Cheryl’s Passion Ch. 05.0

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I delighted in submitting to April. Her dominance over me sends my blood raising. And I couldn’t be much more submissive than I am right now.

Utterly naked, my wrists bound behind my back, my poor bottom still sore and stinging from two recent spankings, kneeling in front of April and performing cunnilingus on her while her mother, my former track-coach and one of the girls I knew from high school all watch…. what could be more submissive than that?

“Huhhh, Aaahhh,” April panted as I lapped at her juices and lovingly stroked my tongue across the folds of her swollen labia.

I was used to using my mouth on April’s sex to bring her pleasure. I had licked April to orgasms many times before, however, I had never had April’s mother in the room watching everything I did to her daughter. There was a perverted wrongness to kneeling naked in front of April and licking her to orgasm as her mother watched, but somehow that wrongness made everything more erotic and delicious. I continued to lick at the dripping wet, pink folds of April’s sex and could only imagine how Prue was coping with all of this.

Prue was such an innocent young woman and we were breaking so many taboos in front of her tonight. Bondage, spankings, humiliation, lesbian sex, performing lesbian cunnilingus on a nineteen-year-old girl while her mother watched, would an innocent girl like Prue be able to handle so much deviant and naughty behavior without having some sort of good-girl-seen-too-much-bad-stuff trauma?

Suddenly I felt a leather belt crack against my already-sore bare bottom, and I looked up at April’s disapproving face.

“You’re letting yourself get distracted,” April admonished me, “Concentrate on my needs and daydream later. The most important thing for you to be concentrating on is right between my thighs.”

April’s firm and demanding words helped me to focus. I was a slave-girl, it was my fate to follow orders. It was up to other people to worry about the feelings of free-women and their abilities to function comfortably in the world of BDSM.

I returned to my mistress’s swollen, pink folds and licked in earnest. The taste of April’s sex was enjoyable. Her flavor was light and delicious and similar to licking fresh butter. I’d tasted my own juices and they didn’t taste like this. I suppose every woman tastes different.

“Shouldn’t she have her hands for that?” Prue asked, “I mean, she’s on her knees. It would be easier for her to balance if she could brace her hands against the floor or place her hands on your hips.”

“She’s a slave-girl,” April said, her voice sounding strained as my tongue teased the interior of her vagina and found those most responsive spots inside of her, “Her life isn’t supposed to be easy. Her life is Aaahhh supposed to be difficult. That’s the way huhhh slavery is supposed to work.”

I had performed oral sex on April many times before, but she seemed unusually responsive tonight. I hypothesized that having all the witnesses to my humiliation was an extra turn-on for her. Her firm thighs trembled and her hips wobbled every time my tongue got close to her clit.

April ordered me to thrust my tongue inside of her as deep as it could go. This forced me to mash my lips and my nose firmly into her slick nether lips, and I heard Prue and April gasp at the same time. Prue was gasping due to such blatantly lewd behavior by her host, and April was gasping because I was vigorously stimulating the most responsive nerve endings I could find deep inside her vagina.

And then; when the time was right; I sucked April’s swollen clit into my mouth. April taught me that this was the proper way to go down on her. At the moment of orgasm, she preferred direct clitoral stimulation, so that was what I gave her whenever I sensed her orgasm was imminent.

April’s orgasm was loud and intense. She grabbed the back of my skull and mashed my face into her crotch and she let out a long, protected scream of delirious, wanton sexual euphoria.

April’s scream was so loud and so unrestrained, I worried that the neighbors might call the police. Could they tell the difference between the scream of a woman being driven to the heights of sexual ecstasy and the screams of a woman being savagely assaulted? I hoped so.

When April’s orgasm was over, she pushed my face away from her pussy and continued to tremble and pant for a while. Doing this in front of April’s mother was so indecent and wicked. I would have felt guilty for being so pornographically degenerate, except for the fact that I was handcuffed, helpless and following the orders of a nineteen-year old that punished me with a leather belt if I slowed or lagged in my enthusiasm as I licked her to orgasm. I really didn’t have any control over what happened. April was the one in charge.

“That was really hot,” I heard Prue say in a soft whisper. The tone of her voice was reverential, as if she were in awe of what she had just witnessed.

“Did you Bostancı Anal Escort enjoy that?” April asked, her voice breathy, as she was still panting.

Prue nodded in agreement. She had a look of urgent enthusiasm on her face, like a kid at Disneyland and said, “It was incredible.”

Prue was hooked and April knew it. It only took about sixty seconds, and a few more carefully-chosen words from April’s mouth, and then Prue stripped from the waist down so that my mouth could work the same sort of magic on Prue’s sex as it had on April’s.

“I feel so slutty,” Prue complained, “I don’t normally expose myself to a room full of people.”

“Nobody is judging you,” April said in a comforting tone of voice, “Slut-shaming is something men do. We’re all women here.”

And then April pushed Prue towards me. I shuffled on my knees towards Prue, and we met somewhere on the carpet near the dining room. I arched my face eagerly towards Prue’s pussy and she lifted the hem of her shirt up, so that I could have easier access.

Apparently, Prue trimmed and shaved her pubic hair. What little there was of it, was shaped into a crude heart-shape. The tops of the heart weren’t really rounded, and had hard sharp edges. If Prue knew she would be taking her panties off in front of a former classmate, a former teacher and two women she barely knew tonight, she might have spent some time in the bathroom touching up her shaving work and getting the heart-shape just right, but sometimes we just can’t predict these things and we just have to make the best impression we can with what we’ve got.

“Watching you with April was incredible,” Prue confessed to me, “I’ve never seen anything quite so raw and brutally sexual before. It was like…”

I never found out what April was going to say next, as I just dove right into her needy pussy.

Prue wasn’t the type to talk about her own sexual desires, however her pubic lips were swollen and visibly moist. Even an idiot could see that she needed some sexual relief, so I went right to work.

Prue gasped as I ran my tongue across one of her swollen nether lips and I could sense shadows as April, Coach Jenneke and April’s mother all moved in closer to watch the show. It seemed too wanton and depraved the way these women openly stared as I performed cunnilingus on my friend, and somehow the depravity just made everything seem so much more delicious.

Prue was leaking juices in copious amounts, but her juices had no detectable taste. I hadn’t expected that. Every woman tends to taste different when you perform cunnilingus on them, but I never expected to run across a woman with no taste at all.

“Ugh, ugh, ugh, huh,” Prue panted as I worked my tongue up and down her teenage labia. She rested on hand lovingly on the top of my head, and another gently on my bare shoulder. She was clearly enjoying the attentions of my tongue, and would pant louder when I found a delightfully responsive area on her vulva. And obviously when I found a responsive area like that, I would concentrate more attention there to get better reactions from Prue.

Prue made the most adorable sounds as I worked my tongue deep into the furrow between her swollen pubic lips, and I felt an odd sense of pride that I was bringing such pleasure to another female. I was naked, my hands bound behind my back, my poor bottom was sore from repeated spankings, and I had an audience watching as I performed cunnilingus on an eighteen-year old friend I knew from high school, yet I was feeling proud of myself.

Are you starting to understand how different my life is from other peoples?

While my tongue was deep inside Prue’s vagina, I found a special spot that caused her to moan and writhe like crazy. It was a hard spot for my tongue to reach, but I was getting good results, so I decided to concentrate my efforts there.

I was not disappointed. The more attention I applied to that interior location within her sex, the more Prue gasped, moaned and trembled. I guess I found some sort of special nerve cluster that delivered intense throbs of sexual pleasure across Prue’s body when it was stimulated. I went there again and again, and drove Prue crazy with wanton sexual desire.

“Cheryl,” Prue whimpered and gasped as she got dangerously close to orgasm, “Oh God, Cheryl, Oh God! Oh God!”

Prue gushed fluids all over my face and wailed like a banshee as she squirmed and writhed and ground her vulva against my face. She sounded deliriously happy and the pulsing climax of her wet sex, gave me no doubt this was one of the most powerful orgasms of Prue’s young life. If April wanted me to impress Prue with my skills at lesbian cunnilingus, I had certainly succeeded.

“You like?” April asked in a playful, almost mocking tone of voice.

“Oh God, yes,” Prue exclaimed enthusiastically, “This isn’t my first time, you know. I’ve had sex before. I’ve had sex lots of times, but I never realized that sex Bostancı Yaşlı Escort could be that good!”

Prue put her clothes back on, and April had gotten dressed, while I was enthusiastically eating Prue’s pussy. Once again, I was the only naked person in a room full of clothed women.

I remained naked and kneeling, while April and Prue discussed my future and how Prue could be a part of it. Prue was now completely and utterly infatuated with me, and would do pretty much anything April asked, just so she could keep seeing me and take advantage of talents.

As the two women spoke, Prue made eye contact with me multiple times, giving me looks of desire and adoration. She was utterly addicted to me now, I could see it in her eyes. She probably had a schoolgirl crush on me back in high school, but this was much more intense. You can get over a schoolgirl crush, but Prue was now inescapably in love with me. There was no getting over that.

Prue agreed that I would need to be punished sometimes, and if April would come up with a punishment schedule, Prue would agree to come over to the Ladd Family Home and deliver some of those punishments herself. Almost like magic, Prue suddenly seemed accepting of our whole BDSM lifestyle.

I was stunned. In one evening, we had turned Prue from the sweet, benevolent schoolgirl that I knew from high school, into April’s accomplice in her nefarious bondage and discipline schemes.

When it was time for everyone to go home, Prue hugged me, Coach Jenneke hugged me, and they both said goodbye. April talked me into spending the night, and I remained naked, with my hands bound behind my back.

April took me upstairs to her bedroom, and Mrs. Ladd went upstairs to grab a shower. April was pleased that the evening had gone so well, and she told me so after the two of us were in her bedroom and we had total privacy.

Then she unlocked the collar from my throat and my wrists from the stainless-steel handcuffs. When I was free from all the restraints, she said, “Now, I need you to call your mother and tell her we’re having a sleepover.”

“A sleepover, Mistress?” I asked, “I’m not familiar with that word.”

April raised an eyebrow at me.

“You’ve never heard of sleepovers? A sleepover is when you invite a bunch of friends over to your house, and…You know what? Never mind. Just call your mom and tell her your spending the night over at my house.”

I called my mom from April’s bedroom, and told her that I’d be spending the night at April’s house. I was stark naked and my bottom was sore from multiple spankings, but of course my mother couldn’t see any of that. All she knew was that she heard her daughter’s voice explaining that she’d be spending the night at a friend’s house. I felt like I was lying to her by making everything sound so innocent.

“Okay, Cheryl,” my mom said congenially, “Pleasant dreams. I’ll see you in the morning.”

“See you in the morning, Mom,” I replied, and then I hung up.

“So,” I said to April, easing in dangerously close to my mistress and thrusting my breasts out suggestively, “You’ve got me all to yourself for the next eight or nine hours. Whatever shall you do with me?”

My pussy was wet and throbbing and I was hoping I could goad my mistress into placing her strong, capable hands on my naked body, impaling my pussy on her strong, merciless, capable fingers, and driving me forcefully to several powerful orgasms. For a submissive like me, the spankings and humiliations had been like hours of foreplay. I was eager to; at long last; get to the climax.

“I have a truly wicked and wonderful idea,” April said as she grabbed me around the waist and pulled me closer, playfully rubbing her breasts against mine.

There was a brief pause in the conversation as my mistress kissed me, exploring my mouth with her tongue, and moaning softly as we both relaxed into the blissful eroticism of the moment.

And when we broke from the kiss, April smiled mischievously and said, “You’re going to seduce my mom.”

My eyes went wide and I pushed away from April slightly, and exclaimed, “What?”

“No, no, no, no, Mistress,” I exclaimed, “I’m a teenager, and your mom ins in her late thirties! Your mother has already said she had no interest in having sex with girls my age. Remember?”

“I remember,” April said as she used her strong hands to manipulate my naked form and turn me around so I was facing the door, “So, your job is to find a way to break down her natural resistances and get her to change her mind on that issue.”

With one arm around my waist, April walked me out of her room, down the hall and into her mother’s bedroom. April’s mother was currently in the shower, so I didn’t have to encounter her right away, but I was still nervous. How was I supposed to seduce a woman that was twice my age, and felt awkward about the difference in our ages?

April had me stand near her mother’s bed Bostancı Zenci Escort and sternly said, “Don’t move from that spot.”

Seemingly from nowhere, April produced a stainless-steel shackle and locked it snugly around my ankle. Another stainless-steel shackle was locked around the metal bedframe of Mrs. Ladd’s bed. A sixty-inch long chain connected the two.

“There, that should make it a lot more difficult for my mom to throw you out of her room,” April declared triumphantly.

“She doesn’t have a key to this, Mistress?” I asked, shaking my ankle demonstrably. I remembered that Mrs. Ladd was very big into having spare keys for everything. She had spare keys for all of the handcuffs, shackles and padlocks down in the basement. Why wouldn’t she have a spare key for this?

“Nope,” April declared triumphantly, “This is a new toy of mine. My mother doesn’t even know I bought this one yet. I’ve got the only key.”

Then April gripped me by the shoulders and said, “My mother hasn’t had a lover in her bed in over three years, also she’s been drinking wine tonight. Both of those things will wear down her resistance and make this easier you.”

I breathed slightly easier, not sure how much of an edge these things would give me, but I’d take whatever advantage I could get.

“Oh, and there’s this,” April said is she gave me a very intense look, “If you fail to seduce my mother tonight, you’ll spend the night in the basement. Your hands will be chained far away from your pussy, so you can’t play with yourself, and I’ll punish those lovely breasts of your before I go upstairs and sleep in my big comfy bed.”

“Mistress,” I exclaimed, feeling panicked at the thought of having my breasts whipped. That hurt far worse than spanking, and was far more alarming. The thought of having her breasts whipped, filled any slave-girl with fear.

“Be sure and tell my mom what will happen to you if you fail to seduce her,” April commanded, “My mom is still squeamish about punishments and inflicting pain. She’ll be opposed to me whipping the tits of an innocent, teenage slave-girl. The prospect of you sobbing yourself to sleep down in the basement, with sore, throbbing breasts might be enough to tip the scales and convince her to have sex with you.”

“Mistress, is this just a bluff to manipulate your mother,” I asked, “Or would you really whip my breasts if I fail to seduce her?”

“Oh, I’d really whip them,” April said resolutely, “A mistress should never make a threat that she isn’t willing to back up with painful consequences. A mistress that makes empty threats soon loses all credibility. And I can’t have that, now can I?”

I felt my heart hammering urgently in my chest. I wasn’t very confident in my ability to seduce April’s mother, but I was now highly motivated to try. I took in a deep breath and let it out slowly and tried to calm my fear. Panicking was rarely conducive to a successful seduction. I needed to get my panic under control and try to come up with a winning strategy to seduce April’s mother.

“I’ll be going to my room now,” my mistress said as she embraced me warmly, “Best of luck with my mother. I hope you succeed.”

April kissed me once on the cheek, spun around on her heel, and left me alone in Mrs. Ladd’s bedroom. I tried to calm myself and prepare for the difficult task of seducing my mistress’s mother.

She had drunk several glasses of wine earlier in the evening, that would probably help to lower her resistance to my charms. And, of course, the shackle on my ankle would make it physically very difficult for her to throw me out of her room. And April had said that he mother hadn’t had a lover in her bed in over three years. Surely, all of these things would work in my favor.

From my spot in Mrs. Ladd’s bedroom, I could hear the water shut off for the shower, and shortly after that, I could hear the door to the upstairs bathroom open. From those sounds I deduced that Mrs. Ladd’s arrival in her own bedroom was imminent.

She took her time. I could hear the sounds of human activity nearby. I could hear the shower door sliding open. There were a multitude of sounds I couldn’t identify, but no doubt she must have grabbed a towel at some point to dry off.

After an eternity of waiting, April’s mom finally made her appearance in her bedroom. Her blonde hair was still slightly damp, and combed back so it didn’t cover her face. She was wearing a black, cotton robe with a black cotton belt tied tightly around her slender waist. The hem of the robe came down to the bottom of her thighs, leaving her knees and calves exposed.

The look on her face when she saw me in her bedroom was one part confusion, one part annoyance, and one part suspicion.

“Cheryl, what are you doing in my bedroom?” she asked reproachfully.

She used her Mom voice, the kind of voice mothers use when they’re addressing children who have been caught in the act of some sort of troublesome mischief.

“April told me….um…she ordered me…I’m supposed to have sex with you. Your daughter was very insistent.”

Okay, I sounded like a nervous twelve-year old who got caught taking the family car for a joyride. I was so not sounding seductive or sexy. I was off to a really bad start.

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