Chinese Takeout Ch. 03

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Chinese Takeout

Readers be warned, this is the third chapter in a multi-chapter story, there’s still no outright sex in this third chapter, just more foreplay (okay, hopefully as always this is also hot foreplay altho I can’t guarantee you’ll be vaporized… as someone commented after Chapter 02 LOL). This is all lead-in and teaser for the main event which will be a chapter or three coming. That said, I do hope you all enjoy.

And a note of appreciation: Chinese Takeout is dedicated to the real Round Out, with my thanks and gratitude for all the help with this. If you Harley riders and bikers are enjoying the realism on anything motorcycle and biker-related here, it’s all due to “Round Out” because before I started this story, I knew next to nothing about motorcycles and motorcycle clubs – including the outlaw kind – and I’m also including a disclaimer that any mistakes are mine and mine alone because there are bound to be one or two … I’ll undoubtedly be saying this again, but a very public thanks one more time “Round Out”. And thanks to all the bikers out there who’ve read this and sent me such appreciative feedback – it’s so great to know you’re enjoying this story and not just for the sex… which, okay, let’s be honest, is why we’re all here reading these stories, right!

Chinese Takeout – Chapter 03 – Love Changes Everything

Love, love changes everything: hands and faces, earth and sky.
Love, love changes everything: how you live and how you die.
Love can make the summer fly, or a night seem like a lifetime.
Yes, love, love changes everything, now I tremble at your name.
Nothing in the world will ever be the same.

Love Changes Everything (version sung by Il Divo)

“Hi honey, how were the kids?” Mom’s voice greeted me from the kitchen as the front door shut behind me.

“They were great Mom, they always are.” I dived into the living room. Yes! Oh thank God! My panties were still there, undiscovered. Still lying on the sheepskin rug where I’d forgotten them. I grabbed them, hastily stuffing them in one pocket before hurrying through to the kitchen to give Mom a hug. Oh! My! God! That was one mistake I’d never make again. Never!

“Thanks for making the coffee for us Jay-Lin. That was thoughtful of you.” My Dad glanced up from the case notes he was buried in.

Jesus, I’d completely forgotten about the coffee I’d made for Keith. It must’ve been sitting there when they got home. My Dad lived on coffee. “You’re welcome Dad. Busy day tomorrow?”

“Yeah, I’ve got twelve procedures at the Hospital back to back into the evening. Going to be a helluva day. Would you mind getting dinner ready for your Mom and I? We’ll probably be late. Never know how these things are going to turn out.”

“No problem Dad.” I gave him a quick hug too. Dad worked so hard, Mom did too. Sucked being specialists. On the other hand, they both enjoyed what they did. They lived and breathed their work and their patients. I knew they both wanted me to follow in their footsteps. Something medical, although they weren’t pushy about it. We’d see. Really, I had no idea what I wanted to do. Apart from Keith. I definitely wanted to do Keith. Oh yeah! Definitely.

“You get to bed now honey, you look exhausted, see you in the morning.”

I was exhausted. Despite sweating about having left my panties on the floor, I’d gone to sleep in Auntie Chrissie’s car when she was driving me home. Right in the middle of her questioning me on who I was going to go to the Prom with. I don’t know why Auntie Chrissie and Mom made such a big deal out of that. It wasn’t for another four weeks and I hadn’t cared much about it to start with. Now, now that I was Keith’s girlfriend, I didn’t care at all. Anyhow, I’d dropped off to sleep and Auntie Chrissie had had to wake me up. “Okay, goodnight Mom, goodnight Dad. Love you.”

“Love you honey, ‘night now.”

Sleep came instantly that night. Just a fleeting happy thought that I had a real boyfriend all of my own. Not one of Ginny’s hand-me-downs or dicks. A really wonderful boyfriend. That I really was Keith’s girlfriend. It wasn’t a dream. I really was. I dropped off to sleep smiling.

* * * * * * * *

Heads turned to watch me as I walked down the aisle of the bus towards the seat that Ginny and I always shared. Whispers followed me. Jesus, gossip travelled fast. But hey, who cared about a bit of gossip. Not me, not when I had a boyfriend like mine. My cheeks went a little pink but I ignored the looks, smiling happily as I plunked myself into the seat next to my best friend.

“Hey Ginny, guess what. Keith asked me to be his girlfriend.” My smile rivaled the Cheshire cat’s. “And he’s taking me out on Saturday. All day!” I wanted to bounce up and down on the seat. I’d never felt this happy before in my life. Well, maybe when I was about five or something. You get the picture though. I wanted to share that happiness. I couldn’t keep Bayan Escort it to myself. I had to tell my friends at least.

“Oh no! Jay-Lin, what are you THINKING?” Ginny’s hiss promptly deflated that happiness. “You CAN’T go out with that guy, I mean, he’s a BIKER for god’s sake. Everyone was talking about you after you left with him. You can’t … you just can’t.” She sounded like she was going to cry. She sounded so concerned. She sounded…

I smiled. “Ginny, you sound like my Mom, okay. Stop it right now. You’re wasting your time, I’m his girlfriend, okay. Wait till I tell you what we did yesterday.” Saying that made me feel so happy. I was Keith’s girlfriend. I was his. I was riding high on a cloud of euphoria and not even Ginny’s obvious disapproval could dent that. I so wanted to share my happiness with my best friend. With all my friends.

“You’re really his girlfriend? He asked you? You said yes?” Ginny’s dismayed squeal carried. Heads for three seats around turned and looked. Ginny didn’t even notice. “Jay-Lin, you’re crazy, you can’t, not that guy, I mean, oh god, I’ve been trying so hard to set you up with a nice boyfriend… “She buried her head in her hands for a second, then looked up, ignoring my attempt to quieten her down. “This only happened yesterday afternoon, right? We can fix this. It’s not too late to do some damage control here.”

“Damage control? Ginny, just stop right there, okay. I’m not crazy. He’s the most amazing guy. We went for this totally wonderful ride on his Harley for miles and miles and miles.” I just wanted to hug myself at the memory. “And he’s, like, so strong. You should see his muscles.” Thinking about those arms and shoulders and chest of his made me feel a little hot and bothered right then and there despite Ginny’s bitching annoying me. I could just about feel his muscles under my fingers. “He’s a really nice guy and he’s just such a hunk.”

“Hunk? Jay-Lin, have you lost your mind? I mean, how old is he for christ’s sake? Thirty? Thirty is not hunky. Thirty is old! You can’t date him Jay-Lin. You just … You can’t.”

“Jesus Ginny, calm down can’t you, he’s my boyfriend, not yours. Anyhow, he’s not thirty.” I didn’t tell her he was thirty five. That’d just make her worse. “And there’s nothing here to fix. Get that through your head will you. Keith’s my boyfriend and I love him.” I’d said it to someone else. I’d admitted it. I loved him. I knew I did. Okay, so it was fast, we hadn’t even gone on a real date. But so what. I loved him. Now I’d admitted it to myself.

“Oh Jesus Jay-Lin, this is worse than I thought. You so CANNOT be in love with that guy. You’re dating some old biker pervert that likes schoolgirls, he’s just taking advantage of you, can’t you see. He’s taking you for a ride. Please Jay-Lin, don’t do this. We can fix this. We can fix this somehow.”

Now I was getting mad. What the heck was wrong with her? It was my life, not hers. Keith was my boyfriend, not hers. “Ginny, just quit now, okay. I never complained about all those stupid jerks you set me up with on dates, okay. Every single one of them sucked and did I ever get mad at you? No, I did not.”

I took a deep breath. “Okay, maybe I did, but Ginny, they were jerks.”

I was NOT going to yell at Ginny. She was my best friend, I knew she’d always tried to do her best for me. It was just, her taste in guys and my taste in guys had never seemed to coincide. I just needed to convince her I was serious about Keith. Really serious. That was all. “So now I find a guy I really like, I find him all on my own, a guy that is so NOT a jerk and you don’t approve just because he’s not your kind of guy and you think he’s too old for me. Well, all those guys you tried to set me up with were so NOT my kind of guy Ginny. You want to fix things? Well, get this through your head, Keith is so NOT fixable, okay. Keith is mine and I’m his girlfriend and I love him and that’s that. I’m going out with him and you are NOT changing my mind! So don’t waste your time Ginny, okay.”

I smiled at her. Okay, she was my best friend, I knew she was concerned for me. I knew Keith was so right for me. “Keith, he just feels so right for me, Ginny. I mean, when he kissed me, I just wanted to melt into his arms and stay there forever!” That kiss. That last kiss in the hallway. I wasn’t telling Ginny where he kissed me but the memory had me panting.

“He kissed you? You let that guy kiss you? JAY-LIN! What are you thinking?” She shook her head. “No no no, you’re not thinking straight Jay-Lin, this guy, he’s a biker. … He’s probably a … a drug dealer or something like that, like those … those biker gangs. I mean, we all saw him Jay-Lin. Everyone saw him. Everyone was talking about you after you left with him on that motorcycle. He’s really scary, he’s dangerous. He’s got one of those biker gang patches on his jacket or whatever it is for god’s sake.”

“Ginny, he rides a Harley. He belongs to a motorcycle club. They all wear those patch thingies. But he’s not, like, a one percenter or anything like that.”

“See, you already know all that stuff and you only met him on Saturday. God Jay-Lin, this is so scary, you got me so worried about you. I couldn’t sleep last night. You gotta think things through. Don’t get carried away, just at least promise me to think about it. I mean, maybe take a break. Think about it. You CAN change your mind about him, I can find you a nice guy…I’m sure I can find someone you’ll really like … just hold off Jay-Lin … Don’t get carried away … “

“GINNY! I am NOT going to take a break. I am not carried away!” Well, I was, I knew, but I didn’t care. “I am so NOT changing my mind, okay! Every guy you’ve come up with that I’ve dated has been a total jerk. I am so NOT going to ditch the guy I love for some looser who thinks it’s cool to put a spoiler on a Mercedes SLK. I mean, get real. That’s just so … so stupid!”

I took another deep breath. I was SO not in control of myself arguing about Keith. I didn’t care. I was upset. Really upset. “Ginny, for the first time in my entire life I’ve found a guy I really like. Shit, let’s be clear here, for the first time in my entire life I’ve found a guy I love. I love him, okay. And he likes me, he really does, and I know he looks a bit scary but he’s wonderful, he’s just so … so dreamy… and he’s not pushy or anything. He cares for me Ginny, he really does.”

“You’re dreaming Jay-Lin.” Ginny cut me off. “There’s nothing dreamy about that guy. He’s a biker. He’s scary. He’s dangerous. Jesus Jay-Lin, you read the news, those bikers, they stab people and they shoot people and he probably wants to turn you into a stripper or a hooker or a drug addict or something. God Jay-Lin, Now I’m so worried … you gotta ditch him now Jay-Lin, before it’s too late, before something happens and it’s too late to do anything about it…”

“She’s right Jay-Lin.” Jesus, what the hell was the Chua bitch doing joining in. When the hell did she take the seat in front of us? What was this? Some kind of public debate on my boyfriend? And what the hell were her and Ginny doing on the same side, ganging up on me? “I mean, don’t get me wrong, I think you’re a snotty stuck up bitch and everything… You too, loser” she said in an aside to Ginny, “but those bikers, they’re dangerous. They beat up Hartman a few weeks ago just coz he cut one of them off.”

“When I want you to talk, I’ll pull your chain,” I snapped at the Chua bitch. “You’re talking, hanging out with those guys and their rice cars. Everyone knows they run a chop shop and deal drugs on the side. And you’re talking to me about my boyfriend? At least I’ve only got one, I don’t bang the whole gang.” I saw that one go home. I’d heard the gossip too. So that one was true?

The Chua bitch turned the color of a white sheet. “You little bitch.” Her voice was a snarl. “I’m just trying to do you a favor here, but if you want to…

“Bite me,” I snarled right back at her.

“That’s it,” the Chua bitch yelled, half standing.

“Jay-Lin,” Ginny wailed, grabbing my arm just as the Chua bitch went to slap me. Ginny’s hand pulled me off balance. The Chua bitch’s hand hit my cheek with a smack that sounded down the length of the bus, knocking me back down into the seat. Next second she was half over the back of the seat trying to hit me and pull my hair while I covered my head with my arms. Ginny was screaming and yelling. The Chua bitch was screaming. Half the bus was yelling.

“Stop it … stop it.” I could hear myself screaming. I was terrified, crying. She wouldn’t stop hitting me. She just kept on and on and I couldn’t do anything because Ginny kept getting in the way when I tried to get my arms up to push the Chua bitch away.

“Quit it Pauline,” someone was yelling as well. One of the Chua bitch’s friends was grabbing her, pulling her back. Without the Chua bitch hitting me, I had enough room to give Ginny a push to get her off me. I was still crying but now I was mad as well. That Chua bitch’d hit me and hit me and pulled my hair and slapped me and I wasn’t taking that. Scared as I was, I went straight for her, punching her in the nose as hard as I could.

I’d never been in a fight before but I knew you hit with a fist, you didn’t slap like a girl. I’d watched enough Hong Kong Kung Fu movies to know that. I was mad and I really hit her as hard as I could. Owwwww! My fist hurt. My wrist hurt. My arm hurt. Jesus! But the Chua bitch’s nose squashed and spurted blood. Well, she had a nose like a pug dog to start with anyhow. Now it was just a bit flatter. She screamed, shook herself loose and went for me again. I punched her again, both arms windmilling as fast as I could, trying to hit her while she whaled away at me.

I was seeing red, so angry and so furious that my vision had tunneled in on the Chua bitch and no one else. She was hitting me but I didn’t care. I just wanted to hit her as hard as I could. And I did, or at least, I tried. Again and again. Hands grabbed at me. Grabbed my arms. I tried to break free, to hit the bitch again but those hands were too big and too strong and they were hurting my wrists. Someone was yelling at me, pulling me back. Mr. Durkowitz was on the bus pulling the Chua bitch away from me so I couldn’t reach her.

Jesus. Where had all these teachers come from?

“Jay-Lin Liu. Pauline Chua. Stop this disgraceful nonsense at once. Both of you come to my office. Now! You too Virginia Chow, Amanda Wong, I want to see all four of you. The rest of you, go to your classes.”

Ms. Schwartzkopf turned my veins to ice on a normal day. This time I felt like I’d been dipped in liquid nitrogen. Oh shit. Fighting on the bus? Me? My parents were going to be furious. My heart sank. Now I just wanted to collapse. The Chua bitch looked at me. Looked at my frightened face. She snickered. Ms. Schwartzkopf’s head snapped around to look at the Chua bitch and me. She looked from one of us to the other. I quailed. The Chua bitch’s expression turned scared. Good, I wasn’t the only one. That helped. I still felt sick though.

All four of us followed Ms. Schwartzkopf into school. Into the administration office. The secretary just stared at us. The Chua bitch’s face was smeared with blood. I knew I was a mess. Ginny and Amanda didn’t look nearly as bad, but then, they’d only been trying to separate the two of us.

“Take Miss Chua to the first aid room please.” The secretary sprang to her feet, almost tipping her chair over. I didn’t feel like laughing at her.

“Miss Chow, Miss Wong, come with me. Miss Liu, please go and clean yourself up, then come back here and take a seat.” She pointed to the staff washrooms.

By the time I got back, the secretary was back. The office door was shut. I sat down, feeling a little dizzy and sick. By the time the Chua bitch emerged, I barely noticed how pale and shaken she was.

“Come in please Miss Liu.”

I looked up at Ms. Schwartzkopf, pushed myself to my feet and followed her into her office.

“Before I start, do you have anything you wish to say Miss Liu?”

“No,” I managed to say. I was starting to feel really sick.

Ms. Schwartzkopf started to say something but she was up and around her desk, taking my arm, holding me up as I started to buckle at the knees. “Miss Robson, come in here immediately please.”

The two of then walked me to the first aid room. I did feel better when I was lying down with an icepack on my face. I spent all morning there after Miss Robson checked me out. “Shock,” she said, and made me a really sweet cup of tea that I ended up actually drinking. God, it was awful. The things gweilo’s could do to tea! I mean, sugar and milk! Bllaaaghhh! Ms. Schwartzkopf returned during the lunch break, taking the chair beside the bed.

“Feeling a bit better now Miss Liu?” She actually sounded sympathetic.

“A bit better,” I whispered, holding another ice-pack to my eye. I must have gone through a dozen.

“Good. Now, about the incident this morning. I’ve heard from everyone involved and everyone agrees that Miss Chua suddenly attacked you after you and Miss Chow and Miss Chua had an argument. Over a boy as I understand it. Is that correct?”

More or less. Although I wouldn’t call Keith a boy. He was a man. My man. “Yes,” I whispered.

“I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt Jay-Lin, this time. You’ve never been in any trouble before and I know that Chua girl. She’s been here before. A number of times. If you have any more trouble from her, please inform me immediately. She’s been warned that if anything like this happens again, she’ll be expelled. That said, I do NOT want to see you involved in anything like this again. For whatever reason.”

Her voice became a little warmer. Almost sympathetic. “Now, you stay here for the rest of the day, Miss Robson will bring you ice packs, I’ll have one of your friends come walk you to the bus. And don’t take these boys too seriously. Although I know, at your age…” She shook her head, patted my hand. “Do you want me to contact your parents? I can let them know what happened if you like.”

“That’s okay Ms. Schwartzkopf, I can tell them. I don’t want to make a fuss.” God no!

“Okay, now, you just rest Jay-Lin, and keep those ice packs on, that’ll keep the bruising down.”

I watched her leave the room in disbelief. She was almost human. Who’d have known?

* * * * * * * *

Ginny, Chin-Chin, Ling and Marjorie all came to pick me up from the first aid room just before the final bell rang. Our teacher must have let them out early just to come and get me. That was nice of him. “How’re you feeling?” Marjorie was the first one to ask.

I peeled the ice pack off my face and sat up slowly. “Oh my god, that’s a horrible black eye.” Chin-Chin’s eyes widened. She took my hand. “That Chua bitch, I’m so glad you hit her nose that hard. You were amazing Jay-Lin.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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