Chame Heads Out Ch. 01

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Chame was SO excited. He had finally scheduled a date to meet. She had her list of requirements and after so many emails, texts, and Skype sessions…she had a good idea of what he wanted. She rubbed her clit as she tried to wake up, her nipples hardening and begging for attention. The alarm snooze sounded and she jumped out of the warm sheets. She did NOT want to be late!

The house was empty and it was peaceful. The sun was trying to break through the clouds, but it was still a dreary western Washington day. With her coffee in hand, she gathered her body scrub, shaving gel, razor, shampoo, perfume…and turned back to grab her only manual dildo…and headed to the bathroom. She sat on the edge of the bathtub and sprayed her legs with warm water. As she leaned to grab the shaving gel, she smiled as one of the first visuals he told her about flashed before her. Straddling a large cock seated on the porcelain throne with him entering her ass at the same time. She felt the warmth spreading through her mid section. She took her time and made sure to get every square centimeter of skin at least twice. The sound of the razor scraping her skin, removing hair and the top layer of skin, turned her on. The after effect of the smooth skin that was so hyper-sensitive could be nothing but erotic! The moisture between her lips steadily increased. When her legs were finished, she stood, and examined the lower half. From her sparkly, freshly pedicured, “Come Fuck Me Red” toenail polish to her thighs was finished.

She turned on the shower and enjoyed the steamy warmth washing over her body. With the lathered shampoo in her hair, she went to work on her armpits, continuing down to her bikini line. He had been specific about her grooming and she followed his instructions with much care to get everything perfect for him. She was very turned on and after examining her handiwork, decided to reward herself. With his guidance and instruction, she had gotten better at self pleasure, but still had leaps and bounds to go! Nevertheless, she grabbed the dildo and lathered it with body scrub. After enjoying it in her pussy, she decided to get warmed up for what was to come. The tip trembled at her asshole just enough to send shivers through her body. With a solid push, just short of a thrust, she took the dildo into her ass. After practicing, she had realized that the second sphincter was the “spoiler” point. If the Ataşehir Sınırsız Escort action was in front of or passed it, game on!! Bent at the waist, she pushed and twisted the cock to get used to the feeling. The trouble she had was being able to enjoy the feeling, think about what to do next, and envision an erotic scene that turned her on all simultaneously while trying to reach orgasm. Way too much work! Not enough skill, coordination, or rhythm. She withdrew the dildo, cleaned it, and rinsed her hair. Upon final rinse, she took the shower head down, found the pulsing stream, and rinsed her clit over and over, shot the stream into her cunt, and ended with it pulsing into her ass.

She dried off, fixed her hair, put on her bra, lingered and slowly put on the stockings while she enjoyed her supple legs, applied her makeup, put on her bedroom slippers, and grabbed the dress. She hoped he’d like it, but figured it wouldn’t be on too long! Purse in hand, To Go Bag in the car, and shoes strapped onto the purse…she headed out the door.

He wanted a specific variety of underwear. She had a fascination with boxers, so she understood and complied. She pulled up to Cascade Mall, unsure where anything was except the movie theater. After finally finding a parking spot, she put on her shoes, grabbed her wallet, checked her makeup and headed to go shopping. This was not something she usually looked forward to, but today…she could feel eyes following her. She swayed when she walked in the heels. They changed how she felt, walked, stood, and acted. Power heels. Killer heels. And they didn’t hurt like other cute shoes. What a score!!

She headed to the info board to find the store he recommended. After locating it, she headed down the corridor. Her heels clicked and she chuckled to herself. Then…the hairs on the back of her neck stood on end. It was an odd sensation, not creepy, but not right right. She looked around the shop and saw only women milling about. She knew better, but brushed it off as nothing. After making her way to the undies, a beautiful twenty-something year old attendant asked if she could assist Chame. The feeling was back.

“I’m looking for…” as she fumbled with the shopping list, the attendant brushed against her shoulder to look at the list. Her eyebrows raised and a knowing smirk crossed her faced. Chame realized she was staring at the Ataşehir Suriyeli Escort attendant. The young, Latino mixed attendant was grabbing this and that, turned over her shoulder, and nodded toward the dressing room. Still unsure of the little hairs that stood up, the closeness of this woman, and her knowledge of the list…Chame followed the beautiful gal into a large dressing room.

“Ok, let’s get you undressed to see what these look like,” the attendant said. Chame couldn’t tell if she was flirting or strictly doing her job overly well.

“I’m not wearing and panties, so I don’t think I’m supposed to try them on.” Her hair was mahogany and straight, just below her shoulders. She smelled of peaches and vanilla. Her olive skin was smooth and beautiful, makeup done professionally. Her clavicles were pronounced and the heart shaped shirt hugged her 32C breasts just right.

“That’s ok, I won’t tell anyone,” she winked.

Being oblivious to everything, Chame cocked her head and said, “Are you flirting with me?” The beautiful lynx stepped closer, pushing Chame against the mirror. Her hand cupped the 40DD breasts protruding from the little black dress. Suddenly, her lips were tracing Chame’s neckline.

“Do you think I’m flirting with you now, ma’am?” she hoarsely whispered as her hand reached under the bottom of the dress. “I saw you aiming for our store half way down the corridor and wanted to get my tongue into you then!” Her fingers pushed open Chame’s legs and found her naked, sensitive lips. “May I?”

Unsure if this was ok with him, Chame couldn’t help it, she wanted this woman now and again. “Yes, please,” squeaked out of her mouth as she nodded with enthusiasm. Chame finally understood the erect neck hairs were a direct result of that look. Suddenly three of those lovely long fingers plunged into Chame’s dripping pussy. After exploring her lips, teasing her clit, and dipping in a few more times, Chame felt this unknown goddess’s hands moving her, bending her over the bench, opening her legs.


The sting of her well placed spank hit the pussy lips and where ass meets thigh. “Look at that wet pussy!! Your lover must be excited for this,” she said before kneeling behind, licking from cunt to asshole. There was a finger on Chame’s clit and an unrealistically efficient tongue moving from one hole to the next. Without much Ataşehir İranlı Escort thinking, Chame quickly dialed his number.

He answered the phone, unsure why she was breaking the contact order. However, she didn’t answer when he spoke. He listened. He had heard Chame moan enough to know she was close to orgasm. For some reason, knowing he could hear…her wits finally came back to her. “Suck that cunt, baby. Yeah….that’s nice.” He didn’t know if he was livid or turned on, but thought he’d give it a moment to hear what else was happening. “Suck my clit, you little whore.” What the hell was she saying?? And that tone? Not one he’d heard come out of her before. He felt a little quiver in his groin. “Oh yeah, let me fuck that pretty little face.” …the line went dead. Confused and turned on, getting ready for his meeting with her, he wasn’t sure what to do next as he sat with a sock in one hand and the phone in the other. Suddenly his Skype rang. He quickly answered and was greeted with the beautiful perma-tanned face with perfect makeup licking the very erect clit of his little whore-pet! The show was short, but he got to see the cum soak that pretty little face and ruin her makeup!

After her orgasm, Chame pulled her dress back down, held up the panties to the camera, “Will these suffice, Sir?”

He had trouble answering, but managed a short, “Yes. Hurry up. We’re meeting as soon as you can get there.” She ended the call, slipped on the panties, and watched the her.

The pretty little attendant was trying to fix her makeup that would take more than what the dressing room had to offer. Finally giving up, she took the tag that had been on the panties that Chame was now wearing and soaking, and walked her to the cash register. She handed a business card to Chame after the transaction and said, “If you ever need a buddy for a date, I’d be happy to suck him off, too.”

“THEY may be interested, may I take your photo?”

“I’ll send you some after you email me,” she glowed and a little pussy juice was still sparkling on her chin. “Thank you again for shopping with us, and I hope to eat you again soon.” Chame picked up her bag and headed out the door. She refused to look back, but couldn’t wait to see the photos, so started to email the address on the card.

By the time she got to her car, a new email from him…”HURRY UP” and one from her…”Do you like?” The pics were of this gorgeous woman tied, gagged, getting anally fucked and vaginally, DP, going down on both men and women, and many just good body shots in fun poses. She quickly forwarded the email to him, started the car, and got on the freeway northbound to the hotel room that would be her heaven for the next 12 hours!

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