Chance Office Encounter

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For Women

Edited by michchick98.

It was a long day and I’d been working in the office well past quitting time, trying to get enough done to get home, not that there was much to go home to.

I was putting the finishing touches on a report when I heard the distinctive whine of the vacuum cleaner start up a few cubicles away. It was late, 9:45pm, and the cleaners were in the building. I poked my head over the cubicle wall for a look and was surprised to see that the normal uniformed, matronly woman was not working her way down the row tonight.

In her place was a stunning, raven haired woman about five foot six in height. Wearing the backpack vacuum, but not the uniform of the cleaning staff, she was dressed as a woman about to go out to a club. Black, calf high boots with a tight, short black skirt, and a red lacy bra with only a torn fishnet top over it. Fingerless black and red stripped gloves that went up her forearms completed the outfit.

I stared, helpless to pull my eyes away, drinking in the sight. She was oblivious to the staring, dancing a little as she cleaned – her attention focused on the music from her iPod. Her hair was so black, it seemed to absorb light as it swirled around her, hanging just below her shoulder blades. Her breasts were high and from the looks of things, didn’t really need the bra. Her features were Caucasian with just a hint of Asian, and her makeup was so perfect she looked like magazine cover.

In what seemed like in no time at all she was suddenly at my cubicle. She jumped slightly when she saw me and stumbled, dropping the vacuum wand and falling to land on her shapely buttocks with a squeak. For a moment I was shocked into immobility by the sudden knowledge that she wasn’t wearing any panties, then I shook it off and offered her a hand up. She took my hand, and as she rose, turned off the vacuum.

“Sorry about that,” I said as the noise died away, “I didn’t mean to startle you.” My mouth was a little dry from nervousness – had she noticed my staring?

“No, its all right,” she said. Her voice, in the sudden absence of noise, was a soft contralto that sent a shot right down my spine. “I wasn’t expecting anyone to be here this late.”

For a moment there was an awkward silence. Somewhat pedantically I said, “I can’t help but notice that’s not the normal uniform for vacuuming around here.” At the same time thinking, great – captain obvious strikes again.

She smiled. “No, I’m just filling in. I was actually on my way to a club when my Aunt called and asked if I could take care of this for her.”

“Oh! I hope she’s all right,” I said concerned. Mrs. Leighton never really talked to the office workers, but I certainly didn’t bear her any ill will. Though, I thought if we could trade up for this delightful young lady…

“Just a stomach bug we think, um… which brings me back to the filling in for her,” she replied, gesturing with the vacuum wand at the carpet.

“Of course! Don’t let me keep you from getting out to the club – people must be waiting for you.”

She sighed and looked at her watch. “They were. This took longer than I thought, and from the text I got they’re moving on without me tonight. I’ll just finish up and probably head home – this is harder work than it looks when Aunt Karen does it.”

“We’ll I’ll get out of your way then, please don’t mind me – the noise won’t bother me.”

“Thanks,” she said, flipping the cleaner back on.

She proceeded to vacuum my cubicle and the last one across from me. I watched her graceful movements as she bent over to pick up a piece of paper and her skirt stretched, showing off her ass like it was framed. For just an instant I could see her mound between her legs. I could feel my cock straining in my pants, the first traces of pre-cum wetting my underwear. God, I thought, it’s been a while since I’ve gotten laid.

As she finished the floor, she turned the vacuum off and politely turned to me to say goodbye. I could tell that her eyes caught sight of my hard on – there was no way to hide it quickly and she stopped for a moment, unsure of what to say.

I’m not sure what possessed me in that moment. I hadn’t propositioned a woman in a long time, but seeing that perfect body I blurted out, “You know, there’s no reason that you getting dressed up needs to be a complete loss. Why don’t we see what we can do for you…” I trailed off, finishing the sentence in my head, “or to you.”

She cocked her head to the side and asked, “What sort of thing did you have in mind?”

I thought quickly, “Well, I can’t do the complete club experience – but I think I can help you relax some. Wait here one second.”

I quickly moved to the end of the row and flipped the switches for the main lights. The floor was now darkened, lit by only a few emergency lights and the shifting colors of several screen savers. As I hurried back to where she was waiting, I saw that she had shrugged out of the vacuum cleaner and set it off to the side. I held up one hand in a sort of ‘please almanbahis bear with me’ gesture, and opened a playlist of the techno music that I used for workouts. I raised the volume so that the rhythms filled the floor. As the music started she smiled.

I smiled back and said, “And I have one more touch.”

I opened the drawer of my neighbor’s desk and took out the bottle he thought he kept hidden there. I poured a double shot worth into two mugs and looked up to see her moving toward me, starting to dance to the music. She stopped very close as I handed her one of the mugs.

I asked with a smile, “You are old enough right?”

She looked at me with a look that said “Don’t be silly – of course I am.” and then, matching words to the look said, “Yes silly, of course I am.”

She proved she was probably a more experienced drinker than me as she drained her mug it in one swallow, dropping it to the carpet. As I sat my cup on the desk, she reached out and pulled me into the row between the cubicles, dancing faster as we moved.

She danced close, as if the room were packed with people instead of just us, and I began to move with her. As we danced, there was little style or pattern – just bodies moving to the music, twisting in the flashing lights of the monitors. I could see from the way her breasts moved that she did need the bra just to keep them restrained. My hard-on threatened to burst the zipper of my pants or maybe just a blood vessel at this point.

I was getting into it now and began to press closer to her as we danced, putting a hand on her hip and brushing the other across her stomach. She gasped slightly and instead of pulling away she began grinding. Grinning, she turned her perfect ass to me and began pressing it firmly against my erection, grinding up and down to the music. Her skirt began to ride up, revealing her perfect, pale flesh and I remembered, no panties. She knew exactly what it was doing to me, and looked to be enjoying the torture.

The dance continued for several minutes and I got the feeling that I now knew what a stripper pole felt like. She moved with and around me, sliding her body up and down mine. Sometimes fast and hard, and sometimes just barely brushing against me. She dipped low, eyes on mine as she rose, rubbing her magnificent tits against me. Continuing to grind up against me, she slipped her right leg between mine and her left around my right.

Grasping my forearms hard, she leaned back, grinding her pussy into my thigh. Hard and fast like the music, I could feel her wetness soaking through my pants. Her breathing was faster now, short and harsh sounding. I could see a flush on her chest and neck. Her legs and hands tightened on me for a moment.

Oh my god, I thought, she must have came.

She turned now, deliberately raising her skirt to reveal her rounded ass cheeks to me and pressed my bulging hard-on between them. She squeezed hard with them as she leaned back against me and I nearly lost it in my pants right then. The song slowed and she looked over her shoulder at me and pulled my face to hers with one hand for a kiss. She kept the kiss light, allowing me to make the next move.

I kissed her hard, tasting the combination of liquor and the sweetness of her lip gloss. I pulled her tight with the hand that still rested on her left hip and with my right hand, moved up her body to squeeze her right tit roughly. I was in no mood to test the waters, my need was surging through me.

The music started to pick up again and she twisted in my arms, locking her arms around my neck kissing me hard and probing with her tongue. I pushed my tongue into her mouth, along the length of hers, while I dropped my hands to her ass. I gripped hard, pulling her into me and lifting her slightly while I pressed my cock against her through my pants. She responded with a moan into my mouth and lifted her left leg around me, stepping up on her right to grind her bare pussy against the zipper of my pants. She continued to grind against me for a moment longer and finally broke the kiss.

“I want you, right here baby. Right on the desk,” she growled into my ear.

She pushed away slightly and I watched as she moved in time to the music as she stripped off the fishnet top. She turned in a slow circle as she unzipped the skirt completely and dropped it to the floor. She stopped facing me and slowly and deliberately unhooked the strap of her bra, letting it fall to the floor and revealing her perfect D cup tits rising from her slender chest.

Her small dark nipples were already erect and stood out from her pale skin. She stood there for a moment in her calf boots and gloves, posing and teasing me with her beauty. From her gorgeous hair to her pussy, showing only a triangle of dark hair pointing to her mound. I started to move toward her, but she beat me to it, stepping to me quickly and falling to her knees. Her hands sought out the button of my pants, and as it popped open she unzipped them.

She said loudly over the almanbahis giriş music, “Lets see what I can do for you!”

I quickly moved to help, pushing my pants down, dropping them to my ankles, while she pulled down my briefs, finally allowing my raging hard-on into the open air. She took my rock hard cock into her hands, playing with my balls while she gently stroked it. Clear pre-cum dribbled from the tip and with an impish smile she leaned in and licked it off, running her tongue around the head of my cock.

She took me into her mouth, gently sucking, pressing her tongue against the shaft as she bobbed her head slowly. She lifted her head from my cock and began to stroke it gently while she began licking and sucking my balls. After a short amount of time, she returned her oral attentions to my throbbing rod. Slowly, very slowly she took all of it into her mouth. Down until she could go no farther and I could feel her swallowing to overcome her gag reflex.

It felt so incredible, I stood there for a moment, every muscle tensed like I was being electrocuted. Then I shook myself, stripped my shirt off and reached down to take her by the wrists. She looked surprised as I pulled her to her feet for a deep kiss. I pulled her body against me, feeling every inch of her heated skin against mine like a live wire.

I released her wrists and grabbed her ass again, kicking one leg free of my pants and picking her up. She wrapped both legs around me, arms around my neck and we were pulled slightly off balance. The backs of her thighs smacked against the edge of my desk and she yelled in pain and pleasure. Her thighs took our weight and my pulsating erection pressed hard against her pussy. I fought to keep her from maneuvering it between her dripping pussy lips.

“Not just yet,” I said, pulling back from her a foot or so.

She was breathing heavily and tossed her hair, licking her lips and dropping one hand to her pussy. She began rubbing her clit in small, fast circles. I didn’t stop her, I just moved in to kiss her lightly on the mouth. I began to kiss my way down her body. I lingered, nuzzling her neck some and I followed the beads of sweat down to the valley between her tits. As I began to caress, kiss and finally suck on them – her left hand grasped the back of my head and pulled it down as her fingers moved faster.

She was breathing fast and heavy, gasping out, “Oh God! Oh fuck!”

After I finished sucking her tips to the hardness of little brown pebbles, I moved my kisses across her stomach. I reached her pussy and pulled her hand away, plunging my tongue into her. I lashed her wetness with my tongue over and over, sucking and biting gently. I worked her clit over with no mercy, my tongue flicking wildly. At the same time I slipped two fingers deep inside, curling them and reaching for her g-spot.

I slipped my left hand between her sweet ass cheeks and pressed my thumb against her hole, rubbing it. A moment later I surprised her by pushing my thumb into her ass. At this fresh stimulation, her hands grabbed my head and she screamed roughly as a fresh flow of warm pussy juice flowed, dripping from my chin.

She pulled me up to her mouth, kissing and licking the juices from my chin and pressing her tongue deep into my mouth. I began squeezing her tits with my right hand, still wet from her pussy. With my left, I grasped my cock and rubbed the head against her wet pussy. She broke the kiss, and pulled me into her by pressing her ankles into my ass.

As my throbbing cock began to penetrate her, she yelled at the top of her lungs, “FUCK ME, OH GOD! HARD BABY, FUCK ME HARD!”

I had wanted to take it slower, savor entering her – feeling her wet pussy enveloping my stiff rod. That thought went right out of my head as she yelled and I thrust into her as hard as I could. Her legs tightened around me and her hands raked down my back as I pulled back and thrust again, picking up speed – moving unconsciously in time with the music. Each thrust making her yelp as her thighs took our weight against the desk. I moved faster, balls slapping against her and I could feel the flow of her juices running out – dripping to the floor. I couldn’t keep up the pace for long but I sped up a little more – pounding into her harder.

She responded, screaming, “FUCK! HARDER BABY! DEEPER! I WANNA FEEL YOU DEEP!”

Her vaginal muscles tightened on my cock, she was so wet but I could feel the pressure along every inch. Her body was trembling viciously and I could see a flush on her chest.

She screamed, “OHHH GOD BABY! I’M COMMINGG!”

She clamped her legs around me and pulled me into a passionate kiss, my pounding rhythm slowing some as she held herself against me – pussy juices pooling on the desk and papers. I leaned back, pulling her up off the desk and pressing her weight down on my cock. I was close; I could feel it building and I wanted to shoot deep within her, fill her with the white sticky evidence of my orgasm.

I turned and slowly dropped almanbahis yeni giriş to my knees, using the cubicle wall to support her. I lowered her to the floor, holding her up so that her ass and swollen pussy were at the right height, her shoulders pressed to the carpet. I began to fuck her again, pulling nearly all the way out with each thrust into her dripping pussy.

I grunted, “I’m gonna come in your fucking pussy right now!”

She yelled back, “God YES! BABY, I WANT IT ALL IN ME!”

I could feel her pussy spasm again and from her look, she was in the midst of another orgasm. I could feel my balls tighten and I couldn’t hold it any longer, thrusting as deeply as I could and holding it there.


I could feel it burst into her; thick, pearly ropes bathing her womb. It lasted for at least ten seconds, shooting streams of my hot, creamy come into her pussy. She was moaning and touching herself all over as I finished, licking her lips and shuddering. I lowered her to the carpet, finally pulling my softening cock out of her.

She sat up, and took my now flaccid member in her mouth once again, licking it and my balls clean of her juices. When she sat up I could see semen dripping from her pussy and I dipped two fingers into her, watching as she squirmed. When I pulled my fingers out, my hand was almost completely covered with our combined spendings.

My cock was starting to get hard again, but I pulled it out of her mouth. Her eyes widened when I brought my hand to her lips. “Lick this up for me baby,” I said with a wicked grin.

Like a kitten, she began lapping at our combined juices like a saucer of milk, slowly drinking it all down. It was so sensual, the feel of her tongue on the palm of my hand – watching her swallow and lick her lips seductively when she finished. By this time I was fully hard again, she had been using one hand to stroke my cock while she lapped at my fingers.

“Baby, that was amazing!” she said, with a sultry look and a low growl, “I came at least three times, so I think I owe you one. If you’re ready to go again, you can come where ever you want – and I mean anywhere baby.”

My cock twitched in her hand when she said this as images of coming in her repeatedly in various holes and in various positions crossed my mind.

“I realized, just now,” pausing to breath heavily as she continued to stroke my cock, “that neither of us even asked for a name.”

She looked at me with an odd smile and said, “Its a little late to be asking about that now isn’t it? But if it matters to you my name is Vicky. Now, why do you ask?”

“Well, Vicky – my name is Grant and I wanted to know because I think a man and woman should be properly introduced before, to put it bluntly, he fucks her in the ass,” I said with complete straight face.

She looked a bit startled at the way I said it, then her grin came back and she released my cock as she got up on her hands and knees, looking over her shoulder at me.

“You mean this ass?” she asked, wiggling it seductively at me. “You’re going to need some lube then, baby – I’ll keep my promise about anywhere you want to fuck me, but I’ve never had anything bigger than a finger in my ass before.”

“I can deal with that,” I said.

I reached into my drawer for the first aid kit I kept there and dug out the petroleum jelly. I scooped out an ounce or so and held it up on my fingers.

“Get up and hang onto the cube wall, easier on our knees.”

She complied, standing with her legs spread as if for a strip search. With one hand on the wall, she began playing with her pussy with the other. I stepped over to her, aroused by the site of her ass waving around, and spread her cheeks apart with my left hand. With my right, I pressed the jelly up against her asshole, slowly rubbing it in. Without warning, I pushed two fingers deep into her ass.

She yelped in surprise, “Ahh! Warn a girl first!”

“Nope,” I said. “No fun that way,” and pulled the two fingers out, immediately pushing back into her, this time with three fingers.

She stifled the yell by biting her lip, determined not to let me get the better of her, I think. I fingered her ass with the three fingers for a minute to get the lubricant spread and warmed up. Meanwhile, my cock had started to throb from watching her play with her pussy, her breasts bouncing – biting her lip as she stifled the yelps.

I couldn’t handle waiting any longer. I pulled my fingers out of her ass and grasped both cheeks. Pressing my cock up against her asshole, I pushed into her, this time slowly – ever so slowly. I could feel the tightness of her as I forced past the furrowed opening. Before I knew it, my cock was buried to the hilt in her sweet rear. I could feel her fingering herself both through her ass and the movement of her hand against my balls. I held there and reached my hands around to play with her tits.

“Are you okay?” I asked seriously – I wasn’t interested in hurting her.

“I don’t know, honestly,” she said with a tremble in her voice. She never stopped playing with her clit furiously all the while she was talking. “It’s kind of painful, but really intense and …. I don’t want you to stop..” she said finally.

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