Chubby Niece House

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My sister asked me to check on my niece Leslie. Leslie’s husband divorced her and my sister said it was because of her weight.

I have always loved Leslie because she and I are only 12 years apart. Growing up she always had a crush on me. When she was younger she was tall, skinny with big tits and now my sister says she is upset, unemployed and overweight. I have not seen her in a couple years.

I arrived at her house straight from the airport and she was surprised to see me (no bra) and didn’t give me a hug. She had put weight on and was a very sexy chubby curvy woman. Damn she has some big boobs and her nipples poke out an inch as her boobs bounce and sway under her tee-shirt. Her butt is heart shaped sexy and has a wiggle that could give the dead man a hard-on.

Hi Leslie are you going to give me a hug sweetie?


Why not sweetie?

Because I’m fat and ugly uncle Daren.

Oh sweetie you are beautiful!

Fuck you uncle Daren. I know mom sent you.

Yes she did Leslie and I came because I love you.

I love you too uncle Daren as she started to tear up and asked If I could stop by later please.

I said no and I’m here to help Leslie; I love you and care what happens to you now come here and at least act like you missed me. Şirinevler Escort She finally gave me a big hug and started to cry as I held her.

Boy her boobs had got big they were all I could think about as my dick started to get hard.

I’m afraid my niece would feel my hard-on so I tried to end the hug but she was crying and holding me. When she stepped back she looked at me and said really uncle Daren; you have an erection!!

I am sorry sweetie it is just…

Leslie steps close to me and kisses me her boobs are smashed against my chest and my hands are around her waist. Wow what curves. She begins to apologize and I kiss her and say honey you are fine.

I tell my niece where I’m going to stay and she wants me to stay with her but I say no. I ask her to meet me at an upscale restaurant that has a dress code and I’m off.

So I suit up and head to the restaurant. I’m sitting at the bar when she gets there. We greet each other and I notice how nice she smells. She hugs me and I notice her dress is backless. Her nails are done and her long hair is up. Her dress is black, her stockings are black and I’m not sure if she has a bra on. She sure is curvy and she smells so nice. We sit at the bar and have martinis. I go use the restroom and Şirinevler Escort Bayan when I come back a man is talking to me niece and I feel a bit jealous so I clear my throat and see Leslie is blushing and I’m sorry it’s not me causing her to blush. I can see her nipples through her dress and she sees me looking at her breasts and blushes again. So I say excuse me and grab her and head to our table. She talks for hours and I listen. After dinner she heads home.

I’m at her house the next morning and when she answers the door she is wearing a bathrobe and thanks me for listening to her last night. She must not know I can see her cleavage. She pours me coffee sets it on the table and when offering cream and sugar I can see her boobs sway and she stays put and says uncle Daren what do you want? I’m sorry sweetie as I am still staring. What great boobs my niece has. Cream sweetie. When she sits her robe opens up some and it is obvious that she has no panties on.

We are talking and she starts crying again. She is in a robe showing cleavage with nothing else on crying and I want to squeeze her breast. I get closer and hold her so I’m between her legs with my arms around her and I have a raging hardon I am trying to hide.

I noticed her robe is even looser Escort Şirinevler than before and her nipples are long and hard and I see one of them. She is still crying and I feel her knees against me squeezing and her robe is even looser than before as she buries her head against my shoulder. I pull us closer. I hold my niece as she cries. Uncle Daren what are we going to do? I feel her foot around my back pulling me closer into her body as she cries.

I unzip my my fly and feel her pussy press against my dick and she is no longer crying but tears or on her cheeks and she looks me in the eyes as I start to push into her pussy. Uncle Daren. Her nipples are big as pull on one. Her pussy is wet and she is moaning in my ear; uncle Daren, oh my, uncle Daren. I’m not going to last, I think, so I slowly pull out of her before I cum. Gently pulling open her robe and look at her chubby curves her tits are so big.

Please uncle Daren… please fuck me.

I start to push back into her and she lets her bathrobe fall off her shoulders and I press into her breasts with my chest and feel her hard nipples rake my chest over and over…

I’m going to cum Leslie.

Cum in me uncle Daren, please.

Oh Leslie sweetie, I moan, as I squirt into her sweet pussy. My niece drops to her knees and cleans my dick. Her big tits sway as she licks and sucks.

After she cleans my dick with her mouth she comments the she is always emotional when Ovulating and apologies for the tears. Leslie says; mom is right you are horny all the time. I wonder if she knows I slept with her mom?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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