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The sun was slowly rising as you entered the room. Carefully working your way towards the bed, you begin to close the distance between the two of us. I lay in the center of the bed, unsure of your intentions. You called me earlier this morning to tell me that you were unhappy about our relationship and you were going to make changes. I didn’t realize at the time “relationship” mean “sex life” and that the “changes” meant that I would be tied up with a gag in my mouth. You didn’t look angry, but you tied my hand above me with your belt and you used my scarf to stifle my confused whimpers. You know that I don’t like being out of control, so you’ve left me my vision unobstructed. I couldn’t be more grateful.

You laugh at me, watching me struggle to cover my exposed, naked body. I know you’re not going to hurt me, but you are going to torture me, denying me the satisfaction of an orgasm. You kneel on the bed and lean over my chest. Taking my left nipple in your mouth, teasing it until it stands erect. You clamp down on it with your lips, sucking hard and fast, before I know it you’re done and moving down my body.

Moving quickly, you reach my pussy and attack. I am shocked at the speed and which you move. Your tongue working over all my fold, releasing my juices. Your tongue presses its way manisa escort into my pussy. In and out. Bringing me close to the edge, and then you stop just as suddenly as you started.

I moan, loudly, through the gag realizing what you are doing. You are bringing me to the edge and then denying me the release. Instead, you grab me by my hips and flip me on my stomach. My arms are now twisted above my head, and my ass exposed to you. I know what’s coming next without you telling me. You pull my hips upwards so my ass is elevated, but my chest, arms, and shoulders are still on the mattress. I take a deep breath and try to relax before you begin.

You begin the assault on my ass with the palm of your hand. Sixteen, swift, hard smack, just enough to get my ass a nice shade of pink. You know that this just turns me on even more. The loss of control, the denial of cumming, the smacking gets me so hot and you know it. You can see the juices rolling down my thighs. You wipe your fingers through it, pull down my gag, and shove your fingers in my mouth so I can taste myself.

Untying my wrists, you pull me up off the mattress, on to my knees. I know what this means, I lower my mouth towards your cock. You laugh, saying that you don’t want your cock sucked right away, that I should pay attention to your balls first. So I do as you wish. I work on your left one first, slowly but surely. As I work on you, I feel your fingers pulling my hair up and hard so I have to struggle to keep my mouth on your balls. You pull me over to your right one, and I grab on to your ass to catch my balance. My moment of weakness in strength makes you laugh and shove both of your balls in my mouth in response. Your balls fill my mouth, forcing me to open my mouth to it’s limits. With both your balls in my mouth, I start humming the “A, B, Cs”. I get to “R” and you pull your balls out and in one fluid motion ram your cock in my mouth.

I’m so happy with your cock in my mouth but you’re not going to let me enjoy this one. You inform me that my mouth will just be just like my pussy. You attack my mouth with your cock, as I gasp for air in between thrusts. Pushing yourself further in, I can feel your cock in my throat. In a moment of panic I tense my throat up, nearly choking on your cock. You tell me that the feeling of me choking on your cock is unbelievable, but you are getting bored assaulting my mouth.

With a loud audible pop, you pull your cock from my mouth and before you pull it away I manage to lick the little dribble of pre-cum that had formed on the tip of your head. Now free from your belt, gag, and cock and I feel lost. Hollow. Empty. You laugh at the whimper I let out for your cock. You reassure me by grabbing my ankles and pull them over my head. Exposing two orifices to you, I moan knowing what’s coming, or more accurately cumming, next.

Aligning your cock with my pussy, you tease it with your head. Desperately wanting more of you, I try to slide myself closer to your cock. Laughing you back up a bit, putting more distance between my pussy and your cock. On the verge of tears, I cry out for your cock. You finally decided to give me what I’ve been craving, and slowly push your cock into my pussy. The electrifying feeling of your cock in my pussy brings me to the edge of an orgasm. As my orgasm pulsates through me, you begin to thrust in and out of me. My pussy grabbing at your cock, you pull my legs down around you so you can grab at my breasts. Mashing my breast, pelvic bones banging against each other, you grunting, and me just shouting your name at the top of my lungs.

The assault on my senses is just too much, and I cum again. This time, you cum with me. Ropes of cum coat the inside of my pussy, your cock pulsating as my pussy tries to pull the last remaining drops of cum from your cock. You collapse on top of me and you bury your face in my breasts.

You kiss between them and look up at me and ask, “Do you like the changes I’ve made?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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