Chronicles of a Boy, Dominated Pt. 01

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All the characters were 18+ years old at the time.

I was a Class 12 Student in Delhi, studying at one of the top schools in the city, and aspiring to the IITs. Sadly, I was one of the breed of nerds, who had little to no luck with members of the opposite sex.

I did have a crush on one of my classmates, a voluptuous girl called Aakanksha. She was a joyful girl with the smile of an angel and a glint in her eyes that wreaked mischief. Her body was the envy of the girls and the lust of the boys, with 34D boobs that stood firm and a curvaceous ass that was the centrefold of many of my jerk-off sessions.

She always looked good in the hideous school uniforms, with her shirt one size too small, and her skirt too short, her tits bursting out of her shirt, and her nipples poking out on the colder days.

She and I shared a Chemistry Lab class together, where she was my Lab partner, and after most Lab classes I was hard from sneaking looks at her tits. On one such day, I bunked the next class and stayed outside, I was nursing a hard-on, and finding a secluded corner, took my cock out and started to fantasise about making her kneel on her knees with her tits out and make her suck my cock, then bend her over as I fucked her her in the ass.

I was leaking precum, when, suddenly, she turned around the corner and came face to face with me. Startled, she looked down to where my hand was, and as I hurriedly tried to cover myself, she looked up at me with shock.I expected a slap and moved away, but she didn’t move and, after a moment, seemed to be calming down. I scurried away, before things got worse, and didn’t go to class the entire day.

I avoided her over the next few days, but as Chemistry Lab class came again, it was unavoidable. I averted my gaze from hers, while she took every opportunity to interact with me. She was enjoying my embarrassment, and when I looked up at her, I saw her with a faint, naughty smile at her lips. I was mesmerised, and knew we were behind our awkward meeting.

The next few weeks went by in a blur, and I was happier than ever. I had a new friend, and I used every opportunity to talk to her, or be near her. I used to slyly look at her every day, and always walked behind her on the stairs, staring at her ass, wishing to get a glimpse up her skirt. I was always hard, and had learnt to hide it in the waistband of my briefs. I jerked off to her every single night.

As our exams came near, she asked me once if she could come over after school as she had some issues with the curriculum, and one fateful day, she called in the afternoon and came over! It was a fateful day, because I was alone at home, since my father was at work and my mother was leaving for some NGO activity, and both wouldn’t be back before 8PM.

She arrived around 4PM, wearing a pink polo t-shirt, white above-knee skirt and loafers. We sat in my room to study Mathematics, with me sitting on my bed while she took over the study table. An hour later, I looked up to see her with her eyes closed and head tilted backwards, her boobs moving up and down in slow rhythmic breathing and her legs slightly open. She shifted a little in the seat to make herself more comfortable, and her skirt hunched up a little to show more of her soft thighs.

After a mind-numbing hour of studying, my cock jumped to attention at this beautiful sight, and before long I was gently rubbing my cock through my jeans. I quickly sneaked a photo of her on the phone, and got up to jerk off in the bathroom to the photo. As I was quietly crossing her, I saw her phone lying on the table, unlocked, and in a moment of stupidity, I picked it up. I opened her Photos App and scrolled down looking at her photos – photos of her family, her dog, and her out with her girlfriends. Then a couple of photos caught my eye – a selfie of Aakanksha in a black lace bra, one of her turned around, showing her ass in a matching black thong. And then a full frontal in the black lingerie set, followed by one in the thong but no bra – her hands covering her assets, but barely. The last photo was the most erotic of all, she was crouched facing away from the camera, on her knees, legs spread apart. From that view her ass cheeks were spread apart, and her black thong was wedged in between, her asshole barely covered – you could see her puckered hole peeking from behind the cloth, her pussy lips engulfing the cloth and leaving nothing to the imagination. And from between her legs you could see and just make out one of her boobs, hanging down, her nipple visible and hard.

Mesmerised by the sight of my friend, exposed like a slut, I had already pulled out my cock and was furiously jerking it off – blissfully unaware of the girl next to me, stirring. As I was furiously jerking off, I was shocked out of my reverie bursa escort to hear her say “Harsha”. In my shock I dropped her phone, and cracked the screen. I turned to see her looking at my face, her eyes moving downwards to my cock, dripping precum, and my hand paralysed in fear. In a moment, I was filled with shame at what I had done, and there were no words in my mind to apologise. I was paralysed with fear, my hand gripping my now flaccid cock, and all I could think about was how my life was at an end, and my friend would tell everyone – my family, her family.

She looked angry, and got up to leave. I begged her for forgiveness, “I can’t believe I did it, I’ll never do it again! Please! Give me another chance! I’ll do anything!” It was on hearing my last sentence that she stopped and looked at me and said “Anything?” “Anything.”, I answered.

As I looked up, In her eyes was a glint of naughtiness, and her smile curved mischievously, her tongue sensuously licking her lips. This was a girl who had witnessed something naughty, and was enjoying every moment of her friends’ discomfort.

Aakanksha kept her books down on the table and fell into the chair. She looked me up and down, and said, “Strip.” I was surprised at her change of stance, but immediately took off my shirt and jeans, standing in only my briefs. My precum from my adventure had left an embarrassing big wet mark on my briefs.

In a humiliating action, she looked me in the eyes and with the pinky finger of her hand, motioned for me to drop my briefs. Now, In all this episode I had been terrified and lost my erection, and now, my flaccid penis came into view. Now, a note on my tool – I am 5.25″ long, and 3.5″ girth, uncircumcised with a thick bush.

Unfortunately, I am a grower and not a shower, and at this point, my dick was barely poking out of my bush. Aakanksha was looking intently at my dick as I quickly tried to hide it with my hands, and her expression changed. She laughed!

She looked back up to me and said, “From now on, you will do as I say. No questions asked. I own you. I own your little pecker. You’re my little bitch. You really did hurt me today. You’re like all the lecherous little fuckers who stare at my boobs and jack off. You’re not the first one to flash me, you know. Even that old beggar outside the school flashed me his disgusting stump once. I’ve always fantasised about making the pervs hurt, and now I will do that to you, you filthy pervert. If you say no, now or later, I will tell everyone about what happened here today.”

With that she turned silent, looking into my face, waiting for my answer. Her words chilled me, but realising the hopelessness of the situation, I nodded my agreement. With her index finger, she motioned me to turn around, which I did, with my butt now at the same height as her face, sitting in the chair. She got up from the chair, and grabbed my butt from behind, moving her hands up and down my back. My hands were covering my dick, and I could feel it start to get a rush of excitement. Suddenly, her right hand went in between my legs and grabbed my balls from behind. Her first touch was gentle, and enough to give me an instant hard-on. But a moment later she pulled them down and back, towards herself, jerking them away in between my legs and back. The sharp pain made me cry out, and my hands went to my balls, trying to protect them from their stretch torture. She slapped my hand away, but a moment later let go of my balls.

She then went to my closet and returned with a cloth belt, and told me to put my hands behind my back. I meekly submitted, and within a few moments I was vulnerably tied behind my back. My cock was finally at full attention, and dripping copious amounts of precum. Her hands finally came to my cock, and she gave me a few quick strokes – roughly, pulling my foreskin back with such force it made my eyes water.

She pushed me onto the bed on my stomach, with my face hitting the bed, and quietly whispered in my ears “You will call me Ma’am. Now, you slut, you were perving on the photo of my ass. I want you to sit like that. Put your ass up, and your face on the bed. Spread your legs like the slut you are. I want to see your asshole.” With that, she slapped my ass and told me to be quick. In a jiffy I was the way she wanted, exposed in every way – my asshole open to her eyes, ass cheeks spread wide – and my cock and balls hanging and easily accessible to her cruel hands. As I settled in my position I heard her rummaging around my cupboard, and saw her return with my black leather belt. She folded it in half and positioned herself behind me, and I could only see her skirt from my angle. I dreaded what was to come, and sure enough, suddenly she whipped my ass with all her might. I screamed bursa escort bayan in pain and fell back on the bed, the welt from the belt burning hot into my ass. I squirmed on the bed in pain, unable to use my tied hands, tears flowing through my eyes, begging Aakanksha Ma’am to stop. I saw her move and come closer, and her expression had changed. There was a hunger in her eyes, maniacal, and my screams of pain and plights of mercy only seemed to make her hungrier. She whipped me again, and the stinging pain made me scream louder. She came up behind me and stuffed my briefs in my mouth, muffling my cries and making me taste my precum deposits. She whipped me hard twice more, enough to set my ass on fire and reduce me to tears, my cock shrivelled and my mouth sore from my soiled briefs.

She threw the belt aside and sat beside me on the bed, gently stroking my hair with one hand and my butt with the other. She put some vaseline on my ass and massaged it gently, till my whimpering grew silent. As I saw her face, I saw contentment, and a happy, satisfied smile. She removed my briefs, and I asked her if she was done punishing me, and with the same happy smile she told me that she had barely begun, and that there were still some hours before my family came back.

She got up and outside my view, and returned by sitting between my legs, while I was still lying spread legged on the bed. She flipped me over and began stroking my cock, and it stirred at her touch. Grabbing the Parker pen from my book, she began to write on my cock, in block letters, “LOSER”. The feeling of the metal nib of the pen on my penis was both heaven and hell, and I squirmed as she completed her calligraphy, but she held my cock tight and finished her art. I was raging my hard on and begged her to let me cum, praying she would give me a handjob.

But she turned me around and released my hands, got up and sat down on the chair. She beckoned me to come near her with her hand, “Crawl over to me, dog. Jerk your pecker, but don’t you dare cum. If you do, I will fuck you with your own pen.” Her calm demeanour left me in no donut that she meant every word, and I quickly complied. As I sat on my haunches on the floor in front of her, jerking myself slowly, she moved lower in the chair, and opened her legs slightly. Her left hand was pressing her right boob, while her right hand was gently rubbing her pussy over her skirt. As she got hotter, she removed her shirt, and in one smooth motion she pulled off her t-shirt. I was awestruck as her full bosom came into view, encased in a black lace bra that barely contained her tits. I stared open mouthed at her beautiful flawless skin, her cleavage accentuated by the bra and the top of her dark brown areolas peeking from above the cloth. I almost blew my load in that moment, and saved myself by stopping my jerking, but as I continued to stare at her I felt my dreams come true. The moment passed, and she laughed looking at me, still dumbstruck. “You wish you could see more, don’t you? Keep wishing.” She laughed. “Start choking your pecker, or I’ll play football on your balls.”

I resumed, and in a moment of ecstatic thrill, realised she was wearing the same bra as the one on her phone! Her hands had moved inside her skirt, and she was furiously fingering herself. Her moans had reached an ever higher pitch, and she came with a gush, and collapsed in the chair. Her voluptuous assets were heaving from her breathing, as she slowly caught her breath. She pulled her hand out of her skirt and panties, glistening with her juices, and proceeded to clean them in my hair. As she rubbed her hand in my hair I could smell her juices, and it drove me to the peak.

“P-p-please Ma’am, let me c-cum, please, I b-b-eg you … ” She laughed, and nodded. She pointed to the floor with her toe, and said, “Cum there, dog. Come now. Don’t you dare shoot anywhere else. Come now before I change my mind”. Even as she was finishing her statement I had started to cum, unleashing rope after rope of goo on the floor between us. Aakanksha bent forward to take some of my cum in her hands, and as she bent forward, her bobbs came to my face level, and I could see one nipple straining against her bra. She took some cum in between her index finger and thumb, and rubbed it, curiously feeling its consistency. She then put it near her nose and took a sniff, and suddenly tasted a bit off the top of her tongue. She made a face and told me I didn’t taste good. “Can’t imagine why the girls in porn take it all in” she said, as if making conversation over tea. She threw my briefs over to me and told me to clean up the floor. “If your pecker is so small when it’s not hard, you don’t need men’s underwear, you can wear panties.” she said, emasculating me and shirking my dick further.

As escort bursa I was done cleaning, she got up and went to the washroom. When she came back she was wearing her t-shirt again, and had fixed her hair. By the look of her, you couldn’t tell that till some time back she was dominating and punishing a “loser” like me. She walked up to me, and as I looked up to her, she looked back into my eyes, unwaveringly – she lowered her black thong while still wearing her skirt. I didn’t dare look away from her eyes, even as I begged God to give me a view of her pussy. But it was not to be, and my friend expertly removed them without giving me a peek. She laughingly put them on my face, and I breathed in the aroma of her wet, juice soaked thong. Such a tiny thing, it was soaked from her wetness and her cum, and I put my tongue out and tasted her in the fabric.

She laughed at my ministrations, and with a dramatic sigh, told me I could suck her thong clean. But we had to study too, so she told me to get up and go over to the bed, while she again took up her studies at the table. I was told to stay naked with the thong on my face, and sit on the bed and study. Every few minutes she would look over and smirk at me, and make a comment about her thong on my face, my nudity, or my discomfort on sitting on my belted ass. She made a few comments appreciating my ass, some playful but cruel jests about my “pecker”, and some crude veiled reminders on how she owned me.

At around 7 she got up and stretched, and came over to me. She gave me a quick peck on the cheek and asked me to stand up on the bed. She had me do some jumping jacks for her entertainment, scholarly commenting how longer dicks probably flopped around more. She then took out her phone, and told me she would take some pictures and videos of me. I protested, but I was reminded that “No” meant a fate worse than death, and that I could trust her.

So I posed, and did ridiculous exercises in the nude, while Aakanksha cheered me on. I wish my cock was hard and looked better in the photos, but I was drained and the photos made me look terribly tiny. Aakanksha found it cute, and enjoyed having my “tiny pecker” do embarrassing poses for her. She even had me keep a measuring scale against my flaccid penis, and took a photo with the measurement. I was sad that it didn’t even make 2.5″, but she was delighted.

She finally took the thong of my head and told me to put it on. I had some difficulty putting it on, even though I was flaccid, it wasn’t easy fitting into the front. She pulled the thong from the sides, and like a professional photographer, continued to take some graphic, erotic, and some tasteful photographs.

The time was 745PM, and she was finally satisfied with her treasure trove of digital data. She told me to dress up, and as I got off the bed and started to pull down the thong, she slapped me unexpectedly! “I never told you to take them off. You will wear them today, and tomorrow in school. Whenever I want to check, you will comply. Failure to comply will have dire consequences.” I nodded, and quickly got dressed, throwing my briefs in the wash and keeping my thong on. Truth be told, for me, it was a new experience, having such a tight front, and the thread in my ass cheeks – but I knew better than to complain. My mind was anyway racing at the thought of her going back without panties under her skirt.

Soon the bell rang and my parents came home. Aakanksha took her leave and I went downstairs to see her off. As she was going, she turned and gave me a tight hug, tighter than she ever had before. I could feel her thrusting her chest at me, and her hands on my back. Just as she was about to release me, she let her hand drop near my jeans and slipped it inside, grabbed hold of the thong and yanked it up! I squirmed in surprise and pain as my balls got pulled with the fabric, my dick got crushed against the unrelenting front triangle, and the fabric wedged itself firmly in my ass crack. Laughing, she gave me a quick peck on the cheek and walked away, a spring in her step I had never seen before.

She drove away with a screech of wheels, and I walked back with my head full of sweet memories of the evening. I was surprised that I had enjoyed being dominated, and was looking forward to more from Aakanksha. I was no longer thinking about fucking her ass – I was curious to know what it would feel like to be fucked by her.

As I got in bed that night, having finally unwedged the thong, I saw I had got a message from her. “Glad for today. More fun to follow.”

As I read her message, a thought suddenly popped in my head – why was she wearing sexy lingerie under her clothes when she came over? Was she hoping for something to happen? Did she plan this, leaving her phone unlocked and letting me stumble upon the photos?

As these thoughts came to mind I started to drift off to sleep, unable to sleep on my back from the stinging pain in my backside, a reminder of the beautiful evening with my friend, and my first taste of being dominated.

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