chrissie: Alone

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© JeanPaul 2002. Remember – adhere to ‘safe, sane and consensual’ practices. Play safe!

* * * *

chrissie was only half awake as she waited for her ‘Hotmail’ inbox to open. she took a sip from her first coffee of the day, and then jolted wide-awake as she saw the email from her Mistress, Candice. her fingers trembled and her breath caught in her throat as she immediately double-clicked to open it. It had been a week since she had received an email from either Master Mikolas or her Mistress, and 8 weeks since she and stephen decided to submit to Them. The 8 weeks had been intense, not only with the rigorous lifestyle training but also with the ‘adventures’ that Candice and Mikolas dreamed up. The email opened, and chrissie felt the heat shoot through her as she read the first line.

“An adventure, just for chrissie,” read the opening line. “At 11:45 a.m. today, you will present yourself at the Tower Commerce Building, just around the corner from your office. Take the elevator to suite 2801, and tell the receptionist that you have an appointment with the Chairman. When she asks your name, just say chrissie.”

chrissie felt her nipples hardening and her pussy lubricating as she read her Mistress’ words. she wondered what would happen to her, the thought of not obeying never crossing her mind.

“Wear your yellow sun dress and the white bra and panty set We brought you from Paris. Before you leave your office to go to the Tower Commerce Building, remove the bra.”

“you will be back at work by 1:30… Mistress Candice”

chrissie ran upstairs to tell stephen, who was still in the shower. This would be the first time that either of them had an adventure without the other, and chrissie wondered what was going to happen…

The morning seemed to crawl by, and chrissie was sure that everyone knew she was on her way to an adventure at lunchtime. her nipples ached and her clit felt like it was being pinched. Concentrating on her job was out of the question. she kept checking her Hotmail account to see if there were any further instructions from Candice or Mikolas, but there were none.

At 11:30, chrissie went to the ladies room and entered a stall. she slipped the sundress from her shoulders and pulled it down to her waist so that she could remove her bra. chrissie had always been self conscious about her smallish breasts, but her nipples were another matter. They were extremely sensitive, and erected easily. she cupped her breasts and gently squeezed the hard nipples, teasing herself as she had wanted to do all morning. The sensations went straight to her clit, and chrissie moaned with her need. she reluctantly released her nipples and readjusted her dress. As an afterthought, she lifted her dress and saw that her panties were soaked. she blushed as she realized that the white material clearly showed the condition of her pussy. chrissie lowered her panties and wiped herself, trying to remove some of the moisture. The efforts, however, only served to arouse her even more as she could clearly smell her sex-scent in the confines of the cubicle. she hastily pulled her panties up and smoothed the dress over her hips. Putting the bra in her purse, she left the stall and paused briefly in front of the mirror to check her makeup. chrissie was shocked to see how her erect, plum-colored nipples showed through the pale yellow of the sundress. she hurried from the ladies room and straight to the elevator, hoping she wouldn’t see any of her coworkers on the way down to street level.

The Tower Commerce Building was only a short walk, but chrissie felt that everyone on the street knew her secret, that they were staring at her prominent nipples. she entered the building and saw the elevators at the center of the foyer. Punching the button for the 28th floor, she wondered what Candice and Mikolas were doing here, and what they had arranged this time.

Suite 2801 was at the end of the hall. A very elaborate set of double glass doors bore the name of the firm – Wiltshire Investments. chrissie hesitated slightly before she entered – it was exactly 11:45.

The reception area was stunning. Classic furniture filled the space, tastefully set off by large plants of all descriptions. An antique reception desk provided a focal point, behind which sat a beautiful young girl, about 19 years old by chrissie’s quick reckoning. chrissie crossed the foyer and stood in front of the receptionist, who smiled and asked if she could help. “i’m here for an appointment with the chairman. My name is chrissie,” she said. chrissie was certain that the girl could detect the nervousness in her voice.

The receptionist smiled, and chrissie wondered if she really knew why she was here. The thought sent shivers through her.

“Yes, you are expected. But I have been asked to give you these instructions first, and have you take a seat in that wing-backed chair over there.” The receptionist handed chrissie an envelope, and pointed her to a chair to the left of the reception Bostancı Grup Escort desk.

chrissie was surprised, and a little nonplussed. As she took her seat, she realized that the receptionist had used the word ‘instructions’. she wondered if that was intentional – could the receptionist really know why she was there?

chrissie opened the envelope and felt a deep blush run through her body as she read the handwritten note from Mikolas.

“chrissie – you have done very well at your lessons in subservience, and Mistress and I feel it is time to test you. As Our submissive, you are required to obey any reasonable request We make of you. Since We are the sole judges of what is reasonable, your choice is to obey or leave.”

chrissie wondered whether Master and Mistress truly understood the depth of Their hold over her, how They seemed to be able to reach deep inside her most innermost, secret person to release the desires locked away there. Somehow, she knew that They did know, and They knew that she would not leave.

“We have decided to loan you out for your adventure today. We have discussed this with you before, so other than the timing, you should not be surprised. you will obey every command given to you today as if it was directly from Mistress or Me, until 1:10 p.m., when you will be released.”

Oh gawd, thought chrissie – They aren’t here! Who am i being given to? The thought of being Dommed by a complete stranger thrilled her, even though it would have repulsed her just a few months ago. she wondered again how Master and Mistress knew so much about her hidden fantasies.

she continued reading the note, and was mortified by what she read next.

“The receptionists name is krista. she has been timing you since you sat down and opened these instructions. you have 2 minutes from that time to remove your panties. Failure to do so will result in the ending of your adventure, and your failure to obey Our instructions. Do not stand up – remove your panties where you are sitting. Then you will hand them to Krista and truly begin your adventure. Obey!” chrissie shot a glance at the receptionist, and saw that she was truly timing her. krista was holding her wristwatch up, and staring at her. chrissie rapidly tried to guess how much time had elapsed, and realized that she had no time to waste.

she frantically looked around the reception area. How could she be sure someone wouldn’t wander in at any moment? she couldn’t…

With krista looking on, chrissie quickly raised her hips and her dress, and hooked her thumbs into the top of her panties. Hesitating only momentarily, she closed her eyes and slipped them down over her ass and thighs, and down her legs. she sat back down on the chair so that she could pull them down over her feet. They caught for a second on her sandals, and she frantically freed them, stood up and readjusted her dress. chrissie walked back to krista, who was smiling at her now.

krista held out her hand, and chrissie handed over her panties. Without breaking eye contact, krista opened the damp bundle of material in her hands, and made an elaborate show of feeling them. chrissie’s face reddened as she realized that the young girl was feeling the juices – chrissie’s juices – that had soaked through the crotch of the white panties.

krista picked up the phone, dialed a number and spoke. “chrissie is here, and she is ready.” krista listened for a few seconds, and then hung up. “Follow me,” she said.

chrissie followed krista through another doorway and down a hall. The hall was as well decorated as the foyer, with artwork displayed prominently. There were offices all along the hall, and chrissie could see into some of them. They were all large and decorated in the same expensive, tasteful fashion that marked the reception area. Everything exuded wealth, and class.

At the end of the hall was another, smaller reception area. Only two doors opened off this area, and both were closed. A stunning redhead, slightly older than krista, sat behind the desk. She rose as chrissie approached, but ignored her to tell krista that she would take over the main reception area, and that krista was to take chrissie directly into the boardroom.

krista led chrissie through one of the doors, and chrissie found herself in another breathtaking room. This room was large, and the centerpiece was a boardroom table that would seat about twenty people. On one side of the room an elaborate buffet was spread out, with hot and cold selections. The aroma was tantalizing.

krista ordered chrissie to stand for an ‘inspection’ in the middle of the room. chrissie needed no further instructions, having been trained repeatedly by Master and Mistress. she spread her legs apart, and clasped her hands behind her head. she would hold that pose until instructed otherwise.

chrissie saw krista leave through another door, which she closed softly. With a shock, she realized that the main door was still wide open Bostancı Manken Escort behind her, and that anyone who wandered down the hall could see her standing in her ‘inspection’ position.

chrissie did not have long to wait before the door opened again, and krista walked back in just ahead of another woman. krista was now wearing a maid’s apron, and nothing other than red stilettos. The apron was arranged so that her breasts were exposed, and her entire back was bare.

The second woman was stunning. She was a statuesque brunette, and she was wearing very tasteful business attire. She wore a dark dress that came to her knees, with a string of white pearls at her neck.

She looked at chrissie with amusement in her eyes, and spoke to krista without looking at her. “Remove her dress.”

“Yes, Mistress Chairman,” replied krista.

chrissie realized with a start that this tall brunette was the ‘chairman’, and that she was a Domme.

chrissie stood absolutely still as krista removed her dress. she noticed that krista’s hands made more contact with her than was strictly necessary to do the Dommes bidding, and she felt the wetness growing again between her legs. she unclasped her hands to allow the dress to be lifted up and over her head, and then she was standing there in only her sandals. chrissie’s breath was coming in shallow gasps now, as her hard nipples were exposed to the air conditioning. she clasped her hands behind her head again, and spread her legs further apart.

“Very good, chrissie. I see that Candice and Mikolas have trained you well.”

The Domme walked around chrissie, appraising her. chrissie wished that She would touch her, caress her, anything to bring her arousal closer to the surface. she was aching to be used, just as if it were her Master and Mistress, and she resolved to make them proud of her.

Then she felt the Dommes hand caressing her ass, moving to the tops of her legs and squeezing her ass cheeks. chrissie barely suppressed a moan that was starting deep in her throat. The fingers gently, fleetingly explored the crack of her ass and tickled her in the sensitive area between her asshole and her pussy. The touch was so brief and fleeting that chrissie thought she might have imagined it. she moved back slightly to increase the contact, but the fingers were gone. she moaned audibly now.

“Quiet, My little pet,” whispered the Domme, “there is much more to come.”

The Domme walked around in front of chrissie, and stared into her eyes until chrissie lowered her gaze to the floor. As she looked down, she could see her nipples standing out from her small breasts, and she hoped that the Domme found them pleasing. As if in silent answer, the Domme took them in her fingers and pulled them up and away from her chest. chrissie’s knees began to buckle, but she caught herself just in time, and resumed her spread-legged stance. The brief pain turned into pleasure, and chrissie felt the spasms again, running straight down her body to her clit. Suddenly, her nipples were released, and she closed her eyes at the sensation, breathing through clenched teeth.

“I assume you have been taught a submission position, chrissie. Assume it.”

chrissie dropped to her hands and knees on the floor, and then lowered herself so that he breasts were pressed into the carpet. her ass was raised in the air, and she spread her knees wide apart. she turned her head sideways, and reached back with both hands and held her ass cheeks open as she arched her back just like she had been taught.

“Very good, chrissie, but I want you on the table – right in the center.”

chrissie was panting now with the need to be touched more completely. she could feel her wetness seeping out of her cunt and running down her inner thighs. she was certain that she could smell her own scent, and wondered if the Domme could smell her, too.

chrissie stood and moved toward the boardroom table. Just as she was about to climb up on it, she was ordered to wait.

“Put the restraints on her now, krista.”

krista fastened restraints at chrissie’s wrists, ankles, and just above her knees. And then she attached a blindfold.

krista helped chrissie up onto the table, and as chrissie was about to resume her submissive position, the Domme again spoke.

“On your back, chrissie. Restrain her, krista.”

chrissie rolled over onto her back. her hands were fastened together, and she felt them drawn up over her head and fastened to the end of the table. her breasts were stretched flat against her chest, and the position only served to heighten the sensations in her swollen nipples.

Next, chrissie’s knees were bent back and spread wide open. The restraints at her ankles and knees were tied off to the sides of the table, and chrissie was helpless. she pictured herself in this completely exposed position, her cunt and asshole wide open for viewing or using, and she pulled against the bondage to test Bostancı Masöz Escort it. The security was exciting to chrissie, and she reveled in the knowledge that she was unable to resist whatever use she was to be put to.

“Mikolas and Candice have chosen well, My pet. your arousal is plain to see, and you will be completely shamed before My little luncheon party is through today. you like that don’t you?”

chrissie bit her lip at the Dommes question. Were her desires so transparent?

“Answer Me, you little slut.”

chrissie managed a whimper. “Yes, Mistress.”

“you have willingly placed yourself in My control, chrissie. And you are obviously, shamelessly wet with your secret desires.” The Domme ran a finger slowly through the folds of chrissie’s pussy, back to front, and ended with a teasing flick to her swollen clit. chrissie strained in her bonds as the Domme held her finger at chrissie’s nostrils. she could smell the scent of her own arousal, and then the finger was inserted into her mouth so that she could taste herself. chrissie loved this, and suckled eagerly. Then the finger was withdrawn.

“krista, our guests will be arriving shortly. Finish preparing chrissie.”

chrissie wondered what ‘preparation’ meant, but didn’t have long to wait. she felt the tip of a lubricated finger twirling around the tight ring of her anus, and she squirmed as she felt the tip of it enter her. The finger worked slowly but insistently, gradually insinuating itself deep into her most private place. chrissie began to hunch her hips, trying to get more of it inside her, more stimulation, but just as she thought she might cum from the attention, the finger withdrew. chrissie moaned in frustration, her hips continuing their gyrations for a few more seconds. Just as she calmed down, she again felt something against her puckered rear opening. This wasn’t a finger, it was smooth and warm. As krista worked it into her, she felt her asshole being spread wider and wider. she realized with a start that it was a butt plug, and she gasped as the widest part forced her open, and she then felt her tight anal ring clamp down on the narrow neck of the device. It was now firmly lodged inside her, and despite her efforts, she could neither expel it nor pull it deeper. The sensation of having her ass filled in this way was unbelievable.

krista’s fingers next found their way to chrissie’s taught, swollen nipples. The right nipple was pulled up and away from her chest, and squeezed tightly. chrissie felt tears welling in her eyes even as the spasms shot through her twitching clit. Then the nipple clamp was attached. It was almost a relief after the twisting of krista’s fingers. chrissie didn’t even have a chance to relax before the left nipple received the same treatment.

chrissie was left alone for a few minutes, during which time she began to sense a curious, warming sensation in her ass. At first she thought it was her imagination, but then she realized that something had been put on the butt plug that was generating an itching, hot sensation. she began to squirm, moving her hips in an attempt to relieve the maddening sensation. Then she felt it on her nipples, too. It wasn’t unbearable from a pain perspective, but she was powerless to stop the motions of her body in response to the torment.

chrissie was writhing in her bonds when she heard the first people arriving. They came over to the table and made various comments about her, as if she was an inanimate object of curiosity. There were males as well as females, and chrissie was truly shamed and aroused at the same time. The emotions seemed to play on her mind – the more shame she felt at her predicament, the more aroused she became. The more aroused she became, particularly as she struggled in her bonds for relief, the more shamed she became.

she imagined people looking at her exposed pussy, at her asshole stretched tight around the butt plug. The conversation made it clear that everything she imagined was plain for them to see. she heard comments about her shaved pussy, about the size of her clit and the way it was twitching. she heard one particularly uppity woman commenting about the shameful the way her pussy was dripping down onto and around the plug in her ass, and the way that she was moving her hips like she needed to be fucked. chrissie’s mind was exploding, “Of course i need to be fucked you bitch!” but she kept her words to herself, since the Domme had threatened to gag her if she spoke.

chrissie thought the luncheon would never end. she could hear people serving themselves from the buffet, and the sounds of them dining while they sat at the table around her. At one point, she honestly thought she could cum by clenching her ass around the butt plug and moving her hips, but she realized it was only enough to keep her on the edge. Yet she couldn’t stop moving because of the maddening, burning itch in her ass and on her nipples. she no longer cared about the sight she was presenting to these anonymous guests. If she could cum right there in front of all of them, she would. her struggles elicited endless comments, which only served to drive her arousal to ever-increasing heights. If only her Master and Mistress were here to take her and use her… she hoped that They would be proud of her.

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