Christmas and Mom Ch. 02

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****Billy ****

I stepped into the house, dropped my gym bag on the floor, and went to the fridge. I should have gone straight to my room instead. As I reached for the freezer door I heard Mom cry out.

“My god baby, what happened to your face?”

“It’s nothing Mom, just got hit a little hard at practice,” I grumbled pulling out the ice pack.

“Bullshit, who hit you, and with what?” she asked stomping her feet as she came to stand beside me and tilt my head from side to side.

“It was just a little squabble Mom, don’t worry ’bout it,” I stepped out of her reach.

“Again, bullshit. Your jaw is probably fractured, your missing at least one tooth, and half of your face is bruising. So tell me, who was it?” Her eyes blazed as she stood firm.

“I called Ms. Sloan a whore, Christmas didn’t like it much,” I grumbled because it hurt to talk.

“Well no shit, would you like it if he called ME a whore?” she fell back against the counter.

“No Mum,” I admitted.

“Well come on, I’ll drive you to the E.R. and get that Xrayed,” she grabbed my hand and led me to her Jeep Liberty.

“You two are just alike. I’m surprised your father hasn’t figured it out yet,” She chuckled.

“Figured what out?” I mumbled as I held the ice to my jaw.

“That Christmas is your brother dear, don’t tell me you didn’t know…Stacy found out years ago,” she shook her head at me.


“Baby, your dad has never been able to get me pregnant…so I faked it and had an affair…twice actually. Chris is your brother.” she spelled it out for me.

Well I had guessed Chris and I were related, but brothers? And Stacy…What the hell? Why is she only telling me this now?

“You understand right, William?” I hated it when she called me that.

“You need to find some way to make this,” she waved at my face, “go away, Chris is hurting and losing his best friend will not help, whether or not you tell him the truth…well I’ll leave that to you,”

Leave it to me? She’ll leave it to me? What the hell am I supposed to do with that? If I my jaw wasn’t hurting so bad, and we hadn’t just left the city, I’d tell her to drive me back home. My brother, my best friend of 15 years was my brother, and I had totally pissed him off. Why couldn’t anything go right in my life?

After several hours in Xray, I was told the good news. My jaw wasn’t broken and I didn’t need any surgery. Bad news? My nose was broken and I had to wear a mouthpiece for the next six weeks. At least they gave me some really good pain killers, which helped me sleep for about 18 hours.

I banged on the large brown oak doors, waited two minutes then gave another hard knock. The door crept open, Abby’s soft blue eyes peeked through the door before it swung wide. She wrapped me in her arms and hugged me.

“God, I am so sorry…I didn’t know he’d go after you like that,” she kissed my swollen jaw.

“I did, had to make it real,” I grumbled.

“Not that real, you want to go somewhere?,” she waved towards the little shed beside her house.

I pulled the phone from my belt, , “I have to tell him the truth, he’s my brother.”

“You can’t Billy, please…just until my birthday. Two weeks, just two weeks… If my parents find out…” she begged me.

“We have to tell him the Truth!” I shook my head.

“Two weeks Billy. Mom and Dad would make our lives a living hell if they found out,” she pleaded.

“My parents will castrate me!” I shouted.

“Come one Billy, I’ll be your fake girlfriend for the entire year. I’m only asking for two more weeks,” she said softly.

“I don’t want a fake girlfriend,” I grumbled.

“Do you think I want to choose between you two? Damn it Billy, I love you both,” she cried out.

“I’m not asking you to choose, and neither will he,” I sighed.

“Two more weeks Billy, give me until then,” she kissed my cheek.

“I don’t know how to fix this,” I told her.

“We’ll fix it together, the three of us. Like we always have,” she sighed.

“He is…different, changing,” I shook my head.

“I know, I’m worried about him too. He must feel so alone now, this couldn’t have happened at a worst fucking time,” she rubbed her stomach.

“We are all changing,” I sighed.

“I know, we’re growing up, but we don’t have to grow apart. No matter what, we stay together…this is just a …hiccup,” she put her hand on my leg.

“Big fucking hiccup,” I rubbed my face.

“You could have blocked a few of those,” she giggled.

“Christmas is like a Mack Truck on Speed,” I made her roll in the floor laughing.

“You’re still picking me up for work right?” Her laughter dying down now.

“Yeah, I’ll be back in an hour, need talk to Stacey” I told her.

She kissed my lips, a soft peck, then ducked back out of the shed and went into the house. I walked down the street to the big ugly purple house on the corner. My sister never answers her door, so I just walked right on in. The baby was crying, a year Kağıthane Escort old now and looked just like his bastard father, my bastard father, our father. Fuck my nephew is my brother too? Shit this is getting confusing.

“Hey little man, where’s momma?” I asked plucking the lump from his crib. In answer he smacked me in my nose with a rattler. I groaned, gritted my teeth, and went looking through the house.

The house was a huge family home. I thought it was much too large for two people and a baby. Of course no one asked me before signing the papers. Best part about the house was it actually had a backyard…Which is where I found my dear sister, asleep sunbathing in the nude.

“Eww Mommy, put some clothes on will ya?” I shielded little man’s eyes though mine remained open.

“Oh why bother? He’s only a year old, he won’t tell anybody, right Jamie?” she cooed.

“I will never call him that, it’s a girls name!” I told her for the hundredth time.

“Jamie, Jimmy, James, it’s all the same,” she turned herself over, her swollen breasts poking up and ready to feed the little man…I was so fucking jealous.

I placed him into position and he latched onto number one, and gripped number two in his mighty little fist. That’s my little man! I chuckled and took a seat beside them, pretending not to look at her nude body.

My sister was Hot with a capital H, like Emma Roberts except two inches taller and a bust size larger. She has natural sandy brown hair but she dyes it so often that most people think she’s blonde. She grooms regularly so it can be confusing to anyone who had not grown up in the same house.

“It’s alright to look Billy,” she giggled letting me know my attempts at being subtle had failed.

“Sorry,” I blushed.

“You gonna tell me what happened to your face?” she asked.

“Our brother happened..I sort of ticked him off at practice yesterday,” I told her.

“So you know then, does he?” she asked.

“I don’t think so, but Abby does, she won’t tell, not for two weeks at least. She sort of has a secret of her own,” I shrugged.

“I thought she looked pregnant, I’m guessing it’s his? And that means you’ve been faking it so her Dad doesn’t yell rape?” she guessed.

I nodded and she laughed, “You do know that Texas has a Romeo and Juliet clause right?”

“Doesn’t matter, they would still try…make life hell for all of us,” I grumbled.

“Yeah, I guess it would be easier..though I don’t know if I’d have let him do that to my face,” she looked at me again, “there is an ice pack in the freezer.”

Taking the hint I went to the fridge and found the pack. While I was in the kitchen I poured her a glass of lemonade and grabbed a straw from the silverware drawer. Seeing her cigarettes on the counter, I grabbed those too.

“When did you start smoking again?” I grumbled as I held the straw to her lips. Little man looked to be sleeping, his mother’s breast still in his mouth.

“When James left us, he just packed his clothes and left…didn’t even say goodbye just high tailed it out of town…”

“Fuck, how are you going to pay for this house?” I asked holding the cold pack to my face.

“Well, I was hoping I could convince my baby brothers and maybe a few of our friends to move in and help me out. I can’t work and take care of Jamie…and Mom can’t watch him every day,”

“I don’t know if that is such a good idea,” I admitted.

“Why? because you have a crush on me? Come on Billy, we’re both adults, no need to act like we’re both little kids,” she giggled.

“You are my sister!” I squealed.

“And I can’t get pregnant for the next three years, I haven’t had sex since last christmas…” she shrugged.

“I’m gay,” I told her and crossed my arms when she just laughed.

“You might be Bisexual, but Billy, you are definitely not Gay,” she laughed some more.

“I have to go to work,” I growled and made my escape.

“Run away little brother, you’ll be back, and I’ll be here waiting,” she teased.

I was halfway through the house before I remembered I had her cigarettes in my pocket. Taking one out I tossed the pack on the sofa and walked out. I walked home and climbed into my truck. I had more dc outlets than I knew what to do with. Finding one with an actual lighter in it, I pushed it in and started the engine.

I hadn’t smoked in over a year but damn did it taste good, even if it was a cheap menthol. The smoke soothed my aching jaw too, which was a bonus. If Christmas didn’t kill me, my damn sister would, and then Abby would probably pick over the pieces. Why the hell had I fallen in love with people I can’t have? What the fuck was wrong with me? Why couldn’t I just be normal?

I drove around town while I finished my cigarette, then circled around to change clothes and pick up Abby. She was waiting, along with her mother and a first aid kit. I had no choice but to let the women fuss over my face. Fifteen minutes later I had fresh bandages with a good Kağıthane Escort Bayan deal of tylenol in me when I drove us to work at Ken’s Pizza.

I thought I had managed to escape my sister for the rest of the day. I should have known it wouldn’t be that easy. Ten minutes before closing I get a delivery for 612 Elm, 1 medium cheese pizza. I groaned as I pulled the last pizza from the oven, cut and boxed it, slid it into the dark green bag, and carried it out to my truck. Abby would have to clock me out.

“That’ll be $11.99 plus tip” I said as Stacey answered the door looking like Red Lobster and wearing a silk kimono robe..

She held the door open, forcing me to squeeze passed her which made those plump milky breasts rub against me. I sat the pizza on the coffee table and went to her fridge to get drinks. When I came back the pizza was out of the bag and there was $12 sitting on the table.

“Wow, some tip,” I chuckled setting the drinks down.

“Here is your tip, little brother,” her arms dropped around my neck and her lips pressed against mine.

Her tongue forced its way into my mouth. I groaned and felt the last of my resolve crash around me as my arms went to her waist. I wondered if she knew this was my first real kiss? I pulled her against me, squishing her breasts against my chest. Her soft lips were plump and tasted like candy, her breath was smokey and wintery. The combination was the sexiest thing I could imagine. I kissed her back, my tongue rubbing over hers. My cock throbbed and stretched in my briefs. I had to break the kiss and she dropped onto the sofa.

“The way I see it, we can either keep fighting and pretending we don’t love each other. Or we can give in and do what is natural. You’re the one who has always been there. When I found out I was pregnant, I called you first, not mom, not dad, not him. Maybe I always knew, maybe I just realized it…I love you little brother,” she sighed then and when I tried to speak she put her finger over my cut lips.

“Let me finish. I don’t want to disrupt your life. I’m not asking you to be a baby daddy or anything like that. We can have sex and be fuck buddies, we can be friends, we can be kissin friends, we can be roommates, I don’t care. But I do want you to move in with me, I miss having you just down the hall and I can’t sleep knowing you aren’t there. You, Me, Abigail, and Christmas, we’re all family and it’s time we helped each other.”

“I share everything with Chris, you know that,” I groaned.

“Well at least I know one of you knows what he’s doing then,” she giggled.

“Do you promise to keep my secret?” I asked looking into her eyes.

“That you have a man crush on our brother? Promise not to tell a soul,” she crossed her heart..

“Give me a few days to think it over?” I asked because I really didn’t feel like doing anything tonight.

“It’s a big decision, take your time. The door is always open, and when it isn’t, you have a key,” she picked up a slice of pizza.


It was Thursday, two weeks after I had been kicked out of school and fucked my mother. I don’t know when I had realized she needed someone else to be in control, but I’m glad I had listened to what ever instinct it had been. Since that first night in my bed she has almost completely turned herself around. Oh she still gets herself into trouble on a regular basis, but that is an entirely different game.

I was elbows deep in grease and engine parts when the phone rang. With a grunt I look over at Nichole. She giggled, drank from her beer, then slipped her hand into my back pocket. I waited patiently, half afraid Mom had burned the house down.

“Christmas can’t answer his phone right now,” She giggled into the phone as she rubbed her hand over my butt cheek.

“Yup. uh huh, I’ll tell him Liz,” she snapped the phone shut and slid it back into my pocket.

“Your mother says to take the car to Ken’s when you have it fixed. She got herself a new job,” Nichole grinned and pulled a fresh Coors Light from the cooler sitting beside the car.

“About time, I was starting to get worried,” I chuckled and opened my mouth as she held the bottle to my lips.

“Bet it was the new look that did it.,” she put the beer down and went back to her seat.

I told Nichole about Mom and me two days ago. Instead of freaking out or calling me a sick perverted bastard as I expected, she had simply asked how she could help. Mom was due for a reward, she had started doing chores around the house without needing to be told, so I suggested Nichole treat her to a day at the mall while I handled the store. Both had come back with their hair dyed and cut short, wearing new clothes. They had their nails done, both sets, and looked like completely different women.

“Yes, you are a fashion Goddess, Nichole” I gave her the praise she deserved.

“I still say you should have let me make her a dress, maybe a little skirt and blouse…” she smiled.

“Her birthday Escort Kağıthane is coming up next month,” I shrugged and pulled the starter free.

“Oh look, a customer,” She groaned and hid her drink behind the cooler.

“Want me to handle it?” I offered.

“It’s only Jake…Jake from State Farm,” she broke out into a fit of giggles.

“Don’t mind her Jake, it’s her night off,”I shook my head, wiped my hands, and went to start the gas pump.

Ten minutes later I was back under the hood putting in a new starter. Nichole finished her beer and went inside to use the restroom. A minute later I heard the radio blaring through the front door as she came out dancing, a giant bottle of water in her hand. She was tipsy so her dancing was off but even then I could tell she was rather good at it.

“Ballet?” I asked as she guzzled from the water.

“Seven years, down in Corpus Christi, went to a little school just off the beach, recitals once a month, was pretty good, till I broke an ankle, haven’t danced since…till now.” she slid her arms around me.

She continued dancing against me, her soft perky breasts rubbed against my back. I dropped a nut and it clinked all the way to the ground.

“Shit,” I cursed making her giggle again.

“I’ll get it babe, just open up a little,” she grinned and slid herself between my legs.

Her sky blue dress rose up over her hips as she crawled under the car, giving me a view of the dark lace underneath. I knew she had done it on purpose. She has been teasing me since that night in her garage. We hadn’t came out and said anything but it feels like we’re dating, if you can call foreplay at work dating.

“So, when does David get home again?” I asked.

“Monday, he called and said he was spending the weekend at his sister’s house,” she said softly as her tiny hand reached up my pants leg.

“Do you believe him?” I wondered.

“Not likely, no one takes their interns to visit their sister. Besides, Janet is in Dallas, and will be until Sunday night, according to her Facebook,” she climbed to her feet.

“What do you plan to do?” I put the nut in place and screwed it on.

“I haven’t really decided yet. I figure, he has his sugar baby and I have you, if things get ugly down the road then I’ll deal with it then.” she sighed.

“So I’m your dirty little secret?” I chuckled.

“Oh no, Christmas, you are my boy toy and I don’t really care who knows it,” she wrapped her arms around my waist.

“I can live with that, oh and that reminds me…Mom is expecting you for dinner, or she was until she got herself a job. Still, you can come over. I’m sure I can make something nice, maybe not romantic but nice,” I told her as I tightened the last bolt.

“You sure I wouldn’t get in the way? I mean, I get what you and your mom are doing…” she blushed.

“If you want me to be your toy, then you have to play nicely. Besides, I’ve seen how you look at her,” I gave her hands a pat.

“Hmmm, I like the sound of that,” she admitted.

“You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. She’s worked hard to pull herself out of the funk, a nice relaxing evening will be good for her.” I turned to face her.

“So it isn’t a punishment night then?” she bit her bottom lip.

“Not unless she does something worth punishing, but she’s been pretty good the past few days.”

“And what is worth being punished over?” she asked with a naughty look in her eye.

“Getting drunk at work for starters,” I swatted her rear end and she groaned.

“Teasing me with that panty shot,” I swatted her again.

“Shall I continue? I can name a good dozen things you’ve done just today alone,” I lifted her by her butt and sat her on the car.

“Maybe later, right now I want you to kiss me,” she didn’t really give me a choice in the matter as she pulled me by the shirt and pressed her lips against mine.

A car pulled up to the pumps and testing her resolve I deepened the kiss. After a suitable amount of time, I broke the kiss and went to turn on the pumps. Coach Smith didn’t comment as he grabbed a soda and paid.

I went back out and tried to start the car. It still sounded sick and backfired but it started at least. I gave it another six months before swapping parts from the salvage yard wouldn’t fix it anymore. I gave Nichole a hard look before deciding to wait another hour before delivering the car to Mom.


Seeing my mom with her now black hair short and tied back, wearing a dark green polo shirt and black slacks was new. She still looked quite beautiful but I missed the stockings and high heels. She had a name tag over her left breast that simply said Ass Manager. I broke out laughing when I saw that, causing her to laugh too. Billy and Abby both looked at us like we had lost our minds.

I handed her the key to the rust bucket and ordered a medium cheese delivered to the store. It was a cheap way to get a ride back and not have to walk halfway across town. I waited the half hour for the pizza to pop out of the oven then followed Billy out to his navy blue F150. I was hit by Abby’s fruity perfume when I climbed into the cab but it didn’t have the same effect on me as it would have a few months ago.

“So how are things with Abs?” I asked trying to make conversation.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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