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Note: Have you ever called someone chicken to get them to do something? Well these brothers and sisters take chicken to the taboo level. Enjoy and all rights reserved.


Summer looked down at the hot tub from her room and saw her younger brother Adam sitting alone in the bubbles. She had just returned from college last week and had not really spent that much time with him so since their parents were out she quickly put on her white bikini and headed down to join him.

Adam was leaning back in sensual thought about the foreplay session he had with his girlfriend Tess last night. He had finally got to third base with her and may have gone further except her twin brother was in the house. Now as he slowly stroked his six- inch manhood he remembered how his first touch of a girl’s pussy felt like.

“Got any room for me?” Summer asked as she exited the sliding glass patio door.

Adam jerked his hand away from his hard-on and quickly sat up looking like he was caught with hand in the cookie jar. “Shit you scared me. I’m not use to you being around.” His eyes captured the fullness of her breasts and the flat abs above her tiny white bikini panties.

“Sorry,” she grinned. “Just pretend I’m not around for the next six weeks.” She sat down on the edge putting her feet into the water. “It feels really hot.” She was surprised that his upper body was really developed since the last time she saw him without a shirt on.

“That’s why they call it a hot tub,” he laughed. His eyes focused on the tiny triangular white patch between her slightly opened thighs. He thought he could see the indentation of her pussy lips but wasn’t sure. It prevented his cock from going down.

“Smart ass,” she said as her butt slipped forward and her body slithered into the steamy bubbles. “That feels so good.”

The hot tub was not that big so when she leaned back onto the underwater seat her feet moved forward and brushed against his. She smiled when he jerked his feet back. “So when am I going to meet Tess?”

“I was going to invite her over tonight but she had a family thing to do,” he answered.

Summer had always teased him in the past about his girlfriends. “So, how far have you gotten with her?”

His eyes opened wide. “I can’t believe that you asked me that.”

She grinned. “Second base?”

He grinned back. “Maybe. How far have you gone with Jack?”

Summer moved over until the underwater jets splashed into her opened crotch. “You tell me first.” She didn’t believe that he would do it.

“Second base for me and third base for her last night for the first time,” he said proudly.

“Really so that means you have not made a home run yet. My baby brother is still a virgin.”

“For now,” he smiled. “Your turn.”

“I’ve been around the bases a few times with Jack,” she answered.

“Blow jobs too?”

“ADAM!” She gasped loudly. “I can’t believe you asked me that.”


“You know I’m not a chicken. Ok I’ll tell you. He wants me to do it but I haven’t taken that step yet. Have you with Tess?”

“No, she has just touched me.”

“Oh you poor baby. You still have to take care of it by yourself.” She was getting hot and moved up to sit on the edge again. She saw his eyes looking intensely at her breasts and glanced down to see her nipples pushing outward. “Is that what you were doing when I came out?”

“You are not going to embarrass me like you always try to do,” he grinned. “I’m eighteen now.”

“Well were you jerking off?” She looked directly into his eyes.

He looked back without blinking. “Yes.”

“That’s cool,” she said slightly embarrassed. She leaned back on her hands which pushed her breasts outward.

Neither said anything as he knew now that the indentation was definitely the shape of her pussy lips.

“I guess I’ll be doing the same since Jack is away for the summer,” she said with her eyes closed. She waited a few seconds for his reply but it didn’t come. She peeked out and saw his body leaning back again and his eyes closed. Her eyes opened wide when she saw his right shoulder and arm moving slightly. “Oh my god, are you doing it now?”

He didn’t open his eyes. “Yes.”

“Adam, are you crazy? You shouldn’t do it while I’m here.” She had never seen Jack masturbate so this was a new and exciting thing for her.

“Chicken.” It was something they had said to each other since infants. Most of the time it meant that they would not back down. “Are you afraid to do it too?”

“You’re sick,” she said feeling light headed and excited. She watched his arm moving and wondered how big he was. She started to turn and climb out of the hot tub until he spoke.


She turned and glared. “I’m not chicken. It just something that brother and sister do not do in front of each other.”

“Whatever. You are a chicken so just accept it.”

Summer took a deep breath and turned down into the water. She looked into his eyes and reached her right izmir escort hand down over her navel to the top of her bikini. She stuck out her tongue as her middle finger snaked under the top of the white triangle and then into her damp pubic mound. “I’m not chicken.”

Adam sat up and tried to look into the water but the bubbles prevented him from making out anything in detail. He had peeked at his sister growing up and now here she was sitting across from him masturbating.

Summer rubbed over her raised clitty and was surprised to feel it as big and ready as ever before. She knew that they could not see each other but just knowing what they were doing under the water was enough to turn them both completely on. “Oh,” she moaned.

Adam heard the moan and wondered how far he could get her to go. “Let’s see how brave you really are,” he said as he lifted his hips and pushed down his baggy dark blue swim trunks.

Again she was shocked. “I’m not taking off my bikini bottoms.” She glanced into the water and could actually see the darkness of his pubic hair and the shape of his long pink hard-on. He looked enormous.

They settled back down into the self gratification until he spoke again. “Chicken.”

“Mom and dad might come home early,” she said needing an excuse. She could now see his hand around his cock moving up and down.

“They drove out to Aunt Nancy’s house. They called before saying they had started dinner. It is at least an hour drive back. Chicken.”

She knew that she should climb out of the hot tub but this was about the most exciting and nasty thing she had ever done. “Well I guess since the bubbles are on you really can’t see anything.” She grabbed onto the waistband on the bottoms and pushed downward.

Adam again sat up hoping to see something in the quivering waves. He managed to trace the white triangle downward until she brought them up to the surface and then tossed them on the edge next to her. His eyes strained to see her pussy but all he could make out was a small dark shadow moving around.

“Don’t hurt your eyes,” she teased. They both leaned back and again started touching their privates. Both where totally turned on now and both had to slow down to prevent cuming first.

Adam stopped stoking. “You know I’m naked so you should be too.”

Summer knew that he would call her chicken so she leaned further down into the water and reached behind her to release and then remove her bikini top. She pulled it away and looked down at her hard cherry nipples that stood up proudly just beneath the surface. She knew that he could see them easily. “I’m not as chicken as you think I am.”

“Damn,” he said seeing them in naked. He never really knew how big she was. He started stroking his meat again and smiled as she did the same to her clitty.

Both were breathing deep and rapidly as they approached their climax. “Are you about…… cum?” He whispered.

“Yes,” she replied. She was about to start her finish stroke when the bubbles suddenly stopped. Their hands and fingers froze as they stared down at the visible privates of their sibling. “Oh my god.” He was a lot bigger than she had first thought and knew that he was at least three inches longer than Jack.

“Move your hand,” he said hoping to see her pussy.

“No,” she giggled. Now her breasts were fully on display so she sat up a bit and both surfaced.

“Your titties are amazing.”

“I can tell that you like them,” she smiled as he moved his hand away and his cock stood up proudly. “So are we going to finish?”

“Move your hand first.”

Summer looked down at her hand as it moved away from her neatly trimmed bush and pussy lips which were open and puffy. “Well?”

Adam grinned, grabbed onto his cock and stroked. He watched her middle finger dive into her opened gash and rubbed. “OH GOD ADAM.”

“I know…… too,” he said really to fire out his torpedoes.

“I’m going to…I’m going to CUM!” Summer cried as her body exploded into tiny pieces. Her other hand and fingers joined to help. “NOW!”

“ME TOO!” Adam yelled.

Their eyes closed at the zenith and stayed that way until they landed back on Earth.

Summer didn’t say anything as she grabbed her bikini and put it back on while underwater. “This was a one time only thing.” She didn’t look at him as she climbed out of the hot tub. She moved to her bedroom and closed the door. A few minutes later she heard him do the same.


Summer stayed in her room that night and didn’t eat supper. After his parents went to bed Adam tapped on her door. She opened it and let him in.

“Are you mad at me?” Adam asked noting that she was wearing a thin cotton night shirt.

“No, I’m mad at myself,” she said moving over and sitting on the bed. “I’m older and I should have known better.”

He sat next to her in his nylon basketball shorts and tee shirt. “We didn’t do anything really bad. I thought it was cool.” alsancak escort

She turned and pushed him to the side and jumped onto him. “Jerking off in front of my baby brother is not considered cool.”

Adam laughed and was about to turn and push her back but then felt the softness of her braless breasts and the hard tips of her nipples pressing into his shoulder and back. “Did you like what you saw?”

“No,” she lied. “I could barely see it.”

“I could see everything,” he chuckled before turning around and pushing her onto her back.

“Did you like what you saw?” She halfway teased and halfway wanted to know.

“Kinda,” he lied. “I mean you are really not that big.” He looked at the fullness of her breasts under the tight cotton night shirt.

“Liar. I bet that I’m bigger than your little girlfriend.”

“There is one way to prove it,” he grinned looking at her covered mounds.

“Oh no, I’m not going to take off my night shirt.” She looked at his lap and saw the huge tent.

“So am I bigger than Jack?” He put his bare hands on narrow of her waist.

“I…couldn’t…tell.” Warning bells were going off again. “I think you should leave.”

“Show me your breasts first.”



“Chicken? I’m not chicken because I have already showed you.” She stuck out her tongue again like she had so many times before while they were growing up. “You’re the one that’s chicken.”

“I’m not chicken,” he said seriously. “Be careful what you ask for.”

She looked at the closed bedroom door and whispered, “Chicken.”

Adam moved off the bed and stood next to it while she lay back. “Are you sure?”

She nodded. Her eyes followed the waistband of his shorts as they moved down over the tent. Since he was not wearing underwear his cock head sprang outward with freedom at last. “Oh my God.”

Adam grinned and let her take it in before pulling his shorts back up. “You asked for it.

“Please go,” she said knowing that her fingers wanted to reach out and touch it.

He smiled and left the room. Neither of them got any sleep that night.


Summer overslept the next morning and awoke when she heard a car door closing outside. She peeked out to watch her mother drive away. Since her father was at work she knew that she would be alone with Adam. After seeing his hard penis last night she knew that it was time to stop this madness. She pulled on a robe and headed downstairs and found him sitting at the table eating cereal.

“Captain Crunch. Are you still eating Captain Crunch?”

“Yes, I like it so why change?” He said hoping that she was not upset with him about last night. He did notice the robe. “So are you cold this morning?”

She didn’t look back as she took the milk from the refrigerator. “Yes. And it may get even colder.” She grabbed a bowl and spoon and sat next to him. She grabbed the cereal box but so did he. “Hey give me some.”

“You made fun of it so now you are not going to get it.” He jerked it out of her hands and hugged it down into his body.

Summer laughed and reached down to pull the box out. She managed to get a hold of the bottom corner and pull but then he jerked it and her hand downward onto the top of his covered cock. They both froze upon contact. “Let me have it or else.”

“Or else what?” He whispered feeling her knuckled pushing into his growing erection.

“Or else I’m going to…….”

“What Summer? Are you going to grab my cock?”

She moved her hand until it pushed against the swollen crown. “Maybe.”

“You’re chicken.”

She wanted to do it but held back until she heard the key word. Her fingers moved away from the box, turned over and reached down into his crotch. “You shouldn’t call me chicken.” She curled her fingers around it through the thin nylon and realized that she wasn’t close getting her fingers around it. “Satisfied?”

“No but why don’t you make me satisfied,” he whispered putting his hand around her waist until it rested at the top of her hips. “Or are you chicken?”

Summers fingers moved methodically away from his shaft to the top of his shorts. She leaned over to pull out the waistband with her left hand while she aimed her right fingers down into the thick bush and around the pink penis. “I’ll bet you can’t last a minute.”

“You’re on,” Adam grinned feeling fingers on his cock for the first time that wasn’t his. He leaned back on the chair and pushed down his shorts to give her room.

Summer dropped down onto her knees and opened her hands to spit in them. She rubbed around the saliva and took a hold of his sex. They both looked up at the large kitchen clock on the wall and when she second hand hit twelve she started stroking like Jack had taught her to do so nicely. “Ummm…nice and hard. I can feel the cum about to come out.”

Adam knew that he wasn’t going to last but didn’t care. He was about to explode at the thirty second buca escort mark when they heard someone tapping on the back door. He looked up and saw Tess’s face looking in. “Oh shit Tess is here.” He tried to pull Summer’s fingers off but she held on tightly.

He forced a smile and waved at his girlfriend as his sister’s fingers worked their magic.

“Will you let me in?” Tess said loudly.

“Oh God I’m cuming,” Adam grunted. He looked down to see his cum shooting upward making a mess when Summer quickly lowered her other hand. He felt her palm engulf the tip and then his cum fill her cupped fingers. “Oh shit,” he said trying to give his girlfriend the impression that nothing was going on.

Summer jerked him dry and wiped her fingers on her robe before turning and crawling out of the kitchen into the hallway. He heard her laughing as she ran up the stairs. A few seconds later after putting his cock away he unlocked the back door.

“What was that?” Tess asked red-faced. “Why didn’t you let me in?”

He could only think of one thing that she might believe. “I farted.”

Her anger suddenly turned to laughter. “You farted and didn’t want me to smell it.” She took a big whiff and moved down onto his lap. “So are we alone?” She wiggled her cute round butt on his small lump.

“ my sister Summer is upstairs,” he said wondering what was going on in his life. For eighteen years he had little to no sexual action and now was on overtime. “I can go and tell her not to come downstairs.”

“She…she won’t care?”

“Na. She is cool.”

“OK, I’ll wait for you on the sofa.”


Summer had removed her robe and was pulling off her night shirt when she heard the tapping on her door. “Did you run her off already?” She pulled the door open and stood proudly in only her panties.

“God, I could easily get used to this.” His hand moved up to cup her tit but she pushed it away. “OK, Tess is downstairs and we want some private time alone.”

“So you can get to third base?” Summer teased. “What if I get jealous?” She pulled out the top of her panties and showed him her light brown bush and pink lips below.

“Jesus,” he groaned feeling his shorts about to swell. “Warn me before you do that.”

“Pussy shot,” she giggled as she did it again. “Ok go and have your fun with your little girl.” She stepped back and closed the door.

Adam stood erect wondering if he should run Tess off because he was getting more action with his sister.

“Adam!” Tess yelled from below. “Are you coming back down?”

“Yes,” he said trying to calm down his boner. Finally when it shrunk enough not to be obvious he headed down and found her sitting on the sofa. “She won’t come down.” He moved next to her and pulled her lips to his. They started frenching but then he felt the chewing gum under her tongue. “Gum again.”

“Sorry,” she giggled and pulled it out and put it on the end table behind her. As she leaned over to do it he moved up behind her and reached around to cup her small but very firm breasts.

“Hey,” she giggled again. But she didn’t move as he found the hard tiny tips and toyed with them.

Adam moved his lips to the nape of her neck and then to her ear lobe. As he fondled her breast with his right hand his left hand unbuttoned the three buttons on her polo shirt and then moved under it to the edge of her bra. He completely cupped the covered mound as his thumb hooked the cup and pulled downward.

Tess had let him touch her breasts but today would be the first day he could feel her bare titties free from the bra. As he tried to get the cup off her mound she reached up and released the front clasp. The cup moved quickly away and for the first time a boy was caressing her virgin orbs. Her head leaned back against his shoulder while he moved from breast to breast and nipple to nipple. His lips on her neck were quickly causing her panties to get damp.

Adam could hear her breathing getting labored and moved back to let the front of her body face him. As he continued touching her breasts with his right hand his left hand lifted the shirt upward until her left breast appeared. Before she could object his lips found the hard little bud and suckled.

“Ohhh,” she moaned not expecting this to happen this fast. Her hands reached up to pull his lips away but when they touched his head they held it in place.


Summer waited about ten minutes before she pulled on her robe and tiptoed into the hallway and quietly down the stairs. She heard the girl moaning and peeked around the doorway in time to see him pull her shirt up over the tiny titties.

“You go Adam,” she thought when his lips captured the girl’s nipple. “Maybe third base is around the corner.”

Although Tess was as turned on as ever before, her internal bells rang when his hand moved to the snap on her jeans and opened it. She tried to keep it together but once it opened she caught his fingers as they tried to get under her tiny pink laced thong. “Adam no.”

“Jesus Tess. You touched me the other night. I thought that…”

“Not yet,” she said as she pulled his mouth back to her tits. She knew that they would be leaving for college and possibly not see each other seriously again. But Adam pulled away which surprised her.

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