing glimmered off their armor and skin. Giving off the feel that they were fit to be demi-gods themselves.

Their ceremonial armour allowed her to see most of their defined chest, the taut power in their legs and the potent strength in their powerful arms. She looked into each set of eyes, watching their unwavering gaze. The predator lurking in their eyes, their leashed power thrilled her. She would have control of that power tonight.

She grins at the men displayed for her, none of them had lost their rigid posture or their steely focused gaze. She gestures to her chosen men, they show no hint of surprise or eagerness as they approach her. When the first of the two reaches her, she rubs her knuckles against his cheek and reaches for his shoulder pad and removes it, then removes the other pad, completely baring his chest.

She smooths her hands over his muscular pecs, rubbing his nipples, Cael grinned devilishly to herself. She was going to get them so worked up the fire that would burn through them would be hot enough to incinerate them. He grinned at her then, while she caressed his abs that even though he couldn’t touch her yet. He would punish her for her torturing touches, she winked at him to say that she would look forward to receiving his promised torment.

Cael opened the buckles on the tight leather leggings that encased his legs down to his knees and pulled them away from him then dug her fingers into the bindings of his loincloth and pulled it away. She barely managed to stop the gasp from falling out of her as his imposing size was revealed to her. She licked her lips at the thought of his big cock punishing her for teasing him.

Looking Eskort Kız over at the ceremonial alter she grasped the prepared bowl of sacrificial oil and began stroking his muscles, slowly and deliberately. Intent on drawing it out for as long as possible, for he must wait until she had finished preparing his companion. She just knew that Cadeym wanted to throw her over the altar and slam his big cock into her, she had been teasing him since training began for this night. There had never been much doubt in her mind that she would chose Cadeym and his companion Brenhin for this night. All she had wanted was for them to prove themselves.

She grinned deviously as his jaw clenched when her nails dragged over the bottom of his abs, spreading the oil. Its heating and aphrodisiac properties were sure to be burning him alive, she intended to tease and torture them mercilessly. He showed remarkable control, it was one of the reasons she knew he would be perfect to be one of her commanders. Only she could see the quiver of his muscles as he contained the groans she knew where begging to be set loose.

Once she finished rubbing the oil into his legs she ran the oil up and over his broad back, running her nails over him. She loved feeling the twitch of his muscles and the tight expression on his face as she tormented him. She should have been done by now, but she was having too much fun enjoying the ripple and twitching of his powerful muscles.

All what was left now was his cock standing thick and throbbing against his chest. When her hand closed over his cock and stroked him, a groan rumbled in his throat too soft to be heard by anyone but her. She loved that she could make him break his composure if only for a second. His breathing increased making him pant as she reached under him and palmed his sac, finishing the oiling. She stood back from him and grinned wickedly at him as his eyes gleamed darkly, promising retribution.

She turned her attention to Brenhin who stared at her hungrily, she shuddered. She knew her fantasies of them taking her brutally and harsh would pale in comparison to what was going to happen. She rubbed her knuckles against his cheek and then pulled off a shoulder pad then the other. The straps falling away to completely expose his powerful chest.

Her intent was to mirror what she did with Cadeym, she smoothed her hands over his large muscular pecs and rubbed his nipples until they hardened under her touch. She caught his eyes as she flicked each buckle on his leggings open before pulling them away from him. Then tugged at the bindings of his loincloth pulling it away from him.

She wasn’t disappointed, Brenhin was just as large and imposing as Cadeym. She would tease him longer, just so she would make Cadeym wait. First she started with his legs, stroking his muscles with the oil, spreading it up his legs. His jaw clamped as his eyes flashed with fire, her hands stroked past his hips and over his abs. Once again she flicked his nipples when she covered his chest with the oil.

She couldn’t wait to feel them both inside of her, she was torturing herself as much as she was tormenting them. She took care with stroking the oil over his back, she swore she heard his teeth grinding together as her nails slid over him as she swept the oil over his taut muscles. She coated her hands again and closed her hand over his thick pulsing cock and stroked him slowly, a growl spilled out of him as she cupped his balls and stroked him.

Once she stood back from him, they advanced on her, their eyes hot and stormy with promised retribution. With sweeping caresses and slow teasing touches she quivered as they slowly stripped away her armour and laid her bare. Cadeym grinned at her as he reached for the oil bowl, he covered his hands in the oil and handed the bowl to Brenhin who did the same, they rubbed the oil up her legs. Massaging the oil into her skin like a sensual massage. She had to remember to regulate her breathing as their hot hands teased her, spreading the warming oil over her. Soon the hot pin pricks of heat and fiery pleasure punctured her.

She had to fight the urge to writhe against their combined touch as their dark gazes seared her, once their hands reached her breasts a soft whimper escaped her. They caressed her breasts and tormented her hard peaked nipples with their fingers. The oil ignited a raging fire that writhed over her skin like a living element.

She was panting as they pulled her back from the altar and tenderly stroked the oil over her back, their cocks throbbed against her legs as they finished the preparation, reaching down they tormented her with tender strokes rubbing her ass and her lips, a gasp slipped out as Cadeym squeezed her clit sending a hot buzz of pleasure through her. They leaned into her and kissed her neck, then Brenhin laid back on the altar. He stared at her entranced as Cadeym lowered her down over his throbbing cock, he groaned as her tight ass slid down over him. Squeezing him tightly, harshly, as Cadeym slowly pushed her down on him.

Pleasure ripped through her as Brenhin’s throbbing cock slid into her, she didn’t know how she could possibly take both of them inside of her like this. They were so big, she groaned at their devilish teasing as Brenhin slid inside of her inch by torturous inch. She wanted to scream at them to hurry, the combination of the oil and the hot searing pleasure of his cock inside of her was sure to make her go crazy.

Cadeym’s hands trembled as he slowly lowered Cael over his friend, he wanted to go faster and shove his cock inside of her clenching heat. But he knew he couldn’t rush this, this was their bonding ceremony as well. He had lusted after Cael for months, now he finally was getting the chance to feel her and make her scream the way he envisioned for months.

Sweat dripped off them the sacred oil mixing with it as it dribbled onto the altar, the heat and light from the bonfire bathed them in warm bright light. He didn’t even consider the tribe watching them from the edges of the circle. He pressed her thighs apart and pushed his cock against her lips, he was dying to feel her embrace. But he needed to go slow, and to pay back her torment, this time he was in control.

Cael panted and groaned, Brenhin’s sweat slicked chest and throbbing cock imbedded in her made her want to buck against him but she knew she had to stay still for the ritual. She could unleash her passion once he was inside of her. She would take them both for a ride they would never forget, she was the one in control here. Once they had their fun she would show them who was the boss.

Cadeym smirked devilishly at her then pushed the head of his cock inside of her, the increase in pressure squeezed them all, they all groaned simultaneously as the raging heat shot through them. He gripped her hips and slid inside her inch by inch. A groan came from him as he pushed down to the hilt.

Finally, thought Cael as Cadeym entered her fully, now it was time to take the control away from them. She squeezed both of her passages, tightening her grip on them. Brenhin groaned and grasped her hips while Cadeym growled at her and tried to pull back. But her grip on him wouldn’t allow it, she smirked at him then started to move. Thrusting back and forward in an even pace, designed to make them both crazy with need. Her head hung back, glorying in the power she held over them.

They were locked to her, unable to move, searing pleasure vibrating through them, wracking them with intense sensation as she slid up and down on them, rippling her muscles around them. When she drew back from him, Cadeym took the chance and pushed down on her, sinking back in her, prompting Brenhin to move back. They were a tangle of sweaty, oily limbs as they fought with each other for supremacy. A litany of groans, grunts and curses came from them as they fought for purchase on their slippery skin.

Cael felt she was going to explode with the sensations battering her, the light around them seemed to shimmer vibrantly as they kept up the struggle that they wouldn’t be able to stop, they were locked to each other. The violent pleasure flowing through them, as she felt the crash coming she dug her nails with their specially designed blades into Cadeym’s back and Brenhin’s hip, gathering the last sacrifice for the ceremony.

The bite of pain from her nails was enough to send them both headlong into orgasm, they gripped her hips and slammed into her as she tightened around them crushingly as they erupted on a roar that echoed through their area of the forest. The altar glowed with heat from the droplets of their blood that had hit the altar. For their eyes only they saw the rippling blast of energy course through the ground.

Cadeym slid off Cael, holding his arm around her while they panted heavily against the heated stone of the altar. This season was going to be one of power, the energy fizzling inside of them would grow, strengthening their spirit to empower them against their enemies.

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