Ch. 04: Suckfest

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Balls Caress

“May I say something?” she asked.

“What is it, bitch?”

“I promise not to fight you. I promise to be good. I just don’t want to be hurt. I promise to do whatever you want. I won’t scream, and I won’t bite. I’ll do everything you say. I…”she hesitated, “I want this to happen. What I think you’re going to do…I want it.”

“What are you, some kind of whore?”

Gulp. “Y-y-yes…” she stammered.

“You want us to fuck you, stupid whore?”

Gulp. “Y-y-yes…” she replied. “But I’m not stupid. I won’t do anything stupid. I want to live. I just want to …. be used by you.”

“Well, now that we understand each other, Red, you take the first stab. Lube her up – I don’t want her pussy torn.”

The one he called red climbed on the bed between her legs and raised her skirt. He slipped a rough hand in one leg hole of her underwear and ripped them off. He discarded the ragged garment and slowly blew on her snatch. “I like ’em shaved…this is smooth and sweet…” he said. Her skin prickled and she warmed under the praise of the man she suspected was Donald’s friend, described as the “sweet redneck.” If her guess wasn’t off, the third man was his black friend. She grew even warmer at the thought. Jennifer had never yet had a taste of black cock, and she hope to tonight. Her fear subsiding, she began to play the role better.

She stretched her legs and thrust her cunt up to entice the man kneeling between her legs. nişantaşı escort It worked. He licked, long and slow, from the base of her slit all the way up to her clit, to which he gave a flick. His tongue felt meaty and wide, and she thrust again, hoping he would fuck her with his tongue. As if reading her mind he made an arrow of his tongue and pushed it up her snatch, up higher and out again, up inside and out again. She started to writhe and moan, but felt something smooth tap her on the cheek. She turned her head and took the head of a cock in her mouth. She slobbered all over the meat offered her and greedily sucked and licked up the drool.

She stopped for a moment and said, “If my arms stay cuffed up high around my head, you could stuff a pillow under my head to give me a little more movement.” They obliged her the pillow support, promising to release her hands later if she continued to be as cooperative. “I promise,” she whispered.

The cock was returned to her mouth, the man kneeling over her face to offer her more and more of it deeper and deeper down her throat. Jennifer was used to setting her own pace and taking breaths when she decided, but a different rhythm was being imposed on her. She struggled to adjust.

Meanwhile the man between her legs ceased his expert ministrations to cup her ass and lift her hips up onto his quads as he scooted on his knees closer to her. She continued to suck hungrily on the cock while he applied şişli escort some lubricant to her ass. She hadn’t expected to be mounted in the ass in this position, but she was excited to try. He spread her ass cheeks with his hands and poked at her anus. It was a little sore from yesterday, but yielded easily to the pressure. The man’s prick was slender and long, and didn’t hurt going in. He slipped in and out and used his hands to tantalize and stimulate her labia and clit, dipping fingers occasionally in to her waiting and eager cunt. She felt the pressure build and mount and she gave herself over to waves of orgasms.

Her body shook and the men murmured their approval. She never stopped her attentions to the cock in front of her, and the man in her ass withdrew his cock, saying, “I want to save my jism – I’d love to see this bitch take buckets of cum all over her face and chest, and lick it up like a kitten licks milk.” He slipped off the condom he had on.

She heard a key and felt her hands being uncuffed. Now that they knew she was going to cooperate, and suspected that she realized what was really taking place, they were much gentler with her. They guided her off the bed and onto her knees, and all three stood with their rods in her face. She was still blindfolded so she groped until she found all three, two with her hands and one with her mouth. She stroked and licked all the meat-sticks in her reach, and she tried to get to lick and mecidiyeköy escort suck and swallow each one in turn. She heard the men grunting and felt them stroking their cocks along with her.

When she encountered a hand stroking along the cock in her mouth, she hungrily sucked on those fingers as well, shoving as much as she could possibly fit into her mouth. She felt the pressure build, could tell from the intensity of their moans that she’d soon be showered in cum, and she began to stroke harder and faster while she suckled the one between her lips. She tilted her head back and opened wide her mouth, saying throatily, “Give me your milk, boys, let me drink it all up!” That was the last straw, with a groan and a jerk, the one in her mouth started spurting. All four shots landed on her cheeks and nose, running down her face. She stuck her tongue out and tried to lick up the drops. The sight of this woman, blindfolded and being sprayed with man juice and loving it, pushed the other two over the edge.

One by one they emptied their cocks onto her face and chest, getting a good deal in her hair, too. She gently held the pricks in her hand and licked the residual spurts that fell short of her now sticky, naked body. She then took her hands and caressed her boobs, smearing the cum in. One of the men reached for a wet towel they’d prepared and cleaned her hands.

Now she did roll over on the carpet and curl up in the fetal position, but this time she buried her hands in her cunt and stroked herself, reliving in her mind the sexy scene she had just participated in. She could only imagine, since she was still blindfolded. She didn’t even know which man was which, yet.

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