Chicago Visitors Ch. 01

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*This is a true story that happened just over a month ago.

If any other couple are going to be in the San Francisco area and would like to help me fulfill any of my other fantasies, let me know.

Hope you enjoy this.*


“I have a fantasy. I’m hoping you can help me with.” I said.

“What’s that?” he asked.

“I’ve always wanted to arrive at the hotel room of two guys I’ve never met before and blind fold myself before I knock on their door,” I answered.

“And then?” David asked.

“Be taken inside and stripped down to my jock…”


David and Robert had approached me over a site where guys hooked up. They were a couple and they were going to be in town at the end of the month.

I saw their pics online. The unlocked one showed glimpses of two sexy beautiful bodies, one White and one Black, entwined in various sexy positions. And they had two incredibly, beautiful, suckable, mountable cocks. I knew that whether they were inside my mouth, or my ass or even in my hand, they would fill me up in a way that would leave me feeling full and satisfied.

The only catch was that they would be in town for several weeks. I told them to let me know as the time got closer. I loved spontaneity and explained to them that I didn’t like to plan a good fuck that far in advance. They obviously liked to plan.

The weekend they arrived in town, I sent them a message and we agreed to meet on Monday night.

On Monday I called them an hour before we were supposed to meet.

David answered the phone.

“So are we still on?” I asked.

“Absolutely.” He replied.

“I have a fantasy I’m hoping you can help me with.” I said.

“What’s that?” he asked.

“I’ve always wanted to arrive at the hotel room of two guys I’ve never met before and blind fold myself before I knock on the door,” I answered.

“And then?” David asked

“Be taken inside and stripped down to my jock…”

“And then?” he asked.

“Have the two of you take me over to the bed. And have you work my body over without a word exchanged between us.”

“We can do that for you.” David said.

I showed up on the penthouse suite floor of the hotel they were staying at downtown. The concierge had casino oyna had to leave his desk to slide a card into the elevator to give me access to their restricted floor.

I found my way to their door. Room 929, just as David had said.

I stood there for a moment.

I unbuttoned the top three buttons of my shirt, revealing more of the thick fur on my chest. I took the purple bandana I had brought with me out of the pocket in my jeans and tied it around my eyes.

I knocked on the door.

And then I waited for what seemed like an eternity.

My heart felt like it was pounding out of my chest.

Suddenly, the door opened.

And someone took my hand.

He led me inside to what felt like the hall of the suite. And there he stopped.

He slowed unbuttoned the remaining buttons of my shirt, his hands occasionally brushing against the hairs on my chest.

I could hear my breathing get louder and feel it getting more labored.

And suddenly we weren’t alone any more.

Someone pressed up against my back and pulled my shirt off from behind, his hand brushing the skin on my shoulders.

He kissed my neck while whoever was still in front of me unzipped my jeans and gently slid them down to the floor.

I was left standing there in only jock-strap.

The person in front of me, put his lips to mine and slowly kissed me long and hard, eventually pushing his tongue into my welcoming mouth.

The person behind continued to kiss my neck and run his hands all over my near naked body. I reached back to and put my hand around his neck and pull his head forward so I could lean back and probe his mouth with my tongue. My body writhed between them as I tried to rub myself up against these strangers to really feel their presence. Sometimes I would lean forward to kiss the mouth in front of me. And then I would lean back to kiss the person behind while the person in front flicked his finger across my now engorged nipples.

They suddenly stopped.

For a moment, I wasn’t sure what was going.

Each of them took my hand and slowly led me down what felt like a hall. I sensed we suddenly entered a more open room. And once again one of the now feverishly warm bodies got in front of my while the other stood in front. The canlı casino body behind me pulled me, backwards down to a bed. I lifted my legs as we leaned back. And suddenly I felt a warm mouth on my inner thigh. As I lifted my legs higher, I felt it slowly move down to my groin, still covered by my jock. I felt the mouth suddenly clamp down on the space between my furry hole and my balls. And as it sucked on that spot and the person I was lying backwards on top of ran his fingers across my nipples, I let out the loudest, most satisfied moan. I just lay there enjoying what was happening to my body.

Eventually I rolled off the body under me and moved myself using my arms up to what I hoped was the top of bed. I felt the pressure of one body getting up on the mattress and eventually another body climbed up to me as well. For a few moments I felt a body on either side of me. I felt hands rubbing my chest and my sides and I trading hot slurping tonguing with each of the warm bodies next to me.

Eventually, one of the men moved from my side and stared to slide down my body while the other one continued to lie next to me kissing me.

I felt the hands of the of the moving body now in front of my, spread my legs and run his hands up and down my hairy thighs. He moved one hand to my jock and without taking it off entirely, lifted the front pouch and moved to the side exposing my rock hard furry cock. He took some of the pre-cum that I could feel leaking copiously from my dick and rubbed it up and down my cock for a while, which only made my moaning loader and my writhing wilder. And when I felt the tongue that had just been exploring my mouth clamp down on one of my nipples, I could barely control myself and let out a gasp.

In what seemed like seconds later, I felt the hot mouth of the man rubbing my thighs, hover over my cock. I waited in anticipation.

I felt his lips lock on my cock and I felt his mouth slowly slide down my dick till it took in the base. With each inch that disappeared into this mouth, my moans got louder and louder. The mouth that enveloped my cock was so indescribably warm; I felt my whole body relax as a result.

I raised my arms over my head to feel the full stretch of being serviced like this. After a few moments like this, I felt mouth on kaçak casino my dick release its grip on me. The other body still next to me kept working my nipples, sometimes with his fingers sometimes with is mouth. His hands roamed freely on my body and I felt the pressure of his hands run through the thick wet fur on my hard belly.

I suddenly felt pressure on my outstretched arms.

I felt the pressure of what felt like a soft bath robe tie being wrapped around my wrists.

I hadn’t expected this.

I was so incredibly turned on.

I felt the bath robe tie tighten and then I felt my arms pull slightly as it felt like the tie was fastened to something next to the bed.

The whole time my hairy nipples were being worked on.

I felt the pressure of the person who had gotten up returning to the bed and getting between my legs again.

I felt his fingers lift up the wide band of my jock strap on one side and then the other and the slide it off.

And there I lay, blindfolded, naked, bound and completely exposed and helpless with two men I still hadn’t laid eyes on taking my body in.

In the entire time I had been there, we hadn’t said a word to each other.

The person between my legs went back to sucking my cock while he lightly stroked the underside of my ball, running his fingers gently through the hair there. Every once in a while he would take my balls into his mouth and gently suck on them. While this was happening, the body that had laid next to me and held me this whole time, moved and I could feel him now kneeling next to me on the bed as he slowly but firmly started to rub his hand on the side of my face.

I opened my mouth wide and turned my head.

In an instant he filled it with his thick cock meat. I took it to the back of my throat as far as it could go. He continued to slowly pump it in an out of my mouth while holding the back of my neck. All the while I was having my cock and balls sucked.

Slowly, the fucking of my mouth got more insistent and forceful. As I had hoped my mouth felt full, stretched and satisfied.

I felt the two men finally switch spots. A new meaty cock filled my mouth and a new warm, slick, wet mouth clamped down on my cock. We stayed like that, all three of locked together for some time.

I was ready for more.

I whispered,

“Take my blindfold off. I want to see your fucking faces.”

I felt a hand start to slowly slide my blindfold down my face…

(To be continued.)

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