Cheating With the One That Got Away

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This was exactly how it went. If you believe it or not, it’s up to you. Some of the sentences said might not be exact due to memory failing me, but the story is real, and is told as vividly as I can remember it.


I was born and raised in an average sized city, I lived and studied there until I was 18. I moved out for college, from which I later dropped out, to a bigger city. Before I did that move, I went to school with this girl. She didn’t notice me at all, I thought, for I was definitely not the kind of guy she used to hang out with. We talked here and there but nothing big, whatsoever. She moved to college to yet another city, that’s why I never expected to see her again when I caught the bus home to visit my family once, and she was on the exact same ride.

I met a girl when I got to college, we fell in love and we still are deeply passionate about each other, and I can’t believe I did what I did. Kiki, the first girl, noticed me as I got on the bus, and sat right next to me:

– Hey! – She said. I was surprised she’d even said anything, if she even remembered me. – Haven’t seen you for like two years…

– Me either, right? – Started feeling stupid – How’s life?

– It’s all right. Yours?

– Could be better.

– Still in college? – She asked me.

– Nope. Dropped out. Couldn’t stand those people, and I wanted to focus on music anyway.

– I didn’t know you were a musician.

– I try.

We both laughed and kept talking as if we’d actually known each other well before. We had the most casual of talks.

– How’s your boyfriend? – I asked.

– He’s doing all right, I guess, we’re not together as much anymore. Busy, busy.

– That’s a shame.

– Not really, he’s dumb as a brick.

I felt so bad for laughing, but I did. Hard. And she knew I agreed with her. Her boyfriend was one of those partygoers who aren’t really anything special but think they look like male models. She was too good for him, in my eyes. Then again, nobody would agree with me, because most girls would find the douche attractive, and most blokes would find her unnactractive just because she wasn’t caked brown with makeup, and didn’t have massive knockers. I liked her that way, though. And her face was absolutely gorgeous.

– Do you not like him?

– Of course I do! He’s my boyfriend. And it’s not like I had plenty to choose from, is it?

– You kinda did.

– What do you mean?

There was an awkward silence here.

– You’re that kind of girl that just can’t appreciate herself. So what if most guys rather go for the fatties with the oversized boobs? Most guys aren’t all the guys.

She paused, wondering, again.

– I guess you’re right.

The bus got to my stop, and she was staying on the bus until the last one, which was basically only an hour from then.

– I’m up. – I said.

– Alright, it was really nice to see you again.

She stood up so I’d have the space to walk out of the seating area.

– You too. – I paused and started walking toward the door. – You know what? – I turned right back.

She was sitting back down, and just stared at me. I walked right back and sat back where I was.

– I’ve nothing better to do.

– What the fuck? – She laughed. – Shouldn’t you get another ticket then?

– Fuck it, the drivers never care.

And the driver didn’t, as he went back on the road.

– So, are you one of those guys?

– What?

– Are you one of those guys? You know, the ones who don’t go for the “fatties with oversized tits”.

I chuckled.

– Definitely. I hate fat girls. And I’m definitely more into legs than boobs.

I instantly regretted saying this. I felt ridiculous, and now I had to stay until the end of the ride so I wouldn’t look like a knobhead. After yet another awkward silence she ordered the bus to stop.

– This isn’t your stop.

– No. It’s your stop.

– Alright. – I felt completely worthless. I stood up and walked to the automatic door exit. And then I stepped out. Only to look back and see she’d stepped out as well. – What are you doing?

She smiled, as gorukle escort if she knew exactly what she was doing.

– Are your parents home?

I looked at the time on my phone screen.

– Not right now, why?

– I just guessed we can chat there. I’ve nothing better to do as well.

– What was the problem with the bus? – I asked, as I started walking toward my house, and she followed.

– Tell me more. – She changed subject.

– About what?

– About how attracted to girls like me, you are.

– Are you implying I’m attracted to you?

– No, I’m definitely stating out loud that you’re attracted to me. What other reason did you have for spending all your time staring at my legs in High School?

The awkwardest of all silences started. Before it was instantly broken by her chuckling.

– Don’t worry, I’m not going to tell anyone.

We got to the front gate of my house. I opened it with my key and we both walked in, past the dog, and into the actual house building.

– So, where do you wanna sit?

She walked right past me, as if she knew the house. But as she opened a door that led to the living room, she looked around, before passing the other door that took her to the hallway. She smirked, I saw, from the different doorway I took instantly from the kitchen to where she was now, without going through the living room. She walked up the stairs, reassured that nobody was home. I followed.

– What are you doing?

– I like sitting on beds when I chat. Do you mind?

We got to the second floor. And she went into my parents’ bedroom. The master bedroom.

– Oh, I like this.

She walked toward the bed and sat on the end. I kept staring at her, looking like a fool, as she started unlacing her boots. Instant boner. Absolutely spontaneous. Needless to say, I have a freakishly colossal foot fetish. She seemed to notice that from the look on my face as she slowly took her first boot off.

– See? You just keep on staring, and it’s not like my legs are even showing.

She laughed as she took the other boot off. Only then she realized, with a surprised look and a short laugh.

– Oh! I see…It’s really feet that you like, isn’t it?

I was so embarrassed I wished I could just jump out the window and kill myself, but the house wasn’t big enough for that tall a fall.

– We should leave, Kiki.

– Why?

– I…Anyone can come in any second, plus I have a girlfriend, I wouldn’t feel right being in the same bed as y-

– Why not? We’re only just chatting. Think of the bed as a settee or something.

– That…doesn’t help.

– Good.

She stood up and instantly reached for the bulge in my jeans. It hurt a little bit, and she seemed to like it, as she grabbed it.

– Explain this, please. – She teased me.

– Is there really anything to explain?

– Yes, why are you taking so long?

I couldn’t bare it anymore. I grabbed her. I kissed her. I shoved her on the bed and squeezed her. I felt her whole body with my hands, and she wasted no time. Before I knew it, her jeans were off, and I had those absolutely marvelous legs all to myself. But only then did it get serious. She shoved her right foot in my face. I instantly took off her sock before I found myself completely under her power. She laughed, and shoved her toes in my mouth. She was definitely a size 10, or even 11, as I’d always thought. I prefer the longer and skinnier feet, and hers were just on the spot. And my favourite nail polish, none. I took my shirt off as I looked at her, taking her other sock off, very slowly, just on purpose, as she laughed.

– You really like them, don’t you?

– You didn’t seem to hate it, either.

– Oh, I didn’t.

She shoved me and got on top of me. Kissed me again. I knew she was keeping her feet away from me to tease me. I knew she was doing all of it on purpose and I loved it. She whispered in my ear:

– Blowjob…or Footjob?

I groaned, in pleasure. I couldn’t even answer her, everything just felt too good to be true. She started pulling off my jeans.

– It’s definitely bigger than altıparmak eskort bayan his.

I’m not making this up, and I’m not going to lie, I’m not massive, but I’m kind of big for a short guy. One of the very few reasons I have to be proud. She took off by boxer briefs as well as my socks. Nobody wants to see a guy doing it only in his socks. She still had her t-shirt and her knickers on. She sat on my leg as she gave it a couple of licks, and I could feel the wetness of her minge. She started jacking me off, all the while looking up into my eyes with a devilish smile.

– Loving it yet?

– Oh… – I moaned – I’m loving it since I first set my eyes on you.

She stopped.

– Aw…How sweet.

She went back to it, twice as hard. Definitely the best handjob I’d ever had. She stopped again.

– I hope you’re not thinking of getting all of this – she motioned toward her lower body – to yourself, without paying for it.

– I didn’t mean to.

She smiled and spun herself, sat right on my face. The 69 is definitely a favourite in my country, no doubt about it. She was sucking me off violently then, and I was paying back to her, through her knickers. I pulled the bottom part to the side and started working on her cunt. It was getting more and more physical. She stopped blowing me and sat straight, riding right on my face with all of her weight, and I was definitely enjoying it.

– You are amazing.

She got off me with a laugh. I had to take a breath before answering her.

– Thank you.

She finally undressed completely. First her bottoms, then her t-shirt, then her bra. I was completely gobsmacked at how perfect her body looked to me. She sat back, spread her legs:

– Now, please, don’t let me stop you from continuing.

I went back down on her, down on everything, from the tip of her clit to her arsehole. And she moaned, and moaned. And that’s when I heard the front door.

– Oh shit! – I got (badly) dressed in a hurry. picked up all of her clothes, and grabbed her hand, before running her into my room. She laughed. All she did was laugh, devilishly. But not loud, as she knew that although it’d be fun for her to get caught, she actually had some simpathy towards me. That, and she still wanted to get fucked. – Who’s there?

– It’s me! – My mum yelled.

– Do you need anything, mum?

– No, I’m just heading out, just came home to drop some stuff. When did you get home? – She asked as she started walking upstairs. I closed the door to my room and stood outside, in front of it.

– Just a bit ago, I was just cleaning my room.

– You room WAS clean.

– Yeah but…You know how I am. I am the fastest man alive when it comes to making a mess!

– …Yeah. – She walked into her room. – Were you on my bed?

– Yes.

– Then set it back straight when you can, you made a mess of the eiderdown.

– Sorry ’bout that.

– Anyway, I’m heading out, I’ll see you later.

My mum walked back downstairs, and I got back into my room. There she stood, now wearing nothing but my t-shirt. We laughed silently until we heard the door close. Then we just stared at each other, before rushing into one another and picking up right where we’d left off. She pulled me and sat on a side of the bed. She made me kneel and shoved my face right into her cunt. Oh how she loved treating me like that, and how I loved being treated like that. It wasn’t long before I shoved her back on the bed and slid my cock into her cunt. She moaned so loudly it hurt my ears at first, but it was amazing, until we heard the front door again.

– FUCK! – I pulled my jeans back up and walked out of the room. – Who is it?

– It’s me again – My mum yelled – Do you want me to bring you anything for lunch?

– No, I’m heading out to lunch.

– Who with?

– …A friend.

I heard her voice from the inside of the room. Gentle, soft, very, very provoking yet silent enough for my mum, downstairs, not to hear.

– You are? – And then she laughed.

The front door slammed shut again, downstairs, and I went back into nilüfer eskort bayan the room.

– Are you nuts? She could’ve heard you!

– I know.

I knew my mum could never have heard that. And she knew that as well. Yet I felt like I should punish her, for some reason, and that’s exactly what she wanted. I grabbed her, spun her round, shoved her face against the matress and started fucking her from behind. Most of the time while staring at her feet on the floor. She moaned louder, and louder, until they were no longer moans, but screams.

We kept fucking. It went on for at least two hours. I came more than once and she definitely came more than once. Yet only then did she grant me access to the cherry on top of the cake.

– Lie back. – She said.

And so I did as ordered. She smirked and placed her feet round my cock. She started sliding them repeatedly. Putting in the perfect pressure with the bottom of her oh so perfect toes. She gave me the best footjob of my life, being that only her and my girlfriend had given me that, but there was one thing I loved more than a footjob. And that thing was having her toes inside my mouth. She showed me, then, how flexible she was. We were sitting in front of each other and she got closer, and closer, slowly teasing me. She pulled my cock into her vagina and as it went, full-sized, inside, our bodies were almost touching.

– Hold my back. – She ordered.

And I did so. Being a ballet dancer, it’d be expected that she’d be outstandingly flexible, but I wasn’t expecting this. She let herself fall on my legs, that I pulled halfway up to hold her. She raised both of her feet and shoved them in my face. Teasing me with one, while I worshipped the other. She moaned harder when I pleased her through her feet than through her vagina. The same thing happens wth my girlfriend, but it is definitely not as noticeable, and very likely not as intense. You would expect her to be unable to move in that position, but she was. With an arrogant stare she placed her hands behind her head, and started moving her lower body with my rock hard cock inside. I was completely shocked at this. It may sound complicated, but that position felt so natural, so perfect, as if all sex was meant to be had in that way. It lasted for about 15 minutes, with no break.

– I’m about to come again. – She told me with the sexiest of all expressions on her face. – You wanna come on them…don’t you?…

She was speaking through moans, and I had a hard time stopping the worshiping of her feet to let out a “Mm-hmm”, but I managed. Not because it was hard, but because I didn’t want to stop.

– Do it. – She got off me. Laid on her belly, lifted her feet onto the level of my cock. She rested her head with her jaw on her hands and looked at it, in the mirror in front of the bed. The provoking look in her eyes turned me on just as much as her feet, as I grabbed them, licked them, kissed them, sucked on them, just a little bit more. – And enjoy it, ’cause we never know if we’ll ever do this again.

– Don’t kill the mood now. – We both laughed. I finished jacking off my now sore, and dripping wet, penis, letting out sperm onto the soles of her feet.

I sat back, and just to tease me a little more she kept waving her feet around. Back and forth, with my cum on their soles. She sat back straight, turned to me, with the same devilish look as usual, and rested her feet on my cock, still wiggling her toes and moving them just a little bit.

– How was it for you? – She joked. I smirked.

After that, she took her feet and licked them, herself. That was definitely the most unexpected, and hottest part. I couldn’t believe my eyes. She sucked my cum right off both of her feet, and then kissed me, violently. I wasn’t even disgusted with the taste of my own sperm, I didn’t care, it all felt so natural, as if we were meant to be together, but it could never happen.

We never saw each other since. We don’t have each other’s phone numbers or email addresses, anything. She has a social network account and all that jazz, but I don’t, and obviously I wouldn’t use my girlfriend to set up another thing like that. I would probably (99.9%) never do something like that again with anyone but her. Truth is my girlfriend is everything to me, and I would never cheat on her with anyone. So I would never force something like that to happen, not even with Kiki. But if she comes along randomly again, I don’t think I can be stopped.

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