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I froze in shock, not wanting to believe what I was seeing. This had to be some sort of sick stupid joke my best friend was playing on me. I pulled my eyes away from his chest and looked him in the eyes, seeing tears and shame on his face. Anger surged through me like a bolt of lightning, feeling betrayed and a little stupid. I couldn’t help myself, I sat back and slapped him across the face, first one way then the other, hard, seeing him start to cry. That made me even angrier.

“Stop crying you stupid fucking idiot!” I yelled as he crossed his arms over his face to hide his tears and protect his face. I pulled his arms away and slapped him across the face again. That, of course only made him cry harder.

Jumping up I stormed back and forth across the living room, my anger building every time I turned and looked at him lying on the floor. Clenching and unclenching my fists, I resisted the urge to go over and beat the living crap out of him. He was my best friend damn it… no, my only real friend in the world, and had been since high school. How could he do this to me? Me, the guy who protected him from the bullies who picked on him all through school and college.

When we were younger, I’d even taken a few beating from bigger, older guys for him until I learned to defend myself… well, Charlie and myself. Shit, I’d done his damn homework for him, wiped his snotty nose, helped him train so he could make the swim team, even dried his tears a few times when someone said something nasty to him when he lost a race.

As I turned back again Charlie got to his feet, pulling his shirt around his body as he went and sat on the edge of the couch, seeming to curl in on himself, head hanging. I walked over and stood in front of him, still clenching and unclenching my fists. Charlie looked up at me, tears still running down his face.

“Please don’t be mad at me…”

“Shut up! I don’t want to hear it.” Which was a lie, I did want to hear it. I wanted him to explain to me why my best friend for as long as I could remember betrayed me like this. It didn’t make sense.

I raised my hand to slap him again, seeing him cringe as he had when his Dad slapped him. That stopped me. I hated it when I saw his Dad did that, wanting to go over and beat the crap out of him, not that I could seeing he was over six feet tall and weighed three hundred pounds at the time. I lowered my hand, suddenly deflating, my anger turning to something else.

“Why?” Was all I could think to say. He shrugged. I let out a snarl of anger, feeling frustration, and something I couldn’t even name. Scooping the wine glass off the office table, I chugged half a glass of red wine thinking that it would cool me down. It didn’t.

“We were friends, Charlie… best friends. After college I thought we had a great thing going for us. A nice pad in Santa Monica overlooking the beach, great jobs, lots of pussy…” I drew a deep breath, thinking about the loss I felt when I came home one day and found him gone.

“You never said goodbye, never left a note, just up and vanished on me…”

“I couldn’t.” He answered lamely.

“…could what? Tell me you were leaving. Give me a reason. What?”

“I had to leave.”

“So you had to leave, okay, but what about all this?” I waved a hand at him, as I couldn’t put into words what I was thinking. “You vanish for almost two years and… and you just happened to run into me here in San Diego?”

“I… I didn’t know you were here.”

“Bullshit! The production company moves me to San Diego and I just happened to run into you two week after I arrive?”

“Yes, I swear it. I didn’t know you’d relocated here, honest.”

“Don’t say honest, Charlie. You haven’t been honest with me for a long time now.” Every time I looked at him the more betrayed I felt.

“What went wrong, Charlie? Didn’t we have all the things we talked about when we were in school? A Place of our own where we could do what we wanted, plenty of chicks…” I stopped as a thought occurred to me. “Was it that girl, what’s her name… Angela something?”

“No, or course not.” He didn’t sound convincing.

“So you got pissed off because I fucked her instead of you, is that it?”

“NO!…” He hesitated. “Yes.”

“I knew it. That’s why you were all moody and wouldn’t talk to me for days.” He looked up at me, his eyes wet and pleading.

“It’s… it’s not what you think. I was always moody and pissed off every time you got a girl in bed and fucked her.”

“Huh?” That made me stop and think for a moment. “What the fuck are you talking about?”

He was right now that I thought about it. He was always moody that way ever since we started finding and fucking girl’s way back in junior high. That didn’t make me feel any brighter. How could I have not connected the two events.

“So, you got your share of pussy. What? Where you jealous because I got into Angela’s pussy instead of you?”

“NO.” He spat back casino oyna at me. That was a surprise. Charlie was so easy going, and I don’t remember a time when he’d snapped at me like that.

“Have you ever been in love, Mike? ” He asked, looking up at me with pleading eyes. “I mean really in love to the point where you go crazy if you aren’t around the person you love.” I was baffled by the look he gave me as I tried to figure out what he was saying.

“What the fuck are you talking about?”

“I’m talking about being so much in love with someone that you almost don’t exist without them. Just hearing them talk sending shivers up your spine, a cross word makes you feel like shit… that… that you’d do anything for that person, anything at all?”

“No of course not. I don’t know what love is for fuck sake.” I guess I didn’t, at least not the way he talked about it. You meet a girl, told her what she wanted to hear so you could get her panties off and then fuck her brains out. What else was there?

“I was, Mike. So much in love that it hurt, down here.” He thumped his stomach. “That’s why I had to leave, Mike. I knew there was no way my love would ever be returned.” I let out a snort of disbelief. No one can be that much in love. Pussy was pussy.

“So, what was the name of the bitch you were in love with so much. Not Angelia whatever her name was.” Even before I finished her name, Charlie was shaking his head. “So what was her name… who did you fall in love with, Charlie?” I laughed. It was funny really, Charlie in love?

That almost sounded like a contradiction in terms. He never was the macho type guy, and until I started training him for the swim teams, he was always on the skinny, wimpy side. A little shorter than my six foot two, he weighed about one hundred and sixty pounds, and good thirty pound lighter than I do. Once he made the team he bulked out to where the girl’s started taking notice him, which was good in the pussy getting department. Even after college when we had our own place he kept the habit of shaving his body hair free, as most of the swim team did. Not that I minded.

Between the pool chlorine, the sun and the seawater, both of us had long blondish hair, hard tanned bodies and we both looked great in tight swimsuits when we played volleyball together. That was great for getting pussy as well. With his slim muscular body, he consistently beat me. Me being a lot heavier and more muscular and him. Working up a good sweat during a game was a sure way to get one of the girls standing on the sidelines panties wet. He got almost as much pussy as I did, but he didn’t say anything, so I asked him again.

“So, who the fuck did you fall in love with, Charlie?” Trying to make light of it.

“You.” The silence that word left behind was like a big empty void waiting to be filled.

“What?” I shook my head, trying to fill the void with sound, any sound. I couldn’t have heard what I thought I’d just heard. That was ridicules. He looked at me and shook his head, fresh tears running down his face.

“Charlie. Stop fucking around. That’s not funny.” A shiver ran up my back.

“Poor, Mike. You never realized, did you. The one person in the world that loved you unconditionally was me.” He shook him head and looked down at the floor, refusing to meet my eyes.

“Shut the fuck up! That’s stupid… you’re a guy… I’m a guy…” I grouped for word. “And what about all those girls you fucked, you’re telling me you didn’t enjoy it?”

“Not as much as you did, and they were the reason I left. I couldn’t stand it any longer.”

“What the fuck. That doesn’t make sense.” I spluttered, his words knocking the mental legs out from under me.

“Every time you took a girl to bed and fucked her, I wished it was me you were fucking, or sucking your cock like all those girls did. I use to lay in bed in my room, listening to you going at it in the other room and it drove me crazy to the point I cried myself to sleep at night.

“But… but…” I waved my hand towards him.

“These you mean?” He opened his shirt and exposed two perfectly form breasts.

I couldn’t take me eyes off them. Each was the size of a grapefruit with beautiful slightly darker pink areolas and small hard nipples. I shook away the image, thinking how perfectly natural they looked on him.

“Yes.” I managed to say at last.

“Mike… I knew… I knew I was gay when I was fourteen.”

“I don’t understand… that fucking impossible… I would have…” I spluttered to a halt, dumbstruck.

“I left because I knew you were too macho to ever return my love the way I wanted. It hurt, me Mike. It hurt here.” Charlie thumped his chest over his heart. “It hurt in a way you couldn’t possibly imagine… and still hurts.”

“But why…” I waved my hand at his breasts, groping through his words for understanding. I tried to rearrange them into some semblance of order that would make sense to me. Yet no matter canlı casino what order I put them in, they always came out the same. My Charlie was gay.

“I left and came down to San Diego to try and forget you. To start a new life and be the person I wanted to be all along… I thought… I thought I’d never see you again, and even if I did, between the hormones I was taking and the surgery, you’d never recognize me once the transformation was completed. I was due to go in for surgery… to become a real female a month ago, and then…” He gasped for breath. “And then I saw you again.”

I stood there blinking, trying to absorb what he’d said. None of what he’d just told me made any sense. Why keep the fact he was gay a secret. I wouldn’t have cared… He was my friend for Christ sake. I knew that was a lie the moment I thought it. It would have mattered and we both knew it.

“Son of a bitch! You should have told me.” I yelled. “You had no right to keep something like that from me.” It was a stupid thing to say. Tears flooded down his face.

“You’re a fucking idiot, Mike. You haven’t understood a word I’ve said.” Without warning, he lunged off the couch and ran across the living room into the bedroom, slamming the door behind him.

I stated after him, anger flaring once again. I wanted to pound some sense into his thick head and kick his ass for not telling me, something, anything to fill the empty feeling inside me. He and I had been best friend for as long as I could remember. In fact, I couldn’t remember a time when we weren’t joined at the hip. We didn’t have secrets from each other, or so I thought, yet we did. Charlie had one great secret he could never tell me until now. To me it felt like the ultimate betrayal of the trust we had in each other.

His word haunted me. How could I have been so stupid not to notice. All the time he’d been moody and un-talkative for days after a weekend of me fucking some girl or other all made sense now. Why hadn’t I seen it? I grabbed a bottle of Tequila off the wet bar and poured myself a stiff drink, sitting down on the couch to think. As I drank my second glass, other things occurred to me, like the odd looks we’d get from some of the guys. Not that they ever said anything where I could hear it, knowing the result would be me beating the crap out of them. Yeah, there goes macho Mike Foster with his boy friend. I let out a small laugh, but it sounded hollow. I was working on my third Tequila when the door of the bedroom opened and Charlie stepped out.

Well, it had to be Charlie as there wasn’t anyone else in the bedroom that I knew of, but it wasn’t the Charlie I knew. What stepped out was a tall female with shoulder length blondish hair, now combed out of the ponytail he wore into soft waves around her heart shaped face. The bright red lipstick, silver blue eye shadow and blush brought her face to life in a way I barely understood. I sucked in my breath. This couldn’t be my friend Charlie, could it? I could see a white lace bra through the sheer white, long sleeve blouse, while the short silver skirt made her stocking covered leg look longer than they were. The black, strappy four-inch heels made her… him stand tall, straight and more feminine in some way.

Unfamiliar emotions swirled through my alcohol soak brain, predominantly anger. This was my friend, my buddy, someone I’d protected from all the shitheads in school and after, someone who knew all my secrets. I stood, mad as hell thinking about how long he’d been hiding this from me. I stalked across the room towards him, seeing fear in his eyes as he stumbled backwards into the bedroom.

“So this is what you look like now, a flaming crossdressing faggot?” Charlie shook his head, tears welling in his eyes.

“How many guys have fucked that mouth of yours, huh? How many times have you been down on your fucking knees sucking some guy dick behind my back?”

“I haven’t…”

“Liar! How many times have you dropped your pants and bent over so some guy could butt fuck you in the ass, laughing at me behind my back at how you tricked me.” I slapped him across the face, my anger building as I thought about some guy fucking him, daring even to touch my Charlie.

“Stupid me, all the time protecting you, sticking up for you, taking beating for you, while all the time you were on your knees sucking some guy’s hard dick.”

“I didn’t Mike, honest.”

“Fucking lying whore… You want to suck cock, huh?” I ripped my cargo pants open and pulled my cock out. “Well here’s one you can suck.”

Grabbing him by the hair, I forced him to his knees, grabbing his cheeks to force his mouth open. In my alcohol sodden state, I wondered why my cock was as a rock, all seven inches standing out like out like a steel bar. Charlie squealed as I pushed the head of my cock between him red lips, forcing it into his semi open mouth. I didn’t care, he was going to suck my cock like some dirty little faggot whore whether he liked kaçak casino it or not. Using my cock like a pry bar, I forced his jaw all the way open and shoved my cock all the way into his mouth.

“That’s it you fucking cunt, suck my cock like you sucked all the others.” Hold him tightly by the hair with one hand, I reached down with the other and ripped his blouse open, then jerked his bra down.

Now his beautiful little girly tits were mine for the taking, and taking I did, squeezing them, hard, pinching and rolling the nipples between my thumb and finger. Charlie squealed and moaned in pain, but that only made me do it harder. I wanted him to suffered, wanting him to feel pain, just like I was feeling now. Jerking my cock out of his mouth, I slapped him across the face again, forcing more tears from his eyes.

“Suck me you filthy little faggot bitch. Show me how much you like my cock!” I rammed my cock back into his mouth and forced his head forward. He gagged when the head of my cock hit the back of his throat, but I didn’t care.

“Chock on it, Charlie, choke on my nice fat cock you dirty little pervert. I’ll teach you to fuck with me.”

Holding his head tight, I pumped my cock all the way into his mouth until his red girly lips were buried in the hair at the base. He beat my thighs with his fist as he desperately tried to pull his head off my cock. I wasn’t having any of that, and pulling out, I slapped him across the face a few more time.

“I said suck me you pathetic little cock sucking faggot whore. Show me how much you like my cock in your pretty sissy fag mouth.” He opened his mouth to say something I didn’t want to hear and plunged my cock back in. He gagged and choked, but he did suck my cock. Now he was getting the message. I pumped it in as hard and fast as I could, desperate to punish him, but it wasn’t enough.

Pulling out I dragged him to the bed and threw him across it face down, holding him there with my knee in his back. Now I was going to teach this pathetic faggot bitch a lesson he’d never forget. Pulling the belt out of my pants, I held it in my teeth as I jerked his skirt up and ripped off his white lace panties. Charlie kicked and struggled, legs flailing as he desperately tried to escape, but I was having none of that. Charlie was going to get a beating, a real one, and using the ripped panties I tied his hands behind his back before dragging him over the padded bar across the end of the bed.

“Please Mike… don’t beat me… I’ll do anything you want.”

“Shut up you fucking cunt. I’m going to beat you so hard you’ll never forget it.” And I did. Charlie buried his face in the bed covers to muffle his scream as I beat his ass with the belt, turned the smooth white skin of his bottom into a burning red mass of welts. In the end, I had to stop, knowing what I wanted to do next.

“Spear your legs you fucking whore, just like you did for all the other guys that fucked your ass.”

“Please, Mike… no… don’t.” He screamed again as I beat him a few more time, and he reluctantly opened his legs.

The moment he did, I got between them, my raging hard cock forcing its way between the cheeks of his bright red ass. He struggled now and did everything to prevent me from fucking him. It didn’t work, as I found the entrance to his boy cunt and with one savage thrust rammed my cock into him. Oh did he squeal them, loud and long as I fucked my way into his ass, begging me to stop.

“Is this what you want, Charlie? Is this what you dreamed about, huh. My hard cock in your tight faggot pussy.”

“Nooo.” He wailed.

“Lying little faggot. You said you wanted my cock fucking you, well here it is.”

Holding him tightly by his hips to keep him in place, I fucked him and it felt so damn good. His ass was lovely and tight and it felt as if my cock belonged there. I’d never fucked a guy in the ass until now. Suddenly I wished Charlie had told me what he was earlier so I could have fucked his tight boy ass back then. Damn it felt so good I didn’t want to stop. I slowed from my wild fucking and started sliding it all the way in and out, heading Charlie moan in what sounded oddly like pleasure, but how could that be? I was raping his sissy fag ass.

Letting go of his hips, as he was no longer fighting me, I ran my hands up his back, feeling his soft smooth skin. It only took a moment to strip off his ruined blouse and bra, and leaning forward as I fucked him, I reached under, took each grapefruit size breast in my hands, and started gently squeezing them.

“Damn, Charlie. Those are such lovely titties.” In answer, Charlie moaned again, and I stopped squeezing. Maybe I was squeezing to hard and hurting him. Suddenly I wished I hadn’t drunk so much Tequila, wanting to go on punishing him for what he’d done to me, but I couldn’t hold it back any more. I let out a long moan as I rammed my cock all the way into his ass and held it there, shooting my cum deep inside him. That moment felt like it lasted an eternity, fire and ice roaring thought my body as I shuddered in release. All I could do after that was slump forward over Charlie’s warm, soft body, completely spent.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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