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When Lee suggested we play, it wasn’t like I was going to say no.

“I have work to do,” I said, looking at the accounts and the spreadsheet that was sat in front of me and all the VAT I still had to do calculations for.

“You can put it down for me,” she said, the trace of her hand across my shoulder and breathe in my ear. I admit, if anything could make me tremble, it was the curl of her tongue against my ear that became a kiss and soft exhale.

Where was the save button again?

“I can’t just leave the work open,” I protested mildly as her hands slipped form my shoulder down my collarbones and down the front of my chest. Half my mind was already swooning, the other half trying to keep sane enough to know that confidential work had to be stored somehow. Or something.

“Not the only thing wide open,” she said with a growl in my ear. Standing from my chair, I turned to her – looking straight into her glazed eyes that knew exactly what they were doing. Exactly. I could feel heat in my neck as she laced her hands behind my neck. It was so natural to touch her neck and waist, my lips dipping towards her neck

As if we were going to ever going to get back to work.

“May I?” I ask against the soft skin of her neck as my hand ventures into the mass of her hair your can you get lost – all curls and ocean. Her slight moan of agreement is all the consent I need and I took a rope of it in my fist and pull back slowly, eliciting a sound she can’t help and exposing the pulse of her throat. “Oh so that’s how it is Lee…”

“Maybe a little,” Kıbrıs Escort she exhales and her hands are much weaker holding me than they were. “I thought I was in charge.”

“If you wish, mistress,” I smirk, letting her hair and falling to the floor in subservient kneel. Recovering, I can hear her chuckle and her hair in straight, tied up locks that she can pull just as well as I can.

“I do wish.”

When she pulls me to my feet, her kiss is fierce against me, our lips meeting with no gentleness or softness, but a furious passion that never gets old – hand holding mine above my head daring me to resist. Not tonight. Oh not tonight – how could I resist her?

She grinds on my thigh as we kiss, almost panting in our desperation for each other. Like always, she’d rather not take too long. Not that I can move much, but I reckon there’s not much beneath the skirt. That’s fine by me and something in the inflection of my embrace matches this thought.

It’s probably my own moan into her mouth.

“A little desperate, love?” she gasps and chuckled from my lips and I grin, the lines of cockiness in it that I hope only to goad her own.

“Oh just a little. DO you intend to keep me waiting? And can I move move my hands?”

” ‘Course not, Jo,” she chuckles and I roll my eyes, dutifully not moving them as I watch her take off my shirt, hands slinking down my hips, across my chest, kissing the lines of my chest, one hand down the inside of my thigh and I stir, grumbling good natured.

She didn’t let me repay Kıbrıs Escort Bayan her. This game was of her choosing.

Out of my clothes, she chuckled – not unkindly, but in the evil she did when she had all sorts of wicked plans for me. Unshy, I posed a moment for her and she kissed me, gently on the mouth, exposed fully to her. And of was I to her liking.

As she was to me – even still clothed. Especially still clothed.

“And next, mistress?” I tease.

“Bend over,” she says with a smiling eye roll.

“As you like,” I smirk. Her hands travel across my flat back, the ridges of my spine, laying her cheek there briefly, before kissing down my ass.

Occasionally, she bit. Lightly. So far. I couldn’t’ help but move away in these movements – she knew this and chuckled, biting harder. Something about soft pain was very hot. She took the slickness of her hand, running in down the back of me, touching just the skin and dancing the circles of her tongue closer.

“And how would you feel about a more…dragon like experience?”

“I hoped,” I say softly. Sweeping aside the skirt, she revealed the rope tied dildo that made me weaker at the knees and gave her a gentle, strength.

“I thought so,” she growled a little and with a hand on my hip, another down my thigh, carefully slid the thick and scaly length of one of our dragons slowly, not too slow, into me. Rough. Strong. I grunted for pleasure at the twist. “Oh yah Jo…”

“More,” I said.

And I was granted more. The whole thing. To the hilt. Escort Kıbrıs The groan was unasked for and potent and shaking.

“Fuck Lee…”

“Ah yah…”


Her pause and then thrust again felt like it would break my ecstasy as she grabbed my chest, and the cord of my hair for leverage, moaning into me.

She was not relenting.

Whatever astral plain she took me too, it was easy to find where the pinnacle would be.

“Just like that,” I moaned, elbow digging into the duvet as she hit just the right angle, just the right pace, and all I wanted was more. The sounds she made ensured that her pleasure was also mine too.

“Will you Jo? Are you going to…?”

“Uh huh,” I grunted as the arch of my back hits a particular sensitive spot, the dildo reaching into me in a way a wholly enjoy, enraptured. “Please…please may…”

“Not yet,” she pants and I think, later, she was touching herself to while thrusting in rhythm, in our rhythm.

If I could ask again, I would, but I’m trying too hard not to cum, because she hasn’t said so and every ridge of the dragon pulsing against me…

“You may.”

“AH FUCK!” I say because the vocabulary of cumming is mostly grunts, moans, thrashing, and one syllable words that I can barely come up with as I convulse, and convulse multiple times, orgasming around the dragon, and under her hands, my whole body shaking. In the good way.

I’m vaguely aware that Lee also finished. She’s stroking my hair, letting me dictate how we move. I am face down, biting, the duvet and sweating. Her hands brush my back.

“I could have taken longer,” she says wickedly, “But it’s much more fun to watch you enjoy.”

“Careful,” I say as she gently removes the toy. “Give me a bit and I won’t refuse another go.”

“My very pleasure,” she laughs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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